<mildly astonished> Lookie what I found...

Bob: It's amazing what you can find when cleaning out an inbox...

<shrugs> What can I say? I'm absolutely incorrigible...

....and, if I'm not absolutely careful, this looks like it opens up an entire new arc. <cough> Oh, darn.

This fic follows the "Reaching Towards Understanding" arc.

Just Snuggling

It's been two months since we told each other we were in love.

I'm beginning to think you must have the libido of a stick.

Not that I mind the snuggling, of course, God knows I love it... It's better than sex, and that's all there is to it. And if you decide you'd like "ever after" to be spent with the two of us curled up around each other, I certainly won't object. In fact, I'm ready and willing to start right now, just let me get a couple of pillows and a warm cuddly blanket and we're all set.

I'm just wondering why you haven't pushed for anything more. We see each other three or so times a week, fine. We talk on the phone on most other nights, great. We snuggle shamelessly over cookies and milk while watching television. I'm all for that. And sometimes we kiss each other goodnight when I go back to my apartment or you go back to yours.

We're like "special friends," but without most of the special benefits.

Okay, so maybe I fudged a little when I said I was fine with just snuggling.


You tell me what you think, and Bob and I will see...

Bob: Isn't this considered blackmail, Lys?

Yeah, you're right. <ponders> Especially since I'll bombard them with ficlets anyway... but I still like to hear the feedback. ^_^;;;