In the same vague area as ~I Don't Understand~. Still not sure which pairing, but knowing my subconscious, it'll probably resolve out into a Duo/Heero pairing of some sort. This isn't the same speaker, though. It's the other member of this little pairing...

I have this vague feeling that there's another fic out there called ~Touch~... sorry if I'm borrowing.


Sometimes I ache to be touched so much that I want to scream. It's almost a tangible pain, when I wrap my arms around myself and rock slightly, trying to satisfy this formless need.

If I try hard enough, I can *almost* feel the phantom arms descending on my shoulders, strong and warm and offering the sense of security that I'm craving. It's never enough, though.

You. I think I would like maybe to be touched by you. I think that in you there is something that could possibly fill my emptiness, if you would just offer it to me. There are moments when all I want to do is crawl inside your skin and know that you will hold me safe. Once I started touching you, though, I'm afraid I would never be able to stop, never be able to get enough. The brief ephemeral contacts we've shared--my fingers twined with yours for too-short seconds, your breath gusting past my ear in a surprised whoosh when I lower my guard for an instant--these things prove to me that you are a drug, a drug that I would gladly be addicted to.

I think my need for you may be my undoing.


C&C, please?