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Warnings: Um. Well. THREESOME! Yaoi. Sympathetic Relena. LEMON. Takes place a couple years after the Mariemeia incident. Picks up precisely where part three left off. OOC? Yeah, I write Relena's character pretty much as I see fit... Right now it's sort of pwpish, too. Not that anyone is going to complain...


Two's Company... by Lys ap Adin
Part Four

Relena couldn't control the smile that crept across her lips at the sight of Heero's utterly bewildered expression. "What is going on?" he asked in an almost plaintive tone.

Relena clucked her tongue and looked accusingly at Duo. "Didn't you explain anything at all to him?" she asked.

Duo stretched, catlike, and propped himself up on one elbow, utterly unashamed of his nudity. "I tried, ojousan, but he was just too damned sexy to resist. You're better with words anyway."

Relena chuckled slightly. "That's really a debatable point, Duo. However, since it falls to the woman to take care of things, I can rest assured that the job will get done right." She sauntered a few feet into the kitchen, shrugging off her jacket and tossing it into a corner. "Heero, I want you to listen to me, and for once, hear what I'm telling you, okay?"

"...Ryoukai," he muttered, before hissing softly as Duo's hand slid up his stomach, caressing the skin.

"Duo, stop distracting him. God knows he'd seize on the opportunity to ignore us *again*," Relena ordered, exasperated.

Duo snatched his hand away, contriving to look both guilty and pouty at the same time. "Make it fast, Relena... I'm not known for my patience."

She grinned. "Hai, hai... Heero, I trust I have your attention?" He nodded, briefly. "Good." She moved to stand at his feet, looming over the two very naked young men. "Heero, Duo and I love you. Very much. For the past few years, we've been here for you in any way that you would allow us to be. Both of us have dropped constant hints to you about how much we care--hints that you ignored quite assiduously, I might add. Duo and I have reached a sort of accomodation over time. We're friends and a little bit more now. Last night you walked in on a rather embarrassing scene. The two of us were sick and tired of being lonely on your account, so we took comfort where we could find it. Since you happened to see this, we mutually decided that it was time to take more positive action." Relena spared a glance to the grinning Duo. "I hadn't really meant seducing you. However, since it seems to be rather more effective as a tool than I thought, who am I to argue with matters?"

Heero started to what he felt had been a *very* interesting speech, but Relena's next actions stunned him back into silence. Moving deliberately, she untucked her blouse from her skirt and began unbuttoning it, the fabric parting to reveal tantalizing glimpses of the creamy flesh and lacy undergarments beneath. Smiling at Heero, Relena undid the cuffs of the blouse and allowed the silky shirt to fall off her shoulders. Sliding down her arms, the cloth pooled on the floor behind the young woman, forgotten.


"Hush, Heero. What did Duo say about not speaking?" she admonished him lightly, wrapping her arms around her body and slowly running her hands up her sides. He didn't respond verbally, but Relena noted that he definitely seemed to be interested in what she was doing. *It's about damn time, too.*

Duo leaned back on his elbows, grinning rakishly at the sight of Relena slowly stripping for Heero. *Oi, wonder where ojousan picked this up,* he mused, as she teasingly ran her fingers along the waistband of her prim grey skirt. *Heh. We should've tried this a long time ago...*

Relena unzipped the skirt, letting it fall. She kicked it and the blouse aside and lifted her arms above her head, stretching and allowing Heero's gaze to roam over the soft curves of her body. Oh, yes, he was definitely interested. Her smile broadened a touch, and she brought her hands down, following the line of her neck and moving lower, tracing over the silk and lace of her brassiere, before twisted them behind her back and swiftly unhooking the clasps.

*I am _so_ not going to be able to sit this round out,* Duo thought woefully, taking a moment once again to admire Relena's ample proportions and feeling the renewal of his erection.

Slowly, she slid her stockings off, discarding the sheer garments as well, leaving herself nude except for her panties. Relena couldn't help smirking a little at the sight of the mingled shock and desire on Heero's face as he watched her disrobe. "Like what you see, Heero?" she asked teasingly, removing the last scrap of cloth and moving to straddle Heero's body on all fours. "It certainly looks like you do..." She lowered her mouth to his, claiming it with far more expertise than most would have given her credit for possessing.

Heero's arms came up, pulling Relena down to press against him, the contact of her skin against his arousal causing him to moan involuntarily. Hesitantly--almost shyly--he smoothed his hands along the unfamiliar curves of her body, exploring. Relena shivered and gasped a little at the touch, arching into the touch. Levering herself up, she leaned her head back as Heero cupped her breasts in his hands, thumbs slowly circling the buds of the nipples.

Gazing at him with eyes that glittered behind half-lowered lids, Relena sighed in pleasure, then gasped as Heero tensed beneath her. Using the same strength and dexterity that had earned him the nickname "perfect soldier", he flipped them both and lowered his lips to her breasts. Relena moaned at the feeling of his hot breath tickling her skin and the feeling of Heero's amazingly gentle caresses ghosting over her skin... She rocked her hips against his, encouragingly. A little awkwardly, Heero positioned himself between her legs, pausing uncertainly. Placing reassuring hands on his hips, Relena guided his first slow penetration, the moisture of her own excitement providing enough lubrication.

Duo bit his lower lip at the erotic cries Relena uttered as she and Heero rocked together, discovering a rhythm in each other. Relena, grasping Heero's shoulders, was the first to climax, squeezing her eyes shut and crying out her partner's name. Heero quickly followed her, with a muffled groan.

As their breathing slowed and Heero and Relena became aware of the world around them, an impatient voice asked, "Now, about that threesome..."


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