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Warning - General craziness ahead....

A Gundam Wing/Ranma 1/2 fusion fanfic by Madamhydra
Part 2

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end)
Gundam Wing and other series are copyright of their respective creators and all distributors of their work and used without permission.

Back in their new dorm suite, Dorothy and Relena stared blankly at Duo in his feminine attire for several long seconds... except in this case, he wasn't merely dressed as a girl, he physically *was* a girl.

Sensing that Relena was about to open her mouth and blurt out something incriminating, Duo acted instantly and decisively....

He dropped the spare shirt he had been clutching and bounced across the room, shrieking in girlish delight, "Relena-SAMA!!!" then grabbed the dumbfounded Peacecraft in a bone-crunching hug.

Before Relena could react to this outrage, Duo hissed in her ear, "Don't endanger Heero by blowing my cover! Got it?"

Just as he expected, the words -- and a ferocious amethyst stare -- stopped Relena's outburst in its tracks. As she froze, paralyzed with indecision, Duo grabbed Dorothy's hand, deftly deflecting the other girl's reflexive attempt to knee him in the groin. He had half-expected such a reaction on her part, which was the main reason he didn't attempt to group-hug both Relena AND Dorothy.

He was brave, but he wasn't suicidal enough to try glomping that Catalonia girl.


As soon as she realized that Duo had no intention of groping her, Dorothy relaxed her guard and allowed the Gundam pilot to chatter brainlessly about how glad she was to see the two other girls. Duo Maxwell was both quick-witted and daring -- but that was hardly unexpected for someone as capable as she knew those Gundam pilots to be. Dorothy appreciated competence in all forms, so she was willing to allow Duo to proceed without interference. She thought that she might enjoy seeing how the braided pilot would handle the current situation.


As Relena continued to gape like a fish out of water, Duo said in a bubbly voice, "I've always been a terrific admirer of your philosophy and to imagine having the opportunity to room with YOU, Relena-sama...! And I'm also so happy to see you again, Dorothy!" Duo hopped up and down, squealing in apparent delight.

With a faintly mocking quirk of her exotic eyebrows, Dorothy murmured, "Indeed."

Seeing that the three girls seemed to be getting along fine, the vice-principal deftly escorted the other woman out of the large triple suite. As soon as they were alone, Duo released his grip on Relena's and Dorothy's hands, then flung himself on the sofa.

"Great. Just friggin' great!" he groaned, staring up at the elaborately plastered ceiling.

Relena's brain finally started working and she blurted out, "Maxwell! What on earth do you think you're doing, dressing as a girl!? You... you PERVERT!!!"

Dorothy gave Relena a dangerous glare and growled, "You should TALK!"

The Peacecraft flinched guiltily and whined, "But that wasn't...."

"Never mind. It's obvious that Maxwell is undercover on some secret mission," interrupted Dorothy, "and that his cover identity is female, for some unknown reason."

"Now let's get this straight," Duo said firmly. "I'm NOT dressed as a girl because I enjoy it, okay? I didn't have a choice in the matter!"

Relena sniffed in annoyance, then her expression suddenly brightened as she said, "Heero's here, too?"

Duo rolled his eyes and muttered, "Yeah, yeah." (Man, he's going to clobber me for telling her, but it's not as if she wouldn't have eventually found out, anyway.)

"I want to know why telling the school officials that you're REALLY a boy could endanger Heero?" Relena snapped with a predatory gleam in her pale blue eyes.

Duo picked up on the sly, nasty undertone in Relena's voice and thought, (Shit! If I don't come up with a good reason, she's liable to blow my cover just to make my life totally impossible!)

Then a dark, unholy impulse took hold of Duo Maxwell's soul....

"Why, because I'm supposed to be his fiancee, of course," the braided pilot drawled.

Dorothy blinked, then hastily stifled a malicious chuckle.

"WHA... WHA... WHAT!?!?!?" the Peacecraft screamed. "His WHAT!?!?!?"

"Fiancee." Duo cocked his head slightly. "Maybe you should go see a doctor, Relena, because there seems to be something wrong with your hearing."

"You... you... you CAN'T be!!!"

Duo grinned, "Well, that vice-principal keeps harping about how this school has such strict moral standards, right? Well, we needed a way to make sure that Heero and I could meet at odd hours without arousing suspicions. Late night rendezvous between a girl and boy might be a no-no, but a cozy chat between an engaged couple... well, we all know that's a different matter." He winked slyly.

Dorothy's face was slowly turning red as she struggled to restrain the impulse to fall on the floor shrieking in laughter.

"But why do you have to be a GIRL in the first place!?!?" Relena demanded at the top of her voice. Fortunately, the suite was basically soundproof.

"That's a secret!" Duo retorted gleefully.

"But... OHHHH!!!" And with that, Relena stormed into her room and slammed the door.

Dorothy said in a rather choked voice, "Um... just how many people have you told about this 'engagement', Duo?"

The Deathscythe pilot said primly, "Well, that's really none of your business, is it?"

The Catalonia leaned over and murmured in Duo's ear, "Would I be correct in assuming that you haven't even told Heero...?"

Duo gave Dorothy a sharp glance, then smirked slightly as if daring her to say anything.

Dorothy finally managed to control her laughter, and said, "Well, regardless of whatever schemes you're running, you can't stay here."

"Listen, I don't like the idea rooming with the two of you any better than you do, but if that iron-skirted vice-principal is right, I really don't have much of a choice, do I?"

"It's totally out of the question!" Dorothy was starting to look rather stressed.

"And why is that?"

"Because you're really a guy!" she shouted.

Duo rolled her... his eyes and muttered, "Dorothy, don't tell me that you're scared that I'm going to pounce on you, rip your clothes off, and have my evil way with you! Sheesh! I'd expect something that stupid from Relena! Grant me some measure of self-control and discipline, okay!? We're three... oops... we're two intelligent people here. Surely with a little care, we can figure out some workable arrangement!"

As Dorothy struggled to find a new argument that didn't involve mentioning her newfound Jusenkyo curse, Duo wandered over to the big picture window. Glancing outside through the continuing drizzle, he saw Heero stalking across the quad, looking considerably more disheveled than usual.

"Gotta run, Doro-chan! Talk to you later!"

Dorothy collapsed wearily on the couch as Duo zipped out of the room.

Meanwhile, down in a long forgotten sub-basement of the Rinkan Campus' Science Building, something evil stirred and throbbed as the elegant and stern Ms. Jinchu approached it.

After leaving the three new transfer students to settle into their new quaters, the vice-principal now stood before the dark, pulsing mas and said triumphantly, "Hail, O mighty Zorpmanthakhan! I've found the perfect victim for you -- a young, beautiful teenage female with long silky brown hair and violet eyes. She is a girl on the brink of womanhood, just becoming aware of her own sensuality, full of energy and ripe for the plucking."

Long tentacles having a decidedly phallic appearance uncoiled from the shadows and started to thrash in eager anticipation.


Back to their normal human forms, Quatre and Trowa sat around Sally's table, sipping hot tea.

The doctor said, "So let me get this straight. You guys went to this valley full of cursed springs. Each of you fell into a spring. Now each of you transform into a different creature when splashed with cold water."

Quatre sighed. "That's basically it," as Trowa gave a morose nod.

"It must have been a terrible shock to both of you," Sally said sympathetically.

"Oh yes, but it was much worse for Trowa! I turn into a cat, but at least I'm big enough to defend myself and still capable of communicating with people. Did you know that poor little T-chan was nearly cooked, not once but twice? Apparently, roast piglet is a local delicacy in that area."

Sally looked horrified. "You don't MEAN...."

"Trussed up and hung over a fire in some rural village. What peculiar sort of place, run under a matriarchal system of elders, I think. Fortunately, Duo managed to save Trowa from the roasting spit. If he hadn't jumped in and knocked the cook unconscious, I don't know what would have happened!" the Arab pilot said earnestly.

Both Sally and Quatre started in surprise as Trowa muttered in uncharacteristically sour tones, "I KNOW what would have happened...."

"I meant to ask you about Duo and Heero. Are they cursed, too?" the doctor asked.

"Heero wasn't there, lucky for him. But Duo was. And yes, he got cursed."

"So...?" Sally said, leaning forward.

Trowa hunched his shoulders as Quatre said, "He fell into the Spring of the Drowned Girl."

Sally stared at the two Gundam pilots. "You mean... he turns into a girl?"

The Heavyarms pilot said quietly, "Yes."

"Except for their sexes, Duo's normal male body and his cursed female body are practically twins," Quatre added.

The doctor sat back in her chair and said thoughtfully. "That... could be interesting. Duo's remarkably good looking as a boy. I wonder...."

"As a girl, he looks...," the Sandrock pilot glanced at Trowa and blushed slightly.

"As a female, Duo is absolutely stunning," the brown-haired pilot noted dispassionately.

"Oh my...," Sally muttered weakly.


A light drizzle filled the air as Duo ran out of the dorm and glanced around, looking for Heero.

"Crap! Where the hell did he go!?"

At that instant, a ruby-and-gold streak plummeted out of the sky and came to a screeching halt on Duo's exquisitely feminine bosom.

"What the...!?"

A frantic Wufei-draco grabbed hold of the braided pilot's torn shirt and yelped, "She's after me! She's after me!!! You've GOT TO HIDE ME!!!" as he scrambled all over Duo in a desperate attempt to crawl inside his shirt.

"OWWW!!!" Duo yelped as needle sharp claws scratched the sensitive skin of his breasts.


"Hide you!? From what!? Who's this 'SHE' you keep raving about?" demanded Duo, batting angrily at the squirming mini-dragon.

A silver and sapphire form zoomed out of the clouds and headed straight for Duo and the panic-stricken Wufei. Treize-ryu crowed in triumph and pounced on the fire dragon's exposed tail.

"YIPE!!!!" Wufei shrieked as Treize attempted to haul him away from Duo. However, Wufei was not about to surrender his virtue without a struggle. He dug his claws in and clung doggedly to the braided pilot's vest.

"KISAMA!!! GO AWAY, YOU NYMPHOMANIAC!!!" Wufei shrieked, thrashing his tail about.

"Give it up, baby," Treize-ryu purred throatily. "I get what I want. And right now, I want YOU!" he murmured, as he tried to pull Wufei off Duo.

"I'M NOT INTERESTED IN BEING YOUR DAMN SEX TOY!!!" Wufei screamed as he scampered over Duo's shoulder.

"Oh, I'm sure I can change your mind, my darling little draconian studmuffin."

Not the least bit put off by Wufei's reluctance, the miniature ice dragon playfully followed the fire dragon over Duo's shoulder and chased him down the Deathscythe pilot's back.

Duo naturally objected.

"CRAP! Wu-man! Get the fuck off me! I'm not your friggin' climbing post!"


"What did you call me!?" the braided pilot stridently objected.

While at the same time, Treize cooed, "Only for you, Wu-chan."

"Quit trying to hide under my skirt!" Duo swatted futilely at the rapidly moving Wufei.

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME '-CHAN', YOU LECHEROUS TROLLOP!!!" Infuriated, Wufei cut loose with a fiery blast which Treize lazily countered with a freezing gust of his own.

"SHIT! Watch the hair! Watch the HAIR!" yelped Duo, simultaneously getting mildly charred and chilled.

The next few minutes dissolved into a wild, chaotic blur as Wufei scampered all over Duo, ducking in and out of the Deathscythe pilot's clothing and hair in a desperate attempt to elude the relentless female ice dragon. But nothing deterred the silvery blue dragon's pursuit, not even the occasional blast of fire breath. As for Duo, he had his hands full trying to keep from being shredded, burnt, and/or frozen.

Finally, Wufei twisted free and bolted skyward for the roof of a nearby building. With a delicate flick of his tail, Treize immediately followed, leaving a dazed, battered, and extremely disheveled Duo swaying on his feet before he slowly crumpled to his knees. Sometime during the draconic wrestling match, the Deathscythe pilot's braid had become totally undone and now his silky chestnut hair cascading freely across his nearly bare shoulders and back.

"...." Duo sat there numbly on the damp stones, too dazed to move.

There was the sound of nearby footsteps, which halted abruptly, then rapidly approached.

"Ms. Maxwell! Are you all right?" exclaimed the esteemed class president Mr. Norton, who was remarkably unrumpled by the three-way brawl between his followers, Pecker's jocks, and Heero. Grabbing Duo's limp hand, he said, "What happened to you? Who dared to lay their filthy hands on you?"

"Heero...?" the chestnut-haired pilot whimpered pathetically as he continued to stare rather blankly at nothing in particular.

"Did that barbarian Yuy do this to you? This outrage is absolutely unforgivable! Look at you!" Norton definitely took the opportunity to take a good long look at the entrancing view exposed by Duo's damp and dragon-shredded clothes, especially at his perfectly proportioned breasts. Norton smiled benignly even as he slid his free hand up Duo's arm and around the violet-eyed boy/girl's shoulders. He also took the advantage of the moment to surreptitiously dig his fingers through the soft, loosely tangled mass of Duo's hair. The sensation was even more arousing than he had imagined.

Feeling as if he had been hit by a F-5 tornado, Duo was in no condition to notice or react to Norton's stealthy advances.

"Are you... hurt anywhere else, Ms. Maxwell? Or may I be so presumptuous to call you Duo? What lovely name Duo is...," the class president said suavely as he nonchalantly released his grip on the long-haired pilot's hand and placed it on Duo's thigh. "Fortunately, I've had excellent first aid training, so please allow me to check the extent of your injuries...." And with that remark and a gleam in his eyes, Norton began to slide his hand up Duo's leg.


Although he had managed to slip away from the brawl nearly unscathed, Heero was seriously annoyed. The fight between the class president's and the rugby captain's cliques had been a total farce -- a cross between a really bad martial arts movie and professional wrestling. The sheer incompetence of it all irritated him to no end.

(What a total waste of time. Morons!)

The Wing pilot walked around the corner just in time to catch Norton slipping his hand under Duo's skirt smack in the middle of the dormitory quad.

A surge of possessive fury bubbled up inside Heero. How dare that jerk grope Duo like that! But what probably infuriated the cobalt-eyed teenager the most was the fact that he could see Norton sinking his fingers into Duo's unbraided hair. That was something that Heero had the occasional dream - okay, frequent fantasies -- of doing for himself.

Being a person of action rather than words, Heero simply stalked up to the two teenagers kneeling on the damp stones and slammed his fist into Norton's face without the slightest warning. The unfortunate class president ended up a good twenty feet away, resting upside down against a tree with his head in the dirt and his butt up in the air.


Squatting down beside the motionless Duo, Heero frowned slightly as he noted the glazed look in the usually bright and lively indigo eyes. It was uncharacteristic of Duo to be so totally out of it. Concerned in spite of himself, Heero grabbed Duo's head in both hands and quickly ran his fingers through the long, slightly damp chestnut hair and over Duo's skull, checking for any injuries or bumps that might explain his obviously dazed condition.

"Did anyone get the number of that truck?" the Deathscythe pilot mumbled incoherently.

"Duo. Duo! Are you all right?" he demanded sharply. But even though he had finished examining Duo's skull, Heero couldn't quite bring himself to let go of Duo's hair... um, head. Despite the torn, slightly charred clothes, the smudges of dirt, and the loose chestnut strands flying all over the place, she... he looked absolutely gorgeous.

And now that he was so close to Duo, Heero caught a faint and unusual odor that seemed to cling to the long-haired pilot. He leaned closer, sniffing in an attempt to identify the unusual scent.


Unable to leave the building because of the continuing drizzle, Relena had fled her room and ended up in one of the dorm's communal sitting rooms. Now she was plastered against the windows as she watched the scene taking place below in the quad along with nearly twenty other inhabitants of the girls' dormitory.

"Oooh... is he... is he... kissing her? In public? In front of everyone!?" a short, black-haired girl said breathlessly as she observed Heero leaning ever closer to Duo's face.

"I can't be sure from this angle, but it sure looks like it!" someone near the window said.

"Wouldn't it be dreamy to have someone like that Heero Yuy fight over you?" another girl gushed.

A redhead saw Heero cock his head slightly and muttered, "Oh yeah.... I wish I was in that Duo's shoes...."

And at the opposite end of the quad in the boys' dorm, many of the guys were wishing they were in Heero's shoes at that moment.

Back in the girls' dorm, Relena's anguished wail could be heard throughout the entire building.

"Oh Heero!! How could you pick DUO MAXWELL, of all people, to be your fiancee!?!?"


Down in the dorm quad, totally unaware of the bombshell that Relena had just dropped, Duo finally snapped out of his near-catatonic daze, only to find Heero leaning so close that their noses were nearly touching.

"Ummm... whatcha doin'?" he asked tentatively, blinking his violet-blue eyes in surprise.

"Duo, are you wearing... perfume?" Heero demanded curtly, hiding his flash of relief that the Deathscythe pilot was reacting normally again.


And now for the word of the day....

"pheromones" - (noun) any chemical substance released by an animal that serves to influence the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species.


"KISAMA!!! YOU TEASE! GET BACK HERE!!!" Wufei-draco howled in acute frustration.

The silvery blue dragon writhed sinuously in midair and said in a coquettish voice, "If you want me, darling, you've got to catch me...." She batted her extravagant eyebrows and made a 'come-hither' motion with the tip of her tail....

And what a pretty tail it was....

Wufei wasn't sure how the tables got turned, but he vaguely remembered getting cornered in the rafters of a warehouse or something like that. That little vixen had pounced on him, wrapped herself around his struggling body, then proceed to engulf him with her scent as she seductively rubbed her long, serpentine body all over him and under his nose -- especially her hind end -- while gently nipping the underside of his long throat.

And that thing she did with her tongue...!

And at that point, Wufei had had two stunning revelations. First, that female dragon was quite the most sexually desirable thing he had ever encountered. Second, he had to have her right *NOW*.

And just as he was feeling... receptive to her advances, the demented female released him and flew off, daring him to catch her, the little harlot. When he got his claws on her, he'd bloody well show her who was the master of this little game!


"Say what?" Duo said in a baffled voice.

"Perfume. I noticed this...," Heero sniffed again, "this odd scent all over you."

"No way!" Duo paused, then said curiously, "What does it smell like? Is it bad?" He inhaled deeply, but couldn't pick up anything.

"No, not bad at all. It's... subtle. Just a bit musky." And although he would never say so, the scent clinging to Duo was oddly enticing as it blended perfectly with the familiar pleasant smells of the long-haired pilot's soap and shampoo.

Suddenly realizing just how close their mouths were -- and how badly he wanted to kiss Duo -- Heero abruptly stood up and hauled a still wobbly Duo to his feet.

"Baka. Never mind that. What the hell happened to you? You look like you've been in a cat fight," the Wing pilot said tersely.

"Make that a dragon fight."


Duo chuckled weakly, still clutching Heero's arm for support, and said, "I think Wufei's got big time girl trouble... make that girl-dragon trouble."

"Explain that remark," Heero snapped as he continued to glower at his companion.

"Fine, fine. But I really need a hot bath, my hair's a mess, and this uniform's had it!"

As they headed for Duo's dorm room, the long-hair pilot casually slung his arm over Heero's shoulder and started his story.

"Well, you see. I was looking for you when Wufei, in his little dragon form, popped out of nowhere screaming for help. It seems that a female mini-dragon took a REAL liking to him and you know how Wufei is about girls!"


Across the city, Une-panda and Zechs-kitsune stared at each other as Noin knocked rather impatiently on the door.

{Well? Say something!} Une's sign read in big, jagged letters.

"Why me?" Zechs hissed back.

{Because I can't TALK, you furry jerk!} retorted Une.

"General Treize? Lady Une?" Noin said loudly.

"Maybe if we don't say anything, she'll go away."

{How likely is THAT!}

The kitsune's five tails wilted. "Not bloody likely. Noin can be relentless, in her own way. But what the hell do we tell her?"

{Think of something!}
{You know what will happen...}
{...if she finds out about the curse!}
{She'll probably head straight for Jusenkyo!}

Zechs-kitsune buried his head under his paws.

"Hello? Is everything okay?" Noin's voice began to sound
distinctly worried.

The kitsune coughed and said hastily, "Noin, I'm rather busy at the moment. Give me a few minutes, all right?"

"Sir? Is that you? You sound... rather peculiar. Did you catch a cold while you were in China?" Noin tentatively rattled the doorknob.

"Um... something like that. Could you get us some hot water?"

After a brief silence, Noin replied, "Certainly. But that could take some time. The kitchen will have to boil it...."

"That's no problem, but I really do need it."

"Well, all right, sir."

As Noin set out on her quest for hot water, Une and Zechs racked their brains for a solution.

{She's not going to give up until she actually sees you.}

"But I don't want her to find me like THIS!" Zechs hissed as he flailed his fox tails around, knocking several cushions to the floor. "Damn it!"

{Wait! Aren't there fairytales about...}
{...multi-tailed foxes being shapeshifters?}
{Give it a try!}
{What harm can it do?}

"What if I turn into something worse, like a toad or something!?"

{Coward!} was Une's stern reply.

Zechs scowled at the panda, then shrugged. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the only thing he could think of... returning to his normal human form.

Suddenly, he nearly fell off the couch as his body seemed to ripple and stretch. Opening his eyes, Zechs found himself staring at hands, not paws. A quick glance down his body told him that he was no longer a fox.

"Une, it worked!"


Zechs blinked and said, "What's wrong?"

{Take a look in the mirror....}

Dashing into the bathroom, Zechs unleashed a loud curse as he stared into the large mirror. Oh, he was human... except for a pair of elegant platinum-furred fox ears on his head.

"Oh great!" he muttered, tugging tentatively at the exquisitely
sensitive ears.

Une-panda popped up behind him and shook her large head.

{And take a look behind you.}

Turning his head, Zechs was upset, but not too terribly shocked to see a set of large, fluffy fox tails gently swishing on his rear end.

"Now what!?"

Une handed him a large towel and bathrobe.

{Cover them up!}

Zechs-youko grinned suddenly, exposing teeth that were just a bit too sharp and pointed to be human.

When they heard Noin knocking, Une-panda hid in one of the bedrooms as Zechs opened the door.

"Sir!?" she said in a faint squeak, clutching the kettle of hot water as her eyes widened at the sight of her superior officer, who was dressed in nothing more than a big, fuzzy bathrobe and a towel wrapped around his hair.

Author's Notes:

For anyone not familiar with Ranma 1/2, Jusenkyo is full of springs that curse people who fall in one of its springs. A cursed person changes into different sex, person, animal, monster, or entity when hit with cold water. The cursed individual reverts back to his/her normal form and/or personality when doused with hot water. I'm borrowing the basic idea of Jusenkyo curses from Ranma 1/2, but I've changed a few things to suit my own crazy whims. ^_^


A quick guide to the curses:
Duo - Spring of the Drowned Girl
Trowa - Spring of the Drowned Piglet
Quatre - Spring of the Drowned Desert Wildcat
Wufei - Spring of the Drowned Male Fire Mini-Dragon
Treize - Spring of the Drowned Female Ice Mini-Dragon
Une - Spring of the Drowned Panda
Zechs - Spring of the Drowned 5-Tailed Kitsune
Dorothy - Spring of the Drowned Sex Kitten Neko-girl

and last, but not least....

Relena - Spring of the Nearly Drowned Indestructible Hentai Teenage Boy, also known as the Spring of the Nearly Drowned Ataru (of Urusei Yatsura fame)


Assorted quotes/passages from upcoming parts....

-- A frantic Dorothy-neko kicked the door to the bathroom open and ran in, only to find Duo sitting upright in the tub, staring at her incredible physique with a particularly glassy-eyed expression.

-- News reporter: In the last two days, there have been wild rumors about mysterious blue and red lights hovering and chasing each other around in the sky. In the same area, some of the locals have been talking in hushed whispers about the sounds of grunts, shrieks, and screams echoing in the forest....

-- Unidentified female of Chinese origin: Duo, I kill!
-- Heero Yuy: Duo, omae o korosu....
-- Duo Maxwell: Eep! Can't you guys take a joke!?

Keeper and Mistress of Duo's Dark Side
Co-Keeper of Duo's Scythe & Bat Wings
Hopeful Co-Keeper of the Little Grim Reaper
Duo no Seishi ~~~ Saitoh no Koibito
-------------------------------------------- /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/:E

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