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Here's the first side-story to "MoC: Wicked Game". I stuck this scene in a side-story because I think it's important for understanding why Duo acts as he does, but I couldn't find a place to fit it into the actual "Wicked Game" story (so far). ^_^

A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Side-story 1

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What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak



[ AC 192 ]

Professor G calmly observed his subject through the one-way window. The long-haired teenager swayed slightly on his feet as he stood in the middle of a sterile, featureless room. The youth's dilated and unfocused violet eyes glanced jerkily around the area, but the scientist knew that the drugs had left the boy nearly blind, especially when surrounded by the stark, unrelenting white that covered every surface of his cell.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME!? WHO'S OUT THERE!? DAMN IT, TALK TO ME!!!" the boy screamed. However, the scientist also knew that Duo Maxwell could yell all he wanted, but the teenager would never hear a single word he uttered. As Duo kept rubbing his hands against his thighs in a futile search for any sort of tactile feedback, Professor G activated his recorder.

"As I suspected, this subject is particularly susceptible to sensory deprivation and the response to initial stages of treatment has been quite promising. I intend to progress to stage 2, possibly even stage 3, within the next 24 hours. The sensory deprivation will accentuate the sense of isolation, which will make the subject more vulnerable to modification and programming, especially when combined with the application of extreme physical stimulation."

The scientist paused to gather his thoughts, flipped through a few papers, then continued, "The sensory deprivation will also prevent the subject from focusing on any one person or persons as an enemy and therefore deprive him of any target for resistance."

Professor G consulted another stack of printouts. "After a suitable degree of receptiveness is achieved in the subject, I will begin installation of essential control mechanisms using basic pain/pleasure conditioning. At this early stage, it is critical to determine if the subject can be restored to an appearance of complete normalcy soon after a modification session. This would be highly desirable because that means that his programming can constantly reinforced and upgraded without the need to explain away suspiciously extended absences or disappearances for recovery."

The scientist then added, "Advanced conditioning stages will include the preparation for inducing the subject's emotional and sexual addiction to the designated controller. It is my hypothesis that this will allow the subject to retain a large portion, if not virtually all, of his intellectual capability, critical judgment, and initiative, while ensuring that the subject's actions and intentions will be entirely governed by the controller's wishes and commands...."

Although the boy in the next room was incapable of hearing or seeing the scientist as the man calmly and precisely outlined his 'research' project, Duo Maxwell could still sense his impeding damnation.


[ AC 192, a few months later ]

The all-consuming void....
A silent, never-ending scream of torment forever unheard....

As Duo lay curled up in a fetal ball in his cell, he disjointedly wondered how long it had been since he had seen another human being... talked to someone... touched another living person...? How long...?

It was so strange. He could hear nothing, not even his own voice... taste nothing... smell nothing... he could see, but only in the haziest of blurs... he even felt nothing unless THEY chose otherwise. Duo had no idea who THEY were. He couldn't even tell if THEY were alive or some sort of machine. But whatever THEY were, THEY controlled every possible aspect of his current existence. When they wanted him to feel... to hear... to see... after being deprived of any sensation for so long, the slightest physical stimulation became overwhelming and irresistible.

But if THEY didn't want him to feel, he didn't. No matter how much he tried... no matter how hard he pinched, pounded, or clawed at his own flesh, he could feel... nothing.

Nothing except for an insatiable craving that was an unholy mixture of uncontrollable lust and agonizing loneliness... a searing, bottomless hunger that constantly gnawed at him. All he knew was that he was starving... for someone's presence... for someone's touch....

He whimpered silently. That was all he could do. It was the first lesson he had learned -- to know that he was totally and utterly helpless to do anything to satisfy that terrible need inside him. He could rub his penis until it was raw and bleeding... cram his hand halfway up his ass... it didn't matter -- his body was numb to any outside stimulation. THEY made sure of that.

The second lesson he had learned was that THEY were in complete control. He would only be able to feel the things THEY wanted him to feel and only when THEY wanted him to feel those things. That made this hellish imprisonment all the more unbearable. He dreaded the endless sessions with THEM because he had no idea what THEY would do to him... what THEY would make him do... what THEY would make him think.... But he also needed those sessions as well, because they were the only times he could feel *anything* besides the never-ending hunger... the only times when he wasn't alone. Enduring a session was his only frail hope of getting any sort of relief from the uncontrollable need that kept growing inside him.

If THEY were feeling generous, THEY could make the cravings go away... but the relief would always been temporary. After THEY left, he would be alone again, and the craving and the hunger would inevitably return, and worse than ever.

So he cowered on the floor, torn between his shameful fear and his equally shameful hope that his mysterious tormentors would return.

Keeper and Mistress of Duo's Dark Side
Keeper of Duo's Scythe, Duo no Seishi
Saitoh no Koibito
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