In interest of creating a little more noise for y'all (and in hopes of giving Trowa-admin-sama something to read with delight), I present the third ficcie in my ongoing Valentine's Day fun. As with the previous two, it takes place an indeterminate length of time after the end of the war, has nothing to do at all with the other two, and may contain yaoi, angst, lemon, OOC, definitely AU, and ... <pauses to think if she left anything out> just don't be offended by, 'kay? Or if you are, don't tell me about it.

Valentine's Day: Fic the Third (1x3)

Heero Glared ™ at Duo.

It didn't work. The baka was immune to it. He only laughed at Heero. "Ne, Heero, give it up. You know that trick doesn't work on me any more." Heero opened his mouth, but Duo cut him off. "Yeah, yeah, you're gonna kill me."

Heero shut his mouth.

"Duo, stop antagonizing him," Wufei told him.

"But it's so much *fun*!" Duo protested. "If a man can't tease his best friend, what's he supposed to do for a good time?"

"I can think of a few things." Wufei tweaked Duo's braid.

Duo swatted the hand away. "Not now, we have a guest over." He turned the full force of his grin back on Heero. "Now, where was I?"

Heero scowled, having hoped that Wufei would distract Duo enough for the braided one to forget about--that. "Shut up, Duo."

"Aw, c'mon, I've seen you watching him. You've had your eye on him almost as long as I can remember," Duo persisted. "Go on and do what I told you to do. I *dare* you... unless you're *afraid*..."

Heero gritted his teeth. How the hell did he let himself get into these situations? Looking at Duo's devilish grin, he muttered, "Ninmu ryoukai.I hate you a lot, Duo, do you know that?"

Duo smirked at him. "You'll thank me later, I promise."


Surrounded by wildly screaming children, flying bits of popcorn and cotton candy, and far too much noise, Heero promised himself that he'd get Duo for this if it was the last thing he ever did. The braided baka had to die for this...

Just as soon as he finished his mission.

Heero winced at a particularly loud shriek from the small child sitting next to him and returned his attention to the center ring.


Trowa blinked, somewhat surprised. He hadn't been wrong after all; he really had seen Heero Yuy sitting in the audience. And now, after the performance, he was standing around as if there was something he wanted to do, but wasn't quite sure about how to go about doing it. Then he saw Trowa, and an indecipherable expression crossed his face. Gone before Trowa was even certain it had existed. Heero's face became purposeful, and he headed over to where Trowa stood.


"Trowa." There was a momentary pause, then Heero added, "Good show."

"Thanks." Then Trowa turned away as he heard his sister call his name.

Her face positively glowing, and her arms filled with red roses, Cathrine joined the two men. "Hello, Heero. Wonderful performance as usual, Trowa."

He smiled gently, as much in response to the praise as to the look of happiness on her face. "From Quatre?" he asked, nodding at the flowers.

She grinned widely. "Yes, he knew how sad I was that he couldn't be with me today, so he sent me these instead."

Trowa looked amused about something. "What's keeping him away on today of all days?"

Cathrine sighed sadly. "It was business, something unavoidable. I know he tried really hard to get out of it, but..." She smiled again. "It's okay, though. Some of the girls are going out tonight, and I think I'll just--"

"Go with me to the opera instead?" Quatre interrupted her, placing his arms around her from behind.

Cathrine stiffened, then squealed with delight. "Oh, you--" she laughed, turning around to look at Quatre's impish smile. "What are you doing here?"

"Sweeping you off your feet," he replied gravely, proceeding to do so. "Thanks for distracting her for me, Trowa. Hello, Heero."

"You were in on this all along," Cathrine accused him.

"You're complaining?" Trowa asked, straight-faced.

"Not at all." She snuggled closer to Quatre.

Quatre smiled at Trowa and Heero. "I'd stay and chat, but... There are urgent things I need to take care of," he apologized. "Bye, guys."

As he walked off, Heero looked curiously at Trowa. "What's so important about today?"

"It's Valentine's Day." Trowa glanced at Heero. "You didn't know?"

"I don't pay attention to such things," Heero replied, with as much dignity as he could muster. *Duo. Omae o korosu.*

"You should. We're not soldiers any more, and these things are important." Trowa tilted his head slightly. "Hungry? I have real food in my trailer."

"Aa." Heero set off after Trowa, plotting all the while the many possible ways in which he could conceivably punish Duo for getting him into this predicament.


Trowa's face twitched, and he handed the package to Heero. The tag, conspicuously displayed, read "To my teddy bear, from his woogey puff." Heero stared at it for a long moment. "Duo," he pronounced finally.

"I know that, but what *is* it?" Trowa asked plaintively. Duo was infamous for his practical jokes and gag gifts. The tag alone was enough to worry Trowa.

Heero shrugged. "Might as well open it and get it over with."

Trowa nodded soberly, and solemnly opened the box, standing back lest the gift prove to be messy. After a moment, when nothing had sprayed or popped out, he leaned back in cautiously. Inside was another box, this one heart-shaped and covered with shiny red foil.

Trowa ripped off the foil and looked at the label. "Oh, God..."

"What did the baka do this time?" Heero peered at the revealed label. "They actually make that kind of stuff?"

"Apparently." Trowa took a deep breath. "Sammy's House of Hentai Chocolates: All the fun one can have in a box [1]," he read. "I don't know if I want to open this..."

Heero nodded. "I wouldn't blame you..." They looked at each other speculatively.

"We're going to open them anyway, aren't we?" Trowa asked, smiling slightly.

"Just so that we can know why we're going to be beating Duo up later," Heero agreed seriously.

"Of course." With a great deal of ceremony, Trowa lifted the lid.

There was a long pause. "Hn. Someone had a high opinion of himself."

Trowa chuckled, replaced the lid, and set Duo's ... gift... aside. "Where does he find that stuff?" he wondered.

"I'd rather go through my life not knowing," Heero replied, the corners of his mouth lifting.

Trowa went to the refrigerator to rummage for something to drink, and found an IOU, courtesy of the flying trapezist, for a case of cokes he had just purchased. Not good. All that left to drink was tap water... and a bottle of New Year's Eve champagne that he'd never gotten around to drinking.


He outlined the situation to Heero, who shrugged. "Never had champagne."

"Might as well drink it now as later..."


They ate a very pleasant meal together, conversing about a few things, but mostly content to share a companionable silence. Heero was most comfortable around Trowa of all the other pilots. He didn't ask too many questions or feel the need to fill up the silences with meaningless chatter... He was very comfortable to spend time with.

The conversation eventually floated around to Duo and his mischiefs... Without really understanding how it happened, Heero let slip the fact that he had been visiting Wufei and Duo prior to visiting Trowa.

"I always figured that Wufei would calm Duo down," Trowa observed quietly.

Heero snorted. "Not likely. Wufei aids and abets him more accurately. He even encouraged me--" He stopped short, deciding then and there that he'd had too much to drink if he could almost let *that* slip out.

Trowa shook his head, smiling. "It must be Duo... incorrigible, ne?"

"And he's proud of it..." Heero stared down at his hands. //I dare you...// "So. Today is Valentine's Day."

"Yes." Trowa looked at him, visible eye mild.

"What is customary on this holiday?"

"An exchange of tokens of affection between people who like or love each other, the occasional extravagant gift, declarations of emotion, and the like," Trowa explained. "Like Cathrine and Quatre."

"Aa." They lapsed into silence again.

//Follow your feelings...//

Heero glanced over at Trowa... no matter how neatly arranged, trailers contain a finite amount of space, and the two of them were sitting very close due to the lack of room. If he moved just a few inches, he could easily touch Trowa.

*Duo, if I regret doing this, you are so DEAD.*

"Ne, Trowa..."


Heero looked at him seriously. "Happy Valentine's Day." He leaned over and kissed Trowa--clumsily, but with sincerity.

Trowa stared back at him, surprise written across his face. "He-Heero." He touched his lips, as if he couldn't quite believe what had just happened. "Why?"

Heero swallowed. "Because. On Valentine's Day declarations of emotion are made."

"Aa..." Trowa stretched out his hand and placed it over Heero's. "Then... Happy Valentine's Day..."


[1] Used this with the kind generosity of my koibito. Arigato, ara-chan!

Well... <glares at the ficcie> This took me MUCH too long to write... and gave me all sorts of grief... and I'm not sure if the boys are in character at all... Ch. Oh well. Comments, Criticisms, Chocolate, and Chibis are all welcome!