<blinks> Was driving home at midnight after dropping a friend off at her house. Was listening to public radio. Heard this phrase used to describe... I think it was Ravel's Piano Concerto in G. Maybe. Fuzzball liked the phrase.
Shounen ai. This seems to me to be 4+3.
Not mine. Don't sue.

Patient Tenderness by Lys ap Adin

I have watched you
and waited, because
you are wary,
too often hurt, and
although my arms have
ached to hold you
close to my heart,
I keep myself in
stillness, knowing that
it is not haste
but patient tenderness
that will bring you
home to me.




Bob: <glares at the Fuzzball> Showoff.
Fuzzball: Squeak. [It's not my fault that NPR doesn't inspire you.]
Bob: Why you little--

Ah, aren't they adorable when they argue?