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Here's the next part of my GW/Ranma fusion/xover. ^_^

Just to let you know, this section has a bit of Relena-bashing... literally!

My friend Dtarth-chan made two drawings for "Muddled Waters" and I had to share them with you guys! *** CAUTION!!! Story Spoilers! ***


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Warning - General craziness ahead....

A Gundam Wing/Ranma 1/2 fusion fanfic by Madamhydra
Part 3

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"Mr. Yuy! Just where do you think you're going?" a strident female voice shouted.

Standing just inside the entrance of the girls' dormitory with Duo, Heero turned to glare dangerously at the frumpy stout woman who had just come running down the hallway huffing and puffing in outrage.

"You know that male students are not allowed in the girls' dorm! And how on earth did she get into this condition!?" the woman snapped, giving Heero an accusing glare after taking in Duo's injuries and his shredded school uniform.

The Wing pilot glanced back at the disheveled Duo, who for once had his arm slung over Heero's shoulder more for support rather than a friendly gesture. To Duo's surprise, there was actually a faint look of concern in the other boy's eyes. Even more surprising was the fact that Heero now had his arm firmly -- and rather possessively -- around Duo's waist. These discoveries left the braided pilot momentarily flustered, so it took a few seconds before he managed to gather his wits together.

With an innocent look, Duo said to the middle-aged matron, "Sorry, ma'am! I totally forgot about the rules. Heero was simply being kind enough to help me inside out of the rain. And this mess," Duo tugged on the few remaining bits of fabric clinging to her shoulders, "wasn't his fault at all! These two animals came out of nowhere and started fighting! The next thing I knew, I somehow ended up in the middle!" He gave the woman a traumatized look and sniffled piteously as he huddled a little closer to Heero.

The Wing pilot sourly noted that regardless of being male or female, Duo had lost none of his notorious charm and persuasiveness. He could almost see the older woman melting like butter under a heat lamp.

"Well... in that case, that's very good of you, Mr. Yuy. Quite proper, helping a lady in distress. But really, the rules are the rules. I'll take her from here." The matron gently, but firmly pried Duo away from Heero and led the long-haired pilot back toward the suite he was sharing with Dorothy and Relena.

Duo glanced back at the scowling Heero. With an impish gleam in his violet eyes, he said bravely, "Don't worry, Heero! I'll be fine. Talk to you later...." He managed to choke back the urge to add the word 'darling' to the end of his little speech, otherwise Heero probably would have throttled him on the spot.

The Wing pilot rolled his eyes at Duo's playacting and stalked off toward the male dormitories.


Treize-ryu paused in midair and sniffed daintily. He sighed as he caught the rich scent of roses drifting through the air. And not just any common type of roses....

Off in the distance, he could see the rapidly approaching ruby-and-gold shape of Wufei-draco.

"Perfect... absolutely perfect...," the OZ general-turned-dragon cooed happily to himself before diving toward the source of the roses.


Duo managed to shake off his escort at the suite door. He grabbed a few items out of his luggage, then headed straight for the bathroom.

"Oh man, what a day!" he muttered, as he dumped his shredded shirt, skirt, and tights on the tiled bathroom floor. To his glee, the tub was HUGE -- capable of accommodating two people in comfort... or three if they were really friendly -- and came complete with a full array of whirlpool massage jets.

"Hell, this school really must be desperate for dorm rooms. This suite had to be the guest quarters before they crammed Relena and Dorothy in here."

After setting the water temperature -- HOT -- and programming the tub to fill, Duo spent the next few minutes exploring. Aside from the extravagant tub, the lavish bathroom was equipped with a separate shower stall, double vanities, mirrors everywhere, and even one of those funky bidet thingies beside the toilet. The closets were packed with an wide assortment of shampoos, soaps, body washes, fluffy towels and even bathrobes. The bathroom even contained a complete multimedia entertainment center perfectly placed so one watch movies from the tub.

"God, I think I'm in heaven!" Duo said with a manic grin. He then flung out his arms and gloated, "And you're all MINE!

"If old Relena and Dorothy need to use the bathroom in the next three hours, that's their friggin' bad luck! Let 'em take a hike down the hallway!" Duo cackled evilly as he locked the door.


In the upper level sitting room in the girls' dormitory, there were a mixture of reactions to Relena's outburst. A first group of girls were clustered around the distraught Relena, offering her tons of sympathy and making nasty, catty remarks about Ms. Duo Maxwell. A second group of girls was also making jealous remarks about Duo, but mainly because 'she' had made off with that hunk, Heero Yuy.

On the other hand, a third group of girls were rather pleased. Although it seemed that Heero was unavailable, they now had less competition for the other boys' attention. Considering Heero's fierce and rather possessive reaction to Norton's groping of Duo, maybe some of the other boys would now pay more attention to *them*. At that moment, several girls ran out into the rain to take care of the class president who was still sprawled upside down where Heero's punch had landed him.

And of course, there were the people who were not in the least bit deterred by the existence of an engagement between Heero and Duo -- after all, engagements were made to be broken.

All these events amused Dorothy immensely and she wondered how Heero would react to this little complication. In fact, he should be finding out any moment now. Smiling faintly, she rose to her feet only to be confronted by a smoldering Relena.

"I don't care. I won't have it! It's... it's disgraceful! They must have forced him into this charade! Those dirty old men!" Her eyes had a fanatical glint as she growled, "You know how dedicated Heero is. That's it. That must be the reason why Heero allows Duo Maxwell to hang all over him and... and cuddle up to him! It's a matter of duty, nothing more. Well, if Heero needs a fiancee, he can have me!"

Amid cries of "Go get her!" and "You teach her who's boss, Relena-sama!", the Peacecraft turned on her heel and marched purposefully off toward their suite.

Dorothy trailed after her, concealing a grin of faintly malicious anticipation.


As Heero entered the ground floor sitting room in the male dormitory, all conversation ceased. The Wing pilot glanced around warily. He had spent a majority of his short life as a target of one sort or another, so the sensation of having a big bullseye tacked on his back was unpleasantly familiar.

A short, shifty-eyed student sidled up to Heero. He wasn't quite bold enough to nudge the sullen teenager, but he winked and said slyly, "Yuy, you lucky dog!"

Heero gave the obnoxious student a scathing stare which sent the teenager scuttling for cover.

One of Norton's associates drawled, "Indeed. It seems that congratulations are in order, but don't be too sure of yourself, Yuy." The impeccably dressed speaker was tall, with long blond hair. He was also very handsome and knew it.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Heero retorted irritably.

"I'm talking about Ms. Maxwell, of course. She might be your fiancee -- for now -- but I wouldn't take her for granted. Not at all. She could always change her mind, you know, and choose someone else... someone worthier."

There were a chorus of "Yeah!" and "That's right" from the assembled boys, who were starting to look more like a lynch mob than a casual grouping of students.

"Duo... my... fiancee...?" Heero said very slowly, between gritted teeth, as if he wanted to make absolutely certain of a particular fact.

The blond-haired upperclassman smirked slightly and said, "Exactly... unless you're willing to see sense and break your engagement right here and now."

"En-gage-ment... with Duo...."

Wiser members of the crowd began to retreat as Heero's eyes narrowed dangerously.


"Owwwww, hot... mmmmm... aaaaaahhhhhhhh......" Duo sighed as he slid into the steaming water, blissfully rubbing his hand over his now flat and distinctly male chest. He still couldn't get over the fact that he was actually cursed... and from a simple tumble into a hot spring, of all things!

As he slowly washed and tried to untangle his long hair, Duo thought, (Great, how am I going to explain this to Professor G?) He shuddered slightly at the prospect.

(A girl... how the hell did I get stuck turning into a girl! Although, considering what happened to the other guys, I probably shouldn't complain. At least I'm still human! Poor Trowa, turned into a piglet who can't even talk or communicate... not that he ever said all that much when he's human, anyway! And Wufei.... Oh hell, I nearly forgot!)

Duo grabbed for his portable phone and quickly punched in Sally Po's number.

"Hello?" the doctor replied.

"Sally! What's up with Wufei!?"

"Duo? You saw him!?"

"Yeah... you could put it like that. And a lot closer than I wanted to, frankly."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Umm... I'll explain later. But tell me what happened on your end."

Sally thought for a moment, then said, "After they broke the news about their curses, Wufei went upstairs to change back into human form...."

Duo snickered, "I bet he didn't want to end up naked in front of you, right?"

The doctor said with a slight chuckle, "Basically, yes. Anyway, the next thing I know, there's a ruckus, then Wufei comes dashing down the stairs stark naked with this little blue and silver dragon after him! It's weird, but I could swear that dragon was actually trying to splash Wufei with water.... He panicked and ran out the door -- still naked -- into the rain. Once in dragon form, he took off with the other dragon in hot pursuit. Quatre, Trowa, and I haven't got a clue what frightened Wufei so much or why the blue dragon was chasing him...."

Duo started to giggle uncontrollably over the phone.

"Do you know what's really going on!? Tell me!"

As the braided pilot continued to snicker wildly, Sally thrust the phone at Quatre and snapped, "See if YOU can talk some sense into him and find out what's going on!"

"Duo?" Quatre said tentatively. "What happened to Wufei!? Is he all right? Did he get into a fight with that other dragon?"

"Fight <snicker> you could put it <guffaw> like that!" Duo managed to choke out.

"Duo!" the Arab pilot said in a rare note of exasperation.

"Okay, okay... less than an hour ago, Wu-man dropped out of the sky, grabbed my breasts, then tried to climb down my shirt and into my bra...."

"WHAT!? Wufei!?"

"Yup!" Duo said cheerfully. "And all the while, he was screaming something about 'she' being after him....."

Quatre pulled the phone from his ear and stared at it as the braided pilot succumbed to another fit of giggles.


"Yeah... you see... that blue dragon? It's a female... and I think she's in HEAT!"

Back in Sally's office, Trowa and Sally stared worriedly as Quatre froze with a stupefied expression on his face.

"Quatre?" the Heavyarms pilot said, shaking the blonde's shoulder.

"The blue dragon... Duo says it's a female... in heat... and she's after Wufei...," Quatre stammered to his audience.

Trowa's mouth dropped open in shock as Sally snatched the phone out of Quatre's limp grasp.

"DUO!!! Are you saying what I think you're saying!?"

"Yup!" The Deathscythe pilot sniggered again, stretching lazily in his hot bath.

"How could you possibly KNOW all this!?"

"Listen, Sally. That little blue lady dragon called Wufei 'my darling little draconian studmuffin', so what do you THINK she wants him for!?"

"Oh my god... Poor Wufei...."

Duo yelled in outrage into the phone, "Poor Wufei!? What about poor ME!? How would you like having the two of them scrambling all over you with their pointy little claws and spines? I look like I've been through a paper shredder and do you have any idea how much time it took me to detangle my hair after they got through playing hide-and-seek in it? Not to mention nearly getting incinerated by Wufei's bad breath or turned into an icicle by the female... did I happen to mention that she appears to be an ice dragon? By the time they were through, I was standing nearly naked in the middle of the dormitory quad for everyone to see -- as a female, to boot!"

Quatre finally recovered from his shock and grabbed the phone back.

"Duo, what were you doing wearing a bra!? I thought you were registering as a guy!"

"That's was the plan, but then it started raining. I got caught by the vice-principal before I could find some hot water. She recognized me from my records. I managed to patch up the mess by giving her some story about computer errors and twin brothers, but at the moment, I'm basically stuck being a girl."

"Um... does Heero know about... about Jusenkyo?"

Duo sank lower in the water and mumbled, "Yeah... well, he found out before I could actually tell him... you could say that he sort of put his hand smack on top of the evidence."

"What do you mean?" Quatre said in a bewildered voice.

"He ripped my shirt open and grabbed my breast... which turned out to be an unexpectedly large handful since it was a GIRL's breast..."

"He... he didn't!"

"Yup," Duo muttered, but he found himself grinning at the memory of Heero's reaction to THAT discovery.

At the clinic, Sally and Trowa were eavesdropping with a sort of horrified fascination as Quatre repeated, "Let me get this straight... The rain changed you into a girl... Heero ripped your clothes off and grabbed your breast...?"

"You see, this spooky vice-principal lady caught me dressed in pants, so she made me change into a girl's uniform before dragging me off to class. Heero saw me and well, you can guess what HE thought...."

"Ouch...," the Sandrock pilot murmured sympathetically.

"He was pissed off, no doubt about it."

"Did he... I mean, did he... hurt you?"

"Huh? What are you...? Oh that... nah. It wasn't too bad. Hell, I'm not even sore. He got caught by the vice-principal before he could do anything worse, although he was seriously eyeing my crotch....," Duo said in a distracted tone as he struggled with a particularly stubborn tangle.

Quatre nearly dropped the phone again, but before he could say anything else, Duo said cheerfully, "Anyway, would you believe that I'm now rooming with Dorothy Catalonia and Relena? Well, I just called to let you guys know about Wufei. I've got a bad feeling that he's going to be REALLY busy for the next day or two. That she-dragon seemed pretty determined to have her wicked way with him."

"Duo, that's not funny!"

"Aw, c'mon! What's the worse that could happen? He's a big boy. Besides, maybe it'll make him loosen up a bit. Talk to you later, guys."

He hung up on a still sputtering Quatre and stretched out in the tub, purring happily.

"Man, I could really get to like this.... mmmmmmmmmm."

The conversation with Quatre made Duo think about the interesting waves of sensation that coursed through his body when Heero squeezed his breast.

(No, that didn't hurt at all... actually, he didn't really grab them... he sort of... gently kneaded them... it felt... it felt sort of... nice... much better than 'nice'... with his thumb just brushing my nipple.... calluses on his thumb... just a bit of roughness... like a cat's tongue... wonder what Heero's tongue would feel like....)

Unconsciously, Duo's hand drifted to his now flat, masculine chest. His eyelids slowly closed as his fingers slowly began to trace delicate circles around one of his nipples as he slowly ran his other hand through his damp, but blissfully untangled hair.

(Even now... I can still feel his hands in my hair... stroking my head... brushing my cheekbones... so strong, but so gentle... feels so good... wish he'd do it again... so close... I could almost taste his breath... could have kissed him... he would have killed me... but I would have died happy... to feel him touching me... holding me....)


Dressed in a bathrobe that concealed his five very bushy fox tails, Zechs-youko gave Noin a faint smile -- making sure not to expose his overly sharp teeth -- and ushered her inside the hotel suite. He nudged her into the living room and deftly relieved her of the kettle of hot water.

"Ah, excellent, Lucrezia. My thanks." While Noins was sitting down, he hastily pulled the bathrobe sleeves over his hands. Although his hands were human in form, the fingernails, like his teeth, were abnormally long and sharp.

"Are you all right? Your voice sounded very... well, squeaky when I talked to you a few minutes ago."

"Oh that." Zechs made a careless gesture. "Just a temporarily scratchiness in the throat. It's gone now. If you don't mind waiting, I'll be with you in a few minutes."

"Why?" Noin blurted, then flushed with embarrassment.

"I have something I need to... brew," Zechs said hastily.

She jumped up and said, "I can do that for you...."

"No, no... I can take care of it. No problem," he said as he disappeared into a bedroom, leaving Noin with no opportunity to protest.

Gripped with a sudden curiosity, she silently walked over to the closed bedroom door. The barely audible murmur of voices drew her closer until she had her ear against the door.

(Sound like he's talking to someone... who could it be? Someone on the phone?)

To her surprise, a female voice answered Zechs' question... a familiar female voice.

(That... that sounds like Lady Une... no, that's ridiculous, what on earth would he and Lady Une be doing alone in a bedroom....

Noin's eyes widened abruptly and she clamped her hand over her mouth to stifle a loud gasp.

(NO! It... it couldn't be... could it? Une and Zechs couldn't be having an... an affair! I wondered about him and Treize, but... but... with Une? And under Treize's very nose? Impossible!)

As she leaned harder against the door in an effort to catch the low murmur of conversation coming from the other side, the imperfectly closed door latch sprang open under her weight, sending Noin tumbling headfirst into the room.

Red-faced, she hastily sat up on the floor. The first thing she saw was Lady Une, without her glasses and her hair hanging loosely around her bare shoulders. The startled Une sat on the rumpled bed, wearing a slightly damp bedsheet and absolutely nothing else. As for Zechs, who was sitting on the other side of the bed, it was equally obvious that he was wearing nothing under his half-open bathrobe.

Even as Noin sat paralyzed with shock and disbelief, Zechs and Une exchanged an extremely guilty look.


Just as a semi-dozing Duo was trailing his fingers along the acutely sensitive skin on the inside of his thigh, all hell broke lose....

There was a female shriek, a loud crash, then a fusillade of thuds on the securely locked bathroom door, accompanied by a stream of obscenities.

Normally, Duo would be instantly alerted by the commotion, but he was so deep into his erotic fantasy about Heero that it took him nearly a minute to realize what was happening. But by the time, the bathroom door was shaking and threatening to pop loose from its frame.

Duo sat bolt upright in the tub and grabbed for his gun just as the door gave up the ghost and splintered. The Deathscythe pilot could only stare, his mouth agape as Dorothy Catalonia -- dressed in an outfit that a street hooker would have been embarrassed to wear -- finished kicking the door down and dashed into the bathroom. The naked boy and the near-naked girl stared at each other for a long moment.

"YOU!" Dorothy shouted, her tail lashing wildly, hair standing practically on end, and her long cat ears quivering with frustration and stress.

....tail...? ears....?

Duo was vaguely aware that something was seriously wrong with that picture, but he couldn't figure out exactly what it was. Namely, because all the blood in his body was rushing to his groin... well, the blood that wasn't already in that region of his body, considering his steamy daydream involving Heero....

Fortunately for Dorothy-neko, Duo was a Gundam pilot, trained to operate and think rationally under incredible physical duress. Even as part of his barely functioning brain was wondering how the hell Dorothy managed to keep breasts the size of melons -- LARGE melons -- covered with a strip of fabric barely two inches wide, Duo dropped his gun, clapped his hands over his eyes, and dove underwater.

(Oh shit oh shit oh shit....)

As his head started to clear, he didn't know what scared him the most -- the fact that he nearly became a drooling, sex-crazed maniac over someone other than Heero, or the fact that he had come THAT close to glomping Dorothy Catalonia....

Still underwater, Duo shuddered and continued to hold his breath. Death before dishonor! He'd drown first....


Hearing something stirring in the room behind her, Dorothy-neko had no choice. In a lithe bound, she plunged headfirst into the already occupied bathtub.

Water sloshed onto the floor as bodies bumped, limbs entangled, elbows jousted, and heads knocked. The tub's computer noted the drop in the water level and dutifully opened the hot water faucet.

Duo and Dorothy both opened their eyes and stared at each other underwater. Pumped with adrenaline, the now-human girl unthinkingly grabbed Duo and heaved him out of the tub.

The naked boy flew across the bathroom, landing in a heap inside the shower enclosure. The impact somehow managed to jam the cold water control open, covering almost half the bathroom with a chilly spray that left the unhappy Duo shivering and female.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!!!" he screamed at Dorothy as
he scrambled to his feet and stomped over toward the tub.

It was Dorothy's turn to pick her jaw off the floor. She stared at him, then finally sputtered, "You're... you're a girl!"

"Yeah, I'm a girl! So what!? Just a few seconds ago you were sporting a tail, big pointy ears, and breasts the size of humongeous cantaloupes! Wanna make something of it!?" the decidedly pissed off Gundam pilot shouted.

They stared at each other, then simultaneously groaned as the realization hit them both.

"Jusenkyo...," Duo said morosely.

"....Jusenkyo," she replied in an even more morose voice.

"How the fuck did YOU end up there?" demanded Duo.

"Guess," Dorothy grumbled, still sitting in the hot tub.

Duo rolled his eyes and muttered, "Don't tell me... Relena."

"Bingo." Dorothy's eyes suddenly widened as she glanced behind
Duo, who was standing with his back to the bathroom doorway.

"LOOK OUT!!!" she shrieked.

He barely started to turn when someone grabbed him from behind and started squeezing his breasts.

"Duo-chan! Sweet-ums! Oh baby...." The words were followed by an unbelievably annoying giggle.

A flabbergasted Duo looked behind him to see a teenage boy with a familiar shade of blond hair, blue eyes... and clad only in frilly pink female panties! For once, the chestnut-haired pilot could not think of a thing to say. All he could do is mutely point at the person clinging to his female body like a starving leech.

Dorothy peeked warily above the rim of the tub and nodded an affirmative.

As one of Relena-kun's hands started to move downward to Duo's crotch, the Deathscythe pilot finally got his wits together and slammed his fist into the Relena's face. There was a rather satisfying crunch.


Mr. Lonfu, the famed rose breeder, ran screaming out of his house along with all his servants. Once the terrified group reached the local bar over a mile away, they told stories of strange shapes moving around the estate and horrifying bestial noises coming from the greenhouses where he grew his prize roses.


Heero marched down the hallway toward the girls' dorm, his blazing cobalt-blue eyes daring anyone to stop him.

"Relena, omae o korosu...."


"What the FUCK was that!?" Duo gasped with an expression of loathing on his face as he stared at the unconscious Relena-kun.

Dorothy muttered, "She fell into the Spring of the Drowned Pervert Boy, or something like that. And if you think she's bad now, you should see how she behaves when I change into my cursed form!"

Duo said with a smirk, "Oh, let me guess. Spring of the Drowned Sex Kitten?"

The Catalonia scowled and retorted, "Close enough, okay?"

"What's with the clothes... or rather, the lack of them?"

Dorothy shrugged helplessly. "I don't know. When I change, I always end up in the same sleazy, skimpy outfit."

As Relena-kun started to stir, Duo said, "Hell, we better change her back before she wakes up."

"Fine, you do that."

But as Duo was about to grab Relena, she grabbed first, popping up from the floor in an amazing show of recuperative powers that would have put Heero to shame.

"ACK--mmmmphhh!!!!" Duo's shout of outrage was cut off as Relena-kun grabbed his shoulders and locked lips.

Seeing her opportunity to escape, Dorothy stealthily crawled out of the bathtub and headed for the door. However, with a true predator's keen senses, Relena noticed the movement. In an instant, Relena-kun dumped a sputtering Duo on his butt, bounded across the bathroom, grabbed Dorothy and shoved her under the cold water spray from the broken shower.

"BLEAH!!! POOH!!! ICK!!! Oh, that's majorly sick, man! Mouthwash!!! Gimme mouthwash! I've been kissed by Relena!!!" Duo choked out, grabbing at his throat and scrubbing at his lips.

As soon as the cold water hit her, Dorothy transformed back into her cursed sex kitten form and was immediately glomped by an ecstatic Relena-kun.

"GET OFF ME!!!" the Catalonia shrieked.

"I could never give you up, pussy-baby!" retorted Relena-kun, nuzzling his face between Dorothy-neko's large, but exquisitely shaped breasts.

Dorothy retaliated by whacking Relena on the side of the head with a small stool, which knocked the hentai teenager within easy clutching distance of Duo. Relena-kun happily took advantage of that fact.

However, Duo was a bit more prepared this time around and managed to slam his elbow into Relena's stomach and sent her rolling back in Dorothy-neko's direction.

Wielding the stool like a lion-tamer's chair and a towel as a whip, Dorothy did her best to fend off the maniacally grinning Relena-kun. In furious tones, she growled, "You men! Always thinking with your damn cocks, not your brains! Testosterone-addled morons!"

Duo staggered to his feet. Fortunately, his female form seemed immune to whatever sexual aura that Dorothy's cursed form possessed. He muttered, "Hey! I resent that! For one thing, I didn't grab you. And second, it's not MY fault that damn sex kitten body of yours gets a rise out of every male who sees it!"

Dorothy shot Duo a nasty look and retorted, "OH! Isn't it just like a guy to put all the blame on the girl!"

"What's with your attitude about guys!?"

She gave him a furious glare, before hastily returning her attention to the circling Relena-kun.

"Wait until you get pawed a couple of times and ask me that again!"

"Oh come off it! Girls do plenty of groping, too, I'll have you know! But I don't trash them like you do guys!"

"Fuck you!" Dorothy hissed at Duo, her feline ears and tail twitching angrily.

"You can fuck ME!" Relena crowed as he pounced on Dorothy-neko during a brief second of distraction.

Dorothy managed to wiggle free and grab Relena's arms, while Duo took hold of the Peacecraft's legs.

"Oooohhh!!! What about a threesome, little darlings? I'll be glad to do you both! There's plenty of me to go around...!"

"LIKE FUCKING HELL!!!" shouted Dorothy and Duo in concert as they hoisted Relena into the air and threw the wiggling pervert into the tub of hot water.

But as Relena-kun descended toward the bathwater, she clutched at Duo-chan and Dorothy-neko, and dragged both of them down into the steaming water with her.

More water sloshed to the floor and the bathtub just as dutifully replaced it.

Finally, a head with long chestnut hair broke the surface. Duo flung his arms over the rim of the tub and began coughing and gasping for air. Two seconds later, Dorothy surfaced beside him and clung to the edge of the tub, equally exhausted.

"Man <wheeze> this really <cough> bites, big-time...," moaned a bedraggled Duo.

"Now do you see <hack> what I meant <sputter> about rooming together...?" Dorothy gasped out.

"Ooohhhh yeah...."

On the other side of Duo, another blond head finally surfaced. As both Duo and Dorothy gave her dirty looks, Relena gingerly touched her fingers to her face.

"My... my nose is bleeding!" the Peacecraft whimpered piteously.

"Awww, poor baby," Duo muttered with no sympathy whatsoever.

At that moment, a furious Heero stormed into the bathroom, only to find Duo, Dorothy, and Relena all panting and apparently stark naked in the hot tub.

Author's Notes:

Quotes from upcoming parts....

-- With a decidedly goofy grin on his face, Wufei muttered, "We did it on the ground. We did it UNDER the ground. We did it in the water. We did it in the air. We did in the rose bushes -- thank goodness dragon scales are thorn-proof. In the herb garden... inside the refrigerator... in the bed... on the roof... in the fire place... you name it, we did it there."

-- Treize muttered in a rather petulant voice, "Une, I think my feet are swelling. And I have this strange craving for rose petals and pickled cabbage in chocolate sauce...."


A quick guide to the curses:

For anyone not familiar with Ranma 1/2, Jusenkyo is full of springs that curse people who fall in one of its springs. A cursed person changes into different sex, person, animal, monster, or entity when hit with cold water. The cursed individual reverts back to his/her normal form and/or personality when doused with hot water. I'm borrowing the basic idea of Jusenkyo curses from Ranma 1/2, but I've changed a few things to suit my own crazy whims. ^_^

Duo - Spring of the Drowned Girl
Trowa - Spring of the Drowned Piglet
Quatre - Spring of the Drowned Desert Wildcat
Wufei - Spring of the Drowned Male Fire Mini-Dragon
Treize - Spring of the Drowned Female Ice Mini-Dragon
Une - Spring of the Drowned Panda
Zechs - Spring of the Drowned 5-Tailed Kitsune
Dorothy - Spring of the Drowned Sex Kitten Neko-girl

and last, but not least....

Relena - Spring of the Nearly Drowned Indestructible Hentai Teenage Boy, also known as the Spring of the Nearly Drowned Ataru (of Urusei Yatsura fame)

Keeper and Mistress of Duo's Dark Side
Co-Keeper of Duo's Scythe & Bat Wings
Hopeful Co-Keeper of the Little Grim Reaper
Duo no Seishi ~~~ Saitoh no Koibito
-------------------------------------------- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/:E

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All rights and privileges to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing are trademarks and property of Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu Agency, and associated parties. All rights and privileges to Ranma 1/2 belong to Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Viz Communications, Inc., and associated parties. The characters of these works are used WITHOUT permission for the purpose of entertainment only. This work of fiction is not meant for sale or profit.
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