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Merciless sap.

The Most Perfect Thing

It must be the most perfect thing in the world to lie here and watch your eyes drifting open, two lazy flowers unfurling secrets while I wait.

I'm sorry.

We say it simultaneously, and stop together, and I'm sure I must look as foolish as I feel.

You smile wryly. Maybe we ought to stop meeting like this, you suggest.

I hope not.

Am I as fervent as I sound in my own ears?

Your eyes change, a little, soften and darken. I'd like to wrap myself in them.

Yes, I mean that.

The hand resting on mine lifts away; it's a painful loss. You brush your fingers over my cheek, lightly, before threading them into my hair. We never break eye contact as you pull my head closer to yours and our lips brush across each other's, gentle. Our first kiss. My first kiss.

You pull back, just a little, maybe wary. Maybe scared. Are you afraid you've overstepped the bounds, the unwritten rules of this game? Don't be.

Duo, I love you. Never go away from me again... please?

You make a choked noise in your throat, and you open and close your mouth several times. Finally, you just burrow into my chest, breath hot against my throat, like your trying to bury yourself in me. As I work my arms around you, holding tightly, I can start to feel the tears falling on my skin.

Don't cry. Please don't cry... I don't want to hurt you anymore.

A shudder ripples through your body, and it's muffled laughter. If you're this happy, I just want you to know that it's a strange way of showing it.

Then my heart stands still as you whisper back to me that you love me too.

I was wrong. This is the most perfect thing in the world.


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