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Notes: This is my AU to my AU GW/FY crossover. Man, does that sound bad or what? All my normal disclaimers apply; spoilers for some FY and for O&O. <sweatdrops> OOC, AU, Yaoi, slight self-insertion at the beginning, and it takes up at the end of O&O part twelve. ^_-

None of it's mine. Except for me.

Braided Bakas, Unite! by Lys ap Adin
[AU Sidestory to O&O] Part One


Suzaku kept his exhilaration hidden carefully, pondering his cards. Just one more hand, and he'd be able to declare--

"Gin." Emily laid her cards down for all to see.

Seiryuu burst into laughter at the sight of the complete chagrin on the face of his red-haired brother. Byakko shook his head. "Really, Suzaku, you know better by now."

"Yeah," Genbu added. "After all, look at the mess you got into over the last card game with her."

"That was high stakes poker," the god protested. "How was I supposed to know that she's good at gin rummy, too?!"

Seiryuu grinned at Emily. "Nice job, Em-chan. Owing you is worth the seeing the look on his face. So, what's the price this time?"

She looked thoughtful. "Well... there's something a few friends of mine have been wanting to see, actually..."

"Here it comes..." Suzaku muttered.

"Don't be such a sore loser," Byakko chided. "It's not that big a deal--we're gods, after all."

Genbu grinned. "Besides, how often to we get to just have fun with things? You take this job far too seriously."

"Hai, hai... At least I'm not the only one who owes her a favor this time," Suzaku sighed. "So, Emily, what'll it be this time?"

Emily smiled. "I'm so glad you asked..."



==Don't leave me!== Duo, eyes firmly shut and leaking tears as he clutched the boy in his arms, neither saw nor felt the soothing red glow that wrapped around him and Tamahome.

The next thing he knew, he was face down in a drift of snow, and there was an awful lot of fuss going on about fifteen feet away. Groggily, he pushed himself into a sitting position, automatically reachign for his gun. Tamahome, he noticed absently, was lying curled on his side a few feet away.

Duo paused. How in the hell had they gone from the kitchen--to a snow-covered mountain?! And why was there a group of young men--and one girl--huddled around a bleeding body? He blinked. The tallest member of the group stretched out a hand over the supine figure, as in a benediction. A soothing green glow spread from the spread fingers, washing over the bloody young man and--"Sugoi," Duo breathed, as the wounds--disappeared. *I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...*

The healed young man was sitting up dazedly, looking around with a confused expression. "N-nani?" His eyes fell on the girl. "Miaka!"

She hesitated. "Tamahome?"

He nodded. "Miaka..."

"Tamahome!" She glomped him.

Duo blinked. *What the--* He turned to look at the spandex-clad form not too far from where he was sitting. Bewildered cobalt eyes stared back at him. "Heero?" he mouthed, incredulously.

A terse nod. Yes.

Duo scrambled to his feet, taking a few steps toward Heero, before stopping himself, mindful of the other concerns at hand.

"Just who the fuck are you?" demanded a red-haired man, pointing (of all things) a large metal fan at them.

Immediately turning, Duo trained his gun on the threat. He grinned. "You can call me Duo."

The guy embracing the girl and incessantly mumbling her name looked up, interrupting his litany. "Oi, what are you doing here?!"

"Tamahome, is that you?" Duo called.

"Hai. It's all right, Tasuki, he's a friend... sort of," The teal-haired young man sighed.

"Will someone please tell me what the hell is happening?!" Duo asked plaintively.

"Put the gun down, baka," a familiar nasal voice intoned behind him.

The purple-haired man stood. "Ne, Hee-chan, is that you?"

"Hai, Nuriko."

Duo lowered the gun slowly and glanced back at Heero. *Hee-chan?* Heero had stood, and his face had settled into its normal indifferent glare. "I'm confused," the braided pilot sighed, stowing his weapon away. "Don't even say it, Heero." He flashed his customary grin at the strangers. "I'm Duo Maxwell."

A round of introductions followed, and eventually Duo raised the question again. "Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Please?"

"Da... we don't know na no da..." Chichiri shrugged.

"Heero and I were fighting Ashitare, and Ashitare nearly killed him. When Mitsukake healed Heero just now... it was Tama-chan," Nuriko recounted to Duo.

Tamahome glared at Heero. "Teme, what were you thinking, doing that to my body?"

Heero glared back. "I was fulfilling the mission to protect the miko."

Tasuki looked at Duo. "Is he always like that?"

"You have no idea," Duo groaned. "Okay, look, I'm guessing another wire got crossed somewhere, and both Heero and I ended up here. How do we get home?" He glanced at Nuriko and Heero, who were standing uncomfortably (to Duo's mind, anyway) close. *If... we both _want_ to go home...*

Chiriko piped up. "Probably the only way to do that is to wish for you to go back to your world."

"Well, I wish to go back right now," Duo told him, misunderstanding.

"Not like that, baka. The miko has to summon Suzaku and make a wish for him to send us back," Heero told him.

"Oh. Great.... just great..." Duo shook his head. "And how does the miko do that?"

"We have to retrieve the Shinzaho," Miaka told him, smiling and snuggling up to Tamahome even more.

Duo bit back a frustrated groan. "And where is the Shinzaho?" he asked politely.

"Hee-chan and I think it's over there, in a cave behind that rock," Nuriko announced.

Duo suppressed a shudder, and grinned widely. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get that Shinza-whatsamawhosit."



<grins> If you haven't noticed, this is going to be much less serious than O&O. I'm writing this--to indulge myself in a few what-ifs and some other silly little ideas...

And since Seiryuu, Genbu, and Byakko also owe me favors, I plan on having a lot of fun...

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