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Okay, I cheated. If you're expecting any great and wonderful lemon scenes, forget it. The same for WAFF (warm-and-fuzzy-feeling). You won't find much (if any) of it in this part. I just couldn't manage it. <sigh> This part is rather skimpy on details, but I had to get it off my brain before I can concentrate on my Real Life(tm) work. I'll probably go back and do a major rewrite in a few weeks.

I hope you're not TOO disappointed with the shoddy workmanship. ^_^;

Okay, here's yet another extremely rough draft. Standard warnings -- subject to change and endless revisions, try to ignore the typos and grammar mistakes, etc., etc. <nervous chuckle> Comments/corrections welcomed.

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A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 5 (rough draft)

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/.../ represents mental and/or subconscious dialogue


What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak



Now that he was alone with Duo, Heero swiftly pulled the other pilot's clothes off and laid him down onto the narrow bed. After roughly yanking off his own clothing, the Wing pilot stared at the panting and shaking Duo, highly disturbed and more than a little nauseated by what he saw. Instead of the frustration, anger, defiance, or even hatred that should have been burning in those hazy amethyst eyes, all he could see was desire, passion, adoration... and a terrifyingly intense love.

Heero closed his eyes as he fought down the urge to vomit.

(How did this happen, Duo? What the hell happened to make you this way? Why did you pick me, of all people? I never asked to be someone's lord and master! Especially not yours! Not... yours....)

A part of him wanted to shove Duo away, to distance himself from this source of emotional turmoil, such as he had been trained to do. The only thing that stopped him from grabbing his clothes and bolting out of the room was the pain and misery seeping into Duo's eyes as he sensed Heero's imminent rejection.


As Heero looked away, Duo felt the familiar punishing storm of shame, guilt, and misery erupt in his head. But he deserved it. He knew he had upset Heero again, so it was only fair that he should suffer, too. How could he think of feeling good if Heero felt unhappy? Besides, it was just another sign of his unworthiness, an inescapable reminder that he had to constantly try to be better for Heero's sake.

Even as his body ached and throbbed for the Wing pilot's touch, Duo whispered huskily, "I... I understand. I won't... embarrass you in... front of the others again. I can control... myself. I... WILL control myself...!"

Heero gave him a stunned look of dismay. Grabbing hold of Duo's face, the dark-haired pilot said tightly, "The LAST thing I'm thinking about is embarrassment! I'm worried about what's happening to YOU!"

The Wing pilot gave Duo a hard look, then said roughly, "You're hurting, aren't you?"

Duo managed a weak shrug. "You don't... owe me... anything, Heero," he choked out, shuddering as the hunger continued to nibble at his mind.

(I'll accept anything you're willing to give me... anything....)

"Damn it, Duo. I want the truth. The whole truth. Please."

Since Heero asked, Duo could only answer as honestly and as completely as he could. Panting from the need inside him, the braided pilot said hoarsely, "God, I... I feel so EMPTY... so lonely! My body constantly aches... for you. Everything about you... your touch, your voice... even just seeing you... keeps reminding me how... how much I want you!" He bit his lip, hard enough to draw a tiny trace of blood.

"Duo... I'll... try to make you feel better," Heero awkwardly replied. But he caught something in Duo's eyes. "What is it? The sex... it WILL help, won't it?"

"Yes...." came Duo's thin reply.


The Deathscythe pilot shook his head. He didn't want to upset Heero any further.

"Duo, answer me. Don't try to spare me. I have to know."

"It... the need... it goes... but it always comes BACK. Always... no matter what I do... what anybody does...," Duo moaned, sobbing in frustration.

Heero sat down abruptly. Of course the hunger would come back. Who would throw away such a powerful method of control after only one use? He reached out to brush the sweat dampened hair from Duo's taut face.

"How do you know this? Do you remember what happened to you? Can you recall what made you feel... this way?"

(Who did this to you, Duo? I want to know.)

The braided pilot shuddered and made a few choking noises. The conflict was terrible to see. Duo obviously wanted to answer Heero, but couldn't.


He simply couldn't tell Heero about that white, silent hell.... It was beyond words... beyond description. A void that had swallowed him whole once before and could so easily do so again if Heero chose to cast him aside.

Hell wasn't the traditional fire and brimstone. Hell was... nothing... no sight, no sound, no taste, no smell... no feeling... only a terrible awareness of emptiness... loneliness.


Heero watched Duo's futile struggle until he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Don't force it, Duo. That's not important."

"S-S-Sorry... sorry...," the Deathscythe pilot moaned hopelessly.

Heero gently rested his head against his lover's forehead, his
thoughts churning wildly.

(I can't just run away from this. I can't pretend that I'm not involved. And Duo... what will happen to Duo if I push him away?)

He turned and found his answer in the resigned acceptance and barely concealed terror in Duo's eyes.

(He expects me to just walk away and leave him like this. He thinks he deserves to suffer for somehow disappointing me....)

Heero gathered Duo in his arms and answered his unspoken plea.

"No. I won't leave you," the Wing pilot murmured softly as he brushed the sweat-dampened bangs away from his lover's face and tenderly kissed him.

As Heero drew his fingers along the cleft of Duo's ass and wondered how he could enter Duo without hurting him, the Wing pilot was startled to discover a slight moisture.

(What the...!?)

Gingerly exploring, Heero carefully slipped a finger into Duo's rear passage only to find it already slick and wet, as if fully lubricated and just waiting for his member. As he explored a bit deeper, Duo moaned softly and arched his back as he felt Heero's fingers stroking him from within.

He didn't understand where the wetness came from, but at least he didn't have to worry about injuring Duo even more. Heero lifted Duo's hips and pushed himself deep inside, then held him close as Duo's body writhed and trembled uncontrollably from the sheer joy of having Heero's cock inside him.

"H-Heero... oh yes!" the braided pilot groaned, wrapping his legs around Heero's waist.

As he waited for Duo to become used to his presence, Heero
delicately caressed Duo's penis and balls. The Wing pilot gradually
developed a steady rhythm, alternating strokes of his hand with firm,
deep thrusts that wrung soft little cries from Duo's throat.


In the meantime, inside the doctors' lounge of the clinic, Wufei glared at Sally Po.

"Why did you leave Duo alone with Heero?" he demanded furiously.

The older woman calmly replied, "Because Heero is apparently the only person capable of alleviating Duo's obvious suffering. You saw it for yourself."

"But... sex!? With Heero!?" the Shenlong pilot continued to sputter.

"The only other option I can think of is to restrain Duo. However, that still leaves the problem of his uncontrolled sexual craving. This isn't a simple matter of an overactive libido, Wufei. Whatever's affecting Duo was orders of magnitude worse. It could be life-threatening if not relieved."

"There are drugs that reduce sexual desire," Wufei said curtly.

The doctor sighed, "I know there are. However, if the painkillers didn't work on Duo earlier. Whatever's affecting him doesn't seem to be susceptible to treatment with drugs." She raised her hand to stop Wufei from speaking. "And yes, I know there are certain psychoactive drugs that might work. However, they're extremely dangerous and I simply don't have the type of specialized knowledge to administer those types of drugs safely."


"The way I see it, all we can really do is allow Heero to handle Duo's cravings. If it works, we'll go from there. If it doesn't work... well, we'll just have to see."

"And if you're wrong and something serious happens to either Duo or Heero?"

"Then I'll be sick for a very long time."

Wufei sank down into a chair. Staring into his coffee mug, he muttered, "What I want is an explanation for Duo's behavior. Why is he so fixated on Heero?"

Sally tipped her head slightly and said, "I got the impression that Heero and Duo are quite friendly."

"Sometimes I don't know why Heero puts up with Duo's antics, but... yes, I'd say that the two of them are good friends."

"Are they lovers?" Dorothy casually asked as she and Noin walked into the lounge.

"Before this, I don't know. But Heero didn't seem THAT shocked or repulsed by the mere idea of having sex with Duo," Wufei replied absently, lost in his own thoughts.

The blond girl found it particularly interesting that Wufei didn't seem that upset with the idea of homosexual sex. In fact, he appeared to be taking that issue a bit too much in stride. She would have expected a much more obvious and noisy reaction from the rather uptight Shenlong pilot. She filed away this intriguing little tidbit of information for later investigation.

Drumming his fingers on the table, he glared at the clock and growled, "What the hell are they doing?"

Dorothy smiled and said, "What do you expect them to be doing?" She ignored his angry glare, then shrugged. "Well, I'm sure someone as clever as yourself could probably figure out a way of using the clinic's intercom system to eavesdrop on them."

"Have you no scruples, woman!?"

"If you're too 'honorable' to snoop, then don't complain if you don't know what's going on," the Catalonia said with a mocking lift of an eyebrow.


Heero felt a rush of relief as he watched the terrible tension within Duo ease, but now he had new worries.

(It helps, but for how long? When does this vicious cycle start all over again? But what can I do? I can't have sex with him around the clock!)

{Why not?} a cold, inner voice said. {You can make him feel anything you want him to feel.}

In his current condition, Duo was a loose cannon, a danger to himself, everyone around him, and the mission. The emotionless, analytical part of the Wing pilot's mind -- the part of himself that had been ruthlessly trained to exploit every possible weakness and opportunity -- had long since sorted through the limited options.

(1) Terminate Duo. Unacceptable. A waste of an useful resource.
(2) Cure Duo. Also unacceptable. The effort and time required were prohibitive. Furthermore, the chances of success were dubious at best and the attempt could easily worsen the problem instead of fix it.
(3) Control Duo. Optimum solution. All the evidence indicated that he was eager and willing to follow Heero's every order. Secondary evidence further indicated that Duo would be able to function at near normal levels once command and control of the subject was established.

Heero shuddered in revulsion as he realized that the inner voice was right. The solution was quite simple. It was so simple, it was almost obscene. Implementation of that solution merely required a total lack of morals, mercy, and humanity.

All Heero had to do was tell Duo a lie and make him believe it.

No problem at all.

(I can't... I WON'T... do this to Duo! I won't betray his trust like this!)

The cold inner voice returned. {He's suffering and you're the only one who can stop that suffering. All it takes is a few firm words.}

(But those words....)

{Do it.}

(I WON'T!!!)

{Then I will....}


Without any warning, Heero's blue eyes went empty and cold. He grabbed hold of Duo's hair, yanked his head closer, and said in a chillingly flat voice.


"Y-y-yes?" Duo blinked in hazy confusion.

"You said that you would do anything for me, correct?" Heero punctuated the statement with a sharp thrust of his hips.

Duo gasped and choked out, "Y-Yes...."

"If you obey me, you will feel better. Understand me?" Again, Heero plunged himself into Duo's moist heat.

"....obey... want to feel... better...."

The pattern continued. Heero ruthlessly accentuated every statement or demand with a thrust of his cock. Battered by pleasure, driven by love and desire, Duo could only helplessly agree to whatever the Wing pilot said.

"You want me. You need me."


"You want me to fuck you constantly."

"....need to be fucked... always...."

"You love it when I fuck you," Heero said harshly.

"....yes... love it...," Duo moaned.

"When I fuck you, you feel better."

"....better... much better...." A vacant little smile crossed the braided teenager's face.

"When you feel my cock inside you, you feel good."

"....yesss... so good...." Duo rocked his hips, his head lolling

"When you feel me inside you, you don't feel lonely."

"....not... lonely...."

"I want you to remember how I feel inside you. You can't forget it."

"....forget... never...."

"Listen to me carefully. You will feel that way from now on."

Duo twitched spastically, his glazed eyes widening.


"You will feel me inside you all the time, even if I'm not with you."

"....ahhhh!... feel you... always...," Duo gasped as the innermost core of his body pulsed and throbbed in response to Heero's commands.

"As long as you obey me, you will feel this way."

"....obey... yes...."

"As long as you feel this way, you are safe and secure."


"Nothing else and no one else can reach or hurt you. Only me. Do you understand?"

"....yessss...," Duo purred contentedly.

"This way, I'll always be with you, Duo, no matter where I go."

"....always with me...."

"You'll never be lonely again."

"....not lonely...."

"You're MINE."

"....yours... all yours...."

"And that makes you feel good."

"....yessss... so good...." Duo writhed slowly, drowning in pure sensation.

"Stand up, Duo."


As Duo obediently rose from the bed, Heero's cock slipped from his body, but the entranced pilot appeared completely oblivious to its absence. He simply stood in front of the Wing pilot, the vacant little smile on his heart-shaped face never wavering.

"Can you feel me inside you now?" Heero demanded.

Duo's body quivered in pure joy as he moaned, "....oh yes... yes... perfect...."

Following Heero's directions, he slowly walked around the room, his partially unravelled braid sweeping back and forth across his naked body. Even though he was perfectly aware that Heero was sitting at the other end of the room, Duo could FEEL the steady inescapable sensation of Heero's member within him. And with every step, the exquisite fullness inside him shifted and moved, as if Heero was gently, but firmly stroking and probing the most intimate recesses of his body.

The braided teenager couldn't help smiling. With every move he made, it felt as if he was being relentlessly fucked by Heero. Duo found the sensation of being completely mastered by Heero's will to be both intensely arousing and strangely comforting. Just as the Wing pilot had promised, the feel of Heero inside him somehow blunted the savage edge of his cravings. He could still sense the hunger and loneliness hovering on the edges of his mind, but only distantly, kept at bay by the reassuring sensations of contentment and security enveloping him.

To belong to Heero... to be so totally OWNED.... This was better than any slave collar, any outward marking or brand.

Heero was so good to him.


The stony-eyed Wing pilot did not order Duo to walk and prance around the room for his own enjoyment. Instead, he wanted Duo to be fully aware of the new sensations in his body. However, judging by the sheen of sensuous bliss and contentment in Duo's eyes, along with subtle changes of the braided teenager's expression, Heero knew that Duo had accepted his orders completely and fully.

There was just one more thing left to do. He gestured sharply for Duo return to the bed. The braided teenager passively allowed himself to be roughly impaled once again on Heero's member and barely blinked as the virtual sensation of Heero's cock inside him was replaced by the real thing. However, his complacence quickly evaporated as Heero, with an air of almost clinical detachment, set about to deliberately and viciously arouse Duo to the edge of orgasm. By this point, the Wing pilot knew he could probably achieve the same results with verbal commands alone, but he choose to take the physical approach, using calculated twists and thrusts of his hips to tease and tantalize, giving Duo just enough pleasure to leave him desperately hungry for more.

When he finally sensed that the Deathscythe pilot was on the brink, Heero abruptly said in that same cold, flat voice he had used before, "Do you want to come, Duo?"

Duo nodded frantically. He desperately wanted to come. He wanted to feel the perfect mindshattering ecstasy that only Heero could give him... to feel those rapturous sensations rushing through him over and over again.

"Listen to me, Duo. I OWN your orgasm, just like I own every other part of you. Understand?"

"....yes.... yours... all yours...." the Deathscythe pilot moaned, thrashing his head back and forth.

"It's mine. I am the only one who can give you release. Or I can withhold that release. MY decision. MY choice. Understand?"

"....yes...." He understood perfectly. He couldn't come. Not until Heero allowed him to. He gazed adoringly up at Heero with dark, desire-clouded eyes and panted softly, "Only with your... permission... yes.... Please... please can I come... now?"


The Wing pilot thrust hard and deep into Duo, even as he mercilessly stroked and manipulated the braided teenager's genitals. This would be the final test.

Completely helpless to resist Heero's ruthless touch, Duo wailed softly, "Please! Please, Heero. Please let me come. I can't... unless you... want me... to.... Please tell me I can come.... I... I need it so badly!"

"Not yet," said Heero, as he continued to watch Duo with those empty cobalt eyes.

Now incapable of even breathing, Duo's glazed eyes started to roll in their sockets. Without any change of expression, Heero abruptly tightened his grip on the other teenager's testicles, causing Duo to shudder from the vicious jolt of pain.

"I didn't give you permission to pass out."

Duo nodded weakly. He understood what Heero meant. There would be no escape or relief of any kind, unless Heero allowed him to have it.

The Wing pilot waited a moment longer to ensure that Duo fully understood this last lesson... understood who was truly his master. Finally, as Duo threatened to go into actual convulsions, he spoke.

"Yes. Come now."

With those coldly spoken words, Duo abruptly climaxed, arching his back as the waves of overwhelming pleasure completely took over,.


As Duo sank ever deeper into the throes of ecstatic rapture, his orgasm triggered yet another radical shift within his mind and body. DNA strands rewoven themselves. Cells changed configurations. New neural patterns formed, overwriting old ones.

STAGE 1: Imprinting... completed.

STAGE 2: Activation... initiated.


Even as Duo sank deeper into his protective cocoon of pleasure, Heero gradually returned to his own senses.

(Oh god, what have I just DONE!!!)

Speechless, numb, sickened beyond bearing, all he could do is stare blankly at Duo, who now lay on the bed panting softly with his long chestnut hair flowing over the rough white cotton sheets. Even in the midst of his self-loathing and guilt, Heero could not help but notice just how sexually alluring the Deathscythe pilot now appeared, with that seductive little smile curling his lips and the sheen of bliss in his half-opened violet eyes.

Duo looked just like an addict who had received a desperately needed fix.

Heero wanted to take the words back, undo it all. He wanted to tell Duo to just forget everything that he had ordered the Deathscythe pilot to feel or think. But then he hesitated, reluctant to deprive Duo of the few scraps of contentment and security his lover... no, his victim... had. How could he leave Duo once again to the merciless demands of his sexual and emotional cravings?

However, Heero's hesitation proved to be his undoing as Duo languidly rose to his knees, held Heero's face in his hands, and kissed him long and lovingly. Stunned, confused, the Wing pilot froze as Duo's tongue slipped between his lips. The brown-haired teenager's hands wandered downward, caressing the firm muscles along Heero's back and stomach, before sliding even lower. By the time the Wing pilot realized what was happening, it was too late.


Duo's mind and body became wholly focused on his sudden, overpowering need to pleasure Heero. Heero had given him the incredible gift of joy and release. Now it was his turn to return the favor. Duo had no idea where all the sexual skill and knowledge came from, but he didn't care. All that mattered is that they enabled him to satisfy his master's desires, no matter how Heero chose to use him.

If Duo had detected the slightest discomfort or reluctance, he would have instantly desisted in his activities. Deeply attuned to his master's state of mind, Duo knew that Heero was tremendously upset. But he also sensed that the Wing pilot desperately wanted to lose himself in oblivion, if only for a short while -- to avoid having to think about the harsh realities and demands of the world for even a brief period of time. He would give Heero that relief.


Duo's every move was perfect, his timing flawless, and all intended for only one purpose -- to maximize Heero's sexual pleasure. Almost as if he could read Heero's mind, Duo somehow knew exactly what Heero enjoyed, but more importantly, what he didn't. The Deathscythe pilot was an intoxicating blend of aggression and submissiveness. The best trained courtesan or prostitute could not have done any better. Unprepared for such a skilled and responsive lover, Heero soon found himself overwhelmed and lost in a haze of ecstasy.

(How... where did he learn to DO all this?) Heero wondered dazedly, his fingers clenching on long, silken chestnut strands as Duo's mouth closed lovingly on his cock.

Just as Heero felt he was about to explode, Duo wrapped his legs around the dark-haired pilot and sheathed Heero's hard throbbing member within the welcoming slick heat of his own body. All the while, Duo kept his hands and mouth busy, caressing, sucking, or stroking any part of Heero he could reach. Feeling the growing tension in Heero's body, the Deathscythe rocked his hips slowly, sending ever increasing waves of pleasure through Heero's cock, but the braided teenager allowed Heero to set whatever pace pleased him. His own needs and desires were irrelevent. Only Heero's pleasure was important.

As he watched Heero's cobalt eyes started to glaze over and felt the Wing pilot's thrusts became harder and faster, the only thing Duo could only think of was his all-consuming love for his lord and master. He desperately wanted to do something... anything... to show Heero just how much he loved and adored him.

"Tell me. Tell me what you want...," Duo murmured softly into the Wing pilot's ear.

As his own orgasm took hold and blotted out all coherent thought, Heero clung desperately to Duo and mumbled brokenly, "I want... I want you to be normal. I want the old Duo Maxwell back. I want... MY Duo back."

Despite the softness of Heero's voice, Duo's acute hearing picked up every bit of that anguished whisper.

If that's what Heero wanted, that's exactly what Heero would get.


Inside Duo, things shifted once again. Old thought patterns reemerged, providing concealment for the newly formed neural pathways and programming which in turn subsided deep into his subconscious.


[ an hour later ]

As the door to the lounge burst open, an impatient Wufei turned and started to demand, "Heero...," but his voice stopped short as he abruptly realized that the Wing pilot was NOT standing in the doorway.

Duo stared at his stunned audience and gave them his familiar, cheeky grin.

"D... D... Du... Du...!?"

"Duh duh duh?" The Deathscythe pilot cocked his head, propped his fists on his hips, and said in a somewhat worried voice, "Yo, Wufei, did you knock yourself in the head or what?"

The Chinese teenager could only stare in astonishment as Duo sauntered over to the coffee-maker and poured himself a cup. Except for the slightly rumpled appearance of his clothes, he seemed perfectly normal. The Deathscythe pilot took a sip of the coffee and made a face.

"Shit, this tastes terrible! How come the coffee in hospitals and doctors' offices always tastes so damn bad?" Duo complained, his violet eyes gleaming with their usual alertness and good humor.

"Duo!?" exclaimed Sally, after she managed to get her jaw back into place.

"You... you...," Noin sputtered.

Duo froze, looked around at all the stupefied faces, lowered his coffee mug, and said with a slightly sheepish grin, "Um... what's up, guys?"

"Are you... are you... all right?"

The braided teenager glanced around the room uneasily and said, "Yeah. Shouldn't I be?"

Wufei finally found his voice, looked around wildly as if searching for an explanation, then blurted out the first question he could think of."

"Where's Heero!?"

The Deathscythe pilot lifted an eyebrow, thought a moment, then he nonchalantly answered.

"Oh, I killed him and hid his body,"

The room went dead silent. The only sound to be heard was the faint chirp of a songbird outside the window.

Wufei and the women mutely stared at him. Duo stared back, then quickly jumped forward to grab Noin's coffee mug as it slowly slipped out of her numb fingers. Carefully placing it back on the table, Duo looked at everyone's aghast expressions, then slowly started to chuckle.

"Oh, man! The LOOK on your faces!" Duo doubled over with hysterical laughter. Glancing up at them, he choked back another fit of giggles, waved his hand and said, "Good grief! Heero's fine! He's only asleep! He's really stressed out, you know," he added with a worried look.

As Wufei looked like he was about to suffer a fit of apoplexy, Sally sat down very suddenly, as if her legs simply wouldn't support her any longer. Noin simply closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead.

(Well, he certainly looks and acts normal enough,) the Catalonia noted, observing Duo carefully. That bright, blue-violet eyes... the charming, slightly wicked smile... the slim, graceful body... the nimble, yet strong hands that could probably give a hell of a massage... the vibrant bedroom voice....

(Wha...!? What the hell am I thinking!?) a shocked Dorothy wondered as she realized that she was practically drooling over the Deathscythe pilot. She hastily glanced at Noin and Sally, but barely managed to keep herself from visibly gaping when she saw that the two older women were fully occupied... fully occupied with staring at Duo's braid and how it swung so tantalizing near his butt.

(And what a sexy butt it is...,) the thought popped into Dorothy's head before the blond could pull her wits back together.

Duo glanced over to the women and noticed their blank looks. He rolled his eyes and said, "Oh, for god's sake!"

Sally twitched and shook her head sharply. Noin blinked a few times as her cheeks turned red.

Apparently unaware of the real reason for all the strange looks he was receiving, Duo snorted loudly, turned, and stalked toward the door. "Sheesh! If you don't believe me, c'mon and see Heero for yourselves. But try not to wake him, huh?"

"What... what on earth's happened to you, Duo?" asked Sally as she attempted to recover her composure.

Dorothy couldn't help but wonder what the doctor was actually talking about -- Duo's sudden recovery or the equally sudden increase in his sex appeal. Maxwell had been attractive enough even before this whole mess started, but now....

(This could get REALLY complicated...,) the blond thought with a rare flash of nervousness.

In response to the doctor's question, the braided teenager stopped in the doorway, then glanced over his shoulder at everyone.

"Shinigami has returned from hell. What else?" Duo replied with a gleam in his violet eyes and a wicked little smile.

Author's Notes:

If any of you guys are wondering why Wufei hasn't connected Duo's obsessive attraction to Heero to his own particular feelings for a certain OZ general, all I can say is that he's got his own mental blind spots.

And yes, Duo has been physically, as well as mentally, modified. And in more ways than one. ^_^ I'll let you guys guess how. <smirk>


"Mechanics of Control" is the title for the overall alternative-reality storyline, with sub-stories for each pilot. ^_^ The sub-stories are titled as follows:

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"Brilliant Disguise" - Trowa and Quatre
"Dragon's Fire" - Wufei

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