<blinks in astonishment> Heh. The Fuzzball muse o' poetry showed up again last night. Go figure.

GW isn't mine. The poem is.

Uh, yaoi, I suppose. I *think* it's Duo and Heero.



Moonlit Reflections by Lys ap Adin

The moon shines across
our tangled bodies, a silent
touch that disturbs nothing
but changes your sleeping face:
cheeks brushed by the moth wing
shadows of eyelashes;
lips softened,
parting slightly, curving gently--
sleep relaxes sternness
till only beauty remains.
I would stay like this
with you, time crumbling
around us like rotting timber,
but the moon wanes
and time marches on,
the perfect soldier
you and I cannot be,
and in the daylight
things change.






Okay, so poetry isn't what I normally do.