Well, no one ever claimed that dorm rooms were the most, er, posh of living quarters. In any case, mine has now provided inspiration for Trowa's phobia.

Yaoi, AU, OOC, yaddah yaddah yaddah, use of fanfic conventions...

Not mine, of course. But they make life *so* much more interesting...

Creatures of the Devil: Trowa

Quatre's head jerked sharply up from the book he was reading for class as he sensed a great wave of distress emanating from his roommate. "Trowa?" he exclaimed, getting out of his seat and padding through the apartment in search of his lover.

Trowa stumbled out of the bathroom, face screwed up in an statement of disgust. At least, that's how Quatre classified it... anyone else would have been hard-put to even discern that the unibanged pilot was feeling any emotion out of the ordinary.

"Ne, Trowa, what's wrong?" For good measure, Quatre felt it necessary to slip an arm around Trowa's waist in order to snuggle a little.

Trowa said nothing, merely shaking his head in distaste.

Now Quatre was curious. "What? Did Duo forget to clean out the shower drain again?"

Trowa winced. "No..."

"Wufei didn't rinse the sink out after brushing his teeth?"

A silent shake of the head, no.

"Uh..." Quatre racked his brain, pondering. "Heero used your razor again?"

Again, no.

Quatre smacked his forehead. "Don't tell me I forgot to grab toilet paper while I was at the store."

"...no. We have plenty of that."

Quatre heaved an exasperated sigh. "Then what?"

"...a cockroach ran out from beneath the baseboard and over my bare foot." Trowa shivered. "I *hate* cockroaches."

Quatre cringed. "Oh, yuck... I'll have to pick up some more bug killer, Duo was shrieking about spiders yesterday." He paused, speculatively. "Roaches, huh?"

Trowa nodded. "They're *nasty*."

Quatre grinned. "Well, no *wonder* you don't like Dorothy." He squeezed Trowa a little tighter. "Don't worry, koi, I'll keep you safe... ne, how about I take your mind off the creepy-crawlies for a while, hm?"

"...that would be acceptable."

Quatre beamed. "Oh, good, I hadn't wanted to do my homework anyway." And he dragged Trowa off to the bedroom.


I *REALLY* hate cockroaches...