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When the Mood Strikes... by Lys ap Adin

Duo prowled through the safehouse, an easily recognizable glitter darkening his eyes. His braided twitched with each motion like a cat's tail, lending a sense of... anticipation... to his movements.

He found his prey enthralled by a laptop, the rhythmic tapping of Heero's fingers across the keyboard playing counterpoint to his regular breaths--the only other sound in the room.

Duo lounged in the door. "Heero... I'm bored. Wanna play?"

Heero's gaze never wavered from the monitor that cast a strange blue glow across his chiseled features. "I'm busy, Duo."

Duo pouted, lifting his braid and brushing it thoughtfully along one high cheekbone. "Too busy for me?"

"Hn." The typing continued.

Duo smirked, and strutted over to Heero's chair, draping himself across the back of the chair. Resting his chin on Heero's shoulder, he wrapped his arms around the other boy's shoulders, sliding one thin hand over Heero's collarbone, dipping skillful fingers inside the collar of the tanktop. "Are you *sure* about that, Heero?" he whispered, breath hot and moist against the hollows of Heero's neck.

Heero, seemingly unfazed, continued typing. "I'm busy, Duo."

Duo, now annoyed, decided *no* was not an acceptable answer. Running his fingers in light circles over Heero's chest, he nuzzled his face against Heero's neck, planting tiny wet kisses along the skin. "Give that laptop a rest, Heero, and come play with *my* laptop."


Duo huffed his breath out impatiently, jerking away from Heero. "Now," he argued. He grinned. "I'm stripping, Heero, wanna watch?" Suiting actions to words, he ran his hands up his chest slowly, working the buttons of his shirt open. He drew each action out, watching Heero with a sensual smirk and half-lidded eyes. He was down to his boxers by the point he realized that Heero wasn't even paying attention.

Duo growled. "You *infuriating* beast." He stalked over to the computer, grabbing Heero's face forcefully and giving his lover a long, deep, angry kiss.

The typing never faltered, and Heero only gasped a little for breath when Duo finally broke away.

"I fucking give up." Duo struggled into a pair of jeans and stormed out of the room.


Heero finished the report, turned off his laptop, and his thoughts immediately turned to Duo. With something that might have been called a hentai gleam in his Prussian eyes, he went in search of his too-sexy partner--it was time to take Duo up on his insistent offers.

He found Duo watching cartoons, and propped himself up on the arm of the couch where Duo was sitting. "I believe we have unfinished business."

Duo barely spared him a glance. "Not now, Heero, I've been waiting to see this show all week."

"Ha. Ha. Very funny, Duo." Heero grabbed the braid and tugged lightly. "You. Me. Bedroom. Now."

"Nope, sorry, I'm not in the mood... sh, here comes the good part... We get to find out if Miguel is really the father of Kelly's baby, or if it's been Bryce all along..." Duo leaned forward, twitching his braid out of Heero's fingers. "Gomen, Heero, but you should have thought about this when the mood struck earlier."

Heero Glared at Duo. "Hn. Baka."

Duo grinned beatifically at the television.




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