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Creatures of the Devil by Lys ap Adin
Part Two (Heero)

It should have been a simple, relaxing day. There were no missions, the sun was shining, and--miracle of miracles--Duo had persuaded his lover to embark upon a picnic to the local park. Heero, with his typical thoroughness, had even packed the picnic basket with a red and white checked table cloth and those round wicker plate holders that keep paper plates from blowing away. All seemed right with the world...

Duo, having gorged himself on sandwiches, potato salad, and cookies, stretched out on the grass under a shade tree with a happy smile. "Now seems like a good time for nap, ne, Hee-chan?"

Heero eyed the lean, braided figure. "Hn. Yes. Save your energy."

One violet eye cracked open and glinted mischievously. "Oh? Am I going to need it later?"


"In that case... wake me up later." Within moments, soft snores were issuing from slightly parted lips.

Heero smirked slightly at his dozing lover, and then looked around. There wasn't much to do with Duo being asleep... The park was very pretty... wooded, green, mostly empty... Heero settled himself against the trunk of the tree, planning on just enjoying the tranquillity of nature while Duo napped.

Then he saw it.



"Shit!" Duo sat bolt upright, instinctively rolling to his feet and reaching for his gun as the sound of gunfire interrupted his nap. He scanned the area for danger, but only saw Heero, whose eyes were slightly wilder than usual. In his lover's hands was the gun that had woke him. "Heero, what the *hell* is the matter with you?" Duo demanded.

Wordlessly, Heero gestured with the gun.

Duo followed the indicated path... and saw a few shreds of *something* lying in the grass a few feet away. Confused, he investigated more closely... with a little concentration, he could almost make out the form of the formerly living creature. Duo made a face, and picked up with his index finger and his thumb the remnants of a snaky tail. "Think you used enough bullets?"

"No. I ran out."

Duo shook his head. "Whatever, Heero." He tossed the shredded snake away.

"I. Hate. Snakes."

Duo chuckled. Who'd have ever thought that the Perfect Soldier would have such an inane weakness.

"Oh, shut up, Spider-boy."



Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that I hate snakes, too?

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