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<holds up huge poster reading, "CAUTION: DUO TORTURE ahead">

Okay, guys, here's the rough draft of Part 1 of this evil little torture fic of mine. Unfortunately, while working on this, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not very good at writing lemon scenes ( >_< ) compared to some of the other writers I read <envious mutter> but I hope I've done an adequate job. <sweatdrop> Let me know, huh?

A Gundam Wing ALTERNATE-REALITY fic by Madamhydra
Part 1: Slave to Love

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end) Gundam Wing copyrighted by their respective creators and all distributors of their work. Used without permission.


What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you

-- "Wicked Game"
by Chris Isaak



[ AC 196 ]

"You know, I think I love you."

"Shut up, Duo."

"No, really! The first I saw you, something in me said, 'This guy is gonna be your one and only.' Yup, it's destiny, I tell ya."

"It's crap. The first time we met, you shot me. Twice."

"Awwww, don't say you still hold that against me, Heero," Duo mumbled mournfully.

"Be quiet. You're stinking drunk."

"But it was all for a good cause. I got the computer codes, right? Ninmu kanryou!" the braided teenager said with a loud giggle.


Heero propped Duo against the doorframe so he could unlock the door. As it swung open, he turned to grab Duo just as the other boy slowly slid toward the floor. The Wing pilot briefly wondered why he hadn't left Duo behind to sleep off his little drinking binge like the other partygoers. He tried to convince himself that he had brought the braided teenager back with him only for security reasons -- considering how talkative Duo could be when sober, there was no telling what the fool might say in his extremely drunken state. However, a more honest part of Heero reluctantly admitted that he never could have left the long-haired idiot behind alone and unguarded, especially in his vulnerable condition.

Heero half supported and half carried Duo into the living room of their temporary quarters and tried to dump him on the sofa. However, the intoxicated teenager was not about to let the Wing pilot slip away so easily. Duo locked his arms around Heero's neck and pulled the other boy down with him onto the couch.

"Duo, let go of me!" Heero snapped, trying to wiggle free from the near stranglehold on his neck.

In a startlingly clear and unslurred voice, Duo stared up at the irate Heero with gleaming amethyst eyes and murmured, "I meant what I said. We're somehow connected, Heero. Not just by common goals and missions, but by something much deeper and more powerful. I feel it. Mind, body, and soul.... I want you. I need you."

Before the startled Wing pilot could react, Duo arched upward and kissed him, lightly at first.

Heero could have done a lot of things. He could have yelled at Duo... he could have shoved him away... he could have slapped him... punched him... but he did none of those things, even as the braided pilot's grip on his shoulders and neck gradually loosened.

Encouraged by Heero's lack of resistance, Duo deepened the kiss, tentatively slipping his tongue between the other's lips.

The taste of Duo's mouth, the warmth of his lips gently moving on Heero's own, brought to mind fantasies and emotions that the Wing pilot had futilely attempted to suppress for so long. He didn't want to admit it, but Duo was right. From his first good look, Heero had felt strangely drawn to the braided, violet-eyed pilot. That had been the only reason he had put up with Duo's antics long enough to become familiar with the person behind the clown act. Something within Heero continually whispered, (I know you.) A sense of deja vu.... And as their acquaintance deepened, Duo had become... very important to him.

(I think... I think I want and need you, too,) Heero thought as his clenched fists slowly relaxed. But before he could express any of his thoughts aloud, he felt Duo's lips part slightly and emit a faint snore.


To his profound annoyance, Heero discovered the braided idiot had managed to fall asleep right in the middle of kissing him. As Heero glared down at his fellow Gundam pilot, he absently noted that Duo's barely audible snores rather reminded him of a loudly purring cat.

"Well, shit."

Leave it to Duo to drive him crazy with frustration... one way or another.


[ two weeks later ]

The last several weeks had done nothing to ease Heero's frustration. He was totally baffled by Duo's recent erratic behavior. It would have been one thing if the idiot had totally forgotten about his drunken midnight confession, but Duo hadn't. On the contrary, while the exact details might have been lost amid an alcoholic haze, he certainly seemed to remember enough.

And he was willing to act on it... to a point. Duo would come onto Heero hot and heavy -- all hungry lips and eager hands -- but just before things could proceed to more intimate -- and much more satisfying -- activities, the Deathscythe pilot would suddenly back off for no apparent reason.

This on-again/off-again sort of behavior was steadily driving Heero crazy. What on earth did Duo want from him? Both of them acknowledged the intense attraction between them, so why was Duo being so hesitant and damn skittish? It was so unlike the Deathscythe pilot who usually had no qualms charging full speed ahead for whatever he wanted. If anyone else had tried to tease him like this, Heero would have inflicted some serious bodily harm long ago. He certainly wouldn't have bothered trying to figure out what was going on. Then again, if anyone else had been involved, he wouldn't *be* in this ridiculous situation at all. Only for Duo....

Then an odd thought occurred to Heero. Was it possible that a part of Duo felt that this sort of intimacy between two people of the same sex was somehow wrong? He vaguely remembered a religious lecture at one of the boarding schools he had attended where the speaker had been quite adamant about homosexual relations being unnatural and forbidden. And Duo did dress like a priest and he *had* spent some time in a Catholic orphanage.... What did he know of Duo's religious beliefs anyway?


Duo sensed that Heero was growing increasingly irritated with his inexplicable behavior. To tell the truth, *he* was getting ticked off at his own behavior, too. Why was he teasing and tormenting Heero like this? While he liked flirting with classmates of both sexes, he was always careful to keep things light-hearted and casual. But what he was doing to Heero went far beyond a little casual flirtation. To compound the problem, he wasn't dealing with a normal girl -- or boy, for that matter -- who knew all about these sorts of social games. This was Heero, a person who had been trained to deny the existence of virtually every human emotion.

But being aware of the problem did nothing to solve it. Duo felt helplessly torn -- unable to resist his attraction to the Wing pilot -- an attraction that Heero apparently reciprocated -- and yet incapable of pursuing that attraction to its natural conclusion. Something inside of him simply would not allow matters to become more intimate than a sultry kiss or some heavy petting. But most upsetting of all was the fact that he knew the real reason why he could not bring himself to go further with Heero.

Fear, pure and simple.

He wasn't afraid *of* Heero. He knew that the Wing pilot cared about him... desired him... and if he was really lucky, perhaps even loved him a bit.

No, this wasn't a fear of rejection, humiliation, physical pain, or anything normal like that. This was an entirely different type of fear... it was the visceral sort of terror that one experienced when faced with a fate literally worse than death. Some deeply hidden part of himself was terrified of getting sexually involved with Heero, and he was at a total loss to explain it. Where did this irrational fear come from?

But whatever the problem was, he wouldn't let it go on. He knew his behavior was hurting Heero and he wouldn't allow that to happen, no matter what it cost him. This mess was entirely his fault, so it was up to him to find a solution. But that was much easier said than done.

(What the hell am I supposed to do?)


[ two days later ]

"C'mon, Heero. Howard and his guys can't fix your precious Wing if you're bleeding all over it!"

"I'm fine," the cobalt-eyed pilot insisted sullenly.

"Sure. Absolutely. Of course you are," Duo retorted brightly.

Heero gave the other boy a freezing stare, which he blithely ignored as usual. Finally, with a grunt of annoyance, the Wing pilot allowed Duo to pull him out of the heavily damaged cockpit.

After he made sure that Heero was capable of negotiating the ladder under his own power, Duo leaned over the railing and shouted, "Yo! How's it going!?"

Howard popped up from behind Deathscythe, which looked only a little less battered than Heero's Wing, and yelled back, "Don't you know better than to play target practice for a bunch of Mobile Dolls!?"

"Hey, it's not our fault, okay!? And it wasn't a pack of Dolls that did all that damage!" Duo bellowed back.

From the floor, Heero said in a clear, carrying voice, "Duo, if you want to talk to him, why don't you come down and do it face to face, instead of screaming from the hanger rafters?"

Howard walked over to the Wing pilot and said with a chuckle, "He's afraid that I'll clobber him for bringing that black beast of his back in such a mess."

"Me, afraid of you? Hah! That'll be the day!" Duo exclaimed as he slid down the gantry ladder and headed over toward the master mechanic and Heero.

The Wing pilot frowned as he noted the other's rather sedate stride -- sedate for Duo, at least. Although the Deathscythe pilot had no visible injuries, his walk gave some indication of the severe battering he had received during the last combat mission.

"How long?" Heero demanded.

Howard sighed. "Well, Wing and Deathscythe are going to be out of commission for a good three weeks or more." Before Heero could say anything, the mechanic raised his hands and continued, "I know, I know. If we rushed things, we could probably get them up and running in half that time, but they're overdue for a major overhaul anyway. And it'll be the perfect time to install some additional upgrades. Might as well get it all done at once."

Heero nodded curtly and said in his usual monotone, "I'll notify Doctor J."

As Howard returned to work, Duo said, "Let's get you patched up," and pushed his companion out of the hanger area.

On the way back to their quarters, Heero said quietly, "It was a trap."

Duo scowled. "Yeah, I know. They were waiting for us. But I don't think the leak's here on our end. I bet it's somewhere in the informant network. We could use this downtime to flush the traitor out. Shit, Heero, you're bleeding again. C'mon!"


Heero took a shower first, then reluctantly allowed Duo to clean up the gash above his left ear and various other lacerations he received from flying shrapnel, but only after a protracted argument. Eventually, Duo got his way and grinned smugly throughout the entire procedure. Considering the firepower mounted against them in the ambush, his injuries were actually quite trivial, but that didn't deter Duo from carefully tending to each and every one of them.

As soon as Duo finished with the last bandage, Heero turned to his laptop and started typing without another word.

Duo tossed the medical kit onto a chair and snorted. In a snide voice, he said, "Gee, thanks, Duo. Oh, think nothing of it, Heero.... No, I really appreciate it, Duo. "


"Yes, Heero?"

"Shut up."


He was still working on the computer when Duo finally emerged amid a burst of steam from the bathroom. Dressed in a long, plush terry bathrobe, The Deathscythe pilot energetically toweled his long chestnut brown hair dry as he wandered over to peer over Heero's shoulder.

"Whatcha doing?"

"Doing a background check on our overly helpful informant for the
last mission."

"Aaaahhh," Duo said in a significant tone, as he plopped himself
on his bed and started the complicated process of brushing out his

Heero found himself dividing his attention between the laptop monitor and the boy who sat across the room, carefully detangling the mass of moisture-darkened strands dangling over his shoulder. Every so often, Duo would pause in mid-brushstroke to absently rub a hand or his cheek against the soft, thick fabric of his bathrobe.

It always astounded and fascinated Heero that someone as hardy and tough as Duo could wallow so unabashedly and lose himself so completely in physical sensations. If there were fresh flowers or aromatic items around, Duo would be the first one there sniffing at them. Good food, colorful sunsets, lightning storms at night, music varying from Gregorian chants to heavy metal rock music to classical symphonies... Duo couldn't seem to get enough of them.

As for touch, how could Heero forget the time he and Duo had taken refuge in some rich industrialist's ski lodge? After spending some time in the garage, Heero had returned to the lodge only to find Duo fast asleep in the master bedroom, sprawled out nearly naked on the enormous chinchilla bedspread. Unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of Duo purring contentedly in his sleep as he slowly and sensuously stirred against the thick luxuriant dark blue-gray fur, Heero had ended up watching him for hours.

That was the day his own fantasies about Duo really began. He would find himself wondering if he could make Duo writhe with the same erotic desire or make the other boy utter that same husky purr. He did his best to forget those fantasies -- erotic daydreams had no place in the life of a Gundam pilot. But no matter how he tried, the thoughts and fantasies would always come rushing back whenever he saw Duo playing with his own hair... or watched him running those deceptively slender fingers through a kitten's fur... or watched him laugh... smile... move... just seeing him breath....

So when Duo had drunkenly blurted out his attraction to his fellow pilot, it had been like a dream come true to know that this violet-eyed beauty desired him. And that's what made Duo's recent behavior so infuriating. It was true when people said that hope is the most exquisite torture of all. To be so close and yet so far from the fulfillment of his fantasies....


As Duo started to divide his hair into braidable sections, Heero abruptly said, "Do you believe in God?"

A startled Duo jerked his head up at the unexpected question.

"Say what?"

"Do you believe in God?"

"Heero, what the hell brought this on?"

"Just answer the damn question," came the Wing pilot's curt response.

Duo gave up on trying to braid his hair and tossed the whole mass over his shoulder before turning to face his fellow pilot.

"Why on earth do you want to know?"

Heero scowled, but didn't immediately reply. Just as Duo thought that the Wing pilot was about to give up on the interrogation, he said, "Answer the question first. Then I'll tell you why." There was another long pause, then Heero quietly added, "Please."

Duo blinked in amazement. "Well, if you ask so nicely...." The usual cheerfulness abruptly drained from his expression. Fixing his gaze on a blank spot on the wall, he said in a quietly bitter voice, "The answer is no. I don't believe in God. God is DEAD. Or if he's not, he fucking well deserves to be."

As Heero's eyes widened slightly at Duo's unexpectedly harsh response, he continued, "And people who sit around trusting in God's mercy or praying for salvation are fools. God helps no one. God didn't give a shit about me so why should I believe in him?"

The long-haired teenager took a deep breath, rubbed at the suddenly tense muscles in his neck, and muttered, "Okay, you've got your answer. So why the hell did you want to know?"

Heero gave him a perplexed and rather frustrated stare. "I asked because I'm trying to figure out how you think."

Duo snorted and said, "Simple little old me?"

The Wing pilot surged to his feet and stalked over to Duo's bed.

"Yes, you."

"So why did you want to...?"

Heero grabbed the collar of Duo's bathrobe and roughly hauled him off the bed. Slamming the startled boy up against the wall, The Wing pilot shouted, "WHY!? Because you're driving me crazy, that's WHY!"

The flare of guilt in Duo's indigo eyes made it abundantly clear that he knew exactly what the other boy was talking about.

"Why, Duo? Why are you doing this to me? You say you want me. You touch me, you hold me, you kiss me... but then you keep running away!"


"Heero, I...." What could he say? How could he possibly explain his behavior when he didn't even understand it himself? He had no words. All he had left was action. He reached out toward Heero....

....only to have his hand angrily slapped away.

"Don't touch me, Duo. Not unless you really mean it. I'm tired of your games. I thought that maybe it was some sort of religious belief holding you back. I could understand that. But you say you don't believe in God or religion, so what does that leave? Has all this been nothing more than a sick practical joke for you!?"

"No! It's not like that! It's... it's...." As his voice trailed off, Duo's shoulders slumped and he looked away.

Heero grabbed Duo's chin and pulled his head up, forcing the clouded violet eyes to meet his own. In a low, furious voice, he demanded, "What do you want from me, Duo? What do you want me to DO!?"


.... lightly tanned skin, eyes of deepest blue, and dark rumpled hair where there had only been glaring, barren whiteness....

.... a warm touch of another living being where there had only been an aching, hollow void....

.... the sound of a human voice where there had only been smothering silence....


The memories vanished from Duo's awareness as quickly as they had arrived, but in their wake, they left a devastating memento of their presence.

Pure, overwhelming desire... passion... craving... ache... hunger... lust.... a need so intense that Duo would have screamed if he could only find enough breath to do so....

But virtually none of this torment was outwardly visible to Heero's eyes. Duo simply sagged against the wall, quietly gasping. Then, with his eyes half-closed, he tipped his head back, and whispered, "I... want you... I... need... touch me... please... touch me... don't leave... me... please... Heero... I... NEED...!"

The low husky pleas coming from Duo's barely parted lips were an irresistible invitation for Heero. Driven both by anger and his own long-frustrated desire, the Wing pilot kissed Duo with ferocious intensity, ruthlessly plundering the vulnerable mouth beneath his.

Duo welcomed the invasion of Heero's tongue... the rough, bruising force of his hands roving over his flesh.... Anything Heero wanted, he could have, if only he would take the need away. He didn't even notice as Heero flung him onto the bed, then ripped away the bathrobe that interfered with his exploration of Duo's body.

The long-haired boy uttered a low, sobbing mew of despair as Heero pulled away just long enough to strip away his own clothing. Duo flung out his hand, fingers outstretched, and groped like a blind man for the presence that was his only salvation from the vicious hunger devouring him alive.

His fingers encountered warm, living flesh and grabbed desperately for it, but Heero ruthlessly pinned his hands down upon the mattress.

"NO. Don't move! You've had plenty of opportunities to drive me crazy. Now it's my turn."

"Heero...!" Duo struggled to explain, to plead... but the ability to communicate utterly deserted him as Heero delicately ran his teeth over one acutely sensitive nipple, then the other. The tormenting mouth slowly worked its way down his body, lingering briefly to plunge into his belly button once... twice... before moving on.

Heero's tongue left a trail of dampness ever so slowly down the length of his erection, then flicked teasingly over the tip. He started to shake as he felt Heero's warm breath flowing around his throbbing cock.

(Don't stop don't stop please don't stop I'll do anything don't stop don't stop don't stop....)

But Heero seemed bent on doing just that... stopping.

His hands were no longer being restrained, but he was afraid to lift them... afraid to move. Heero was angry. If he moved, Heero might leave. Duo couldn't tolerate the possibility of being left alone, so he dug his fingers into the bedding and... endured.


Heero slowly panted and tried to get himself back under control, but his body refused to cooperate. He glanced up Duo's trembling body, noted the white-knuckled hands clenching the sheets, then allowed his gaze to drift up to the other boy's face. Duo's eyes were tightly closed, his mouth open and taking in little sharp gasps of air. With a definite twinge of guilt, Heero knew he had overreacted... maybe he had pushed too hard. If he hurt him....


The other boy flinched slightly, but didn't open his eyes.

"Duo... I didn't mean to... are you... do you want me to stop?" Heero, breathing heavily.

The closed eyes flew open. Violet eyes, darkened with passion and need, stared at him blankly. Heero began to sit up, to move away, but Duo lunged upward and frantically wrapped his arms around Heero's chest.

For an instant, all he heard was Duo's panting gasps. It took him a brief instant to realize that there were words buried in those short, hard sobs.

"Don't stop don't stop please Heero don't stop don't leave me like this please don't I can't stand this Heero please...."

He pushed Duo away just far enough so he could kiss him... but more gently than before. Instead of demanding surrender, his lips offered comfort. As he felt Duo slowly begin to relax in his arms, he stroked the silken brown strands from the heart-shaped face and said softly, "Don't worry. I won't leave you. Just... just tell me what you want."

Burying his head against Heero's chest, Duo trembled helplessly in the grip of unrelenting passion and mumbled, "Please... inside... I need you... inside...."

"All right, Duo. All right. I'll make you feel better, I promise."


Sheer desperation had given Duo the strength to express his overwhelming need, but when Heero tried to push him back down onto the bed, he couldn't force his arms to release their hold on Heero's body. He couldn't stand the thought of being separated from the only person who could calm the beast tearing him apart from within. Finally, Heero was forced to pry his grip loose. He wanted to tell Heero he was sorry, but the merciless hunger within his mind silenced him as effectively as any gag.

Heero turned him over onto his stomach, pulled his hips up into the air, then slowly began to massage his buttocks. And at the end of each stroke, the Wing pilot would run his fingers along the cleft of his ass, slowly separating him, pulling the sides of Duo's buttocks apart. Then, with a quick and decisive thrust, Heero plunged two damp, slickened fingers deep inside of him. They stroked him from within, finding his secret places, sending jolts of pure ecstasy up his spine which slowly... so slowly... began to drown out the maddened craving that tormented him so badly. But it still wasn't quite enough. He knew there was more. There had to be more. He still burned.

His mouth opened, but no words came out. The pleasure that soothed away the hunger also held him prisoner, paralyzing him and rendering him mute. As long as Heero touched him that way... as long as Heero pleasured him, he could do nothing but submit.

And still the fingers caressed him from within and still the waves of exquisite sensation came.

Just as abruptly as they entered his body, Heero pulled his fingers free. The cessation of the ecstasy was almost more than Duo could bear. The monster of desire inside him, freed from Heero's placating spell, stirred once more. He managed a low sobbing whimper and felt Heero's callused hand gently stroking his spine.

"Shhhh. Just a moment, Duo."

The hunger inside him raked him with its claws, testing its power.

(Heero! HEERO!!! Help me!)


The last thing Heero wanted to do was hurt Duo by rushing things, but by now, his own body was throbbing and aching with its own demands. It knew what it wanted. And some instinct told him that Duo simply could not wait any longer.

He took a firm grip on Duo's hips and plunged into him in a single quick stroke.


Duo sensed his vision going gray as he felt Heero enter him, filling him totally. It felt so good, so perfect. It was as if he had been made to receive Heero's cock. And his body loved it.

He found himself rocking back and forth uncontrollably as Heero started a series of slow, measured thrusts. He could only hang there, panting with his mouth open. The irresistible rhythm of sensations dominated his body so completely that he couldn't even breathe except in time with the relentless thrusts.

His eyes went wide and a low, pleading moan escaped from his throat as Heero's hand slipped around his waist to caress his balls and his penis. Pleasure oozed like a living thing from his groin, along his spine, and directly into his brain. The searing desire inside him fed ravenously on the pleasure that Heero so lovingly provided and slowly loosened its grip on his mind and soul.

He now knew what a deeply buried part of himself had always known. Only Heero could make the hunger go away. Only Heero could make him feel better. Only Heero could save him....

Heero now had absolute control. Heero was his entire world -- the only thing that existed for him now... the only thing that had any meaning or importance. Heero's scent... the sound of Heero's voice... the taste of Heero's mouth... the warmth of Heero's hands as they caressed his body... the exquisite pressure of Heero's cock inside him....


Heero hugged Duo close as the violet-eyed teenager's body began to shudder with his approaching orgasm. With his face nestled against his lover's neck, delivering slow sucking kisses, Heero could not see Duo's pleasure-glazed eyes suddenly clear and widen, even as his mouth gaped open in a noiseless cry.

It was not an exclamation of ecstasy, but rather a silent scream of overwhelming terror.

It was the look of a prisoner, hopelessly betrayed, as he hears the click of shackles locking tightly around his body, the slam of a heavy steel cell door closing, and the thud of deadbolts sliding into place.

Heero saw none of this. All he was aware of was Duo's hoarse panting breaths in his ear, the trembling of the exquisite sweat-sheened flesh under his hands.... But even if he had known... even if Heero had been capable of comprehending the significance of Duo's anguished expression, there was nothing he could have done. It was too late to stop the process set in motion... and in a way, there had been no turning back ever since the brief, unremembered instant when he had first touched the boy he now held in his arms.

Because at that very instant, the orgasm finally hit Duo.


"Noooo.... ahhh!" Long chestnut hair went flying as Duo's head thrashed helplessly from side to side in response to the explosion of unbearably intense pleasure inside him. His lips curled up in a faint, hopeless little smile as steady waves of rapturous ecstasy swept through his body, swamping his senses, and drowning all rational thought. The feel of Heero coming inside him only magnified and prolonged the mind-numbing bliss.

But unbeknownst to the two pilots, that same orgasm had unleashed a massive cascade of neurochemicals through Duo's brain. Even as the merciless and irresistible pleasure continued to pour through his trembling body in an seemingly never-ending torrent, those neurochemicals began their dark and insidious work, subtly modifying nerve cells throughout Duo's body -- but especially within the brain -- in accordance to Professor G's carefully thought out scheme.

Totally unaware of the corruption now brewing within his own body, only one thought existed in Duo Maxwell's battered mind before the overwhelming sensations swept away the last vestiges of consciousness.

/ I'm yours, Heero... forever and ever.... /

Author's Notes:

Now Duo probably comes off as the ultimate sub in this part. Well, as you might guess, he is... with HEERO. With anyone else, all bets are off. People expecting Duo to grovel submissively at their feet are liable to get their testicles ripped off and shoved down their throats. As one might imagine, Duo is *not* a happy camper when he realizes what's happened to him. Neither is Heero.

Prof. G: For some odd reason, I suddenly feel like I've got a huge bullseye painted on my back. <sweatdrop>

Dr. J, Master O, Doktor S, Instructor H: You too, huh?

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