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Monologue: Reflections

It reminds me of my wedding day.

In a way.

Of course, I wasn't marrying another man... nor was I terribly impressed with my intended.

Still, it reminds me of that day, long ago.

Maxwell will be annoyed that he's missing all this, I'm sure. He'll get over; there are enough media vultures here chronicling the odd ceremony. I'm sure he'll at least get to see a recording.

I'm surprised that so many people remained for the wedding. Maybe they're just too stunned to leave, much less protest.

After all, how often does the Queen of the World get jilted at the altar--because her fiance eloped with the best man?

Future generations are going to laugh themselves to tears over this one.

*I'm* laughing at it now.

Quatre is almost glowing. Just looking at his face makes all the frantic work I put into pulling this mission off worthwhile.

Who'd have thought a dried up old priest could be so stubborn?

He's glaring at me between the sacred words he pronounces, obviously unhappy with the situation. I guess he doesn't appreciate my deathgrip on the arm I've twisted behind his back.

Yes, future generations will laugh. It may not be my most honorable hour--coercing a priest into marrying two men--but there are things more important than honor.

Two of them are standing in front of me, hands clasped together, faces shining with their mutual love.

Ah. It's time to exchange the wedding vows and the rings. This should require a fair amount of ad-libbing on the part of my withered companion. I glower around the expansive sanctuary, daring anyone to ruin this sacred moment with levity. I may not be Heero, but apparently I'm intimidating enough.

Quatre pronounces his love and devotion to Trowa now, looking angelic as he affirms his earnest intent to cherish the other throughout eternity. Then he places a ring on Trowa's finger.

No one bothered asking me where I found two matching wedding bands on such short notice. It's just as well. I don't want to have to explain it to them. Even after all the five of us have gone through, there are still certain things I don't wish to share with them.

Trowa's turn now. His voice is filled with emotion--at least, those of us who know him can recognize the emotion. I doubt anyone else could tell how deeply this is affecting him. He places the ring on Quatre's finger...

There. It's done. The priest is pronouncing them married and they kiss unashamedly. I release my cassock-clad friend and begin clapping.

Surprisingly enough, someone else takes up the applause.

Hmmph. Should have known Maxwell wouldn't miss a moment like this. I don't know how he and Heero did it, but they must have gotten here just in time... I smile at them over the heads of the crowd, glad that they made it.

Quatre and Trowa break apart, faces flushed slightly. Quatre is grinning like a fool, and Trowa... I feel almost like a trespasser when I look at him. Duo, as reverent as always, whistles loudly in the back of the church, and shouts something about it being about time he made Trowa an honest man.

I laugh as Quatre and Trowa parade down the aisle together, determined to obey the formalities in this highly unorthodox proceeding. They look so happy together... very much in love. I'm glad of it.

A random thought accosts me as I make my way out of the sanctuary, heading for the reception.

Meiran would be pleased at how her and my wedding rings have been used today.




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