<nervous giggle> I was at the video store this weekend and picked up a new DVD of one of my favorite anime movies (an action/comedy). While I was watching it, a diabolical new muse whacked me over the head and said, "Why don't you do a fusion of this movie and GW?"

So here's a quick teaser.... tell me if you think this idea is worth writing about or not! But please don't yell at me about my other ficcies! <hastily dodges rocks, bottles, stale pocky....> ^_^;


[ The g-boys, Relena, Dorothy, Une, Zechs, and Treize sit around in a room waiting with varying degrees of impatience ]

Wufei: <scowl> What on earth are we doing here!?

Duo: Listen, Wu-man! When a fanfic writer tells you to come, you come!

Wufei: <suffers massive nose-bleed>

Treize: <smiles inscrutably as he swirls the wine in his glass>

Zechs: <chokes on HIS wine>

Trowa: //_o

Quatre: Duo! <blushing madly>

Duo: -_-; I didn't mean it THAT way! <mutter> And they call *ME* dirty-minded....

Dorothy: <snicker>

Une: <snort>

Relena: <totally clueless> Did I miss something?

Heero: Hn.

[ The Hydra slithers into the room with a stack of papers ]

Hydra: I'm glad you're all here! This is the casting call for a new fic idea of mine!

Duo: Let me guess. Another muse ambushed you...

Hydra: <sheepish grin> Yeah....

Duo: You're going to get LYNCHED by the readers of all those OTHER fics!

Hydra: I know... <looks nervously over her shoulder> Oh well, it's too late now. <gives each GW character a sheet of paper> These are your assigned roles in my new story. <evil grin>

Duo: <stares nervously at sheet, then jumps into the air> Yippee! I get to be the dashing, debonair, charming, yet remarkably cunning gentleman thief!

Wufei: <glares> And he rattled that off all in one breath....

Duo: So what did you guys get?

Quatre: <dubious look> Um... I'm your close friend and ally, an expert marksman and a... former ex-mobster....? <sweatdrop> Trowa?

Trowa: .... I'm also Duo's ally, a stoic samurai swordsman who has a katana that can cut through anything.

Wufei: <fuming> Now why didn't I get THAT role!?

Duo: <snickers> So what did you get, Wu-man?

Wufei: <looks at paper> Well... I suppose that it's not TOO bad. I'm the police inspector who's constantly trying to chase down and apprehend Duo. <dreamy expression> In the service of justice!

Duo: O_o

Dorothy: <utters a throaty chuckle> I'm Duo's smart, sneaky ex-lover who's his sometimes ally, sometimes competitor in crime.

Duo: Eeep! <sweatdrops>

Dorothy: A femme fatale. I could enjoy this.... <eyeing Duo thoughtfully>

Quatre: Um, Relena? What's your role?

Relena: <blinks in bewilderment, then gets a strange, almost dangerous smile on her face as she continues to read> Me? Why, I'm the villain! A cunning, ruthless mastermind of crime! <practices her coolly sinister laugh>

Une: I'm her second-in-command and head of assassins. <smiles slowly>

[ Duo, Quatre, and Trowa sweatdrop ]

Duo: They seem so... enthusiatic about it....

Quatre: Indeed....

Trowa: //_-

Zechs: <nonchalant shrug> I'm the captain of Relena's royal guard.

Treize: I'm the... 'gruff but good-hearted' gardener? <sighs, then sniffs at a rose>

Heero: <silently stares at the innocent piece of paper>

Hydra: Okay, the basic plot is this. Relena is the evil Countess who's engaged in numerous dastardly plots, but her speciality is counterfeiting. Duo shows up in the Countess's country to poke around and grab some of the action himself, but ends up bumping into Relena's runaway fiance, whom she is foully trying to force into marriage. Duo nobly decides to rescue the poor guy from Relena's evil clutches....

Quatre: But who's the 'poor fiance in distress'?

Heero: I am. <stony stare at the Hydra>

[ Everyone in the room slowly turns and looks at Heero ]

Relena: <sniggers menacingly, then bursts into full-blown 'evil genius' laughter>

Duo: <glomps Heero> Don't worry! I'll save you from a fate worse than death! <grins wickedly>

Heero: <whacks Duo on the side of the head> Idiot. <reaches into his spandex shorts>

[ Hydra decides discretion is the better part of valor and hastily slithers toward the door ]

Hydra: Heh heh heh... We start tomorrow so read up on your parts! <tosses a pile of scripts on the floor and bolts out the door before Heero can start shooting>

Heero: Hn. <sulk>

Duo: <picking up script>

Wufei: So what's the name of the story, Maxwell?

[ Duo shows them the script's title page. It reads "The Castle of Caglistro", but the word "Caglistro" has been hurriedly scratched out and replaced by "Peacecraft" ]

Everyone: "The Castle of Peacecraft"!?!?!?

Heero: Omae o korosu, Hydra!

[ Demented laughter echoes up from the Hydra's lair ]


Okay, for those of you familiar with Lupin III and "The Castle of Cagliostro", here are the roles that each GW character got assigned:

Duo -- Lupin III
Quatre - Jigen
Trowa - Goemon

Wufei - Inspector Zenigata
Dorothy - Fujiko

Heero - Lady Clarisse de Cagliostro
Treize - the Gardener

Relena - Count Cagliostro
Lady Une - Jodo
Zechs - Hans

If you guys know nothing about "The Castle of Cagliostro" (a GREAT movie, by the way!), don't worry about it... Knowledge of Lupin III is good, but won't be necessary, I think. ^_^