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Two's Company... by Lys ap Adin
Part Three

//I'm taking a personal day, and that's all there is to it.//

Relena sighed. It had been a rough battle, but she had prevailed. For a moment, she envied Duo. At least *he* had no problems taking a day off from work when he needed to, unlike her. And boy, did they ever need the day off! Relena shook her head, riding the elevator up to Heero's floor. They had decided that both of them should talk to Heero and explain the entire mess... but she was running late. Relena hoped Duo was managing without her.

Raising her hand to knock on the door, she noticed that it was slightly ajar. *How... unusual.* Deciding that she ought to make sure nothing was wrong, Relena let herself into the apartment, making sure to shut the door firmly. As she did so, she caught the soft murmur of a conversation... it sounded like it was coming from the kitchen. She could just make out the husky tones of Duo's voice.

*Ah, good... nothing's wrong,* she thought, relieved, setting her purse down on the floor next to her shoes and padding toward the kitchen. She paused in the doorway, a greeting hovering on her lips--then fading into nothingness before it was ever spoken. Before her *very* stunned eyes, Heero seized Duo's braid, using it to pull his head back and kiss him. Duo's throaty moan floated across the kitchen even as he began unbuttoning Heero's shirt.

Heero tilted his head back as Duo leaned forward, and caught sight of Relena standing there. His eyes widened in shock, his mouth opening to say something. It came out as a choked gasp as Duo, fingers working deftly across the expanse of Heero's chest, rolled his hips into the other man's.

Relena turned red, realizing exactly what was happening... and seeing from the way Heero's eyes had turned into narrowed slits that her presence had been temporarily forgotten. And she couldn't look away to save her life as Duo pushed the shirt off Heero's shoulders and down his arms, the inside-out sleeves effectively restraining his hands.

Duo kissed one bared shoulder, then traced the line of Heero's collar bone with his tongue, all the while working his nipples with his fingers. Heero's face was flushed, his head thrown back as he braced himself against the cabinet behind him. Duo's mouth roamed freely across Heero's skin, taunting and teasing without shame. Heero tugged his hands free of his shirt, tossing it aside and wrapping his arms around Duo. Heero tugged Duo's t-shirt from the tops of his jeans and sliding his hands up Duo's sides, moving the cloth aside as well. Duo paused in his ministrations just long enough to pull the shirt off, discarding it in favor of resuming his explorations of Heero's skin.

Relena watched, fascinated by the interplay of skin against skin, the sharp contrast between Heero's tan hands splayed across Duo's pale back, the smooth play of muscle underneath the flesh... Duo began rolling his hips in small tight circles against Heero's. Relena blinked as Heero growled in response, the sound low and demanding, but strangely pleading.

Duo chuckled softly, wrapping his arms around Heero's body and pulling him away from the support of the cabinet. It quickly became apparent that Heero had *needed* something to lean against as Duo began nibbling and sucking at his neck. Heero's knees buckled.

Relena stifled a giggle at the incongruous expression on Duo's face--the "How the hell did you know what I wanted to do next?" look as he and Heero went sprawling across the floor. But he was nothing if not resourceful, and quickly took advantage of the situation, pinning Heero's arms to his side and kissing him thoroughly even as he was kicking off his own sneakers.

Duo trailed one hand down Heero's chest, pausing just above the top of his pants. Heero grunted a protest at the hesitation. Relena just saw the grin on Duo's face as he set about peeling off Heero's pants and briefs.

One of Heero's hands caught Duo's braid as he ran slender fingers across Heero's erection. Then Heero uttered an unwitting curse as Duo followed the path of his fingers with his tongue, hips heaving up, willing Duo to do more... Duo pulled away, eliciting a frustrated groan.

Duo stripped off his remaining clothes efficiently, saving one moment to extract a tube from one pocket.

"Nani?" Heero asked.

Duo grinned up at him. "Don't speak. Just feel," he murmured. Then he took Heero's erection in his mouth, the movement of his tongue effectively rendering Heero inarticulate. All the while he was busy with the tube, using the contents to coat his fingers. Heero gasped as he was penetrated by careful fingers, stretching him, the pain a counterpoint to the pleasure wreaking utter havoc with his senses.

At last, satisfied, Duo withdrew his fingers and coated himself with the lubricant. Kneeling between Heero's legs and hooking them around his waist, Duo wrapped one slick hand around Heero's erection, pumping slowly. Watching Heero narrowly, he slowly pushed into his body.

It was the most erotic thing that she had ever seen, Relena decided, watching raptly as Heero adjusted slowly to what Duo was doing to him, the expression of shock on his face melting into one of concentration and pleasure as Duo began long, slow thrusts into his body. Then he cried out as Duo changed the angle of his movements slightly, hitting something within Heero's body that caused him to shiver with pleasure.

Duo increased his movements on Heero, until his lover's body shuddered for a long moment and he spilled all over Duo's hand. Duo thrust into Heero a few more times before achieving his own release, a hoarse moan tearing itself from his throat. Shaking and gasping for breath, he withdrew from Heero, curling up at his side.

Heero slowly regained his capacity for rational thought, and he looked down at the man curled at his side. "Ano..."

Duo grinned up at him. "Nani?"

"You can explain it to her." Heero pointed at Relena.

Duo looked guiltily at the doorway, where Relena was standing, arms crossed and foot tapping slightly. "Ohayo, Relena."

She sighed heavily. "As much as I appreciated the show, Duo, couldn't you have at least waited until I got here to start?"