I finally found the inspiration for this fic this morning. Dedicated to my dear RL friend Carrie, who shares a phobia with Quatre.

AU, OOC, yaoi around the edges.

Not mine, don't sue.

Creatures of the Devil: Quatre by Lys ap Adin

Getting up early, Quatre decided that he'd take advantage of having uncontested access to the one bathroom to have a long, hot bath. Given that there was only a limited amount of hot water available, they had mutually agreed that no one should take long showers or baths--for the sake of everyone else. However, since it was so early, the water would have plenty of time to warm up before anyone else staggered into the bathroom.

He made a face at the state of the bathroom. Five teenagers, no matter how mature they are in other respects, cannot share the same space for long without a mess accruing. Stepping over Duo's clunky shoes and kicking Heero's first aid kit behind the commode, Quatre cleared a space among Trowa's bottles of hair spray, mousse, and extra-hold hair gel to set down his own bathing accessories. Then he moved to the tub to take down Wufei's laundry (which, apparently, had to be done by hand and allowed to drip dry). He was holding the pole that Wufei had stretched across the top of the bathtub in his hands when he saw It.




It was the scream that woke them up, but the numerous hollow thuds that followed it immediately had Duo and Heero looking at each other and mouthing, "What the hell?" Untangling themselves from the sheets and each other, they grabbed their guns and raced down the hall to the bathroom. If the fact that they were two competent terrorists with guns didn't stop any would-be attackers, then the fact that they were two very naked terrorists would at least give them pause.

Trowa was already in the bathroom, staring at Quatre with a sleepy, befuddled expression.

Duo snorted. Quatre was standing over the tub with a pole, slamming it down repeatedly on--something. The blond was muttering to himself, words that sounded suspiciously like death threats and triumphant little chuckles, and the glitter in his eyes was part glee, part malice, and part insanity.

"What the hell's going on here?" Wufei, left out in the hall, asked.

Quatre turned away from the bathtub, holding his weapon at the ready. "There was a cricket in the bathtub," he explained. "But I killed it."

"You made all that noise over a cricket?" Heero asked.

Quatre nodded. "Of course. I hate 'em." He paused. "I didn't mean to wake you guys up. Sorry."

"Whatever... I'm going back to bed. And for God's sake, Maxwell, Yuy, put some clothes on before you go running around the safehouse!" Wufei stalked back to his bedroom, muttering darkly.

Duo glanced slyly at Heero. "I dunno, now that I'm awake, I don't know that I could get back to sleep."

"Hn. Me neither. C'mon." Heero grabbed Duo's braid and pulled him back to their bedroom.

And that left Quatre and Trowa. Quatre grinned at Trowa, leaning the pole against the wall. "How about you, are you going to go back to bed?"

Trowa yawned. "Maybe, why?"

Quatre smirked as he cleaned the goo that had been a cricket out of the tub. "I dunno, I was just wondering if you'd like to take a bath with me. Just in case there are more crickets around, you know."

Trowa smiled faintly. "Of course."

Quatre smiled at him. "Shut the door, Trowa, and come here."

And Trowa complied.



And this is me going to bed now...