Thought I'd share...


The sun rises slowly, painting the sky in the more perfect colors of an earlier age, roses and violets and blues in jewel tones that only exist on a modern artist's palette and in the landscape of the mind. The light, rich and golden and thick like slow-pouring honey, spreads across green grass sparkling with dew, a carpet of emerald and diamonds across which a solitary figure dances.

Dances with abandon, head thrown back and eyes closed to the perfect wonders around him. Hair loosely braided, falling free of the plait with each rippling movement, the rich chestnut catching the sun's light with glints of gold and deep mahogany and hints of red, strands of the stuff floating freely on the faint currents of air stirred by his dance. Hands and arms lifted in the coolness of the morning air, each muscle and sinew sharply delineated by the heavy light, moving in perfect time with the unheard music. Chest bare, all planes and angles and soft cream velvet over contorting muscles that bend and sway like pliant saplings before a storm. Slim powerful legs, loose cutoffs, leaping and bending and stretching and crouching, bare feet sparkling with water, pushing away from the dark earth but not wholly able to escape its greedy grasp upon one of heaven's fallen angels.

Eyes closed, but statement exalted, a smile, not of death, not of amusement, not of grief and guilt masked and hidden, but of joy, of wonder, of the affirmation of life.

Sweat sheening across pale shadow-dappled skin, gleaming like the polished marbles of discarded gods, dampening and deepening the color of that marvelous hair. Breath panting now, body striving to keep up with the overwhelming drive of the dance.

And standing beneath the sturdy branches of an oak tree planted before his parents' birth, Heero Yuy watches Duo dance, something of childish innocent wonder being born in his war-weary eyes.


... Don't ask. The first cool, brisk day of autumn when the sky is blue and you can look up and fall into heaven as the breeze whips your hair around your face always does this to me.

Just wanted to let you in on my mood.