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To Chibify a Gundam by Lys ap Adin

They'd adjusted, somewhat slowly, to the presence of the sixth gundam pilot. Tasuki and Duo hit it off rather well, spending more than one evening getting drunk and trading bawdy stories with each other, and took great delight in tormenting the life out of Wufei together. Tasuki was considerably more respectful to Heero, whose monotone deaththreats the redhead took seriously. Trowa he also left alone, after the unibanged pilot had ignored several overtures, and Quatre he treated like a little brother.

Yes, they had adjusted to the presence of a second hyperactively loudmouthed baka.

Even if he did insist on carrying around a miniature version of his gundam's primary weapon--a tessen that shot flames.


The com channels between the gundams rang with two sets of wild laughter as the six gundams mowed through the ranks of OZ troops. "This is too easy!" Duo crowed, slicing his thermal scythe through another mobile suit.

"Damn it, Maxwell, don't *say* things like that, you know how Murphy's Law works!" Wufei snarled.

"What the hell's Murphy's Law?" Tasuki wondered.

Just then their radars went insane as new waves of OZ reinforcements entered the battlefield.

"This is Murphy's Law," Heero sighed. "This time, Duo? Please?"


"But Wing is due for upgrades! How are the doctors supposed to add the upgrades if I don't blow it up?"

Trowa spoke up. "They remove the access panels, that's how."

"These things have *access* *panels*? Why didn't anyone ever *tell* me that?" Heero complained.

"Could we cut the chatter and worry about the enemy?" Wufei broke in, exasperated.

"Oh... right."

The next few minutes were spent in tense combat, as the gundam pilots were slowly hemmed in by the sheer numbers of OZ troops.

"Well, guys, it looks like this is it," Duo announced, sounding gloomy. "Heero... go ahead if you want..."

"No, wait!" Quatre exclaimed. "My uchuu no kokoro..."

"DAAAA!" A strange cry broke over the com link as a strange mobile suit entered the fray.

For a moment, the more experienced pilots could only stare. Finally, Heero spoke up. "Tell me that isn't a chibi gundam... please?"

The stranger hailed them. "Da! I can't do this all by myself no da! A little help please, na no da?"

A little dazed, the sixth responded, wreaking havoc on the OZ troops. And when it was all over, they gathered to meet the pilot of the new gundam.

Oddly enough, the gundam seemed to be full-sized as they gathered in a loose circle. The hatch popped open, and a smiling man bounded out, wearing a kesa, kasa, and gravity-defying blue bangs. "I'm Chichiri no da!"



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