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<holds up huge poster reading, "CAUTION: DUO TORTURE ahead">

Here I go, bouncing around from evil dom Duos to tortured Duos. ^_^ Hey, I'm on a roll! I somehow finished not Part 2, but also Part 3 of "Wicked Game". <hums Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train">

This is the revised version of the teaser I sent out a few weeks ago. However, I made several changes, as well as a few additions, so it might be worthwhile to read this again. ^_-

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A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 2 (revised draft)

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end) Gundam Wing copyrighted by their respective creators and all distributors of their work. Used without permission.

/.../ represents mental and/or subconscious dialogue


What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak



[ the morning after ]

The bright morning sunlight pouring through the room finally prodded Duo from his profound sleep. Still dozing, he flung out an arm and encountered... nothing.

That discovery immediately jolted the Deathscythe pilot awake. His wide violet eyes stared at the empty spot on his bed where someone had obviously slept beside him. He slowly reached out and placed his hand on the rumpled sheets that held only the faintest traces of body warmth. His gaze slowly surveyed the room, noting the absence of Heero's laptop and duffel bag, then ended up focusing on the other pilot's bed, whose usual military bounce-a-coin neatness was marred by a small wrinkled area right in middle of the sheets.

Duo's expression tightened. There was no note, but Heero was never one to leave such things. But he didn't need any written message to understand what was going on. He could just picture the scene. After an absolutely mind-blowing bout of sex, Heero probably started to freak out. At a total loss of how to cope with all the emotions and feelings he had just experienced, the Wing pilot would have retreated to his own bed, sat down, and wallowed a bit in self-recriminations, then he would have desperately looked for something he could focus on... a mission... anything to occupy his mind and allow him to avoid thinking about what had just happened in this room and in Duo's bed. After coming up with an excuse for leaving, mister Perfect Soldier Yuy would have packed his bag, grabbed his laptop, and walked away.

"Hah! Walked? How about running out the door like a scared rat!"

With a surge of annoyance mixed with more than a little concern, an infuriated Duo grabbed a pillow and hurled it across the room.

"Heero, you stupid jerk!!!"


It took two mugs of coffee, three eggs, half a package of bacon, and a heaping bowl of cereal before Duo finally started to calm down. With a sigh, he flopped down on the sofa and stared at the cracked plaster ceiling.

(I shouldn't be the least bit surprised. After all the indoctrination that creepy Dr. J probably put Heero through, I should be grateful that he has the ability to feel any emotions at all. But still, I wish that he had said *something* before leaving....)

Last night....

Duo frowned slightly. After Heero had finally lost it and tossed him against the wall, his memories of last night became rather vague.

(I didn't think I knocked my head that hard during our last mission. Then again, Heero slammed me into the wall hard enough to make my teeth rattle. Not that I blame him considering how I've been leading him on. I'm just surprised that it took this long for him to snap.)

He shrugged. Even if he was suffering a slight concussion, it should be completely gone by the time Deathscythe and Wing were operational again. Besides, although the exact details of last night might elude him, he could never forget the most important thing.

(I never imagined Heero could make me feel so damn GOOD....)

A slow dreamy grin crept across Duo's face as he momentarily lost himself in hazy memories of Heero's mouth on his... feeling Heero's hands all over him..... He suddenly uttered a rueful chuckle. Just the thought of Heero touching him was enough to make him hard. And as for thinking about having Heero actually *inside* him, moving with slow, firm....

(Nope, nope, better not think about THAT too much or I'm going to be stuck walking around with a big bulge in my pants!)

But the moment of good humor quickly faded as Duo remembered that there was no telling how soon he would see Heero again.

(Hell, maybe it's better this way. It'll give him a chance to get his equilibrium back. But if he tries to shut me out and decides that last night was just an one-time event, he's got another thing coming!)

And the next time he saw Heero, he was bloody well going to rake mister Perfect Soldier over the coals for sneaking off without so much as a word....


Two days after Heero's departure, Duo sat fuming at the email message displayed on his laptop. It bluntly read:

"Remain at location and await further communication -- HY."

The Deathscythe pilot slammed his coffee mug on the table and muttered, "Well, that was certainly short and sweet. What the hell does he think I am? A fucking dog to be told to sit and stay? Screw you, Heero!" Giving the screen the one-finger salute was rather unsatisfying, but better than nothing.

Duo almost decided to grab his things and leave, just to show Heero a thing or two, but when Howard asked him to help install some of upgrades in Deathscythe and Wing later that afternoon, he decided to remain for at least a few more days.

As he marched across the hanger to the severely damaged Wing, Duo muttered, "Idiot. Moron. Where does he get off telling me where to friggin' well go or not go? Serves that jerk right if I painted his damn Gundam bright pink." He scrambled up the ladder, threw himself into Wing's cockpit, and began to remove various fried electronic components.

As he concentrated on his task, Duo's smoldering resentment gradually began to fade. Everything about the cockpit constantly reminded him of Heero, from the faint imprint on the pilot seat's cushions to the slightly worn spots on the controls where Heero's hands frequently rested.

(I wondering what hell he's doing at this very moment.)

/ ....lonely.... /

Duo's head jerked up in surprise. For an instant, he thought someone was speaking to him, but a quick glance at his surroundings told him that was no one around at the moment. Shaking his head, he decided that it was just his imagination and continued to work.

/ ....empty.... /

He glanced up with a frown. There it was again, whatever *it* was -- something that was more sensed than heard. He got out of the cockpit and peered around the hanger, but all the techs and Howard were apparently still at dinner.

"This is fucking ridiculous," he announced to no one in particular.

With renewed determination, Duo crawled back under one of Wing's consoles and tried to ignore the faint sense of hollowness deep inside him.

/ ....lonely.... /

God, the cockpit even *smelled* of Heero! Duo slammed the wrench down on the floor and hauled himself out of the cockpit.

"Shit, that guy's not even here and he's driving me crazy!"

Storming away from Wing, Duo headed back to his room for a decidedly restless night's sleep.


The next day turned out even worse. The empty bed across the room, the unoccupied seat at the kitchen table... every little thing served to remind Duo of Heero and his absence. A hard day's work on Deathscythe, hours watching stupid TV shows, and a noisy card game with some of the techs do nothing to relieve the steadily growing feeling of loneliness in Duo.

Four days after Heero's departure, Duo was about to climb the walls in frustration. Working himself into physical exhaustion did nothing to push Heero from his mind and the empty hollowness in his gut had transformed into something frighteningly familiar.

Desire. Raw, insatiable sexual desire.

Duo was very much aware that he was becoming totally obsessed with Heero. Unable to sleep in the bedroom he had shared with Heero, he had tried napping on the sofa in the living room, but the steadily growing hunger inside him allowed him no rest. Finally, almost against his will, Duo stumbled back into their bedroom and crawled into the Wing pilot's bed in a desperate search for some relief.

He tried. He really, really tried, but no matter how he touched or fondled himself, Duo simply could not achieve the slightest release or satisfaction. In fact, the whole futile exercise only served to turn a dull, persistent ache into a burning, searing intense lust. As he lay panting and shaking, Duo instinctively knew that any attempts at stronger stimulation would only make the craving much, much worse. He also knew that only one person could make him feel better.

"Heero...," Duo whispered into the darkness. Closing his eyes turned out to be a mistake, as endless images of the Wing pilot bombarded his restless mind... memories of Heero's hands stroking and caressing... the taste of Heero's lips in his mouth.... And somewhere deep inside Duo, an insidious, maddening whisper kept repeating....

/ .... help me.... /
/ .... save me.... /
/ .... hold me.... /
/ .... touch me.... /
/ .... fill me.... /
/ .... fuck me.... /

Only one thing kept the braided pilot from leaping up and chasing Heero down that very instant. Heero had clearly and explicitly demanded -- no, ordered -- Duo to stay where he was and await further word. More effectively than any rope or chain, that message prevented Duo from seeking Heero out. No matter how badly he felt at the moment, he dreaded the mere thought of disobeying and possibly angering Heero even more.

/ .... command me.... /
/ .... control me.... /

Duo spent the remainder of the night in a trance-like stupor on
Heero's bed. The faint trace of the Wing pilot's scent that lingered
on the sheets helped ease Duo's loneliness, but it only deepened the
craving inside him.


The next day, Duo found himself vaguely astounded at his own acting ability. Absolutely no one seemed to notice anything wrong with him, while on the inside, he felt like a trapped, starving animal screaming and howling for sustenance.

/ .... I hunger.... /

He started and won a water balloon fight with Howard's techs.

/ .... I ache.... /

He recalibrated his Gundam's thermal scythe.

/ .... I burn.... /

He talked Wufei into cooking lunch AND doing the dishes.

/ .... I hurt.... /

He worked some more on Deathscythe, installing the upgraded stealth package that Prof. G had sent over.

/ .... I want.... /

He went shopping for groceries.

/ .... I need.... /

He helped a young girl fix her bike on the way back.

/ .... I submit.... /

He cooked a rather tasty dinner, which seemed to shock Wufei.

/ .... I love.... /

He played poker with Howard and won everything the older man had, including his bright Hawaiian shirt.

/ .... I obey.... /

He sat alone in his bedroom and waited.

/ .... Heero.... /

And the hunger in his body and the need in his heart continued to grow.


That night, five full days after Heero's abrupt departure, Duo exploded off his bed and bolted for the bathroom. Too desperate to even turn on the lights, he fumbled with the shower controls until a sharp twist sent a spray of bone-chilling water pouring down on his head.

He slowly sagged to the floor of the shower enclosure, shuddering and panting like a panicked animal... or a beast in heat. It wasn't working. The uncontrollable lust ravaging his body refused to be cooled by the icy deluge.

(Shit make it stop make it stop make it STOP!!!)

Duo flung his head back and uttered a low hopeless moan as he squeezed his thighs together and pounded his fists on the tiled floor in a futile effort to regain some control over his rebellious body.

(God, I need to be fucked SO BAD!!!)

But he also knew that just any damn cock would not do. There was only one person who could fill the monstrous void growing inside him.

"Heero... help me... please...," he sobbed quietly, wrapping his arms over his head as his tears mingled with the chilly water trickling down his face.


By morning, Duo's mask was intact and back in place. He stood in the doorway with coffee mug in one hand, a broad grin on his face, and cheerfully waved good-bye as Wufei threw his gear onto a motorcycle and took off on a solo mission.

But even as Duo continued to outwardly act in his usual cheerful, boisterous manner throughout the day, deep inside he was finding it harder and harder to think in any coherent fashion. All he could think of was Heero... where was Heero?... what was Heero doing?... when was Heero going to call him?....

During the occasional moment of clarity, Duo was all too aware that something was terribly wrong with him, but he could do nothing to stop it.

(I'm going crazy....)

(And I don't really care....)

(Should've warned Wufei....)

(Nope... would've had to kill him then....)

(No one can know... except Heero....)

(Heero... Heero... Heero.... damn it, why YOU, Heero!? What the fuck did you DO to me!?)

As if in response to his anger, Duo immediately felt a vicious, punishing stab of pain, even as the overwhelming lust chewing at his mind seemed to redouble in strength. Sagging to his knees under the fierce onslaught, Duo frantically corrected himself.

(Wrong... wrong... Heero isn't to blame. Mustn't blame Heero. Blaming Heero is WRONG. He's the only one who can make me feel better. I love Heero.)

As Duo desperately repeated the last thought over and over again, the agonizing pain in his head gradually vanished. However, the horrible sense of emptiness and the intensified sexual craving did not.

(That's right. I love Heero. I NEED Heero. Heero's the only thing that matters. I'll do anything for Heero....)

His acute hearing picked up the faint chirp of the phone within the house. He dashed inside and grabbed it before the third chirp ended.

"Hello?" he said breathlessly.


The sound of Heero's familiar, slightly nasal voice coming over the secure line nearly made his knees buckle in sheer lust.

"Heero?" the braided pilot said weakly, an involuntary smile curving his lips. "Where have you been?"

"That's not important. I want you to meet me the Mossgraven Resort, just outside Steffreit City."

"Sure. Anything you say," Duo said in a near daze. He could barely keep himself from whimpering from a combination of desire and relief -- desire for Heero and relief that the Wing pilot hadn't forgotten about him.

"I don't need the sarcasm. Just get here ASAP." Before Duo could say anything, Heero continued, "I want you to get Relena out of my way."

"R-Relena?" Abruptly jerked from the steamy sexual fantasy he was building in his mind, Duo blurted, "What do you mean 'Relena'?"

"You know who I mean."

"You mean... Relena's THERE?"


"How long has SHE been around?"

"She was already here when I arrived on Thursday," Heero replied in an annoyed voice.

"You went to... her? You've been with Relena all this time? Ever since we...?"

(With Relena!? Why are you spending time with HER!? Why HER instead of ME!?) something within Duo screamed.

The fact that Heero didn't sound the least bit pleased about Relena's presence was totally irrelevant to Duo at the moment. All he could think of was that Relena had somehow taken something away from him... something he wanted... something he desperately needed.

"Duo, I'm too busy to talk about that right now. Dealing with Relena is more important. She's currently playing mediator between OZ and several striking labor unions. I don't want her here. She's interfering with my mission."

"What do you expect me to do with her?" Duo muttered, his already tangled thoughts becoming more and more jumbled by the second.

"I don't care how you do it. Just find a way to get rid of her."

"Rid of her?"

"Just do it. Contact me after you're finished." And with that, Heero uttered an irritated snort, then hung up, leaving Duo staring blankly at the phone.

(He leaves me alone and runs straight to Relena. Heero, you miserable, two-timing little bastard!)

But almost before he finished that last thought, the agonizing pain exploded inside him again. As he grabbed at the table to keep from falling, Duo frantically did some mental backpedaling.

(No, not Heero's fault. Never Heero's fault. It's NOT. It's Relena's. She's to blame... sneaky, lying little bitch!)

At the moment, he wasn't quite capable of figuring out the details, but he was sure that Relena had to be responsible for the utter hell he had suffered through the last several days. He had to be. He had to convince himself that Relena and only Relena was at fault, otherwise he would never be able to make the pain go away....

"Rid of her?" he repeated softly to himself. "Heero wants me to get rid of her?"

Out of the chaos raging in his mind, a single clear idea emerged. There was a crazed gleam in Duo's violet eyes as he said brightly to the empty room, "Sure. Whatever you want, Heero."

A small fragment of Duo's mind weakly protested, (You know that's NOT what he meant!!!), but that thin whisper of rationality was almost immediately drowned out by a churning torrent of rampant jealousy, frustration, and rage.

He grinned madly as he pulled out a pistol, checked the magazine, then stuck it behind his back.

Get rid of her. Fine. He'd get rid of Relena... permanently.

That would make Heero happy.

And if Heero was happy, then Duo would be happy, too.


[ Mossgraven Resort ]

As Heero slowly put away his phone, he regretted being so curt with Duo. There were so many things he wanted to say... things he needed to say. Duo had sounded upset when he called, but that was understandable. He didn't blame Duo at all for being angry with him. As if sneaking off in the middle of the night without a single word wasn't bad enough, he had gone directly to Relena, of all people.

Bullets, broken bones, and prospect of torture didn't faze him, but the thought of facing Duo after practically raping him had been too overwhelming. Never mind that in the end, Duo had been begging for Heero to fuck him. He shouldn't lost his temper in the first place. He shouldn't have lost control and pushed Duo so hard.

He knew that Duo would be at the resort soon. Despite that annoyingly carefree act of his, the Deathscythe pilot was just as dedicated and reliable any of the other Gundam pilots. Duo would get the job done. But afterward, when the mission was complete, Heero still had the unenviable task of trying to explain his behavior to the one person he cared the most about.

(And apologize for my damn stupidity.)

"Heero?" Relena called out as she stepped out onto the balcony and walked toward him.

"Have you made your decision?" he said coldly.

She sighed. Reaching out to touch his arm, she said, "Heero, I simply CAN'T leave. They need me as mediator."

Glaring at her, he shook off her hand and snapped, "Don't you see? The negotiations between OZ and the unions are a total farce. It's just a scheme to capture the union leaders and you're the Judas goat luring them into OZ's trap."

Relena frowned. In a hurt voice, she replied, "That's not true, Heero! I know that you have your own reasons why you don't want the union workers back on the job, but people are getting hurt, even killed, in these labor strikes. If I can help prevent more bloodshed.... If I go now, the negotiations will collapse!"

"Is that your final word?"

Her hands clenched, leaving wrinkles in the fine silk of her dress, as she whispered, "I'm sorry... but I just can't leave. Even for you, Heero."

She stared at him tensely, uncertain of his reaction. For a moment, she was afraid that he would attempt to forcibly remove her from the premises. That possibility was one of the reasons why Noin was keeping a careful eye on the conversation. However, the Wing pilot simply stared at her for a long moment, then shrugged and walked away without another word.

(Relena, you idealistic fool. Don't you see what OZ is trying to do? Not only are they trying to capture the labor leaders, they're also trying to discredit you by making it appear that you knowingly collaborated with OZ in their arrest. And if you lose your credibility before the world, the chances for peace are almost nil.)

He had told Relena as much, but the Peacecraft had stubbornly shaken her head, unable or perhaps unwilling to believe that her reputation could be so easily destroyed. It was obvious that Relena had no concept of what it was like to be considered untrustworthy or a liar, to have others doubt her sincerity or honor. She was too used to having people look up to her and believe her every word. He respected her intense dedication to peace, but sometimes he found Relena's blindness to the harsher aspects of reality profoundly annoying.

(She means well, but sometimes she's so damn naive....)

He silently slipped into the back corridors of the resort.

(But I just don't have the time or the patience to keep arguing with her anymore. Other things need my attention. Let Duo deal with Relena.)

Author's Notes:

"Mechanics of Control" is the title for the overall alternative-reality storyline, with sub-stories for each pilot. ^_^ The sub-stories are titled as follows:

"Wicked Game" - Heero and Duo
"Brilliant Disguise" - Trowa and Quatre
"Dragon's Fire" - Wufei

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