Next ficlet... in what I've decided to call the "Reaching Toward Understanding" arc...

Follows "Presumptuous"

While You Sleep

You still snore.

It's a crazy thing to think of, the first thing after opening my eyes, but it's true. You're snoring, your head resting on the pillow next to mine, relaxed. Your mouth hanging slightly open, and the soft rumble of your breath gusting in and out of it.

I remember how much it used to bother me when we were rooming together on those missions where one wasn't enough, but two were really too much. It kept me up for hours at night, till I could have cheerfully smothered you with my pillow in my frustration at not being able to sleep.

God, what are you doing here, anyway, with your arm pinning me to the bed while you sleep? It's damned cheeky of you. What if I had to go to work this morning, huh?

It's just as well that I took the week off. But the thought's there.

Well, I guess I'll just have to watch you while you sleep. Like anyone would turn down an opportunity to do that. I think I'm the only one you trust enough to sleep in front of, though.

I was an idiot, wasn't I? I think I must have been, to walk out on you without at least taking a chance to find out what you might have had to say. I'm sorry.

Your fingers flex and curl a little on my shoulder. I like this feeling of just being with you. I think it's better than anything else I could possibly ever experience, and that's including sex.

I reach up and cover your hand with mine. Neither of us is going anywhere until we work this out, one way or another. I close my eyes to wait for you while you sleep.

The next time I open them, I find myself staring back into your eyes.


There'll be more, I promise...