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The Gundam with a Tessen by Lys ap Adin

"Not good not good not good.... damn, this is so not good," Duo muttered, frantically trying to avoid succumbing to all the legions of hell... or, rather, OZ.

"Shut *up*, Maxwell, we all *know* that!" Wufei sounded even more irritable than normal--it probably had something to do with the forty mobile suits besieging Shenlong.

Heero ran through his options and reached the only logical conclusion. "Get out of here. I'll take care of things."

Duo heaved a long suffering sigh over the comlink. "Shit, Heero, not again! It's the third time this week!"

"Besides, you ought to give the rest of a chance," Trowa commented.

"Winner, what's wrong with you?" Wufei demanded, as Sandrock staggered.

"I--I don't know... my uchuu no kokoro..." Quatre's voice was strained and confused.

"Could you please save it for later? It's a little bit busy right now for that, you know?" Duo pointed out. "Damn it, Heero, I told you, don't self-destruct!"

Guiltily, Heero took his hand off the detonator. "How did you know?"

"Because I'm good--What the hell?" Duo sounded startled. "*Another* mobile suit?!"

The large red mobile suit had appeared out of nowhere, but instead of attacking one of the five gundams... it tore into the OZ troops with a large... fan?

"It's a gundam!" Quatre exclaimed, as a steady stream of bad grammar and swear words crackled to life over the com. "A ... sixth gundam."

Duo whistled appreciatively. "Damn, he cusses even better than I do..."

With the additional help of the mysterious sixth gundam, OZ was once more defeated and the five--now six?--heroes were left standing in a field of oken mobile suits.

The sixth gundam opened, and the pilot stepped out, sunlight gleaming off red hair and a fangy grin. "Oi, I'm Tasuki... damned nice ta meet ya!"



<falls over> I can't believe I wrote that.