Rough draft, so please excuse
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Alternate Reality, semi-darkfic, YAOI (male/male relationships),

*** LEMON **** LEMON **** LEMON **** LEMON ****

Pairings: 1x2 and, um... a nasty twist on 2x2! <ducks hastily>
Rating: NC-17

Notes: yet MORE Duo torture and bastard Heero, also phone sex!

Duo's outfit comes directly from the "Stealth Duo" drawing by Kitsune
(available at my website). ^_^ Many thanks to RoseArgent and Kenshi
for providing much of the inspiration for Duo's wonderfully versatile
hair! Also, credits to Anne Bishop's Black Jewels trilogy for the
finger-fang thing and other nifty ideas. For anyone who has read that
series, Daemon Sadi gave me major league inspiration for Duo's
characterization in my "Force of Arms" fic! ^_^

/.../ represents mental and/or subconscious dialogue

A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 8


The world was on fire
No one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you
And I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you

* * *

What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing you do
To make me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game" by HIM (His Infernal Majesty)
-- originally by Chris Isaak




Duo brought the car to a screeching stop, then stuck his head out the window to get a good look at the bright orange glow lighting up the night sky behind him. He could see columns of flame still rising from the devastated OZ base and mansion.

"Well, shit. So much for stealth and subtlety. Thanks a lot, Wufei," he muttered. Turning around and peering down into the back seat, he asked his hostage, "And what the hell am I supposed to do with you?"

Treize Khushrenada, being quite unconscious, declined to reply.

Duo drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. In the original plan, he was supposed to interrogate the general in his quarters. He would have been in and out with the codes in less than an hour. No one, not even Treize, probably would have been the wiser.

"Well, THAT plan is blown to hell."

It was OZ's standard operating procedure to change security codes whenever there was an unexplained disappearance. If OZ realized that Treize was missing, the general's access codes would be completely worthless. And if that happened, the mission was sunk.

That would be bad. Very bad. Heero would be SO pissed off if that happened.

And to make things even worse, Treize's abduction could easily cause serious political repercussions. They needed Treize in OZ to keep Lundquist and his ruthless ambitions in check. If the general vanished or died, then OZ would probably tear itself apart in the resulting power struggle. Normally, Duo would have considered that a good thing. Unfortunately, there was a definite possibility that outright war between various OZ factions could easily involve other parties. Lots of innocent people could die. That would make Heero even more unhappy.

The situation wasn't entirely hopeless, however. With all the chaos from the explosions, it would take a while before anyone got around to dealing with the codes. The search-and-rescue operations alone could take days.

"I knew Wufei had an explosive temper, but THIS is ridiculous...."

Duo paused, then smiled slowly.

Explosive... blown to hell....

His lips quirked upward in a wicked little grin. There just might be a way to get the mission back on track. All he had to do was convince Heero. Duo grabbed his phone and made the call.

"Report," Heero said in his usual monotone.

"Houston, we have a problem."

"I know."

Duo Maxwell winced at the chilly annoyance in the Wing pilot's voice.

"What happened, Duo?"

"Wufei happened. He's the one who set off the fireworks."

"Explain," Heero demanded curtly.

The Deathscythe pilot took a deep breath and raked a hand through his bangs before replying.

"Basically Wufei popped up unexpectedly. He and Treize had a really nasty argument. Wufei knocked Treize out, tied him up, and was about to kill him as slowly and painfully as possible. I jumped in to save Treize. Wufei became burning mad. And I mean burning. He's a fucking pyrokinetic, Heero."

"That does not compute."

"I'm not joking! He can apparently start and manipulate fire just with his mind."

"Are you certain?"

"As certain as I can be while running for my life. I saw him start fires without any obvious source of ignition and those fires took on distinctly unnatural shapes. Whips, ropes, dragons, that sort of stuff."


"Now comes the strangest part. One moment, he's trying his best to incinerate Treize. The next moment, he's arguing with himself. From what I heard, he didn't *want* to kill Treize, but something was making him do it. While he was fighting with himself, I grabbed the general and got him out of there."

"So Treize is alive."

"Yeah. He's got a nasty burn on his leg, courtesy of Wufei, but otherwise, he's okay." Duo shifted in the driver's seat, then asked in a much less flippant voice, "Um, Heero?"

"Yes?" came the cold reply.

"I think I've figured out a way to salvage this mission, but the window of opportunity is really narrow."

"Treize's codes will be useless now that he's missing."

"I know that, but what if OZ doesn't know that he's missing? What if they think he's hiding or recuperating in a secret location?"

"Go on."

"The details are kinda complicated, but basically if I can persuade some of Treize's people to pretend that they know where he is...."

"Then he's not officially missing and there's no reason to change the access codes."

"Exactly. And if we put the right spin on things, we can even grind that bastard Lundquist's reputation into the dirt. Two birds with one stone. How's that for efficiency?"

"It appears feasible."

"Hey, the decision's entirely up to you. But if you want me to try, I've got to get the ball rolling right now."

Heero said coldly, "Then do it."

Duo heaved a silent sigh of relief, then said, "Consider it done."



The Wing pilot's next words had the sharp sting of a whip crack.

"My pleasure depends on your success. Do you understand?"

Duo shivered, bit his lip, then whispered, "Yes, I understand."

"Then proceed." With those words, Heero hung up.

Duo slowly placed the phone in his lap and stared out at the last fading traces of the sunset. Oh yes, he understood completely. Succeed, and Heero would be pleased with him. But if he failed -- if the mission failed -- he would suffer the full weight of his Master's wrath and displeasure. And deservedly so.

With a fiercely determined gleam in his violet eyes, Duo shifted gears, stomped on the accelerator, and sent the car hurtling down the narrow rural road.


[ a safehouse, location unknown ]

Before starting his plan, Duo took a moment to check the news. He skipped quickly from channel to channel, then suddenly stopped just as the news anchor started on a report involving a Mobile Doll troop running amok in the city of Glencoe.

"In the terrifying and totally unprovoked attack, numerous landmark buildings in downtown area were either destroyed or severely damaged. Among these is the Oasis, a famous luxury hotel complex owned and operated by the Winner Conglomerate. The hotel has always been a favorite site for receptions among high society, celebrities, and politicians. Unfortunately, several such functions were in progress at the time of the attack. Official casualty figures has not been released, but it is feared that at least fifty people are dead, with many more seriously wounded or missing. Antoine Longilus, noted industrialist, is confirmed to be one of the fatalities. The status of his son Nicholas is unknown, while Nicholas' new bride Martine Katerina Winner is in very critical condition. Casualties among the OZ mobile suit troops sent to stop the Mobile Dolls are also rumored to be extremely high.

"Undersecretary Cavanaugh and Minister Sanchez, guests at the Longilus-Winner wedding, both managed to survive the attack with minor injuries. They and other influential guests are now loudly demanding a full investigation into the incident. Specifically, they want answers as to why the Mobile Dolls launched a full scale assault on a defenseless and highly populated civilian area. No comment has yet been made by the most outspoken advocate of the controversial Mobile Doll system, OZ general Bernard Lundquist...."

Instead of immediately checking up on Quatre and asking if there was anything he could do to help, Duo was more interested in taking advantage of the situation. He did feel bad for Quatre, but he unfortunately had more important things to worry about. Heero wanted results and by god, he was going to get them. Besides, Trowa was probably already on the scene.

"In other news, Lord Maxim Paullent was found dead on his game preserve early this morning, the result of an apparent animal attack. Lord Paullent was well known as one of General Lundquist's most ardent and influential supporters. It appears that the animal responsible for Paullent's death was some type of large predatory cat -- possibly a tiger, lion, or leopard. Lord Paullent was an avid hunter and kept his preserve stocked with numerous dangerous game animals. Normally, these animals would have been securely confined, but when investigators checked, all the holding pens were found open and empty. It remains unknown whether the animals' release was deliberate or accidental. Experts are attempting to locate and capture the animals, but pouring rain and adverse weather conditions has made tracking almost impossible...."

Duo leaned back in his chair and grinned viciously.

"Wow. Your pet experimental project runs amok and now one of your best buddies has been torn to shreds. Oh Bernie, Bernie, Bernie... I'm afraid that this is *not* going to be your lucky day."

And now it was time to have a little chat with Treize's prize wolf bitch.


[ OZ base, partially destroyed ]

Lady Une fended off the fussing medics and slowly made her way to the closest vacant room. Gritted her teeth, she eased her tired, sore body into the desk chair, then started to wipe the water and ash from her glasses.

They still hadn't located Lord Treize. The force of the main explosion had been centered on his quarters, turning the entire wing into a mass of charred rubble. According to the firefighters, the situation didn't look very hopeful.

Carefully placing her glasses on the desk, she leaned back in the chair and promised herself that she would only close her eyes for five minutes.

(I've got to go back out there and oversee the search-and-rescue crews. I won't give up hope... not until I see his body with my own eyes.)

Just five minutes....

Unfortunately, the door of the room slammed open less than a minute later.

"What the hell happened? And where's Treize?" an angry male voice demanded.

She slipped on her glasses, then lifted her head to glare at Zechs Merquise, who stood in the doorway.

"What are you doing here, Zechs? Aren't you supposed to be out on maneuvers?"

"Yes, I was, but now I'm back. And you haven't answered my question about Treize," he retorted, slamming his masked helmet down on the desk.

She curled a lip in annoyance. "Why should you care? After all, you were the one who walked out and left him."

Zechs took a deep breath, then said tightly, "I had my reasons. Yes, I broke off our... relationship, but I still care about him. He's my FRIEND."

"Well, you certainly have a unique way of showing it," she commented with an icy smile.

The lieutenant took a deep breath, then said, "Listen, I am not here to argue. I just want to know if Treize is all right or not. And I want to know who's responsible for this attack."

Une scowled at the platinum blond pilot. Treize had many enemies, but there were only two likely suspects -- Chang Wufei and Bernard Lundquist. And of the two, Lundquist seemed to be the most likely choice. Except... except....

(But I know that Chang recently did something to upset Treize.)

No, 'upset' was too mild a term. His lordship had been coldly furious. There were only a few things that evoked such anger. One of them was personal betrayal.

(It all started with my discovery of the computer tampering, which I traced back to his own computer station. And there's the matter of the secret video cameras he had me install *and* the blood tests....)

Naturally, she had asked, but Treize had politely but firmly evaded her questions. All she had were vague suspicions.

"It was that damn Gundam pilot, wasn't it!?" Zechs growled. "I warned him. I *warned* him that Chang was up to something!"

She snapped, "Perhaps, but he's not the only one capable of doing something like this."

Her phone suddenly buzzed. Pulling it out, she wondered who could be calling her now on a secure channel. At first she heard nothing, then....

"I have Treize. You want to play?" an electronically distorted voice said over the phone. There was no way to determine whether the speaker was male or female, young or old.

Leaping to her feet, her exhaustion forgotten, Une snapped, "Is this a joke!?"

"No, it's not. He's alive and relatively unharmed."

"For now, you mean," she bit out, breathing hard through her nose. Zechs opened his mouth, but she made a sharp, silencing gesture.

"That depends on your cooperation. By the way, don't bother to trace this call. You won't be able to find me."

"How do I know that you're telling the truth about Lord Treize? You could be bluffing." She could sense Zechs stiffen and lean closer.

"That's right. You don't know and yes, I could be bluffing. The question is whether you want to take the risk or not."

"I see. Let's assume you are in fact holding Lord Treize hostage. Now what? We follow your orders or you kill him?"

The unidentifiable voice said, "No, I won't kill him. But there are many things worse than death. Rape, torture, drug addiction... shall I go on? I assure you that I can be very creative."

Zechs involuntarily retreated a step when he saw Une's statement change. He considered himself a brave man, but the look of sheer animalistic ferocity on her face sent a chill through him.

Several seconds passed before she could speak coherently. With bared teeth, she growled softly, "If you harm him in any way, I'll hunt you down and rip you apart with my bare hands!"

"Oh, I certainly believe that you would. I wouldn't be talking to you otherwise. Now, I have no desire to hurt him...."

"But you'll reluctantly 'force' yourself to, is that it?" she hissed.

"If I have to, yes. I *will* do it if you don't cooperate. And now if we understand each other, let's get down to business."

"What do you want from us?" Une said in harsh tones.

"Not much. All you have to do is ensure that Treize is not declared officially missing for at least 48 hours."

"And how should I accomplish that?"

"Pretend that Treize is alive, but in hiding."

"Hiding from what?"

"From a botched assassination attempt, of course."

"Lord Treize isn't the type of person to run away from threats, especially threats to his own life."

"I know that. He wouldn't hide from fear, but he *will* conceal his whereabouts for political and strategic reasons."

Une could tell that her mysterious caller had an excellent understanding of the general's character. Grudgingly, she said, "All right. Let's assume that I agree to this charade. What does it get me?"

"You protect both Treize's reputation and his life. Not bad, compared to all the bad things that can AND will happen if Treize officially goes missing. For example, think of how the good General Lundquist could take advantage of Treize's disappearance, hm?"

She gritted her teeth. The kidnapper was right. Lundquist certainly wouldn't waste such a golden opportunity to ruin his chief rival's reputation. The bastard was like a vulture, constantly watching for any hint of weakness and vulnerability.

"You're a smart lady, Une. I'm sure you can come up with a plausible and convincing story. Oh, and it might not hurt to sprinkle some juicy innuendo about Lundquist's possible involvement in the bombing. I'd imagine that you can handle character assassination just as well as you manage the physical kind."

"And after the 48 hours are up?"

"Treize goes free. No strings attached."

"I want proof that he's alive and unharmed. No proof, no deal."

"All right. Seven minutes." The phone went dead.

Zechs leaned across the desk and said evenly, "I only caught your half of the conversation, so why don't you tell me what the hell's going on!"

After she gave him a concise summary of the kidnapper's demands, Zechs said, "Well? Are you going to cooperate?"

"We don't seem to have any choice, do we?" she snapped furiously.

"No, we don't." He paced angrily around the room. "What do you think? Is this person telling the truth about holding Treize?"

She thought carefully. Even through the distortion, the voice had been perfectly calm and perfectly implacable. Yes, it could be a bluff. But if that person did have Treize, she had no doubt that the captor would make his lordship suffer dearly if Une didn't comply.

"Something tells me... yes. I think this person is telling the truth, both about Treize and his threats."

"And what if Treize tells you not to agree?"

Une looked away and said softly, "I don't know." She looked up at Zechs. "What would you do?"

"I don't know either." He frowned. "So do we just sit here and wait until this guy calls back?"

Une pursed her lips and said, "No, we spend the time trying to set up a some sort of trace with whatever equipment we can scrape together.


[ safehouse, location unknown ]

Duo put down the phone, and walked over to the bed. He stared at the ginger-haired general lying unconscious on the comforter.

"Time to wake up, my prince."

The Deathscythe pilot bent down and gave the unconscious man a long, thorough kiss.


A sharp throb of pain in his right leg jolted Treize Khushrenada from unconsciousness. He lifted his head, opened his eyes, and found himself staring down at a familiar-looking mass of chestnut brown hair. At the moment, that hair was casually twisted into a long ponytail which trailed down its owner's back. The general winced as slender fingers carefully cleaned the excruciatingly sensitive patch of seared, blistered flesh running from his right hip to his knee.

"I've heard of people going for the burn, but this is ridiculous." Duo muttered.

Treize raised an elegant forked eyebrow and said sourly, "You *spat* in my eye."

The general totally forgot what he was going to say next when Duo lifted his head. For an instant, Treize felt dizzy, as if he was falling into and drowning in a sea of violet. The Deathscythe pilot blinked, releasing the general from the spell of those gorgeous eyes, then gave the older man a sly grin.

"Well, it was either spit or bite you."

When Treize continued to glare at him, Duo chuckled and added, "It was just a little tranquilizer. You were starting to freak out on me...."

Treize said irritably, "I do not 'freak out'."

The teenager rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, you were 'not thinking clearly'. Does that make your ego feel any better? Like I was saying, I didn't want to get into a wrestling match with you, especially with Wu-man flinging fireballs right and left.""

Treize abruptly sagged back onto the pillows and let out a long, hissing breath as he stared blankly at the rustic oak beam ceiling of the bedroom.

Duo's voice softened as he continued to tend to the general's wounded leg.

"No, it's not a bad dream. I wish it was, but it's not."

"Damnation," Treize whispered.

"If it's any consolation, I don't think he really wanted to do it. Any of it."

There was a long silence as Treize recalled his angry confrontation with Wufei. Finally, he said, "I'm not sure what to think. It seemed so clear before. Painful, but clear cut. Everything he said or did was a lie. But now.... First the confused innocence, then that sudden switch to rabid hatred, and then...."

The older man continued to look up at the ceiling and said softly, "Now I don't know what's worse. To think that Wufei cold-bloodedly betrayed my trust or to think that he was somehow compelled to do it."

"Well, he did ask me to save your life. I think he was frankly terrified of what he might do to you."

Treize exhaled heavily, "He wasn't the only one. Death by fire is one of the most unpleasant ways to die." He suddenly started coughing.

Duo poured some water into a sturdy coffee mug and handed it to the general. He then ripped open the packaging on a temporary burndressing.

"Regardless of whether he acted of his own free will or not, he wasn't playing around when he did this to you. You've got second and third degree burns here. I've cleaned it up, but you definitely need a doctor."

Treize sipped slowly, allowing the cold water slide down his parched throat, then said, "I suppose I should thank you for saving my life.... Pardon, but I don't think we've been introduced."

"The name's Duo. Duo Maxwell. But don't thank me yet. I was glad to do Wufei a favor, but I had my own reasons for keeping you alive. You see, it's awfully hard to interrogate a corpse," the pilot said with a simple shrug of his bare shoulders.

Treize caught himself paying entirely too much attention to how the sleeveless high-necked black tanktop accentuated Duo's sleek, graceful body. The young man had a mysterious, but undeniable allure.

"Ah. Now I see," the general said.

He glanced down at the back of Duo's head as the Deathscythe pilot carefully began to apply the premoistened dressing to the older man's burned leg. The general inconspiciously hefted the heavy stoneware mug in his hand, then grimaced, but not from physical pain. Without warning, he swung the mug directly at the vulnerable back of Duo's skull.

But to his amazement, Treize's attempt to knock his captor unconscious failed miserably. A thick strand of Duo's hair suddenly whipped up and wrapped itself tightly around his wrist, stopping his hand cold just inches away from the teenager's head. Water slopped over the edge of the mug.

Without even bothering to look up, Duo calmly said, "Not even close. And for your information, I can sever your hand just as easily as I cut that iron chandelier chain in your former living room."

The general stared down in mute fascination at his ensnared wrist, held painlessly but securely by prehensile strands of chestnut hair.

Duo calmly covered the burn dressing with a protective bandage, then lifted his head to meet Treize's gaze.

"Okay, here's the deal. I've got questions and you're the man with the answers. I want those answers and I'm going to get them. It's that simple."

Treize stared at Duo. Except for the thick strand around his wrist, the rest of the pilot's long silken hair was now flicking slowly from side to side in a disturbingly deliberate fashion. He whispered, "Unbelievable. Wufei has the ability to control fire and that hair of yours...."

"Oh, I can do a lot of very interesting and useful things," Duo said in serene tones.

"I'm sure you can." Treize propped himself a bit higher in the bed and added with admirable calm, "I suppose you're now going to say that we can do things the hard way or the easy way. "

"Nope. Not at all. There is no hard or easy way. There's just MY way."

"I'm injured and from what I've seen, you're much stronger than I am, so I'm hardly in any position to resist whatever coercion you choose to apply. But why don't you simply ask me what you want to know?"

Duo grinned. "Because we both know that I wouldn't be able to believe a damn thing you said."

Treize shrugged, then said, "I won't bother to deny it. So tell me. What exactly *is* your way?"

Duo firmly removed the mug from Treize's hand. "We'll get to that soon enough. But first, I need you to talk to Lady Une. She wants to know that you're alive and well. For now, at least."

The general's eyes narrowed. "I see. And why's that?"

"Because I want her to do a little favor for me."

"And if she doesn't?"

"Then things will become really unpleasant." The friendly, yet implacable statement on Duo's face told Treize all he needed to know.

"So what do you want me to do? Convince her to cooperate?"

"No. Just say hello and a few quick words."

Duo lightly placed his fingers around Treize's throat. The general felt a slight pricking sensation -- not enough to break the skin -- against his carotid artery, just where Duo's longest finger touched his neck. The pilot's grip in no way interfered with his ability to talk or breath, but the threat was abundantly clear. He had already experienced the unnatural speed and strength of those slender fingers. If he started to say anything wrong, Duo could instantly choke him into submission or inject some sort of drug directly into his bloodstream.

The long-haired teenager handed Treize a phone, then pressed a preprogrammed dial button.


Une answered on the first ring.

"Yes?" she barked into the receiver.

"Good evening, Une. I hope you escaped the catastrophe relatively unscathed."

"Lord Treize! Are you all right?"

Very much aware of Duo's fingers gently stroking his throat, Treize calmly replied, "At the moment, I'm fine."

Duo's rich, husky tenor voice intruded into the conversation.

"Nice try with the trace, Une. Too bad it didn't work," Duo with a decided smirk as he kept an eye on the status lights of his scrambler.

Une snarled something under her breath.

"Satisfied as to his condition?" Duo inquired cheerfully.

She gritted her teeth, and said, "All right. 48 hours. And if anything happens to Lord Treize...."

"I won't make promises that I might not be able to keep."

Duo and Treize heard the sound of a palm smacking a hard surface.

"You AGREED to release...."

"If everything goes as planned, you'll have him back safe in two days. If not... well, we'll see," Duo said softly, then hung up.


Back in her temporary office, Une yelled futilely into the receiver.

"Wait! DAMN you!"

Zechs watched her lower the phone, then said impatiently, "Well?"

"Well, he definitely has Lord Treize."

"But how *is* he?" the blond pilot inquired in insistant tones.

"He sounded a bit tired, but otherwise well." She scowled unhappily. "I suppose that we have no choice but to play along with the kidnapper's demands. Zechs, I want you to load a stretcher-sized object into a shuttle and fly it out of here right now."

First he gave her a baffled look, then his statement changed to a sour smile.

"Now I see. You want me to act like I'm moving Treize to a safe location."


"Then what?"

"Then you hide until I get in touch with you. Your absence will only reinforce the illusion that Treize is recovering in seclusion."

"All right. But let me know the instant you...."

"Of course!" she snapped impatiently at Zechs. "I'll deal with it. Just get moving!"


[ safehouse, location unknown ]

In silence, Treize watched as Duo put the phone away. Finally, the general said, "What did you ask her to do?"

Duo chuckled and replied, "Nothing much. All Une has to do is pretend that she knows exactly where you were."

Treize leaned back against the pillows and said in a thoughtful voice, "So I won't be considered missing."


"And what was the threat?"

"A fate worse than death," Duo said casually.


"She'd do anything for you, you know. You don't see that too often, that sense of total dedication to another person." Duo gave the older man a pensive look.

Treize said quietly, "I'm well aware of that. But that sort of devotion places a tremendous burden on the recipient as well as on the giver. Honor demands that such devotion should be used wisely. It's not to be wasted on trivial matters."

Duo shrugged. "Honor is your gig, not mine. You might say that I'm a results-oriented type of guy."

Treize give the teenager a rueful smile, then said, "I see. You are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goals." He sighed. "So young, and yet so ruthless."

"I could deny it, but I would be lying."

"I'll keep that in mind. And Wufei? Does he also believe that the end justifies the means?"

Duo shook his head and said, "No, I don't think so."

The Deathscythe pilot sat down on edge of the bed, careful to avoid Treize's burned leg. The general watched his captor warily.

"So it begins," Treize said in an even voice.

"Don't worry. This isn't going to hurt a bit."

"Pardon me if I don't believe that."

They stared at each other for another moment, then without warning, Duo leaned forward, grabbed hold of the general's shoulders, and locked lips.

It was a long, slow, and very thorough kiss. At first, Treize was too surprised to put up much of a struggle. Later on, he was too dazed by the wonderfully pleasurable sensation of Duo's lips moving on his own... to say nothing of the erotic rush he felt as the teenager's tongue delicately explored his mouth. When Duo finally pulled his lips away, Treize was left totally speechless, his mind whirling...

....then with a sudden sinking sensation in his stomach, the general remembered how Duo had knocked him unconscious with tranquilizer-laced saliva.

"You... you drugged me!" Treize gasped as he frantically rubbed at his lips with his free hand.

"Bingo. And it's too late to do anything about it, so you might as well lie back and enjoy it," Duo said with a sly smile.

The older man wanted to make some suitably cutting comments about dirty tricks, but found himself obediently snuggling back against the comfortable pillows. He chuckled softly.

"Oh my god.... What the hell did you give me?" he mumbled between snickers.

Duo cocked his head and grinned, "Just a little something to lower your inhibitions. It's tailored to your specific body chemistry."

"So... so what exactly what does it do?" Treize asked lazily, a charmingly lopsided grin appearing on his face.

"Basically, you're going to have a hell of a pleasant buzz and the urge to talk your mouth off."

"Talk? You're not going to make me talk. You can ask all the questions you want, but I'm not going to say a single word. No, I refuse to tell you a damn thing so you might as well give it up and leave me alone. It's not going to work. Besides, I don't get buzzed. Why, when I was in school, I could drink every single one of my classmates under the table, then still walk a straight line while reciting the alphabet backwards," Treize said with an airy wave of his right hand, as he tried to sit up.

Duo chuckled and gently pushed the now thoroughly spaced out OZ general back down. "Oh, I believe you. Absolutely."

"Z... oh god, Zechs...." Treize rolled his eyes. With a mixture of fondness and exasperation, he chattered, "He didn't want to have sex with me any more because he needed time to 'figure things out'. We both enjoyed it, so what's to figure out? By the way, did you know that Zechs is really Relena Peacecraft's older brother Milliard?"

"Why, no. Imagine that," Duo purred.

"Where was I? Oh, that's right... Y... X... W... damn it all, Wufei! Has he gone totally insane?" Treize grabbed hold of Duo's shirt and complained, "He was the one who came to me! Can you believe it? The doctors found traces of tranquilizers and aphrodisiacs in my bloodstream. That conniving little slut, seducing and screwing me just so he could use my computer! When I get my hands on him, I'm going to put that damn paddle of Zechs to good use!"

Duo choked back a laugh and innocently inquired, "Oh, that reminds me. Why did you happen to have all that paddles and restraints lying around?"

Treize muttered, "Blame it on Zechs. He really got off on the old bondage and discipline bit. It's probably a guilt complex, although I'm not sure whether it's from having sex with another man or because he's fighting for OZ which is apparently runs against his family's tradition of pacifism.... Never had a chance to try them out on Wufei... rats."

"You must be so disappointed," Duo murmured. It was fascinating to see Treize babbling like an drunken idiot.

"You bet I was," the general said in a sulky voice.

The Deathscythe pilot idly asked, "Did you ever sleep with Lady Une?"

The general suddenly grabbed hold of Duo's hand and rubbed it against his cheek. "Do you know you smell really, really nice?" Treize nibbled at Duo's fingers. "And you taste good, too."

"Why, thank you," the pilot replied, gently prying his hand free.

"U for Une? Oh no. I love the lady, really I do, but sleep with her? No way. She's definitely a good looking woman, no denying that, but her uber-bitch side is enough to scare any man, even myself, into impotency. And as for her nice side... well, it would be too much like having sex with a nun, if you know what I mean. I've seen her naked, though. A *very* nice body, she has." Treize gave Duo a lecherous wink.

"However her butt can't compare to yours or Wufei's, although I can't quite decide whether your ass or Wufei's ass is cuter...."

Duo smiled and said smoothly, "Maybe you'll have a chance to find out."

The general grinned back and rambled, "Bribery will get you nowhere, you little devil. I'm not going to answer your questions about... Ummm, what were you asking me about?"

"Oh, I just wanted to know what the access codes and passwords for that special security module being installed in the new OZ computer network," Duo said smoothly.

Treize snorted. "HA! As if I was going to tell that the first access code is 'bombaruda' and that the second code is 'rumtigger'...."

The general's voice trailed off, then with a mildly appalled statement on his face, he said, "Oops... oh, drat it."

Duo patted the general on the shoulder and said, "Don't worry about it. Keep going."

"Where was I? V, U, T... T is for trap." Treize gave the teenager a smug smile. "Didn't know that, did you?'

Duo's eyes narrowed slightly, but kept his tone casual. "Do tell."

"That module you're bugging me about is just that. A trap designed to snare hackers like you and your fellow gundam pilots."

His eyes hidden by his bangs, Duo murmured, "And how is the trap supposed to work?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out that the computer facility in Forrestal is really just a well hidden trap designed to capture terrorists like you. Try to infiltrate into that place and BANG, you're caught. Oh, the bait's real enough -- beautiful design, that new security computer has -- but access to the computer room is only possible by remotely transmitted password. And you still have to wait because of the time locks. And I bet you would like to know that the remote terminal is located in a minor installation in the Catskills Mountains at Bredonburg which is a charming little town whose main claim to fame is an extremely fine apple brandy...."


It was a fucking TRAP.

After prying all the relevant details of the security module out of the hyper-talkative Treize, Duo placed a recorder on the bedside table and slipped out of the room. By this point, the general wasn't even aware that Duo was gone. Treize kept rambling nonstop with the speed of a runaway freight train.

In the backyard of the house, Duo slipped a phone headset on and contacted Heero. The Wing pilot listened intently, then said in a flat voice, "A trap. Acknowledged. I will proceed to the Catskills facility immediately, then return to the Forrestal location to access the module."

"WHAT!? Heero, have you heard a damn thing I've said? It's a *trap* and you're still going in all by yourself? Why the hell would you do a crazy...?"

"You presume, SLAVE," Heero said in a searingly cold voice.


The instant Duo heard those particular words, delivered in that particular tone, the facade of Duo Maxwell, gundam pilot, was ripped away to expose his true self -- Duo, the slave.

"For... forgive me...." (....Master.)

The last word remained unspoken, but was clearly understood by both slave and master. To minimize the possibility of someone uncovering Duo's true condition, the Deathscythe pilot had been forbidden to address his Master in that manner except in Heero's actual presence.

"It is your place to serve and obey me."

"....I serve and obey you, yes...."

"I permit you to make constructive suggestions, but I will not tolerate impertinence. Is that perfectly CLEAR?"

"Yes, perfectly clear...," Duo whispered into the phone, tortured by the overwhelming sense of misery and shame caused by his Master's obvious displeasure. "I spoke selfishly, without thought. From... from concern for your safety. I meant no disrespect. I beg for your forgiveness."

He held his breath during the pause, desperately hoping that his Master would accept his pathetically inadequate apology. After a moment, the Wing pilot finally responded.

"I intend to turn this trap against its creators. But your concern is noted."

"Thank you...." (....Master.)

Even as he spoke, Duo remained painfully aware that his Master had *not* forgiven him... not yet.

"Given the unforeseen circumstances, you have performed adequately. You will be rewarded."

"Thank you." The painful knot inside his chest and head eased slightly.

"However, you also need to be punished for your transgressions," his Master continued sternly.

"I... understand. I was wrong to contradict you. Please administer whatever discipline you deem fit," Duo pleaded, desperate to appease his Master.

"Very well. As punishment, you are forbidden to experience any physical sensation for five minutes. You will be utterly blind, deaf, and numb."

"" The soft whimper escaped from Duo's lips before he could stop himself.

A terrifying silence followed. Duo trembled in fearful anticipation as he awaited his Master's response.

"Are you defying me... Duo?" demanded Heero in a voice of pure ice.

The power of his Master's displeasure clamped down on his mind like a gundanium fist, squeezing, crushing, obliterating the slightest hint or flicker of resistance.

(I MUST obey. I MUST please.)

"No, never! There is no defiance! There is no refusal! I gladly accept your every order without reservation!" Duo said frantically.

"You find this type of punishment more fearsome than physical pain?"

"Y-y-yes. It's... it fills me with dread." The punishment reminded him too much of the terrible white void that had imprisoned and tortured him for so long.

"Then it will provide you with ample incentive to behave in a more appropriate manner. The duration of punishment is tripled. You will experience fifteen minutes of complete sensory deprivation."

"I...I hear and obey," Duo dutifully acknowledged, his voice quivering. To be locked within himself, totally isolated from external stimulus... to know with absolute certainty that his constant need for sensation would go unsatisfied as long as his Master desired. He could be trapped in that state forever, if his Master became sufficiently displeased with him. Cast aside into oblivion.... That knowledge made him even more desperate to obey his Master's every command.

(With every reward and punishment he gives me, Master teaches me... trains me... shapes me... improves me... makes me more fit to serve and please. I accept his lessons. I embrace his discipline. I crave his correction.)

Aloud, he said in fervent tones, "I will try to be worthy of your time and attention."

Heero was silent for a moment before he continued.

"Initiate remote master command mode," he barked, his tone becoming even more domineering.

Duo's body went rigid, his entire being focused on his Master's every word.

"Remote command mode acknowledged," Duo whispered. "Command me."

(Command me, Master of my soul.)


In a small house many miles away from Duo's current location, Heero paused a moment to organize his thoughts. While waiting for Duo to extract the access codes from Treize, the Wing pilot had used the time to further analyze the other pilot's behavior. During the last several minutes, he had used the knowledge he had gained from that analysis to exploit and systematically reinforce Duo's conditioning. Now it was time to fine-tune his slave's programming.

Before Duo had left on his mission, Heero had established several special triggers in the other's mind. The proper combination of phrases, vocal intonations, and other specific stimulus would lock Duo into an ecstatic trance. While he was of little use as an operative in that condition, Duo's mind would be in a 'read-write' state, leaving the Deathscythe pilot totally receptive to any commands Heero might give him. This gave him the ability to modify Duo's behavior by voice alone.

However, certain parts of Duo's programming couldn't be changed by voice alone. In order to access Duo's core programming -- the fundamental orders that currently defined his reality and governed Duo's every action, thought, and feeling -- Heero needed to be in intimate physical contact. That requirement served as yet another layer of safeguards, another level of authentication that would preclude any unauthorized tampering.

Once programming was completed, Duo would be released from his orgasmic trance and Heero's commands would become 'read-only', preventing anyone from overriding or altering that programming without the proper vocal and physical triggers. Anyone including himself... especially himself.

Heero scowled, coldly annoyed by the sheer inefficiency of it all. He didn't need all those precautions to stop others. Duo could not be controlled by anyone but himself, with the possible exception of the party who was responsible for brainwashing him in the first place. No, these precautions were necessary to prevent *himself* from undoing all his careful work in a moment of irrational sentimental weakness.

The Deathscythe pilot was his -- his tool, his weapon, his *possession*. He would not allow anyone to interfere with his control of Duo, not even Heero Yuy.

Ignoring the persistent, inexplicable muscle ache in his neck and chest, he opened his mouth to commence programming when he heard something that sounded like a wail or a howl. He quickly turned his head and listened intently, but the sound was not repeated. He frowned, strangely unsettled by the incident, then returned his attention to Duo.

"You exist to serve and please me," the Wing pilot stated flatly into the phone.

"Understood. I exist to serve and please you," Duo immediately responded.

"Therefore you must be able to serve me at all times, regardless of your physical, mental, or emotional condition."

"Understood. I must always be ready to serve you under any circumstances."

"At all times, regardless of how and what you feel, at least a portion of your mind will remain on watch, alert and aware of your surroundings.

"Understood. I will always be attentive to my environment."

"If you detect a threat to my chosen objectives or my property, you will neutralize that threat in an appropriate manner, consistent with your core programming."

"Understood. I will identify and neutralize any threats to Master's objectives and property, in accordance with my best understanding of Master's true intentions, desires, and interests."

"Since you are my property, you will take the appropriate steps to take care of and protect that property, consistent with your core programming."

"Understood. I will defend and protect myself, in accordance with my best understanding of Master's true intentions, desires, and interests," Duo recited.


Back in his safehouse, Duo swayed and smiled, utterly lost in the sound of his Master's voice coming over the headset.

As if the ever-present sensation of his Master's cock filling his unworthy asshole was not enough, he had the priceless privilege to hear his Master address him in that *special* tone. The command voice. The voice that defined his world.

Just as his body had been penetrated, filled, and utterly
dominated by his Master's fingers and cock, his very brain was being
firmly, inescapably *fucked* every time his Master spoke.

His Master's words plunged, thrust, and pounded unrelentingly into his worthless mind, constantly remolding and reshaping it to suit his Master's current pleasure. They filled him, transforming him into a mirror of his Master's will.

(....yes... fucking my mind... a mind fuck... mindfuck... I'm being mindfucked....)

The old Duo Maxwell probably would have been horrified at the thought, but then again that Duo had been a fool and an idiot. Master had said so on numerous occasions. Naturally he knew better now. His Master had been so kind to show him the truth, to school and educating him in the real purpose of his existence.

To serve.

The thought that his Master would deem his slave worthy of use sent an overwhelming sense of joy bubbling up inside him. He would not permit himself to feel anything else. Just like the idea of disobedience, the very concept of resistance or resentment was now abhorrent and loathsome to him. How could he possibly be angry or fearful? His Master was his GOD, his salvation from the unspeakable.

If he had been capable of climaxing without permission, he would have cum repeatedly at the mere sound of his Master's voice... from the sheer joy of having his mind penetrated, reamed, fucked, filled....

But it wasn't possible. Release were solely at his Master's discretion and that was as it should be. To orgasm without Master's permission was DISOBEDIENCE, so all he could do is revel in the sensations as his Master's every word sent soft, persistent throbs of intense pleasure, throughout both mind and body.

Pleasure fed need. Denied relief, need intensified pleasure. Pleasure fed need and the cycle continued. But unlike before, he could cope. The sensations were almost minor compared to what he had experienced before, but more importantly, he now understood its purpose -- to serve as constant reinforcement of his proper place.

It was a gentle, neverending reminder of the heaven that was his if he pleased his Master and the hell that awaited him should he fail.


"Terminate remote master command mode, slave," Heero said over the phone.

"Remote command mode terminated," Duo reluctantly responded.

"Are you capable of obeying my commands?"

Duo frowned slightly as he attempted to integrate his newly acquired programming with his Master's most recent orders. If he was forbidden to experience any sensory perception, how could he serve and guard his Master's property? How could he see, but not see? Hear, but not hear? Sense, but not sense?

Suddenly, Duo understood how to resolve the apparent conflict. His Master's commands had graciously shown him the way, dissecting his mind into neatly functioning compartments with surgical precision. Just as a fragment of himself concentrated on being the old Duo Maxwell, now a new part of him would always be alert and ready to serve, even in the grip of the severest punishment or sweetest reward.

With an immense sense of relief, Duo was able to respond to his Master's query with a decisive, "Yes."

"While you are punished, you will have two tasks. First, you will repeatedly remind yourself of who controls and owns you. Never forget that I saved you from the void and that I can return you to that void at will."

Duo tasted blood as he bit his lip, but didn't repeat his earlier mistake of protesting.

"Second, you will review your behavior and think of ways to correct or eliminate any faults which might cause me displeasure."

In a hoarse whisper, Duo said, "I understand. Remember and correct."

"After punishment, your reward will be to masturbate for ten minutes. As your fingers touch your body, it will be as if MY hands are touching your body. You will have no control over your hands and the pleasure they will inflict, because your hands are mine, just as all other parts of you are also mine. All you can do is submit to the pleasure of MY touch. Is that understood?"

"Oh yes, thank you!" Duo blurted, trembling in anticipation. He hesitated, then in a timid voice, he asked, "May... may I... cum?"

"Do you want to?" There was an ominous edge in his Master's voice.

"What... whatever pleases you...." He desperately wanted to take the request back, but it was too late.

"No. But for presuming to ask, you will keep yourself constantly aroused, stimulating yourself as necessary, until I give you permission to orgasm. And whenever you touch yourself, you will remind yourself that you have no right to release, just as you have no rights at all."

"Yes. Forgive my rudeness."

"After your punishment and reward are complete, you will take care of Treize. I want him alive and in reasonable condition, Duo."


The shift in tone and phrasing instantly told him that Heero was no longer talking Master to slave, but rather commander to operative. Duo adjusted his behavior accordingly.

"I'll contact Sally and have her take care of his burns. But to ensure his safety, I'll need to keep him hidden from Wufei," the Deathscythe pilot said crisply.

"Handle it."

"All right, Heero. But what do you want me to do about Wufei?"

The Wing pilot paused, then said, "I want to know the cause for this sudden attack. If he seems rational, bring him in. If not, leave him alone."

"Do you think that's a...?" Duo suddenly stopped speaking. He shifted restlessly as he tried to decide whether it would be better to continue or keep his mouth shut."

"What is it?"

"I was just thinking that it might be bit risky. If he loses his temper, we could all go 'POOF!'"

"We need answers. The risk is acceptable."

"Whatever you say. Anything else you need me to do?"

"When you're done, rejoin me at the designated safehouse outside Forrestal. I'll be waiting for your arrival."

"Sure thing."

"Now carry out your orders."

"Yes, Heero."

Duo slowly pulled the headset off, then dropped it on a nearby garden bench. He stepped away, took a deep breath, and braced himself.

(Now it starts....)


The scene was perfectly tranquil -- an isolated house surrounded by a wide expanse of thick grass, lush foliage and plantings, a waning moon in a clear night sky, and a teenage boy standing silently in the shadows.

There was nothing to indicate that someone's soul was being brutally violated.

Amethyst eyes stared blindly into the distance. Occasionally, eyelids blinked, but that was the only trace of life in his body.

A rabbit peeked out of the bushes, then hopped across the lawn. Its presence was noted, reviewuated for threat, then ignored.

A quarter of an hour passed. Suddenly the Deathscythe pilot abruptly shuddered, then sagged to his hands and knees.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god...." he moaned, nearly sobbing in relief.

Heero had chosen his punishment well.

Desperately, Duo sank his fingers deep into the lawn and buried his face in the grass, frantically drinking in the scent of moist earth and fresh vegetation. To be able to feel prickle of grass blades and the coolness of the evening wind on his hypersensitive skin... hear the rustle as the startled rabbit bounded away into the ground cover... see the brilliant colors of flowers washed in moonlight....

Unfortunately, Duo was about to learn that his Master's rewards could be just as terrible as his punishments.

Before he had any chance to recover, his hands started their insidious work. His right hand delicately stroked the underside of his throat, then his left hand skimmed along the inside of his thighs before settling on his crotch.

As his left hand lightly stroked his penis through his pants, over and over again, a finger brushed his lips, then demanded entrance. He complied, allowing the finger work its way into his mouth. He licked, then began to suck the intruding appendage, just as if he would have done if it had been Heero's finger -- lightly, at first, then more strongly as the finger plunged into his mouth repeatedly.

On his knees, Duo was awash in exquisite sensations as his hands roamed over his body, stripping off his clothes. Now naked, he groaned softly as one hand slowly stroked his cock and balls. His other hand caressed his rear, then worked its way toward the crease between his buttocks. Fingernails tauntingly raked the rim of his anus, then probed inward ever so slightly, sending an exquisite jolt straight into his pleasure-battered brain. The finger withdrew, then returned to toy with his rear passage again.

Soon he was writhing on his knees, utterly helpless as his hips twitched in rhythm with every stroke and every press. But he wanted more. He needed more. He arched his back, sluttishly shoving and rubbing his rear against his hand, desperate to be penetrated and filled. But his traitorous hands refused to cooperate. They didn't belong to him any more. He had no control over their actions. Instead, they were intent on carrying out his Master's will. His fingers -- no, his Master's fingers -- set the pace as they continued to tease him, leaving him aching and yearning for more.

"Please...," he whispered huskily, but there was no one there to hear him beg.

Without warning, he thrust a finger deep into his own asshole. It flexed, probed, then pressed hard in just the right spot. As his prostate seemed to explode in pleasure, Duo's head flew back, his mouth gaping and teeth bared in a silent scream, as he was pushed beyond words, beyond rational thought, beyond sanity itself.

A second finger soon joined the first. They withdrew, then penetrated again... pistoning in... out... in... out... in... out... stroking... pressing that special spot over and over again... seeking out more places and pressing those, also. And with every push came another jolt of overwhelming pleasure. Since the modified tissues lining his rectum had automatically secreted the optimum amount of lubrication for his fingers, there was no pain to distract him from their manipulations.

As he relentlessly finger-fucked his own ass, his other hand continued its own maddening dance along his penis and testicles. Duo tossed his head wildly as the steadily intensifying pleasure threatened to steal away his ability to breath. He wanted... *needed*... to cum, but couldn't. Could NOT. Prohibited. Forbidden.

However, his hands didn't care that release was impossible. With ruthless skill, they piled sensation on sensation, without rest or respite. There was more, always more. Harder. Deeper. His entire body, not just his nipples and groin, had become one incredibly sensitive erogenous zone. The slightest touch, like hair brushing bare skin, or the smallest motion, even the mere act of breathing, made his mind swim from unrelenting waves of pleasure. With a few simple words, his Master had transformed him into a living masturbation machine. His body was now a perfect joy/lust/sex machine that he could not stop, if he wanted to.

Rub. Press. Stroke. Probe. Fondle. Penetrate. Caress. Pinch. Squeeze. Thrust, thrust, thrust. Repeat. Repeat again.

The machine was ON and only his Master could turn it off.

Release was impossible, but escape was equally impossible. All he could do was submit. And with every irresistable throb of pleasure, two simple phrases bored their way ever deeper into his soul.

/ Master... love Heero... love Master... love Heero.... /

His unseeing eyes opened wide and his lips curved in a smile of utter adoration.

The minutes continued to tick by and his rapture continued to deepen until it consumed everything else. He didn't feel pleasure. He *was* pleasure. The tiny gasps, grunts, and moans he uttered were lost amid the sound of crickets and calling of owls. The animals of the night continued their activities, barely disturbed by the young man mindlessly writhing on the grass.

Exactly ten minutes had elapsed from the first light caress, his hands abruptly stopped their assault on his body. Duo shuddered one last time, then went totally limp.

The machine was finally off.

Glazed indigo eyes stared blindly at the starry darkness above as he lay sprawled out on the crushed grass. At that moment, Duo didn't exist. He was simply a mass of naked, pleasure-soaked flesh quivering in the cool night air.

He had experienced both Hell and Heaven in the space of twenty-five minutes.

If he had been left to his own devices, Duo might have laid there for hours in a blank-eyed daze. Unfortunately, he still had orders to carry out. After several minutes, Duo slowly sat up and wiped the drool from his lips.

(....must obey... must serve....)

As he rose to his feet, a soft mewing sound escaped his throat as the tip of his cock brushed his thigh. He had been close... so very close to release. But that was impossible, of course. His Master had said so.

Even in his exhausted, disoriented state, Duo's movements were still exquisitely graceful as he bent over to pick up his clothes. As the muscles in his back and buttocks shifted, he tried to ignore the maddening tingle in his rear. It wasn't the all-consuming aching need from before, but it was quite sufficient to keep him very much aroused. It was the same with his genitals. Although his erection had subsided almost immediately, his entire groin area was so sensitive that the slightest touch would make his entire body hum and vibrate with unquenched need.

Clothing in hand, his dazed mind struggled to decide what to do next. He stared vaguely at his surroundings until he felt the cool breeze on his sweat-dampened skin.

"....bath...," he mumbled to himself.

He had just taken a shaky step toward the house when the ever-watchful part of his mind registered a disturbance. Someone was getting off a bed.

There was only one person who could be making that noise.

In accordance to his programming, Duo reacted instantly, with the lethal grace of a hunting cat.


Treize propped a hand against the wall for support, then with a grimace of pain, he started to hobble toward the phone lying on the nearby table. Still partially under the influence of Duo's drug-laced saliva, the OZ general could barely keep his mind focused on his goal. The slightest lapse of attention would send his mind skittering down along obscure trains of thought. And as soon as a thought emerged, he blurted it out....

" a total idiot. Damn! There I go again," he mumbled aloud. "Concentrate... concentrate... got to call Une... got to escape...."

A wobbly step brought him to the table. He was picking up the phone when the door slammed open. In a blur of bare skin and chestnut hair, Duo lunged into the bedroom and snatched the phone out of his shaky grasp.

Treize glared furiously at the Gundam pilot, which turned out to be a serious mistake.

Sleek muscled body... perfectly proportioned genitals that begged to be tasted or stroked... long silky hair that clung to sweat-dampened skin... the heavy-lidded look of those spectacular blue-violet eyes....

Duo was sensuality and desire personified.

Unable to look away from this erotic vision, Treize inhaled sharply, which turned out to be his second major mistake.

Since Duo's pheromones were designed to incite lust and desire in virtually any living human, he usually took care to suppress their production to avoid undesirable attention. However, distracted by the massive dose of pleasure he had just experienced, Duo's control had slipped. As a further side effect of his 'reward', his body was now generating pheromones of particular potency.

A man in Treize's drug-addled state didn't stand a chance against that onslaught.

Suddenly overcome with rampaging lust, Treize grabbed Duo and kissed him, thrusting his tongue deep into the teenager's mouth. He ignored the pain from his burned leg as he roughly ground his erection against Duo's groin.

At first, the pilot did not react, allowing Treize to grope and fondle him in the most intimate places without resistance. Duo finally pulled his mouth free and spoke flatly in a husky, pleasure-roughened voice that only excited Treize even more.

"Hands off Master's property."

The edge of Duo's hand struck Treize's neck with precisely controlled force and dropped the general in mid-grope. The pilot gazed indifferently at his unconscious hostage, his own mind still hazy from the incredible, yet frustratingly incomplete pleasure he had just endured. After a moment, he languidly stepped over Treize's body and headed for the bathroom to clean up.


After a quick shower, Duo was back in the bedroom, dressed in his sleek and sleeveless black outfit. The pilot picked up the still unconscious Treize and carefully placed him back onto the bed. Sitting down beside him, Duo examined the general's burned leg and shook his head ruefully. In his fit of pheromone-induced lust, Treize had made a complete mess of Duo's careful bandaging.

"Ugh. Nasty. Man, that's really going to hurt when you wake up."

Duo paused, then held up his right hand in front of his face. At the tip of his longest finger, something thin and sharp slid into view. Protruding just underneath the nail, it looked very much like a snake's fang and it served essentially the same purpose.

He gave Treize a dispassionate look. All he had to do is pierce the older man's skin near a blood vessel and inject....

The pilot watched as a tiny droplet of glistening black liquid slowly formed at the tip of the 'fang'. He knew he was capable of producing a lot more than just sedatives, truth drugs, and sex pheromones. There were much nastier things in his repertoire -- toxins that could kill fast or slow, with or without pain, or addictive compounds that could cause intense euphoria and/or produce excruciating withdraw symptoms, to name a few. But more importantly, he knew how to modify those compounds to suit his needs. He didn't know where he got the knowledge or all his recent physical changes, but he really didn't care. The important thing was that he knew how to use these tools and use them well.

Duo then shook his head, and retracted the 'fang' back into its hiding place. That sort of threat might keep a normal person in line, but not someone like Treize. The man would probably kill himself before he allowed himself to be used, especially if his honor was at stake. It was that strength and determination that helped make the general so charismatic and dangerous. No wonder that Wufei had become attracted to and emotionally involved with Treize. They made quite a pair.

The pilot bent over the older man and kissed him gently on the mouth, transferring just enough saliva to ensure that Treize would sleep deeply and painlessly for the next twenty four hours.

"Hey, you taste pretty good yourself," Duo said with a wry little smile, patting the general's cheek.

Crossing the bedroom, he threw himself into an armchair and reached for the phone. As he listened to it ring, Duo absently stroked a finger over his crotch. It was a subtle movement, easily missed unless someone was watching specifically for it. The feathery caress sent a sharp quiver of arousal throughout Duo's body and did exactly what Heero intended -- it reminded Duo of his body's unfulfilled needs and the only person capable of fulfilling those needs.

The sound of someone fumbling with the phone brought Duo's attention back to the business at hand.

"Mmmm... hello?" a female voice muttered sleepily.

"What's up, Doc?" Duo drawled to a startled Sally Po.

(end Part 8)
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"Mechanics of Control" is the title for the overall alternative-reality storyline, with sub-stories for each pilot. ^_^
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"Wicked Game" - Heero and Duo
"Brilliant Disguise" - Trowa and Quatre
"Dragon's Fire" - Wufei

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