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Alternate Reality, yaoi (male/male relationships), mature content, semi-darkfic

Pairings: 1x2/2x1, Rx2/2xR... yes, you heard me *Rx2/2xR!*! ^_^ And other highly unorthodox combinations...


Notes: This fic is a bizarre fusion of GW, Vampire Hunter D, and... <massive sweatdrop>... Utena. It was inspired by: (1) the exquisite trailer for the new Vampire Hunter D movie I saw at Otakon 2000; and (2) some of Abra's E-V-I-L mental images! Yes, Abra, most of this is YOUR fault! :P

Force of Arms
A Gundam Wing fanfic by Madamhydra

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end)
Gundam Wing is copyright of its respective creators and all distributors of their work and used without permission.


All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain
We can be like they are

Come on Baby
Don't fear the reaper
Baby, take my hand
Don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly
Don't fear the reaper

Baby I'm your man

-- "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by HIM
-- originally by Blue Oyster Cult


In the dark interior of the great castle, the Queen of the World rose regally to her feet with a rustle of black silk, then addressed her slaves and minions in a cold commanding voice.

"Prepare my bath."

Even if the hapless mortals who tried their best to live half-way normal lives in the shadow of the Great Castle knew of the fate awaiting the young men and women abducted by the Queen's soldiers, there was nothing they could do except pray to a God which had apparently abandoned them to the she-devil's nonexistent mercy.


The two armored warriors silently hauled the struggling peasant girl was into the luxuriously appointed marble chamber. She gazed wildly at the priceless silks and gleaming chains that festooned the walls and ceiling, then froze in horror when she saw the great silver tub . The scent of rich incense and beeswax did nothing to conceal the unmistakable reek of the tub's crimson contents.

It was full of freshly spilt blood.

A severely dressed woman, her brown hair tightly coiled into buns, walked forward to examine the prisoner. The girl, her arms bound tightly behind her, could do nothing but cringe as the woman grabbed her chin firmly.

"But... but I'm not a virgin!" the girl screeched desperately.

The brown-haired woman smiled coldly, her eyeglasses glinting in the light of numerous candles, and said, "You're young, healthy, and pretty. That's all that matters." She extended her hand and a chain dropped into her waiting fingers. Tossing the chain to one of the guards, she said coldly, "String her up."

"At once, Lady Une."

The girl was flung face down onto the icy white marble tiles. As one guard held her down, the other man deftly wrapped the chain securely around her ankles. Without any assistance from the guards, the chain tightened and hauled the struggling girl upward until she dangled several feet above the blood-filled bathtub.

Lady Une turned to the guards and said impatiently, "Hurry and get the others. The Queen will be arriving for her bath shortly."


An half hour later, the Queen of the World, once known as Lady Relena of House Peacecraft, was reclining in the great silver tub. As her slaves attended to her lower body, she allowed her head fall back and smiled as she felt the patter of blood drops against her pale white skin. Opening her eyes, she lazily gazed upward at the nine corpses suspended above her, their throats slashed open. Hanging them by their ankles ensured that not one useful drop of blood was wasted.

Relena lifted a hand and idly licked the rich redness from her fingers. Spells allowed the blood in the tub to remain fresh and liquid, but the bath need to be revitalized with new blood on a regular basis. She closed her eyes again and languidly extended herarm and gave her newest male slave the privilege of licking the blood from his mistress's fingers. He did so, his dark, nearly black eyes empty of anything except abject devotion.

"You look like you're really enjoying yourself," a vibrant, sultry male voice cheerful noted.

Without opening her icy blue eyes, Relena smiled slowly and said, "Indeed I am. And why don't you join me, Duo, my love?"

The young man dressed in simple, perfectly tailored black silk and leather from head to toe, stroked his long chestnut brown braid and said, "Thanks for the offer, but I'm off to find myself a small snack." Even in the light of myriad candles, dark shadows lurked behind and hovered around Duo like a back of loyal hounds waiting on their master.

"Could I offer you something?" Relena said, carelessly gesturing at her slaves with her free hand and sending fine splatters of blood flying.

Duo hummed thoughtfully as he eyed Relena's newest male slave who knelt beside the silver tub, completely naked. The straight, silky black hair, faintly golden skin, and slanted eyes definitely gave the young man an exotic allure that was missing in the more common slaves.

"Sorry, but not him, darling. I'm not finished with him yet."

Duo chuckled and said, "He certainly looks very obedient," as he casually stroked the male slave's fine straight hair.

Relena finally opened her eyes to look at her demon lover. "On the surface, he's under control, but deep inside, he still resisting me." She turned her chill blue gaze to her newest slave. "With your abilities, I know that you can sense that even better than I can, Duo."

"It's only to be expected. After all, he's one of Grandmaster Khushrenada's handpicked Hunters. Their willpower and fanaticism are infamous."

"*Was* one of Khushrenada's Hunters. 'Was' being the operative term. He's not a Hunter anymore. Are you, Wufei?"

"No, my Mistress."

"And what are you?"

"Your devoted slave, Mistress," Wufei replied softly, then returned to licking up every last trace of blood from the Queen's fingers.

Relena chuckled throatily. "He says that so sweetly, but a part of his mind is absolutely writhing in rage and humiliation."

Duo delicately stroked a slender finger along Wufei's neck, causing the Hunter-now-slave shiver as an uncontrollable wave of sexual need flooded his body.

The demon smiled. An incubus didn't certainly need to physically touch his victims or prey in order to arouse them, but it was his personal preference.

Relena thought a moment, then shook her head. "Perhaps I'll give him to you later, darling." She suddenly uttered a malicious ripple of laughter. "Ah, there was a definite spasm of fear in his mind when I said that." She turned back to Duo. "Now I'm feeling a bit insulted. Apparently he fears you more than he fears me!"

Duo snorted. "Don't ask me why! Compared to you, I'm positively harmless." He cocked his head slightly and commented, "What are you planning to use him for? Besides the obvious, of course. He's not going to be good for much more than a sexual plaything if you totally break him this way."

Relena sneered delicately. "That's entirely his fault. I gave him a reasonable opportunity to renounce his loyalty to Khushrenada, but he refused. The consequences are on his head. I suppose I could use him as breeding stock. What do you think, Meiran? Interested in a daughter?"

A deceptively petite woman, with the same exotic features as Wufei, emerged from the chamber's shadows. The Queen's most highly favored assassin glanced down at the kneeling slave and her lip curled slightly. However, all she said was a relatively neutral, "Hn."

As Duo smothered a chuckle, Relena continued, "That reminds me. How is our other ex-Hunter doing?"

"Quite well, I think. He shows lots of talent. But considering his background, your brother is naturally keeping a careful eye on him."

"Ah, the ever so diligent Milliard," Relena said with a scornful smile.

With a casual wave of his hand, Duo said, "He still has a hard time accepting that you defeated him in the Duel. Instead of him being the King of the World, you won and became Queen."

Relena sat up, pulling her hand away from Wufei's ministrations. With a snap of her fingers, the slaves' eyes glazed over and their bodies went slack, like puppets with their strings cut. She leaned her arms on the rim of the great blood-filled tub and gazed up at Duo. In an uncommonly serious voice, she asked softly, "And how do you feel about it, Duo? Or should I say... Shinigami?"

His brilliant amethyst gaze fixed on Relena's face, Duo shrugged and simply said, "By the rules of the Duel, you fought and won me in combat, so I am yours. But you know that circumstances can always change."

Relena reached out her hand and Duo willingly held out his own so she could grasp it. As their fingers intertwined, she murmured, "I know that. I'm sure both Milliard and Dorothy plot to challenge me again. It's simply a matter of time. But I refuse to lose that challenge *and* you." Her grip tightened on Duo's hand.

"Because as the legends say, the one who possesses Shinigami rules the world."


In another portion of the great castle, Lady Dorothy pinched out the flame burning on top of a large black pillar candle, then covered the smouldering brazier beside her with a lid.

Her experiments had not been as successful as she had hoped, but there was no denying that she was making steady progress. But she still wasn't strong enough to challenge Relena in the Duel.

However, she could afford to be patient. Her sorcery and magical skills made her too useful to be casually eliminated. Both she and Relena knew that, so as long as she was careful and behaved herself, she was reasonably secure.

A knock interrupted her thoughts. With a careless wave of her hand, she commanded the door to unlock and called out, "Enter."

The heavy wooden door opened and a tall, wiry youth silently entered the room. A long bang of brownish-auburn hair obscured one emerald eye, but the other visible eye missed nothing as he quickly and unobtrusively scanned the room.

"Well, what is it?"

"Lord Milliard requests your presence in the barracks. A matter of security, Lady Dorothy."

"Indeed. Very well. When?"


Dorothy rose to her feet, her heavy brocade gown rustling softly and followed the messenger out into the hallway. As they headed toward the barracks, she said archly, "You must be the ex-Hunter Milliard's been talking about."

He nodded silently, his steps never slowing.

"And what's your name?"

"Trowa Barton, my lady."


In the distant mountains, a good two weeks travel away from the Queen's stronghold, stood a mighty fortress which was one of the few surviving bastions against the Queen's dark power. In one wing of its hallowed stone halls, two young men waited for their meeting with the Grandmaster of their order.

The Order of the Blessed White Eagle had a holy mandate to hunt down and destroy evil in whatever form it may be found. The elite of the Order were the Hunters, both men and women specially trained to handle the most dangerous and powerful opponents. Unfortunately, in the last century, both the Order and the Hunters had become stretched perilously thin as the Dark Queen's corrupting influence spread across the land. Old allies turned hostile and former friends turned traitor....

Heero Yuy leaned against a column as he stoically waited. However, his blond companion paced restlessly in the small gallery leading to Grandmaster Treize Khushrenada's quarters.

Finally, Heero said, "Quatre, calm down. You're just wasting energy."

The blond whirled around and snapped, "How can I calm down!? Do you know what they're saying about Trowa now? They're calling him a traitor!"

"Well, you must admit the circumstances are suspicious, especially with Wufei's disappearance."

Quatre muttered, "I know that. But what I don't understand is why Wufei is merely listed as missing-in-action while they're labelling Trowa a traitor. They've both vanished!"

Heero frowned. "Secret agendas. It seems that Trowa has a personal enemy within the order, someone who's taking advantage of the situation to ruin his reputation."

"That's what's so frustrating to me! We're supposed to be united in our fight against the Dark Queen, but instead, we seem to be spending more energy fighting among ourselves than against the enemy!"

"That's sadly true," a firm voice said behind them.

The two young men whirled around to see the Grandmaster standing only a few feet away.

"Sir, I didn't detect you...," Quatre said in surprise.

Treize smiled cryptically, then said, "I have a new mission for the two of you."

"Yes, Sir?" the two Hunters responded.

The Grandmaster clasped his hands behind his back and said, "Your mission is to determine the whereabouts and the fate of both Trowa Barton and Wufei Chang." Gazing thoughtfully at the two Hunters before him, he added, "More importantly, you are to determine whether Barton has actually turned traitor. Or not."

"Or not? What do you mean, Sir?" Heero said with a frown.

"As you are probably aware, Barton's specialty is infiltration. Normally our task is to simply comfront and exterminate whatever evil we encounter. However, the situation with respect with the Dark Queen was deemed complex and serious enough to require special information... the type that can only be gathered from within."

"So you sent Trowa in undercover...," Quatre said slowly.

Heer added, "But now you don't know whether he's still holding true to his vows and Order, or whether he's now serving the Dark Queen."

"Correct. Your mission will require extreme care. If he's still loyal to the Order, then his position must not be compromised. The information he's looking for is vital to our plans. However, if he's turned traitor, then he must die."

Quatre said evenly, "I see."

"What about Wufei?" Heero inquired.

"We don't know if Chang's disappearance is connected to Barton or not. All we know is that Chang's current investigation led him directly to the Dark Queen's castle." Treize paused briefly, before continuing.

"I've chosen you not only because of your skills, but because both of you are friends with Barton. I'm well aware that there are several people within the order who harbor personal animosity against him. With you, Barton has at least a chance at a fair hearing."

Quatre took a deep breath and said, "We appreciate your confidence, Sir."

"Then proceed at once."

The two Hunters started to leave, but Heero suddenly turned and said, "Sir, exactly what information was Trowa looking for?"

Treize replied evenly, "The secret of the Dark Queen's power."

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