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OOC? Set after the war, p5 is a flashback and the epilogue picks up about where the prologue ended.

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Two's Company... by Lys ap Adin
Part Five

Relena had to laugh at the slight accents of anguish in Duo's tone. He pouted. "It's not funny, ojousan."

"Now you know how I just felt," she pointed out.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever," he retorted.

"You two planned this, didn't you?" Heero asked suddenly, disentangling himself from Relena and moving a few feet from his two new lovers. He drew his knees up to his chest, resting his chin on his crossed arms. He stared at them, dark eyes confused.

Duo sighed as he realized that he wouldn't be getting any in the very near fuure. "Pretty much, yeah. Hope you don't mind."

"Why?" Cobalt eyes regarded them intently, trying to hid unaccustomed vulnerability behind flat hostility and largely failing.

Relena sat up, stretching slowly. She smiled at Heero. "Like we already told you, Heero. We love you."

"And we're too impatient to wait forever for you to get a clue," Duo added. He grinned.

"Then... what's between the two of you?" Heero asked.

Relena and Duo exchanged looks. "Well... the truth is... we don't know," she said slowly. "We've been friends now for a long time--as long as we've been after you, really."

"And we've sort of come to rely on each other to be there," Duo added. "And there's something funny that happened."

"We talked about it for a long time last night, trying to figure out just what it was we felt about each other," Relena said slowly. Heero's eyes flickered. "We decided that it's not love, exactly."

"But at the same time, we don't want to do without each other," Duo explained. "We still don't know what's going on inside your head, Heero, or if you even care about either of us at all, but we'd like to share--"


Heero swallowed. "Me?" he asked, voice faint.

"Only if you want us to. If you'd rather one--or both--of us to back off, that's okay too," Relena told him. "I know we rushed things a lot this morning. I just hope we didn't ruin things completely by being in too much of a hurry."

"Demo... why me? Why put so much effort into me if you two are so good together?" Heero, bewildered, asked, looking from one to the other searchingly.

Relena blushed faintly. "I know I was silly and infatuated just at first," she admitted, "but you came to mean a lot more to me than just the mysterious soldier who could have cared less about my social prestige. You've always been my source of strength, Heero... I rely on you more than I can say."

Duo smiled at Heero. "Just because. You needed to be loved, to have someone remind you on a consistent basis that you *are* human, no matter what sort of hell you've been through as a soldier. Besides, you're as sexy as hell."

"I... don't deal very well... with my feelings," Heero mumbled, fumbling with his words as he digested what Duo and Relena were telling him. He rested his gaze on the floor, betraying his own agitation by chewing nervously on his lower lip. "I didn't think... anyone would ever care about me... even if I cared for them first..." He glanced up. "I think... I'd like to try, though."

"Then we're here for you, Heero..." Duo offered encouragingly.

"Both of us," Relena said fimly.

Heero offered them a tiny, tentative smile. "...Good. I would have hated to choose between you."

Duo laughed in relief. "And who was calling me hentai earlier, I'd like to know?" He leaned over Relena, taking one of Heero's hands and one of her hands. "Together, I think we can make this work." He kissed first Heero's palm, then Relena's.