Hello, minna... <shoots glare at Bob the Singularly Stubborn Muse> I tried to work on a non-GW, non-yaoi fic today, and we all know what that means. I swear, if it weren't for the fact that Bob has a nice @$$, I might have to fire him. NEway, here's the ficcie he was so insistent that I write instead, hope you enjoy it. It's a sequel to "Monologue" sorta-kinda, so there's yaoi, AU, probably OOC, general weirdness, and so forth. Have fun...

Monologue: Aftermath by Lys ap Adin

Something is going to happen today.

I wake up with this insistent thought running incessantly through my head; I don't know why.

Then I laugh at myself. Of course something is going to happen today. Heero is going to marry Relena this afternoon. Last night was the rehearsal dinner, and today is the main event.

My slightly self-deprecating smile fades a little. I still can't believe that Heero is marrying her, not after the relationship he and Duo used to share.

Perhaps that's the key. Used to share. Or maybe my perception of the two of them was completely wrong, and there wasn't anything there, ever. Heero is marrying Relena because Duo never meant anything to him.

*That* thought makes me frown. I know Heero's training was thorough, but even he can't be able to engage in a lengthy affair without some sort of reciprocal emotional attachment forming... can he?

Poor Duo. My heart goes out to him today, actually. Regardless of how Heero feels, I know that Duo loves him. For the most part, he keeps it carefully hidden, like he keeps so many other facets of his personality tucked away, but it's there. A river of emotion, running just beneath the surface and lending meaning to his every action.

He even agreed to stand up as Heero's best man today.

Silently, I wish him the best of luck, and then get out of bed. It's going to be a long day.

** I arrive at the church a little early--it never hurts to be cautious--just in case there are any last minute hitches in the plans for the ceremony... and I want to practice a little.

Trowa is even earlier than I am; he greets me with an expression that I can't fathom.

I blink at him.

When I had expected last minute hitches, I hadn't been expecting this.

Standing there in the midst of absolute chaos--only a few people know what's happened, apparently--I have to laugh, despite my newfound sympathy for Relena. I haven't misjudged Heero after all.

Trowa elaborates on the situation a little bit. Relena showed up a little while ago, only to be greeted by a cheerful and entirely unrepentant little note from Duo.

Trowa is reciting it now, and I can't stop laughing. "Ne, ojousan, I'm stealing your boyfriend and running away with him, we'll name the first kid after you... If Heero lets me... Sorry for the inconvenience..."

Wufei arrives, looking disgruntled. He grumbles about cleaning up Maxwell's messes, but I think even he's secretly rejoicing for Duo's sake.

This does leave us with a quandary, doesn't it? The church is rapidly filing with guests expecting a wedding, the reception hall is decorated lavishly, and the refreshments await a horde of celebrants to relieve groaning tables of the burden of so much food.

It's such a shame to let all this go to waste.

A daring thought accosts me as Wufei continues to ponder what course to follow. I regard Trowa thoughtfully.

Damn, he looks good in that tuxedo.

Would he do it? Or would I be rushing things too much? It took me so long to gain his trust, and so much longer for him to let me become his lover... I want to further our relationship, he knows that much. I haven't made a secret of it, nor of how much I love him.

He looks at me, questioningly, and I make up my mind. With my best impression of Duo's I'm-joking-on-the-surface-but-am-dead-serious- underneath-it-all tone, I laughingly suggest to Trowa that he and I make use of the ready-made wedding.

Wufei snorts at me, tells me that I don't have to make up for Maxwell's absence. I grin and smile, veiling my anxiety as I wait for Trowa's reply.

He won't say yes, of course. This is much too sudden, too much of a shock. I'll probably have to spend a long time coaxing him into making a life-commitment like marriage, after all, but that's okay, I'm patient and he's very much worth it. I smile reassuringly at him, telling him silently that I don't mind if he backs down from this abrupt challenge of mine...

He's staring at me, inscrutable as always. I can (and do) spend hours studying him when he's like this, trying to unravel each riddle that he offers.

He opens his mouth to speak, and I brace myself, preparing for the inevitable refusal and already planning how best to succeed in capturing Trowa for my very--

He said yes.

Dimly, I can hear Wufei laughing at me. I must look as dumbfounded as I feel.

He's smiling at me now, barely perceptible, but smiling. He looks pleased; I can barely contain my shock.

Really? You'll really do this for me?

He nods slightly and I hurl myself at him, needing desperately to wrap myself around my lover...

My soon-to-be husband...

Wufei's moving away, muttering just loudly enough for me to hear about the injustice of leaving him to do all the work, but don't worry about it, he'll take care of commandeering Relena's wedding and somehow he'll find a pair of rings and there's just no justice in the world for him...

After that I ignore him, since I've got more important things to pay attention to.

Namely, Trowa and his soft, utterly kissable lips...

I smile.

I *knew* something was going to happen today.

I just didn't realize it was going to be this good.




<blinks> Oi. I'm not sure where that came from, but... <shrugs> Poor Relena. To be jilted and to have her wedding commandeered, too. Bob's really being mean to her lately... Comments? Criticisms? Chocolate? Anything ya got, send it my way!