What, me, use a fic as the medium to express myself? Naw. Never happen.

Weird. POV.

I Don't Understand

What the hell are you doing? I don't understand it.

We're supposed to be friends, just friends, right? That is, if people like us are even allowed to *have* friends. I have my doubts. But I can handle being friends with you. It's strange, it's foreign, but I'm adjusting to this sensation of kinship with you.

I'm not sure it's friendship anymore. Not entirely. Maybe it's just a strange limbo in between, where the two of us share dinners and conversation and slowly feel out each other's depths.

Then why did you hug me tonight, wiry arms wrapping tightly around my shoulders briefly, just long enough for me to catch the scent of your shaving lotion and your skin? Why did you catch my hand briefly on our way out of the movie theater, our fingers twisting together and then sliding apart?

Why do I care so much what it means when I look up and find your eyes on me?

What is this that you're doing to me? I don't understand.


C&C always begged for...

Lys, who got a goodnight hug tonight and is all jumbled-up inside because of it.