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Not Too Much

You sounded like hell on the phone. I've never known you not to be in control, but I'm not so sure that you were as in control as you normally are.

Will you knock when you get here, or will you just walk in like you normally do? It's a trivial question, but it's not. Are we still friends, more than friends, or less than friends?

I hug this pillow to my chest and sit curled up on the couch, watching the door and waiting. Waiting, but not hoping. Not much, anyway.

How do I know you just don't want to get rid of the tray and not think about me ever again, anyway? I don't. So it's best not to hope. Not too much, anyway.

I sigh and check the clock. You called five minutes ago. Only five minutes ago. A small eternity ago. It's a twenty minute trip between your place and mine. Damn...

I'm so tired. I can't keep this insomnia thing going for much longer. My eyes burn and itch, and nothing helps, not even the eyedrops. The only real remedy would be sleep.

I look at the clock. Six minutes. Damn. I close my eyes. I don't take to waiting easily. Not at all...

That's the last thing I remember thinking.


Short, yes, but more is on the way.