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A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 4 (rough draft)

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/.../ represents mental and/or subconscious dialogue


What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak



A half mile hike carrying Relena left Noin huffing and wheezing, but she managed it. However, the trip certainly wasn't easy on Relena. By the time they arrived at the ordinary-looking minivan, the injured girl was nearly unconscious and her wounds had started bleeding again.

After he finished placing Duo on the middle seat of the vehicle, Heero helped Noin lift Relena onto the flattened backseat, then said, "Dorothy, take care of Relena. Noin, you drive," as he slid in beside the unconscious Deathscythe pilot.

"All right. Just tell me where to go. Dorothy, have you got that bleeding back under control?"

"Yes. But she's lost a lot of blood. I hope your doctor friend is nearby."

As Noin started the engine, Heero called Sally Po.

"Hello? Heero?"

"We need your help."

"Of course. Who's hurt?" Sally said in a concerned voice.

"Relena's been shot in each thigh. Dorothy...," Heero leaned over his seat and brusquely yanked up Dorothy's blouse. As she swatted away his hand, Heero said to Sally, "Dorothy looks like she got some abdominal bruising, possibly some broken ribs, and a sprained wrist. Duo...." The Wing pilot's voice trailed off into silence.

The doctor's voice sounded grim as she said, "Are his injuries that bad, Heero?"

"It's... not that. He doesn't have any obvious physical injuries, but... he's in pain. A LOT of pain."

There was long pause as Sally took in this information and all its unpleasant implications. Finally, she asked, "Is he at all responsive?"


"I think this is going to take more than some bandages and stitches. I'm going to need special diagnostic equipment. Where are you?"

"About fifty minutes out of Seiffiert City."

"Okay." The doctor thought carefully, then said, "I have an old classmate who runs a small, but exclusive psychiatric clinic in the area. It's on a secluded estate so we'll have privacy. And I'm pretty sure she's got at least the basic equipment I'll need for preliminary evaluations on Duo's condition."

"Can you trust her?" Heero said bluntly.

"Yes. I usually consult her when I encounter cases involving mental problems. She's also handled several patients for me. She also has no reason to do OZ any favors, Heero."


After giving Heero the address, Sally added, "I'll met you there as soon as possible."

"Our ETA is...," he took a quick look at a map, "approximately an hour. Be careful. There's a lot of OZ troop movement in this area."

"I understand. In an hour."


Sally frowned worriedly as she put away her phone and started to pack some supplies. If someone as stoic as Heero could consider Duo's suffering as 'a lot of pain'.... She shivered slightly, then hurried to grab another duffel bag with one hand while calling up her old friend with the other hand.


Even unconsciousness provided no protection or sanctuary for Duo. He kept hearing Heero's angry words over and over again....

"....your damn selfishness...."

(Thinking only of myself... not of you... so wrong... my desires are nothing... my wants are nothing... my needs are nothing... I am NOTHING....)

"....idiot... stupid... screwed up...."

(Then teach me what you want... school me... use me... break me... make me completely yours... your weapon, your tool... your slave, your toy... anything so I can be worthy of your attention, Heero... worthy of your touch....)

"....trusted you...."

(Tell me how to please you... make you happy... that's all I want... to make you happy....)

"....forgive you?...."

(Yes! Please! Please forgive me, Heero. Forgive me! I need your forgiveness!)

"....I won't...."

(Your anger... your pain... your contempt... your hatred... it hurts so MUCH....)

But he deserved it. All of it. The merciless punishment. The neverending agony. The emptiness consuming him. How could he possibly think of escape? This suffering would not... could not... SHOULD not stop until he learned his lessons perfectly....

Total obedience.
Total loyalty.
Total devotion.
Total love.

Until he was incapable of even thinking otherwise... until those lessons were seared so deeply into his mind, body, and soul that violating them would be utterly impossible.

Until his master was completely satisfied....

Only then would Heero forgive him for his sins and stop his suffering.


As Noin drove toward the clinic quickly as possibly without attracting awkward attention, Dorothy observed the unconscious Deathscythe pilot for several minutes, then glanced over at Heero.

"Just what happened back there?"

Heero eyed her coldly, then said, "When I caught up with him, I asked him why he shot Relena."

"Asked?" Dorothy said skeptically, lifting one of her exotic eyebrows.

The Wing pilot glared at her and said, "All right, I demanded answers. Duo gave me some."


"It's none of your business."

"Wrong. Duo beat me up, cracked my ribs, then nearly bashed my head in with a rock. I think I have a right to know why." She conveniently neglected mention that Duo had simply been returning the favor with the rock.

Aware that Noin was also listening to the conversation, Heero reluctantly said, "He was jealous of Relena."

"Jealous." Dorothy Catalonia disliked wasting time or effort, but she could be infinitely patient if it suited her own purposes. And right now, she wanted to know exactly what was going on between Duo, Heero, and Relena.

Dorothy smiled slightly and drawled, "And why should he be jealous of Relena? And did he have any reason to be jealous?"

All she got was a stony stare.

Suddenly, she raised her other eyebrow. "You... and Duo?"

Another hostile silence.

"Well...," but before she could pursue her questioning further, Duo started to stir restlessly.

"Duo?" Heero said in a sharp voice.

The Wing pilot waited tensely as the other boy's eyelids fluttered, then slowly opened. There was a sick, sinking feeling in his stomach at the total lack of awareness or recognition in the tortured violet stare.

"Duo! Duo! Damn it! Snap out of it!" Heero demanded, his voice tight with frustration and worry.

Behind the dark-haired teenager, Dorothy made a soft, hissing gasp when she saw for herself the unmistakable traces of agony in Duo's vacant expression.

The Deathscythe pilot tossed his head wildly for a moment, then abruptly began to shake and tremble as if from some immense internal stress. His mouth moved slightly as if trying to speak, but Heero could make out no words.

The Wing pilot cursed, then reached out to apply pressure to Duo's carotid artery. The seconds seemed to last an eternity before the glazed amethyst eyes closed and the quivering body went limp and still.

"What the hell caused THAT?" a shaken Dorothy demanded, whipping her head around to stare at Heero.

He turned on her and snarled, "I DON'T KNOW." Raking his hand through his unruly hair, the Wing pilot added in a rush, "I turned my back on him for two minutes, tops. When I turned around, he was curled on the ground shaking and with that damn... look on his face! I didn't touch him. All right, I was angry and I let him know it, but that was all I did!"

Dorothy retorted, "Don't yell at me. I'm not accusing you. I just wanted to know if you had any idea what could have triggered such a severe pain attack."

Heero started to shake his head, then went very quiet. There was really only one possibility that he could think of... and it would also do a lot to explain Duo's irrational attack on Relena. He gritted his teeth, then said in a dangerously even voice, "I do know of something that can cause that sort of reaction."

Noin flicked a quick glance at him via the mirror and said, "What is it?"

"Brainwashing. Or some other type of mind control."

"Ah ha...," Dorothy said in a significant tone.

"Brainwashing!?" The minivan swerved for an instant as Noin turned to give Heero a startled look.

"Duo could have been brainwashed into trying to kill Relena," he explained in a flat voice. As he stared down at the unconscious Deathscythe pilot, Heero continued in a monotone as if reciting an old and familiar lesson. "Pain is a common way of controlling a subject and his behavior. It can be used as incentive, deterrence, or both."

"Heero...." As Noin turned her attention back to the road, she couldn't help wondering, (How can you talk about this so calmly, Heero? And why do you know so much about it?)

Dorothy said thoughtfully, "So you're saying that Duo's suffering could have been triggered by an attempt to resist the brainwashing." She bit her lip, then added, "That makes sense. After he knocked me down, he certainly acted like he wanted to pull Relena to safety. Then I remember him moaning something like, 'Somebody stop me,' just before the two of you appeared."

Heero clenched his fists and said angrily, "Duo could have been trying to warn me all along, but I wouldn't listen to him. And by the time I was ready to listen to him, it was too late and he couldn't warn me. I should have figured it out long ago. Duo wouldn't do something this crazy, not of his own free will."

(But I was too busy feeling betrayed and angry to think clearly. And now Duo's suffering and I don't know how to help him....)

"But doesn't this sort of thing take time? And Duo doesn't strike me as someone who would surrender easily," Dorothy said calmly.

"I know." Pulling out his phone, he said, "Wufei?"


"You spent the last few days with Duo, correct?"

"Yes," Wufei replied with a weary sigh.

"Who else was with you?"

"Howard. Six other technicians. Why do you ask?"

"Was Duo there all the time?"

"Yes. Except for a short grocery trip, he never left the house, as far as I know. And I went with him on that errand. Then again, this is Duo we're talking about, so I suppose he could have sneaked away during the nights. I don't think that's very likely, though. What's going on, Heero?" Wufei inquired in a slightly testy voice.

"I'll explain later. Was he acting normally?"

"If you're asking whether Duo was acting like his usual hyperactive, noisy, mischievous, and annoying self, then the answer is yes, he was acting quite normally."

"Are you sure?" Heero persisted.

In acid tones, the other pilot retorted, "At the moment, I am busily scrubbing off the green cows and other unmentionable graffiti that Duo scribbled all over Nataku yesterday. And tell that idiot that he's going to pay dearly for that desecration the next time I see him!"

Suddenly Wufei's voice sharpened. "Heero, has something happened to Duo?"

The Wing pilot took a deep breath and said simply, "Duo just tried to kill Relena."


"He shot Relena, then tried to throw her off a cliff." As the Chinese pilot continued to sputter in disbelief, Heero said, "Listen, I have reason to believe that someone's been tampering with Duo's mind. I've got no idea when it might have happened. It could have been in the last few days, or it could have been weeks or even months ago."

Wufei said thoughtfully, "He's handled some minor missions by himself recently. I suppose it's possible that he was captured...."

"I know, but the time frame's wrong. None of those missions lasted more than a half a day. And what's going on with Duo certainly doesn't have the feel of a quick and dirty job."

The Chinese teenager exhaled slowly over the phone. "What does Duo say about all this? Has he given you any explanations for his actions? Any hints?"

"He's in no condition to talk."

"What happened?"

"He's... he's completely out of it right now. Essentially catatonic with pain. I'm taking him to Sally Po."

"I... see. What do you want me to do?"

Heero frowned, then said, "I think I need you down here."

After receiving directions to the clinic, Wufei said, "What about Quatre and Trowa?"

"Wait until they're through with their current mission. They don't need to be distracted if they're busy."

"All right. I'll be there in a few hours."


Wufei hung up and quickly headed for his room. The situation showed every sign of becoming very ugly, indeed. But at least he wouldn't have time to fret about his troubling relationship with Treize Khushrenada.

(Troubling!? I'm sleeping with one of our most dangerous enemies. Moreover, now I think I'm falling in love with him!)


Sally Po had just finished parking her car when the minivan pulled up beside her. She quickly slid open the van's door so she could get a better look at her patients. Relena was unconscious, but her vital signs were stable for the moment. Dorothy appeared to be in a good deal of pain, but she too was in no immediate danger. But Duo was a much more troubling case. As she checked his pulse and frowned at his unresponsiveness, she asked, "Anything happen on your way up here?"

"Duo woke up," Heero said tersely.


"I put him down again."

"Why?" the doctor inquired curiously.

"He was in pain," came the flat reply.

Sally frowned. "Was it that bad?"

Dorothy spoke up as she gingerly stepped out of the vehicle.

"Yes, it was definitely that bad, doctor."

Heero said curtly, "What about your friend?"

Sally shook her head and said, "Charlotte's away on a family emergency somewhere around L4. However, she gave me carte blanche with the clinic. There are no patients and just a part-time maintenance staff."


"Unfortunately, there's no way she can leave her parents right now, but she said to call her if there's an urgent problem."

Heero nodded grimly and carried Duo into the clinic. As he carefully placed the Deathscythe pilot on an examination table, Sally said, "I can give him something for the pain."

Heero said evenly, "I hope it works."

"Why shouldn't it?" the older woman asked curiously, as she directed Noin to take Relena to another table.

After Heero explained his brainwashing theory, Sally said slowly, "Now I understand. If the pain doesn't have a physical cause.... Well, we can try the drugs and hope for the best."

Unfortunately, even the most powerful painkillers that Sally dared to use failed to alleviate Duo's condition in the slightest.

Shaking her head in dismay, Sally said, "I've already given him twice the maximum dosage and as far as I can tell, it hasn't done a damn thing." She looked at Heero. "I can't push it any further. It could kill him."

The Wing pilot stared down at the obviously suffering Duo and said quietly, "I understand."


Wufei arrived just as Sally was finishing with Dorothy's injuries.

"How's Duo and Relena?" he said as soon as he entered the clinic.

As she firmly wrapped Dorothy's sprained wrist, Sally said, "Relena's going to be fine. The first bullet only nicked the femur in her left leg. The right leg only has a flesh wound. Even the blood loss wasn't that bad. She'll recover with lots of rest."

"Was it accidental or deliberate?"

"Definitely deliberate," Dorothy said. "But I think he just as deliberately missed anything vital when he shot her. I'm sure Duo's an expert shot. No, he wanted Relena to experience all the terror of falling to her death."

Sitting nearby, Noin said with a frown, "But that sort of calculated cruelty and malice seems so unlike Duo."

"It is," Wufei said quietly. "He may act like a fool, but he's not cruel. Not even under severe provocation."

(Duo doesn't toy with his victims. He kills them, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.)

Wufei glanced at the doctor and said, "Where is he?"

"Down the hall, second door to the left."


Heero glanced briefly at Wufei as the Chinese pilot pushed open the door, then turned his gaze back to Duo, who writhed slowly on the bed, his pain-glazed eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.

"Why haven't you given him anything for the pain?" Wufei said sharply.

Exhaling harshly, Heero replied, "Sally gave him as much as she dared. It didn't work."

Sally stepped into the room, followed by Dorothy and Noin. She glanced at Heero and asked, "Any changes in his condition?"

The Wing pilot simply shook his head. Duo was trapped in his own hellish world and nothing Heero said or did seemed to reach him.

Heero ignored the soft conversation between Sally, Dorothy, and Wufei going on behind him as the Shenlong pilot asked the doctor for more details. Instead, he concentrated all his attention on Duo. Despite his obvious torment, the Deathscythe pilot remain totally and utterly silent, except for the sound of his shallow, hoarse breathing. Not a single moan, whimper, or even a gasp....

(But he's definitely saying something... or trying to,) the Wing pilot fretted as he watched Duo's lips faintly move to form a blurred, but steady stream of soundless words.

__Help me, Heero....

(He keeps repeating that over and over again....) Heero clenched his fists in frustration as he read Duo's lips. (I want to help you, Duo, but I don't know HOW! You've got to give me some clue!)

__It hurts so much, Heero....

(I know you're hurting, Duo.)

__Please make it stop....

(How!? Just tell me, Duo! How can I make the pain stop!? I can't stand to see you suffering like this!) Heero silently demanded in return as he watched the other pilot feebly toss his head.

__I know what I did wrong....

(Wrong? What does you mean?)

__I know I hurt you....
__....betrayed your trust....
__....made you angry....

(That's not important now!) Heero thought impatiently.

__I deserve to be punished....

(You... deserve? What could you possibly have done to deserve so much pain!? And who's punishing you!? Tell me!) you....

Heero's eyes widened abruptly in utter shock. Beside him, Wufei made a strangled sound as he caught the last few fragments of Duo's silently mouthed words.

"Heero, what is he... what did you...!?" the Chinese pilot demanded in a stunned voice.

( ME!?)

__Give me another chance... to please you.... make you happy....
__I'll be good... I promise... I swear....

Aloud, the Wing pilot stumbled forward and hoarsely choked out, "Duo...?" But the braided teenager remained unaware of his presence and the silent plea continued.

__I love you so much, Heero....
__I'll do anything you want....
__But please... please forgive me....

As his knees finally gave way, the dark-haired pilot collapsed to the floor beside Duo's bed and could only stare in sick horror as Duo continued to shudder and quiver in intolerable agony.

"It's... it's MY fault? I did... this?"


Unable to read lips, Dorothy, Noin, and Sally had no idea what Duo was trying to say. However, they could see the obvious effects of his silent words as they watched Heero sag to his knees with a disbelieving, guilt-stricken expression on his face. Wufei, while still on his feet, looked almost as bad.

"What happened? What's wrong?" Sally demanded worriedly.

The Chinese pilot ignored the women's questions and hauled Heero off the floor by his shirt, then demanded furiously, "What is he talking about, Heero!? Why does he think that you're the one making him suffer like this!?"

Grabbing a hold of Wufei for support, Heero blurted, "I didn't DO anything to him! I didn't hit or even touch him! I just...." He abruptly stopped.

(No, but I yelled at him. I told him to shut up.... told him that I didn't want to hear another word or sound out of him. And then I....)

"You just WHAT!?" Wufei roared.

Heero responded dully, "I told him... that I didn't think I could forgive him for what he did...."

(And that was just the beginning...,) the Wing pilot thought, cringing as he recalled all the furious accusations that he had flung at Duo in the moments that followed.

Wufei's dark eyes went wide and his grip slacked, but even as he struggled to find something to say, Heero suddenly shoved the Chinese pilot aside and stared down at Duo.

(Oh god. No wonder he hasn't responded to anything I've said. With all my shaking and yelling, he probably thought I was still angry with him... that I still wanted him to....)

He sank down carefully onto the bed, then gently lifted Duo's trembling body by the shoulders. Heero took a few hard, deep breaths to calm himself. He had to sound calm if he was to have any chance of reaching Duo.

In the gentlest, yet firmest voice he could manage, he said, "Duo? Duo? Listen to me. I forgive you. Do you understand me? I FORGIVE YOU." Ignoring the others as they waited breathlessly to see if his gamble would work, Heero gently stroked Duo's pale cheek.

He whispered, "I want your pain to stop. Please stop hurting, Duo. Come back to me."

After an endless moment, Heero felt Duo's tense body abruptly relax. Almost as if a switch had been thrown, the blank violet eyes now held awareness and a disturbingly intense look of gratitude. Gazing into Duo's face, Heero felt a sudden surge of vertigo as disjointed memories of another pair of mad, pleading violet eyes staring at him flashed through his mind.

Heero shook his head suddenly, then heaved a great sigh of relief. Coaxingly, he said, "Please talk to me. Say something. Anything."

Duo bit his lip, plucked nervously at the rumpled bedsheets, then in a shaky whisper said, "H-Heero... you're... you're not... mad at me anymore?"

The dumbfounded Wing pilot stared wordlessly at him, but when he saw the fear and misery return to Duo's face, Heero quickly said, "No. Of course not. I'm not mad at you, Duo. I don't blame you for what happened."

"I'm... I'm sorry, Heero." Duo's voice shook with a terrible desire to both please and appease. "I didn't mean to.... I'll do anything... just... just please don't hate me!" His voice trailed off to a soft wail.

Heero couldn't stand Duo's incoherent pleas any longer. Without another word, he pulled Duo hard into his arms and held the shaking body of his lover in a tight embrace. As he gently stroked the tangled chestnut hair with one hand he murmured, "I don't hate you, Duo. I could never hate you." He continued to repeat those words over and over again as the other pilot gingerly curled up against him with a profound sigh of relief.

Glancing up, Heero encountered four intense stares which contained a complicated mixture of shock, disbelief, curiosity, and suspicion.

Wufei opened his mouth to demand answers, but Noin got there first. Unfortunately, she didn't make the most tactful choice of words.

"What the hell did you DO to him, Heero!?"

Duo stiffened, then to everyone's surprise, he twisted around in Heero's grasp and pinned Noin with a hard, vicious stare.

"IT'S *NOT* HEERO'S FAULT," snarled the Deathscythe pilot in coldly ferocious tones.

The dark-haired woman recoiled from Duo's decidedly lethal glare and stammered, "I... I didn't mean to sound like I was blaming him!"

"Then just what DID you mean?" Duo hissed in a highly dangerous tone.

"Duo!" the Wing pilot barked out sharply, without thinking.

The braided teenager responded instantly to Heero's reprimand, flinching visibly and giving the Wing pilot an almost pathetically anxious look.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Dorothy said evenly. Her voice was devoid of her usual sarcasm or any malice. Rather, she was simply and objectively stating how she felt. It was probably a fairly accurate statement of how they all felt, including Heero.

As Dorothy turned and walked out of the room, Noin awkwardly murmured something about checking on Relena, and followed her out.


(Oh shit oh shit, I've made him mad at me again...,) Duo thought frantically. He swore furiously at himself, (You damn fuckup! No wonder he's so fed up with you and your stupid mistakes! Can't you do anything right!?)

He shuddered inwardly as an overpowering sense of shame bubbled up inside him. Only the presence of the others kept him from flinging himself at Heero and begging for forgiveness. Heero would so hate the embarrassment....

Duo was very much aware that the overwhelming waves of emotions and feelings that constantly swept through his mind were not normal. However, he wouldn't allow himself to think of them as being *wrong*. He had to believe that his feelings for Heero were right. They HAD to be right. The consequences of thinking otherwise....

No matter how abnormal they might be, he couldn't deny his own feelings. They totally controlled him. Duo Maxwell was just a puppet, with emotions as strings, and Heero as his puppeteer.

And instead of loathing that idea, the concept of Heero manipulating every part of him -- controlling him utterly in thought, sensation, emotion, and deed -- left Duo helplessly and agonizingly aroused.

That staggering rush of desire, combined with his overpowering awareness of Heero's proximity -- the feel of Heero's hands touching his aching flesh, the warmth of Heero's body, the sound of his heartbeat, and the smell of Heero's unique scent -- left Duo utterly incapable of speech or thought. His world shrank to encompass only three simple things.

Desire. Need. Heero.


Without warning, Duo suddenly folded up and started panting wildly as his hands clawed at the bedding.

"Duo!?" Heero shouted as he searched frantically for any clue or reason for the sudden change in Duo's behavior.

The mere sound of the Wing pilot's voice sent another unbearable jolt of lust through Duo's body. He uttered a harsh sob, hopelessly torn between the cravings that were driving him mad and the painful knowledge that he was upsetting Heero even further.

He had to get a hold of himself. He had to reassure Heero he was fine. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't do it. The hunger inside him was merciless. Like a rabid, starving beast, Duo's need for Heero refused to be caged or restrained any longer.

Both Wufei and Sally instantly moved in to help Heero restrain Duo, but as soon as they touched him, the Deathscythe pilot flung them away and staggered to his feet. He glared at them with maddened violet eyes and screamed, "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!"

Wufei shouted furiously, "We're only trying to help you, damn it!"

"I DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING HELP! YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING! ONLY HEERO CAN!" He squeezed his legs together and hunched over, clutching at his middle, as he felt another punishing throb of desire.

The Wing pilot jumped off the bed, grabbed hold of Duo's shoulders, and spun him around.

"Duo, I'll help you, but you've got to tell me WHAT do you want me to do!"

The braided teenager stiffened and his eyes went glassy as Heero's last few words worked their familiar dark magic, intensifying his cravings even more.

(No more no more I can't take this stop it stop it...!)

Unable to speak even a single word, all Duo could do was cling to Heero and hope that the other would understand what he needed.

(Please Heero I need you inside me I need to fucked so badly please Heero!)

Cobalt eyes widened as the Wing pilot abruptly remembered the last time he had spoken those particular words to Duo. He also remembered the sexual hunger that had so suddenly overwhelmed the braided pilot and how Duo had begged him to....

(Am I responsible for this, also? God, what have I DONE to him!?)

He turned to the others and snapped, "Leave us alone! Right now!"

However, Sally and Wufei refused to budge. Wufei said coldly, "Heero, I'm going to need a bloody good explanation before I leave you alone with Duo!"

The Wing pilot gritted his teeth and growled, "I don't have time to explain all this...."

Sally said sharply, "Then gives us the short version, Heero."

He glared at them and yelled in a mixture of acute embarrassment and worry, "Duo needs me, all right!?"

"That explains absolutely nothing!" the Chinese pilot retorted.

Duo hadn't been able to find the words for himself, but somehow he managed to find them for Heero's sake. In a hoarse voice, he turned on them and snarled, "I NEED HEERO TO FUCK ME! Got it!? I need to be FUCKED! Now what don't you understand about THAT!?"

"Duo...," Sally exclaimed in a shocked voice.

"HE TOLD YOU TO GET OUT!" the Deathscythe pilot screamed at them, now shaking uncontrollably from both lust and rage. "SO GET OUT!!!" He took a threatening step toward the doctor and Wufei.

Heero had learned from his earlier mistake. Instead of yelling at Duo to stop, he simply wrapped his arms against the braided teenager and held him close, using gentle touches and soft words to calm him down. The technique was brutally effective. One moment, Duo was ready to leap at Sally's and Wufei's throats. The next moment, he melted into a complacent heap in Heero's arms.

Sally glanced at the Wing pilot and saw the intense worry and the heartwrenching anguish in his dark blue eyes. Taking a deep breath, the doctor gave the Wing pilot a sharp nod of acknowledgement, then dragged the reluctant Wufei out of the room. The door slammed shut behind them, leaving Heero alone with Duo, who was now mewing softly in the grip of mindless passion.

Author's Notes:

"Mechanics of Control" is the title for the overall alternative-reality storyline, with sub-stories for each pilot. ^_^ The sub-stories are titled as follows:

"Wicked Game" - Heero and Duo
"Brilliant Disguise" - Trowa and Quatre
"Dragon's Fire" - Wufei

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