Just a little something I cooked up as I recuperate. Hopefully it
will be reasonably coherent. It's rather new territory for me
and I'll just leave it at that. ^_^; This first part is more
of a teaser and part 2 will have the more interesting bits.

BTW, this fic comes with a slight twist (it ain't lemon -- sorry
to disappoint you guys), so don't assume anything....

I know someone else has written a fic with the same title, but I can't
remember who <grovel> and it was the best title I could think
of. I hope it won't cause any confusion.... <sheepish grin>

A Gundam Wing "Blanket Fic" story by Madamhydra
Part 1 (of 2)

Short Disclaimer: (Full Disclaimers at the end)
Gundam Wing is copyright of its respective creators and all
distributors of their work and used without permission.


A soul in tension that's learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Can't keep my eyes from the-circling-skies
Tongue-tied & twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I

-- Pink Floyd

Consciousness returned slowly. He could sense heat seeping out of his
sore body, relentlessly leeched away by the icy water that lapped at
his left side. Blinking, he sat up and attempted to orient himself.
The truck lay on its side in the shallow ravine, half buried by the
snow. The same avalanche that had saved them by sweeping away most of
their pursuers had also nearly killed them.

A low moan abruptly made him realize why he was only partially chilled
-- he had been lying on top of Duo Maxwell, who had been driving the
truck during their getaway and now lay almost completely submerged in
the freezing cold creek water in the cabin.

After a quick check for broken bones, he quickly hauled the shivering
Deathscythe pilot out of the water. He then quickly peeked in the
back of the nearly crushed truck and managed to salvage a half-filled
backpack, all without dropping his companion back into the water.

A glance through the shattered side window indicated that there was
only a few hours of daylight left, but the smell of smoke and the reek
of spilt fuel told him that it was too dangerous to linger in the
truck any longer, to say nothing of the possibility of discovery.

He kicked out the windshield, shouldered the backpack, and staggered
out of the truck cabin, dragging Duo beside him. Fortunately, the
Deathscythe pilot was semi-conscious and managed to stumble along with
his help, otherwise, the climb out of the rocky stream bed would have
been nearly impossible.

A long look at the cloudy sky brought a frown to his face. More snow
was coming. They had to find shelter and soon. Even now, he could
feel the wind pick up and bite through their stolen uniforms.

"Y-Y-You g-g-g-go on a-ahead...," the braided pilot choked out between
chattering teeth.

He didn't bother to reply, but wrapped an arm around Duo's waist and
continued to make his way into the woods. If he remembered correctly,
shelter was only a mile or so. The only question is whether the two
of them would make it before darkness fell and the incoming blizzard
obliterated all landmarks.


Over an hour later, with the fall of the first massive snowflakes, he
kicked open the door to a snug little cabin. Unfortunately, the cabin
was also totally barren of any supplies.

With a slight frown, he let the unconscious and nearly blue Duo slide
to the floor as he turned to secure the door. Checking out the
backpack, he found a single blanket, a few food bars, and a lamp with
a decent supply of fuel pellets. The solid fuel pellets were designed
to burn brightly, but unfortunately produced little heat.

He lit the lamp and carried it over to Duo's side. With cool
efficiency, he stripped off Duo's soaked and nearly frozen stiff
clothes, leaving nothing except his underwear. He paused a moment,
then moving much more slowly, he removed his own snow dampened
uniform. Laying the wet clothes out to dry the best they could, he
then picked up the blanket. But as he stood over the now naked Duo,
he hesitated. He knew what he had to do -- Duo was in serious danger
from hypothermia and if he didn't get the other pilot warm quickly,
Duo could die.

Finally, his lips thinned, then with a stoic expression, he knelt over
Duo and began to briskly massage the braided teenager's limbs with the
blanket. Unfortunately, he could tell that rubdown wasn't going to be
enough. Duo's core temperature had dropped too low for simple massage
to be sufficient. There was only one thing left to do and that was to
use his own body heat to warm up Duo.

He rolled the braided pilot onto one side of the blanket, then with a
very deep breath, he lay down beside Duo. Pulling the blanket over
both of them, he edged as closely as he could manage without actually
touching the other teenager. His heart fluttered in his chest like a
panic-stricken bird at the thought of being nearly naked and lying so
close to an equally unclothed Duo.

Without warning, Duo abruptly rolled over onto his side to face him.
With their noses nearly bumping, the braided teenager scowled and in a
slurred voice mumbled, "If you're... trying... to warm me up...
you're... doing... an absolutely... lousy job... of heat transfer...

(to be continued)