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A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 6 (rough draft)

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What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak


As the Deathscythe pilot stepped into the corridor, Wufei shook off his paralysis. He lunged and grabbed Duo's shoulder. Spinning the other pilot around, Wufei pinned him against the wall.

"Duo, what HAPPENED to you!?"

Taken aback by the Chinese pilot's vehemence, Duo said, "Happened? What are you talking about....?"

"What am I talking about!?" Wufei retorted incredulously.

Catching up with them, Noin exclaimed, "You try to kill Relena and then you apparently had some sort of agonizing seizure! Don't you remember anything!?"

Wufei felt a distinct twinge of guilt as Duo's blithe, cheerful mood vanished. At first, the Deathscythe pilot only looked confused. That expression quickly changed to disbelief, then horror.

"Oh... shit...." Duo choked out, then suddenly grabbed Wufei's wrist. In a frantic voice, he blurted out, "Is she all right!?"

Sally said hastily, "Relena's fine! She's hurt, but her injuries are just painful, not life-threatening."

Running a hand distractedly through his bangs, Duo heaved a deep sigh of relief.

"What happened? Why did you try to murder Relena!?" Wufei demanded.

Still looking stunned, Duo said slowly, "I think.... It was the call from Heero...."

"Yes? What did he say!?" the Chinese teenager demanded.

"Just that he wanted me get Relena out of the way."

"You mean that Heero WANTED you to kill...!" a shocked Noin blurted out.

Duo hastily shook his head. "No no no! It's not Heero's fault! He just wanted me to make her disappear for a while. Just until the fake negotiations collapsed. I KNEW that's what he meant. Except...."

"Except what?" Sally quickly asked.

Duo blushed furiously. "Aw man, this sounds so damn crazy now...."

"Please, Duo! We're not trying to judge or blame you. We simply need to know as much as possible about what happened," the doctor said in an earnest voice.

"I...." The Deathscythe pilot heaved a sigh, "Heero and I.... I mean, after Heero went off on his own, I was feeling sort of... pissed off and lonely. So when I heard that he ran straight to Relena.... I don't know. Something just snapped, I guess. I got this crazy idea that she had to go and that was that."

Dorothy said quietly, "Were you and Heero lovers? Is that why you were so jealous about Heero leaving you for Relena?"

Leaning up against the wall, Duo muttered, "Oh hell. I guess that's one cat out of the bag," he muttered, eyeing Wufei anxiously. However, instead of pitching a fit like the Deathscythe pilot expected, the Shenlong pilot focused in on the main issue at hand.

"So you tried to kill Relena Peacecraft because you thought she was stealing Heero or something like that?"

Duo banged the back of his head against the wall a few times. "God, it sounds so bloody stupid now! But when it actually happened... I was SO miserable and angry... I just wasn't thinking straight!"


Heero stirred drowsily as the sound of voices filtered into his consciousness. Without opening his eyes, he reached out, expecting a warm body, but his fingers encountered only empty sheets. His mood of sleepy contentment abruptly evaporated as the agitated conversation became even louder.


"All right. Jealousy might explain what happened to Relena. But that does nothing to explain what happened afterward." the Chinese pilot said sharply. "What did Heero DO to you?"

Feeling a sharp twinge of anger, Duo might have shrugged off Wufei's demands for answers, but the genuine concern and worry in those dark eyes made the Deathscythe pilot hold onto his temper.

"He didn't do anything to me," Duo said with only slightly strained patience.

"Didn't do ANYTHING!?" was Wufei's outraged retort.

Noin hastily interrupted. "Duo, what happened after Heero and I pulled Relena to safety?"

The braided teenager bit his lower lip and frowned. "I... I'm not sure. I... I couldn't believe I had done something so... so absolutely insanely stupid! And Heero was so mad... I just panicked and ran. Heero caught up with me and started yelling... and that's the last thing I remember!"

"That's it?" Wufei said in highly skeptical tones.

"Basically. Everything after the argument is... pretty hazy. All I can recall is being trapped in some god-awful nightmare, then hearing Heero yelling that he forgave me for fucking up so badly. After that, things are pretty much blank until I woke up about ten minutes ago. Heero was still snoozing, so I got dressed and tracked down the coffee."

"When you walked into the lounge, you acted like you didn't remember anything of what happened today," Sally said with visible concern.

Duo rubbed his forehead. "I... I didn't. I really didn't! Not until you guys brought it up and made me think about it...." Yanking on his hair with both hands, he yelled furiously, "How could something like THIS totally slip my mind like that? God, what the fuck's wrong with me!?"

The Chinese pilot tightened his grip on Duo's shoulders and said very evenly, "Duo, are you SURE you don't remember anything more? Don't try to protect Heero if he...."

The braided teenager flung up a hand and said, "Whoa whoa whoa! Why the hell do you think I'm protecting Heero? He hasn't DONE anything. I'M the one who screwed up big time!"

Before they could continue their interrogation, a nearby door suddenly flew open. Turning with a start, they saw the Wing pilot standing in the doorway, only partially dressed in his usual spandex shorts. He completely ignored the others and focused his entire attention to Duo.


At first, Sally couldn't quite figure out the odd expression on Heero's face, then suddenly realized what it was.

Fear. And just beneath that fear was a definite sense of guilt and shame.

In the space of less than two hours, she had seen more emotions on the usually stoic Wing pilot's face than she recalled ever seeing. Worry, concern, guilt, and now fear... quite a change for a young man who had previously shown only intense concentration, somewhat sullen annoyance, or basically no emotions at all.

Sally gave Wufei a frustrated glance. Although the Chinese pilot had refused to tell her exactly what Duo had said while trapped in that agonized trance, she could make some educated guesses. Both Wufei and Heero were convinced that Heero had somehow triggered Duo's painwracked seizure simply by expressing his displeasure and for whatever perverse reason, Duo truly believed that he *deserved* to be punished for angering Heero. She could only presume that Heero had also managed to trigger the uncontrollable lust that had gripped the Deathscythe pilot so unexpectedly.

(Although I can't believe that Heero did that deliberately, either! I can see it in his eyes -- he's almost crazed with worry about Duo.)


As Heero continued to stare at him, Duo peered over Wufei's
shoulder and said, "Hey, Heero? What's up?"

The Wing pilot flinched slightly when he heard the obvious concern in the other pilot's voice.

(He... he's acting... normal. Completely... normal. As if the last several hours were just a bad dream...,) Heero thought in a daze, unable to look away from Duo's clear, unshadowed indigo eyes.

He desperately wished that the events of the last day were nothing more than just a horrible nightmare. But he knew better than to delude himself that way. Even if Duo didn't remember, HE certainly knew that something incredibly sinister had occurred. And judging from the wary, suspicious looks he was receiving from Wufei, Sally, Noin, and Dorothy, they knew that as well as he did.

Duo somehow managed to slide out of Wufei's grip and took a few quick steps toward him. When the braided teenager stopped and lifted his hand, Heero braced himself for anything... a slap, a punch, a crushing blow to the throat... anything.

But he certainly wasn't prepared for fingers gently brushing his cheek and Duo's low, worried voice saying, "What's wrong, Heero? Are you all right?"

"Duo... you're....," he managed in a hoarse croak.

At a total loss for words, Heero did the only thing he could think of. He grabbed Duo and yanked him into an embrace, hugging him as tightly as he could.

The Deathscythe pilot uttered a soft grunt of surprise, then settled for patting Heero on the back and uttering soothing noises.

"Hey, man. Calm down. Take it easy on the ribs, huh? Heero? What's wrong? C'mon, tell me...."

Heero lifted his head and peering over Duo's shoulder, gave Wufei and the others an unmistakably terrified look.


Wufei finally saw for himself what Sally had seen earlier. More than mere worry for a good friend, he could clearly the profound love in Heero and the fear that comes from being in so deeply love with someone. He knew the feeling all too well.

The knowledge that Heero cared so much for Duo was somewhat reassuring -- he no longer suspected Heero of deliberately manipulating or hurting Duo. However, the basic problem still remained. Although Duo was acting very much like his normal self, Wufei knew that Duo was by no means cured or free of whatever hold Heero had over the braided pilot. He couldn't help but notice how quickly Duo had forgotten his own problems and had become solely concerned with Heero's emotional state. It was clear the Wing pilot's mere presence was exerting a profound influence on the Deathscythe pilot's behavior, intentional or not.

(Heero knows it, too. That's why he's so scared. He KNOWS Duo's not cured at all!)


Dorothy said coolly, "This is all very touching, but we still have an unresolved problem."

Duo gave her an annoyed look as Heero's embrace gradually loosened.

"And what's that?" the braided pilot snapped.


"I know that!"

"Then stop snuggling in the hallway and DO something about it," the blond retorted in acid tones. "Aside from shooting Relena, you cracked my ribs and tried to bash my head in with a rock. I bloody well want to know why."

"That's easy," Duo muttered sourly under his breath. "It's because you're such a tight-assed bit...."

Sally coughed loudly and said, "Duo, I'd like to give you a quick physical exam." Before the braided pilot could protest, she quickly said, "And don't say you're fine, because you're obviously not and we both know it."

The Wing pilot took a deep breath, then shoved Duo gently, but firmly in Sally's direction.

"Heero?" the Deathscythe pilot said, glancing back at him uncertainly.

"Idiot. Let the doctor take a look at you."

Duo threw his hands into the air and muttered, "Fine. I'm outvoted. Drag me away. Poke and prod me to your heart's content, Doc."

Sally rolled her eyes and said, "Duo?"


"Please be quiet."

He snorted and stomped off down the hallway. But halfway down the hall, Duo abruptly stopped, turned, and said hesitantly, "Um... could I see... how Relena's doing?"

The doctor exchanged quick glances with Wufei and Noin, then said, "I don't see why not. I think she's still sleeping, so a quick peek won't hurt."

Duo nodded and said quietly, "Thanks. I appreciate it."

As Sally, Noin, and Dorothy escorted Duo to Relena's room, Wufei remained behind to talk to Heero. The Chinese pilot waited until they were out of sight before speaking.

"Heero, did you have sex with Duo in there?" Wufei quietly asked as he gestured to the room behind them.

The Wing pilot gave a sharp, single nod.

"And that managed to...," the Shenlong pilot groped for a suitable phrase. "That having sex with you satisfied Duo's... um, needs? And it brought him back to normal... or superficially normal, I should say. Because I think we both know that he's definitely NOT acting normal."


Heero stared silently at Wufei. He desperately wanted to confess what he had done to someone, but at the same time, he felt too ashamed to admit to anyone how he had so ruthlessly and mercilessly exploited Duo's vulnerability.

(I didn't cure him. I only made things worse. I managed to shield him from that terrible hunger, but I did it by deliberately REINFORCING his fixation on me! The only reason he's behaving 'normally' is because he's desperately trying to please me, even if he's not consciously aware of it!)

Aware that Wufei was waiting impatiently for an answer, Heero opened his mouth, closed it, then settled for a sullen, noncommittal shrug.

"Is that ALL you have to say?" Wufei demanded.

His voice taut with frustration and barely concealed guilt, Heero snarled back, "Yes, I fucked him and now he's acting semi-normal! What ELSE do you want me to say!?"

Before the Chinese pilot could unleash a scathing retort, Heero raked his hand through his unruly dark hair and muttered, "Is there a communications link I can use?"

Taken aback by the sudden change in topic, Wufei said warily, "Yes, in the lab next door. Why?"

Heero said tensely, "I need to notify Dr. J and Professor G about what's happened. Maybe they will have some ideas what to do... people we could talk to...."

"Hm... hopefully." The Chinese pilot followed Heero as the Wing pilot retrieved his laptop and tanktop, then led Heero to the lab.

"Over at that desk." Wufei turned to leave as Heero finished getting dressed. "Just so you know, I observed some OZ troop movement headed in this direction, so we may not be able to stay here for much longer. I need to move the vehicles into the garage and check the grounds again."

Heero nodded shortly as the other pilot departed, fully occupied with setting up his link to the doctors. To his surprise, a message was waiting for him. It looked like a typical piece of junk email and even came with a small videoclip attachment which burbled about scenic beachfront property in the South Pacific. With the ease of long practice, Heero instructed his laptop to strip away the first layers of video to access the true message.

In the grainy videoclip, Dr. J leaned forward and said with careful precision, "Heero, this mission is urgent. We have known for several months that OZ is about to bring a new computer system online. We've already made plans to deal with this. However, we've recently discovered that they have unexpected added a new security module that was not in the original plans. We need to gain access to the new encryption and security files before the system is fully operational. This mission is maximum priority. Do you understand? MAXIMUM PRIORITY."

The Wing pilot stared blankly at the monitor, then slowly reached up and typed his reply.


The reply came back almost instantaneously.


It took Heero a few seconds to process the code phrase, then he typed a response.


A second code phrase appeared in response.


The Wing pilot's ordinarily impassive gaze became even colder as every last trace of emotion seemed to drain away, leaving behind orbs of hard, dark blue crystal. Finally, Heero typed in a few last words.


A small packet of information arrived at his laptop before his connection shut down. Decoding the files, Heero quickly scanned the mission briefing and made a preliminary assessment of the equipment he would need to successfully carry out his assignment. The most immediately obvious requirement was the aid of a second operative.

Heero shut down his laptop, slipped into its carrying case, then headed down the hallway to retrieve Duo.


The Wing pilot located Duo and Sally in a neighboring examination room. The braided teenager was obviously humoring the doctor by reluctantly allowing her to examine him.

"I told you. I've feeling fine, physically, at least!"

"Shut up, Duo, and take a few deep breaths."

"All right, all right...."

"Don't talk. Just breathe."

Heero frowned briefly, then came to a quick decision. He peeked through the barely open door until both Duo's and Sally's backs were turned, then he silently entered the examination room. Apparently sensing Heero's presence, Duo had already started to turn as Heero stepped up behind Sally and in one smooth motion knocked the doctor unconscious with a quick blow to the back of the neck.

By the time Duo completed his turn, Heero was lowering Sally silently to the floor. Before the startled Deathscythe pilot could get out a word, Heero clamped a firm hand across his mouth and said in a low, firm voice, "Duo, we have to go."

Automatically lowering his own voice to match Heero's, Duo whispered frantically, "Why the hell did you do that!?"

"Because we have a mission and she would have tried to stop us from leaving."

"Mission? What mission?"

"I'll tell you more on the way. But we need to leave immediately."


"Right NOW, Duo," Heero said in adamant tones as he pinned Duo with an intense, commanding stare.

Duo blinked a bit dazedly, then mumbled weakly, "Do we really... have to...?"

"Yes, we must leave NOW."

The Deathscythe pilot hesitated a bit longer, then shrugged in resignation. "What the hell. If it's really that important, I guess she'll forgive us. But at least let me leave the guys a note, so they know we weren't abducted by aliens or something."

"Fine. Do that."


Less than a half hour later, Sally slowly awoke with a pounding headache and an incredibly sore neck. As she sat up on the exam table, she noticed a small piece of paper tucked in her watchband. Pulling it out, she read it once, read it again, then started to swear sulfurously.

She staggered to her feet. Following the sound of loud male and female voices, barged into one of the office to confront Wufei and Noin, who were in the midst of a heated argument.

"Where's Heero and Duo!?"

"What do you mean, woman?" Wufei snapped angrily.

The startled Noin took one look at the infuriated doctor and exclaimed, "What's wrong!?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong!? Take a look at this and tell me what's wrong!"

The Chinese pilot snatched the note from Sally's hand and read, "Heero and I are off on a mission. Talk to you later!" Although unsigned, Wufei immediately recognized Duo's oddly elegant scrawl.

Glaring at Sally, he yelled, "How could you let them go!?"

"I didn't LET them do anything! One moment I'm listening to Duo's heartbeat, and the next moment, I'm waking up on the exam table with a sore neck!" the doctor shouted back in annoyance.

Wufei took one look at the precisely placed bruise on the doctor's throat and growled in frustration, "Heero.... Kisama! I never should have taken my eyes off him!"

Noin said, "You mean that Heero knocked you out, Sally?"

"I think so, although I suppose it could have been Duo."

Wufei's dark eyes glittered dangerously. "Oh, I bet it was Heero who's responsible for all this!" Without another word, he headed for the garage, only to find one of the clinic's cars missing. When he returned, Noin was just informing Dorothy of the new developments.

Sally, now clutching an ice pack to her neck, said, "Any luck?"

"They're long gone," Wufei snarled, fuming angrily.

"Shit!" Noin muttered. "Now what?"

Almost in reply, they all heard the roar of Mobile Suits passing overhead.

Dorothy said, "Now we get the hell out of here, I think."


Heero ditched the clinic's car after a few miles, then stole another vehicle. As they headed toward the local train station, the Wing pilot kept a wary eye on Duo. Every so often, the Deathscythe pilot displayed some hint of reluctance, but Heero readily overcame Duo's hesitation by firmly and constantly repeating his demand that they proceed to their next mission.

They reached the station and boarded a high-speed train to Dumont without incident. As they settled into their seats for the two hour trip, Duo mumbled, "I still feel sort of bad about Sally and leaving the other guys like that."

"The mission is more important, Duo."

"I... suppose. But Wufei's going to be mega-pissed off with us."

"That's his problem."

Heero's cold blue eyes narrowed as Duo continued to fidget restlessly. Finally, in the same firm emphatic voice he had been using ever since they left the clinic, Heero said, "You're feeling tired, aren't you?"

Duo yawned involuntarily as he felt exhaustion roll over him. As he struggled to keep his eyelids open, he muttered, "Yeah... tired...."

"Then go to sleep."

"Sleep... sounds nice...."

"I'll wake up you when we arrive at our destination."

"Yeah... wake me...." Duo's voice trailed off into a barely audible snore, leaving Heero free to concentrate on his plans, both for the mission and for Duo.


[ three hours later, at a safehouse in Dumont ]

Heero glanced up from his laptop as Duo walked into the kitchen of their new safehouse. Judging from the uncomfortable, but determined look on the braided pilot's face, he was definitely having second thoughts about accompanying Heero without so much as a word with Sally, Wufei or the others. If Heero didn't do something quickly, Duo was going to contact them, probably out of some sense of guilt, to reassure them that he was okay. But that was the last thing he wanted. The current mission was strictly on a need-to-know basis. The others did not need to know.

Shutting down his laptop, Heero decided that it was about time to deal with Duo. While in most cases, Duo's independent attitude was a vital asset, it also posed a significant problem for the Wing pilot. At the moment, Duo was certainly receptive to his suggestions, but the Deathscythe pilot's continued reluctance and hesitation was troublesome. He didn't want to spend valuable time or effort constantly coaxing Duo into compliance. On the other hand, he didn't want the other pilot to be incapable of independent decision-making, either. Micromanaging Duo's every thought and activity simply wasn't a feasible option.

But during the train trip, the Wing pilot had developed a plan that should give him the best of both worlds. Those hours on the train had been spent carefully reviewing and analyzing every nuance of Duo's recent behavior. It was obvious that the key to controlling the Deathscythe pilot involved controlling his emotions and sensory perceptions. Since Duo was still subconsciously fixated on him, he already had considerable influence over Duo's actions, but he needed much more control to operate at maximum efficiency. Therefore, the critical objectives would be: (1) to consolidate and maximize HIS control over Duo; (2) while retaining most of Duo's ability to operate independently; and (3) preventing anyone else from interfering with his control.

As Duo sat down and opened his mouth to speak, Heero seized the initiative and launched his carefully calculated plan of attack.


With a deep sigh, Duo said, "Heero, I really think that I should...."

"You feel good when you hear my voice," Heero stated in a cold monotone.

Duo squirmed in his chair as he felt a slight flush of heat in his groin. "Um... yeah. But not as if that's anything really new. I've always liked the sound of your voice, Heero."

(Hell, did I just say that?) the Deathscythe pilot wondered in acute embarrassment.

"I want you to remember."

Duo blinked in surprise at the tone of icy command in Heero's voice.

"Remember what?"

"Remember that you can feel me inside you at this very moment. Remember that you can feel my cock filling your ass."

The contrast between the cold, flat voice and the crude, explicit language left the other pilot momentarily shocked.

"What the...!?" Duo's eyes suddenly went wide and he stiffened in his chair as Heero's words seemed to rip aside a curtain in his mind. An unexpected jolt of sensation left him momentarily breathless.

(Oh god, it's true! I can feel him IN me!)

"You feel like I'm fucking you at this very moment. Hard. Over and over again."

"Shit, this is craz... ooh...!" Duo leapt up from his chair and tried to stand, but failed as the pleasure intensified sharply. His knees buckling, he sagged to the floor and clawed futilely at his buttocks.

"What... what are you DOING to me!?" Duo yelled in terror, his whole body involuntarily twitching and arching in perfect synchronization with the thrusts he felt inside him.

Heero leaned across the table and said coldly, "You can feel me touching you all over... on your nipples, in your mouth, along your cock and balls...."

"Please.... stop... Heero... don't... do this... to me...!" the braided pilot babbled as he started to writhe uncontrollably on the floor.

"Feel my cock inside you? It's rubbing all those special places inside you. I'm touching those spots, Duo. I'm stroking and pressing those spots. My touch makes you feel so good."

"Oh god... yes!" Duo groaned, amethyst eyes glazing over as his body spasmed.

(Feels... feels so good... it feels so fuckin' good! More... I need more... no... this is crazy! Stop it, Heero! Stop... stop... don't... don't... don't... stop... so... so GOOD!!!)

"I control the pleasure. The pleasure controls you. If I control the pleasure, then I control you. Say it."

"Uuunnnn... uuunnnn... No!... no...," the braided pilot grunted, unaware of his own hands clutching at and fondling the crotch of his pants.

"The pleasure is growing stronger, Duo. As the pleasure grows stronger, my control over you gets stronger."

Like a beach being pounded by a storm surf, Duo felt his will being inexorably washed away little by little by the relentless waves of pleasure coursing through his body. He made one last frantic attempt to get away, but all he did was thrash helplessly on the hardwood floor, unable to control his body at all.

"You have to give in, Duo. You don't have a choice," Here said flatly.

"This... this is... all... wrong... please... Heero...," the Deathscythe pilot panted in a hopeless voice.

"When you give in, you will receive total pleasure."

Duo abruptly convulsed as exquisite sensation erupted inside him.

"....H-Heerrroooo... ahhhhhh!"

Heero watch the other pilot's frenzied movements with dispassionate eyes.

"And with total pleasure comes total control. My control."

"....yesssss...," Duo could only moan mindlessly as his body continued to tremble as sharp bursts of pleasure exploded throughout his body.

"You feel safe and secure because I'm in control."

"....yesss.... in control...." Duo felt another jolt of pleasure, his reward for the correct answer.

"You feel good when I am in control. Say it."

".... feel good... when you... control...." The braided teenager's body shook and trembled as pleasure ripped through his mind again.

"You like me being in control," Heero intoned as he circled the table, knelt down, and calmly pulled off the other pilot's slacks and underwear.

"....oh, yessss...." A terrible, inexorable joy swamped Duo's mind as he sensed the approach of his utter submission and his desperately craved release.

"I am in complete control. Say it."

"You are in... complete... control." Duo experienced a much longer, sustained wave of sensations that washed back and forth through his body, growing in strength with every ripple. Every time he submitted to or complied with Heero's demands, Duo experienced overpowering jolts of sexual and emotional joy, just as if the Wing pilot held a switch directly wired into the pleasure centers of his brain. Already deeply drawn to the sound of Heero's normal voice, the constant, repetitive pulses of sensations irresistably reinforced that addiction, especially to the cold, domineering variant of that voice.

"I am in complete control of you. Say it," Heero demanded ruthlessly, his soulless blue eyes glittering as he reached out and placed a firm hand on Duo's genitals.

"You are in... complete... control... of me...," Duo choked out, his head thrashing wildly from side to side, his body taut with need.

"Say it again. You cannot come unless you truly believe it."

" are... in... COMPLETE... CONTROL... OF... ME!!!"

The braided pilot screamed out the words as he orgasmed helplessly, his semen spurting over Heero's fingers. But instead of fading away, the overwhelming ecstasy simply continued to mount as Duo came again and again and again.

"You'll do anything I tell you to do."

" anything...." Duo came again, his violet eyes glassy and blank, as his lips curled into a rapturous smile.

"Think anything I tell you think."

"....think anything...." Another orgasm, even more powerful than before racked the Deathscythe pilot's slender frame.

"Feel anything I tell you to feel."

"....feel anything...." Ecstasy tore through Duo again as Heero's fingers shifted minutely on his testicles and penis.

"You belong only to me."

"....yours.... only yours... all yours..., " came the soft, breathless chant as Duo's body quivered like a plucked violin string, vibrating continuously on a single perfect sustained note of joy.

"I am your master."

" Master...." Each agreement, each concession, was instantly rewarded and reinforced with another mindblowing orgasm.

"You are my slave."

"....yessss... I am... your slave...." Duo basked in the pure happiness and pleasure as he acknowledged his true state of being.

"You exist to serve and obey me."

"I exist... to serve... and obey... you...." The braided pilot smiled at the utter rightness of his Master's words.

"A slave must utterly submit to his Master's will at all times, without hesitation or reservation."

"....submit...." The braided pilot shuddered all over as his Master's fingers encircled and held his cock prisoner, just as his Master held his mind and soul captive.

"When I address you in this tone and manner, I am addressing you in command mode. Understand?" Heero stated, lightly brushing his calloused fingertips over the excruciatingly sensitive tip of Duo's penis.

"....I... understand...," Duo panted, writhing as pure joy strobed and pulsated in his brain.

"You will recognize instantly and without error when I address you in command mode and when I do not."

"....yes...." His Master's voice, his smell, his touch.... Duo eagerly etched every subtle nuance of his Master's identity and behavior into his memory.

"When I address you in command mode, I am your Master and you must obey."

His body a throbbing mass of ecstasy, Duo gasped out, "....must obey... obey... obey...," like a holy mantra.

"Because obedience makes you feel pleasure. Because when you obey, you feel happy and secure. Your orgasms are now ten times as intense. Continue orgasming until I tell you to stop."

Duo convulsed sharply, his violet eyes appearing almost opaque from the thick glaze of ecstasy in them.

"Yes, Master! Oh god, YES!!!" he cried, insane with joy as Heero slipped his fingers deep into Duo's ass and methodically took possession of the moist, hot recesses of the other pilot's body.

"There is no god. There is only ME."

Duo gave Heero a beatific smile of total adoration as he rocked frantically back and forth, expressing his fervent and abject agreement with his entire body, even as he continued to stare fixedly into Heero's dark, empty eyes.

"My will is your will. My desires are your desires. My pleasure is your pleasure." Heero spoke in a voice utterly devoid of emotion or feeling, as if he were merely reciting a multiplication table and not remaking another human's soul.

"....yessss!" Duo moaned, as he came yet again, the pleasure searing each of Heero's statements deep into the very core of his being.

"Initiate programming mode."

"Command me, Master!" Duo felt his very soul unfolding, totally receptive to Heero's every word.

"Slave, this is your default programming. This programming can only be modified by myself and only when I address you in command mode as your Master. Do you understand?"

"....understood...." Duo felt as if his entire being was a formless lump, craving to be molded and shaped by his Master's hand, voice, and will.

"No one else can access or alter your programming under any other conditions, not even myself. Is that clear?"

"I... understand. Only the Master in command mode... may alter or modify... my default programming," the braided teenager gasped, his need to be directed and utterly controlled growing ever stronger.

"You will have no conscious awareness of being my slave, of being programmed, of having any abnormal emotional or sexual needs or cravings. You will behave like your previous self. You will act, think, and feel like the old Duo Maxwell, unless I, as your Master, explicitly and specifically order you to do otherwise."

"Yes, Master!"

"When I, as your Master, give you an order in command mode, you will experience no conflict between my orders and yourself."

"Because your will... is my will...."

"Any command that I give you will feel perfectly acceptable, even if that command completely contradicts what Duo Maxwell normally thinks or believes. You will experience no guilt, shame, or any other negative emotion as you carry out any of my orders. And you will obey me."

"Yes, Master! I obey! I exist to serve and obey you!" the braided pilot responded, a fanatical fire glowing in his amethyst eyes.

"Aside from any direct orders to the contrary, you will fully retain your original personality and intelligence at all times. You will continue to behave normally and perform to the best of your ability with maximum competence and efficiency."

"Yes, Master!"

"Aside from any direct orders to the contrary, you will evaluate and assess all information with your usual critical judgement, and treat that information accordingly, even if that information relates to your true condition or state of mind. If anyone confronts you with convincing evidence of your true condition, you will treat that information as you will treat any other fact. However, that knowledge will have no personal significance for you and you will feel no emotional conflict or turmoil."

"....yes... yes, Master!"

"Orders issued by your Master in command mode must be interpreted and carried out in a manner consistent with your best understanding of the Master's true intentions, desires, and interests. All other orders or requests, by myself or others, are to be followed in accordance to Duo Maxwell's normal personality. However, at all times, you will experience an extremely strong subconscious desire to please me. The closer my voice approaches to the Master's command mode, the stronger your craving to please and serve me grows. Do you understand?"

His eyes gleaming with ecstatic bliss and overwhelming love, Duo pleaded, "I want to please you. I BEG to please you! I NEED to please you. I MUST please you! PLEASE ALLOW ME TO PLEASE AND SERVE YOU, MASTER!"

"Lock down default programming. Exit programming mode," Heero commanded in chilling tones.

"Yes, Master!"

"You will stop orgasming now," the Wing pilot ordered.

Duo froze in mid-motion, then fell slackly back onto the floor, panting hoarsely, his pants and lower body covered with ejaculate, and sweat dripping off his trembling body as he awaited Heero's next orders in a vacant-eyed daze. His head lolled from side to side, occasionally twitching as the residual aftershocks of his orgasms continued to dance along his overloaded nerves. A thin trickle of saliva seeped from the corner of his mouth as he gasped soundlessly for air. But despite his exhaustion and the massive sensory overload, Duo never took his wide, glassy stare away from Heero.

"You will clean up this room and your body. Leave no traces. You will then take a long hot bath. By the time you're finished with your bath, your default programming will be fully operative. Do you understand?"

The Deathscythe pilot choked back an anguished sob as his Master removed his fingers from Duo's body. He gulped for air, fought for control, and whispered, "Yes... Master...."

Heero held out his semen- and fluid-covered hand and allowed Duo to reverently lick it clean. Finally, he pulled his fingers away and said, "Now go and clean yourself up."

"Yes, Master," the slave whispered, utterly compliant.

As the Wing pilot turned and started to walk out of the kitchen, he rubbed his still damp fingers and said distantly, "When you're done, I have some questions to ask you, Duo, especially about your physical modifications and other abilities."

"Yes, Heero," came the obedient response.

Left to his own devices, a glassy-eyed Duo slowly dragged himself to his feet. He stumbled over toward the counters on legs that wobbled like a newborn colt's and reached for a roll of paper towels.


An hour later, Duo strolled back into the pristine kitchen, dressed in a bathrobe, to find Heero again working on his laptop. Towelling his long, damp hair, he peered curiously over the Wing pilot's shoulder and said brightly, "What's up?"

Heero said in his cold monotone, "Sit down, Duo."

Duo pulled out a chair and dropped into it. Pulling a brush from a pocket of his robe, he began to work the knots out his hair.

"Who programmed you? And why are you fixated on me?"

Without missing a brushstroke, Duo said pensively, "I don't know."

Heero gave the Deathscythe pilot a hard stare. "Explain."

Sensing the obvious skepticism, Duo gave the Wing pilot an earnest look and said, "I'm sorry, Heero, but it's true. I can't remember anything that might explain why I feel so strongly about you." As he slowly resumed untangling his hair, Duo murmured, "Except...."


In a bare whisper, Duo murmured, "A... a terrible whiteness... nothing to see... nothing to feel... nothing to hear... just a horrible, horrible emptiness... not just around me, but inside me, too... a hollowness that ate away at me until there was nothing left except more emptiness...."

He put his brush down and reached for Heero's hand. The Wing
pilot did not pull away from the contact, but merely continued to

"And then... out of that void, YOU came. I was nothing... less than nothing... but with your touch, your words... your mere presence... you filled all that emptiness inside me in an instant. You MADE me real again, Heero. How could I not adore and love you for that?" Duo said, his violet eyes bright with emotion. "For rescuing me from hell?"

Normally, Heero would have been far from satisfied with Duo's story, but his own vague memories of a smothering whiteness, long brown hair, and violet eyes made the tale more than plausible. He shoved the uneasiness triggered by those memories into the back of his mind and concentrated on more important matters.

"Do you harbor similar feelings to anyone else?" the Wing pilot demanded sharply.

Duo grinned and chuckled softly. "Oh no, Heero. I swear that you are my one and only."

"What about your physical modifications and those sexual skills you displayed earlier?"

Occupied with separating his hair into plaits, Duo said absently, "What physical modifications?"

Heero commanded, "Stand up and bend over the table."

Hanging to his partially separated hair with both hands and apparently unfazed by Heero's orders, Duo immediately compiled. Pulling the bathrobe out of the way, the Wing pilot brusquely stuck two fingers into Duo's anus.

For an instant, the passage was painfully tight and dry, but then Heero felt a familiar slickness coating his fingers as Duo moaned and squirmed, instantly and overwhelmingly aroused by the intrusion.

Pulling his fingers from the other pilot's body, Heero held his moistened fingers in front of Duo's face and said flatly, "THIS physical modification," before wiping his fingers clean on the hem of the braided pilot's bathrobe.

Duo blinked dazedly. It took a moment or two to pull himself out of the haze of pleasure before he could think of a coherent answer.

"Sorry, Heero, but I haven't got a damn clue." He gave the Wing pilot a wicked little smile. "But it certainly makes it damn convenient when you want to fuck me, hm?"

Heero didn't bother to reply. Instead, he shoved Duo back down into his chair and demanded, "The sexual skills?"

"Oh that." Duo shrugged, looking a bit disappointed as he resumed his efforts to braid his hair. "All I know that I wanted to give you pleasure and BAM! I suddenly realized that I knew exactly how best to do it." Peering up through his bangs, Duo said wistfully, "Was it good for you?"

Heero ignored that question, also. Duo was incapable of lying to him, but the unexplained physical modifications and sexual skills clearly indicated that there was a great deal that he didn't know about Duo's conditioning and programming. His modifications certainly weren't random, but were obviously part of some greater overall purpose or function.

The lack of knowledge disturbed him. He didn't like going into combat relying on an unfamiliar weapon, especially one that might have unexpected booby traps, but he didn't have a choice. He needed the other pilot's assistance for the mission to succeed.

He didn't have the time to investigate matters now, but when their current mission was completed, he would devote his energy to exploring all the advantages and disadvantages to using Duo Maxwell.

Finishing up his braid, the Deathscythe pilot casually flicked it over his shoulder and said with a cheerful grin, "So, what's the mission?"

In a flat voice, Heero said, "I'm going to infiltrate the new OZ computer complex."

"And what about me?" Duo said, nearly bouncing in his chair with excitement.

"Your job is to extract the necessary passwords from Treize Khushrenada and transmit them to me so I can access the newly augmented network security routines."

"Cool!" Duo bounced to his feet and struck a triumphant pose. "Treize, that pretty ass of yours is MINE!"


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"Mechanics of Control" is the title for the overall alternative-reality storyline, with sub-stories for each pilot. ^_^
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"Brilliant Disguise" - Trowa and Quatre
"Dragon's Fire" - Wufei

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