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A Gundam Wing fic by Madamhydra

I gotta feel it in my blood
I need your touch, don't need your love

And I want, and I need, and I lust
And I want, and I need, and I lust

And I want -- take me
And I need -- tame me
And I lust -- make me
Animal, your animal

And I want -- show me
And I need -- stroke me
And I lust -- let me be your
Animal, animal

-- "Animal" by Def Leppard

As he stood at the fringes of the restless crowd, Heero heard his phone utter a muted buzz. Moving to a more secluded location, he pulled it out and noted that the call originated from Duo's phone.

"You were supposed to get Relena to the meeting over an hour ago," Heero snapped tersely.

To the Wing pilot's surprise, he heard a familiar female voice answering in a taut, even-toned whisper.


His blue eyes narrowed dangerously. Relena sounded as if she was desperately trying to stay calm and composed, but there was no doubt she was scared... badly scared. There was an odd background rumble, but he couldn't be certain if it was an actual noise from Relena's end or just static on the line.

"What's wrong? Where's Duo?"

In the same tightly controlled voice she had used before, Relena murmured, "He's... he's just a few feet away from me... easy... take it easy... that's a good Duo... nice Duo...." Her voice trailed off into soft, hoarse pants.

The background rumble become a touch louder. That sound was definitely coming from her end, but it didn't sound like machinery.

"What's going on, Relena?"

At first all he could hear was her slow, careful breathing. Finally she said, "We... we're in serious trouble. There was an ambush... Duo slipped me his phone because there was a good chance that I wouldn't be searched. They killed the others." She paused and gulped before continuing. "And Duo... oh my god... they... he's...."

The Wing pilot inhaled sharply as he suddenly identified the strange background noise. It was no machine or engine. He had heard that particular sound before when he and Duo had visited Trowa at the circus.

The low rumble was actually a growl of a feline... a very large feline.

Now the desperate calmness in Relena's voice made perfect sense. He lowered his own voice and said evenly into the phone, "Is there a wild animal near you?"


Clutching the phone in a white-knuckled grip, Relena tried to flatten herself against the unyielding wall even more and stared into the near darkness. On the other side of the heavily reinforced cell, nearly blending into the shadows, something stirred.

Sleek, but immensely powerful muscles rippled underneath both velvety black fur and pale silken skin as the body stretched with slow, ominous grace. Pointed ears swivelled fluidly to track her every movement, while the long tail languidly flicked from side to side. A faintest trace of a musky odor filled the air as razor sharp claws extended and scraped against the floor, leaving gouges in the hard concrete.

Even in the dim light, Relena could very clearly see the gleaming white fangs as lips curled back in a lazy yawn... or perhaps it was a snarl. The stretch was followed by a sharp toss of the head which sent the mane of long, silky chestnut hair -- now streaked with light-devouring black -- flying.

As the luminous violet eyes with their slitted vertical pupils narrowed in her direction, Relena finally managed to choke out a response to the Wing pilot's question.

"A wild animal... I... I guess you could say that, Heero."

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