Author: Em (lys_ap_adin@yahoo.com)
Title: A Long Time After 3/?
Category: Drama, I s'pose
Warnings/Labels: Um, angst? <shrug> Eensy little bitty hints of shounen ai.

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A Long Time After 3/?

The light blinks on my answering mission, patiently alerting me that someone felt it worth their time to contact me, endure my cutesy, annoying recording, and leave their own message.

That impresses me in a vague way. I can be extremely annoying when I want to be, you know. The fact that telemarketers never call my number twice attests to that.

I start water to boil for my tea, and stick a frozen pizza in the
oven, and finally get around to listening to the message.

It's you.

I had forgotten about you. Well, nearly. Or I'd tried, and mostly... failed. But after two weeks of silence, I'd given up. Pretty much, anyway.

It's just like you to take things and do them in your own time. That much hasn't changed, I can see. Nor has your style of conveying information and requests in the most concise manner. "Duo: If you're still interested, call me" followed by your number.

The kettle starts screaming at me, and I realize I've been standing here like a fool, trapped in my own thoughts and confusion. Ingrained habit lets me make my tea while my mind occupies itself in analyzing the new situation.

You've left the choice to me. If I'm still interested. Not a demand, not a request... just an offer. The responsibility is all mine.

Damn you, Heero Yuy.


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