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(Note: Off the cuff and weird and about the real Trowa Barton)

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To Strengthen Resolve

There were days when Trowa Barton's resolve faltered and he questioned the validity of his father's plans against Earth. On those days he wondered if it was truly necessary to execute Operation M, and if a simpler, less drastic plan would not serve the colonies just as well.

On these days, when he questioned himself and his mission, he went to visit his niece.

Barely more than a toddler, she greeted him enthusiastically at every visit, childish face joyous at her beloved uncle's arrival. Looking at her, Trowa could see the traces her Mariemeia's mother, Leia, and for a brief instant at the outset of each visit, it was almost as if he had her back again.

Of course, that was not possible, for Leia, beautiful, fragile Leia, would not greet him ever again with wide, loving eyes. She was gone, laid to rest in the Barton family's vaults. She would never listen to his tales of training and his grand plans for the future of the colonies ever again, because in her despair over the brief affair with Treize Khushrenada, she had taken her own life.

Seeing Mariemeia and the echoes of his sister in the child's innocent eyes strengthened Trowa, reminded him that he was utterly right to pilot Heavyarms for the greater good of the colonies. Earth and her people had to learn respect for the colonies, that there was no reason for them to treat the colony-born as diversions and toys to be discarded when no longer amusing.

This belief, reinforced with every visit to his essentially orphaned niece, squared Trowa Barton's shoulders as he walked through the hangar where Heavyarms awaited the beginning of Operation M.

Soon the colonies would receive the respect they had always warranted.


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