<waves enthusiastically> (has had too much sugar and anime) Good evening, everyone! <looks at the clock> 2:01. Hmm. Maybe that should be good morning. <fends off threatening koibito of doom> Must write ficcie! Shall NOT go to bed till Trowa has his say! <eeps> {she needs to go to bed NOW!!! --lys no koi} No! Bob speaks!!!! I shall obey! <maniacal laughter> Go to bed, koibito, I'll be quiet, I promise. <giggles gently as her koibito obeys> Victory is mine. Bwahahahahahah. Appreciate me, minna, I've ticked her off now.

Anyway, as I was saying before I had to hold the above conversation, this is the fifth Monologue. (If you don't have the previous four, email me privately and I will set matters to rights).

Warnings: I really can't think of any, except to say that I've not been exceptionally nice to Relena. And there's yaoi and a definite trace of lemon in the air. But that's normal, ne? This is for all the 4x3 fans out there!

Monologue: Universe by Lys ap Adin

I love the earnest expression on his face as he makes love to me.

The intensity in his eyes tells me that his universe is comprised of me, and only me, especially at this moment. That nothing else matters to him but the here and now, two sweat-slicked bodies entwined in the most intimate way possible.

I arch and gasp as he nibbles at my neck; I'm very sensitive there. He knows that very well and exploits the knowledge ruthlessly. I shudder as he runs his tongue over the pulse at the base of my throat.

He murmurs something about beauty, and even now, after all this time, it takes me a moment to accept the fact that he's referring to me. And even now, it evokes my wonder.

He calls me beautiful, and tells me he loves me. He calls me his angel.

Why me? Of all the people, women and men alike, why would he choose me? *He's* the angel, with the purity of his blue eyes and blond hair, not me. Not Nanashi.

I run my hands over his flawless skin, tracing patterns and eliciting a soft groan of approval. We're so different, he and I. I am ashamed of my scars, ashamed of what they mean, ashamed of the ugliness they present in comparison to his perfection.

I know he understands their significance. I spent enough time explaining it over and over to him as he pursued me. I lost track of the number of times I pushed him away, trying to persuade him that I wasn't worth his precious effort. And he kept coming back, utterly relentless.

He's relentless now, too, licking and pinching and nibbling at my nipples. I sigh deeply, enjoying the exquisite sensation.

Even after I surrendered to his advances and allowed him to have his way with me as I supposed was all he wanted, he didn't stop hounding me. I couldn't understand why; I couldn't understand him.

No one had ever wanted more from me than my body before.

His mouth is wandering down my chest now, his breath at once ticklish and erotic.

He watched me all the time, smiling in that way of his that makes a person feel like he's the only thing in the world that matters, those wonderful deep eyes of his inscrutable. He fussed over me, tending to my wounds and seeing to it that I ate and slept. I couldn't for the life of me understand why.

He slips a well-lubricated finger inside of me, in preparation for what is to come. A second finger, and then a third... I groan as he unerringly brushes the spot inside that sends my world spinning in an explosion of stars.

Finally, I demanded an explanation from him. What did he want from me? Why wouldn't he leave me alone? Hadn't I given him everything he wanted? His answer shook me to my core.

He smiled at me sweetly, and told me in no uncertain terms that he loved me.

As if anyone could love *me*!

The pain/pleasure of his penetration... I hiss slightly as he eases into me, and the pain fades away quickly under his skillful touch.

I denied his confession, knew it couldn't be true, and continued on as if he hadn't said a word to me about higher emotions. I must have hurt him terribly in those days, but he never mentioned it. He just went on sharing my bed at night and sharing himself with me during the day.

I call his name now as he begins thrusting into me, our bodies rocking together, and I cry out fiercely as he hits the spot inside me again, and again.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that he isn't stubborn. After all, he finally got through to me. A lesser man would have given up, turned his attentions to someone more receptive and deserving. Not him. He kept hammering at my barriers, showing me with every word and action that he meant what he had said. And eventually... I started to believe him. And I dared to love him back.

He's pumping me now, and hitting that spot, and my world explodes in light and heat and all I hear is his voice crying out raggedly as he comes inside me. And we lie panting together afterwards.

I look at him, and give my silent thanks to whomever cares to receive them.

He is my universe.




Well? Wotcha think? Too sappy? Too citrus-y? Too OOC? Was it worth my pissing off my koibito to stay up and listen to Bob's insidious whispers? Coming soon: What Relena has to say!