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This is dedicated to anyone who is or has been a soldier, or knows someone in the military...



Memorial Day...... Lys ap Adin

They gathered every year, their practice since the end of the brief conflict known as the Mariemeia Incident. The survivors came to mark the passing of another year of peace, to pray for the peace of the coming year, and to remember those who would never be able to do either.

Relena Peacecraft-Winner addressed the gathering of veterans and families at length, speaking with the eloquence of one who has lived through a nightmare. "And let us not forget those whose sacrifice has made it possible to be gathered here today," she concluded. "Let us remember the dedication they made of their lives in order that the world that they would not live to see would be a world in which there was no more need for war.And let us show our appreciation of their gifts by forever striving to uphold the peace purchased with their blood."

As her mother stepped down from the podium, Aiko tugged on her father's hand. "Tousan?"

"What is it, Aiko-chan?" he asked absently, brushing at the tears he was unashamed to shed in public.

"Why are you crying?"

Quatre Raberba Winner smiled at his daughter sadly. "Because I was a soldier, too."

Aiko, puzzled, frowned. "But isn't this a day to honor soldiers, tousan?"

"Yes, but... not all soldiers lived through the wars," he murmured softly.

Relena approached her family, Sally and Wufei in tow. "Hey, you too. Are you ready?"

"Duo and Trowa should be waiting for us," Sally added. "You know how they like to be early."

"We're ready," Quatre responded, easily lifting his small daughter into his arms. "Let's go."


The group stood in a semi-circle around the headstone, which simply read

Heero Yuy
All gave some...
Some gave all.
Ninmu kanryou.

"Tousan, why are Uncle Duo and Uncle Trowa so sad?" Aiko whispered.

"Because, a long time ago, they were very close to your Uncle Heero," he told her quietly. "And it makes them sad that he died."

"Oh..." Aiko watched as first Duo, then Trowa, laid a rose on the grave. "Aren't they happy with each other?"

"Yes... I'll explain it to you when you're older," Quatre said, as Duo put his arms around Trowa and they walked away. "C'mon, let's go home."



Okay, the lines from the headstone are from a Billy Ray Cyrus song, "Some Gave All." {me, have an eclectic taste in music? naw...}

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