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Just a Little Longer

The first thing I'm aware of as I drift awake is that I've managed to sleep for once. Surprising...

I'm warm, almost a little too hot. It feels so good, though, to just lie here being lazy that I'd don't want to move and through the covers off yet. Even if they are a little heavy...

Wait... I only ever sleep with one or two blankets, maybe a sheet...

Consciousness is creeping in slowly.

I blink bleary eyes open and stare at the late afternoon sun slanting across the bedroom's ceiling, turning the off-white plaster rosy.

My bedroom window faces east, though.

And my fingers are locked tightly around yours, entwined. And I'm nestled quite comfortably against your chest, next to your steady heartbeat.

Shock. I don't quite remember how I got here.

Your voice rumbles deep in your chest; I listen to it, fascinated. Eventually I remember that I need to listen to the actual words, too.

It's so hard to concentrate, though. Can't I just stay here for a little while longer? I need you to hold me... just a little longer, please? Keep the hollowness away for just a little longer...

My hand is still in yours. I can't bring myself to loosen the grip, even though both of our hands must be bloodless from the tight grasp I have on you. And you aren't moving away, not yet.

You smell good: a little of soap, a little of sweat, a little of metal. And you're telling me I practically fell asleep sitting up, and that then I wouldn't let go of you.

My skin feels hot as I listen. How embarrassing... but you will let me stay, just a little longer?

The moment of truth arrives. I have to tell you I haven't slept in the past week... please don't ask me why. Maybe I'll tell you someday.

As always, you know when not to press an issue.

And you continue to hold me. Just a little longer.


Heh. Off to finish my essay now I am.

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