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Soldiers and Fools
Part 15 -- Ending 2, Part 3 -- Ad Inifintum
late April AC200
By LoneWolf
(kodoku na okami)


(Sometimes soldiers and fools insist that the author write them a lemon or they'll drive him nuts.)

Duo woke. /Morning,/ he thought. /God, I feel tired./ After a minute he forced his eyes half-open and looked at the clock. After another minute he had wiped the sleep-crust from his eyes and focussed them and was able to read the clock. "Better make that afternoon," he murmured. "What did I--" His eyes opened wide, suddenly quite awake as he remembered last night. "Damn." But he was alone in bed. Maybe it was just a dream. /A very good, very wet dream,/ he thought as he looked around the room. He spied Heero's clothes on the floor. "Damn!" He smiled faintly, listening, the annoyance at waking alone after last night tempered by the knowledge that there was no way Heero could know. The smile became a frown as he realized the apartment was quiet. Heero wasn't here. "Damn him." Faint sounds from the apartment next door. "/Damn him!/"

The previously tempered annoyance bloomed into full-blown anger as he stalked out the door of his apartment. Not even bothering to knock on Heero's door, he opened it, stormed in and slammed it behind him. Heero was wearing a pair of /his/ blue silk boxers, putting books in a box. "Damn you, you bastard! Don't you /ever/ fuck me and leave me! When I wake up in the morning I expect to see your face first thing when I open my eyes! And those are my damn boxers!" he ranted as Heero walked over to him. "Give them back! What the Hell do you think yo-- mmph!!"

Heero stood on tip-toes, kissing Duo. His tongue pushed into Duo's mouth, silencing the protests. His hands slid under Duo's hair and down his back, blazing icy trails over the soft skin.

Duo jerked away. "And don't try to-- uh." He looked down over his shoulder as he felt Heero's hands cupping his bare buttocks, threatening to lift him off the ground. /Ohshit. Hope the neighbors weren't watching./

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." One of Heero's hands left his butt and went to Heero's waistband. "And I think you did most of the fucking last night. Not that I didn't enjoy it." The other hand slid a finger into his crack, brushing teasingly against him. "You are so tempting when you're naked and angry."

"Uh, what are you..." He felt the boxers slide past him to the floor. "Uh, you can keep-- mmph." Another deep kiss. "Oh!" He grinned as Heero's hand returned to his butt, this time lifting him. "Trying to make up for leaving me now?" He wrapped his legs around Heero's waist as Heero started for the bedroom. "It's gonna take a lot more than your tongue down my throat to make up for that mistake, Perfect Bastard-san."

"Omae o korosu." Heero smirked.

"I think I'm going to enjoy this particular death," Duo muttered over Heero's shoulder.

Heero lowered them to the bed and put a pillow under Duo's head and shoulders. "So you can watch me kill you." He slid four more pillows under Duo's butt, raising him off the bed, then pulled Duo's legs from around him and turned into a six-nine position.

"Hey, what're you doing? I thought you were gonna... OH!" He gasped as he felt Heero's tongue probing his rim. Now he understood. He folded the pillow under his head so he could reach Heero and spread his mouth over the throbbing flesh before him, drenching it with his saliva. He threw in a few nibbles and tongue-lashes for good measure. The soft "nnnn" and "aaaa" sounds below him -- or was that above him -- it didn't matter -- they told him Heero was enjoying this too. He was curious, though, why Heero had propped his ass up so high.

He felt a finger pressing against him, slowly stretching him. He relaxed, letting it in, enjoying the gentle massage it gave the rings of guarding muscle. Soon a second. Then a third, spreading and stretching him, followed by a fourth. /Damn!/ Duo thought. /Is he gonna try to fist me with just spit?/ He decided it was just inexperience and pulled away from Heero's erection. "Uh, Heero two or three is usually enough." And he was ready for more than just fingers. Last night had been such a blur that he couldn't remember just how many times which of them had done what to the other or quite what it had felt like. Except that it had been the best, most intimate lovemaking he'd ever experienced -- not that he had that much to compare it to. This time, he was going to memorize every sensation.

Heero turned and quickly repositioned, standing on his knees to reach Duo, pressing gently but insistently.

Duo relaxed himself and smiled at the look of surprise on Heero's face as Heero sank deep into him. "Gotcha, koi." Heero looked at him, realizing Duo had caught him off guard, and pulled out slowly, a silky steel rod of flesh dragging against the sensitive nerve endings, drawing a shuddering "Ohhh!" from Duo's lips. Then, as Heero pulled all the way out. "Hey..."

Again the gentle pressure. Again Duo relaxed. This time Duo felt velvet skin and a soft thump as Heero's balls bounced against his ass. Heero had been expecting it this time and started the slow withdrawal again. "Damn it, Heero, quit playing around and fuck me stupid."

"Ninmu ryoukai." A playful glitter in the cool blue eyes and the faint smirk warned him. Heero's hands closed on Duo's hips.

The next thrust was neither slow nor particularly gentle, but Duo was ready for it, had been waiting for it. A fast withdrawal, again all the way, and another thrust, the rings of muscle popping softly as they opened again. "Ohhh! I like that!" He caught Heero's eyes and they watched each other as Heero plunged into him, drawing gasps and groans of pleasure from him. Duo shifted slightly and concentrated, tightening himself around Heero. He grinned as he watched Heero's eyes widen and heard a soft, whining "Hnnnn" escape Heero's lips. "Gotcha again." Heero said nothing, but he wasn't silent any longer.

Duo reached for his own hardness, but Heero batted his hand away and smirked. "Sore wa ore no da!" He paused, most of the way out of Duo, and lowered his head, keeping his eyes locked on Duo's.

/Oh God, he isn't going to try... Oh God! He is! ... I never knew he was that flexible./ "Mmmmm!" he sighed as Heero's tongue touched him, probing under the foreskin. Heero's lips were holding Duo in his mouth, but not moving. Then Heero's pelvis rocked forward slowly.

"OH GOD! HEERO!" The shift in position had Heero driving directly against the most sensitive spot inside him, all the way in and all the way out. "OH!" Duo shouted, "Yes! Heero!" struggling to keep his eyes open and locked with Heero's, as Heero built back up to the steady rhythm of in and out.

Heero's mouth still only held him as he shouted, though he could feel the soft vibrations as Heero moaned against him. /Why doesn't he do something more?/ He wanted Heero to suck him, but he couldn't form the words. His throat was too busy with other sounds. Then he felt it rising above the overwhelming sensations coming from his ass where Heero was pounding him into pleasure -- and saw the smirk on the mouth wrapped around the head of his pulsing cock as his eyes revealed it.

"Heero! I'm-- " His throat seized up as heavy white liquid shot out of him and into Heero's mouth, feeling Heero's tongue moving against that sensitive spot underneath the head now, pushing him deep into the growing fog of sensation. He felt his ass tighten hard around Heero as ecstasy exploded from two places at once, raging through him, striking him speechless except for a long, drawn out cry of primal pleasure. Heero slid into him twice more with those long, ring-popping strokes, driving him even farther into the haze. Then a pause and he watched Heero's face with languid, half-seeing eyes as Heero breathed a soft, "Haa' haa' nn' aaa' aaaaannnn", repeating over and over as Heero poured himself into him. It was a beautiful face. No ice. Nothing but the hot, raw pleasure to shape it. He struggled to memorize it, then gave up as another cloud of fallout spread across his body. He would get to see it again, he was sure.

They remained together, unmoving, watching each other for long minutes in the hazy afterglow, then Heero sucked the last drops out of Duo and raised his head. He wrapped Duo's weak legs around his waist, pulled the pillows away, lowered them to the mattress, and slowly stretched up to Duo's face, keeping himself inside Duo the whole time. Heero stared at him, waiting. "Go-- mmph!" Heero kissed him, his tongue dropping into Duo's open mouth, offering back what he'd taken from Duo.

Duo shuddered, tasting himself in Heero's mouth, on Heero's tongue. A small echo of the earlier pleasure wracked his body from mouth to ass.

The last drop of Duo's essence dissolved and Heero's lips moved away from him, an inquisitive smirk on his face.

"God, Heero. I feel like I've been shot." He giggled when he heard the pun in what he'd said. "You made me come without ever sucking. Damn you're a fast learner." He looked at Heero with false suspicion. "Uh, you haven't been practicing with someone else have you?"

"Iie, baka!" Blue eyes glinted with a hint of anger at the suggestion. "Aishiteru! Ore wa kimi no da zo!"

"Yep. You're mine," Duo agreed. "And God help anyone who tries to take you away from me because Shinigami will hunt them down and drag them to Hell." The hint of the old dark light in Duo's eyes told Heero that he meant it.

For some reason Heero couldn't quite identify, it made him happy.

They lay there, breathing heavy, floating in the tang of cordite and cinnamon and sweat and sex that drifted off of their bodies, Duo feeling Heero. "Mmm. I like you inside me after, koi." Heero pressed his cheek against Duo's, skin not as cold as it had been before. They lay together, enjoying each other's presence.

Then Duo remembered something. "Hey, what's with the boxes?" He murmured, nuzzling Heero's ear.

"Ore ga hikkosu." Heero's teeth closed gently on his ear lobe.

"Naaniiii? Moving? I thought--"

"Baka. Kimi no apaato, ne?" Heero mouthed his neck, sucking gently. "Aishiteru." He pushed up on his elbows, looking down at Duo.

"Oh." Duo smiled. "As long as you don't mind sharing the bed. Um, you want a hand with-- Uh, Heero. What's going on -- Heero -- mmm -- /Damn/ you recover fast."

Heero smirked and began moving slowly over him.

/I think I'm gonna learn like that smirk./ "I thought it was just broken legs and -- mmmm -- and explosions and stuff. Ohh!"

"Baka! That was an explosion, ne? You always suspected I was enhanced, ne?" Heero rocked back on his elbows again, then slowly forward.

Duo grinned his silly grin. "Hell yes -- mmmm. Blow me up again."

"Nnnnnnn. You still want me to fuck you stupid, ne?" Again the warning look in Heero's eyes, the smirk.

"Hai!" Then Duo remembered the "ninmu ryoukai" earlier. "Uh, wait a min-- mmmm." Heero wasn't waiting. "How enhanced? Ohhh! YES!"

"I don't kno-- Aaa." Heero gasped as Duo's hands closed on his chest, massaging the muscle and gently rubbing palms against the nipples. "Let's find out."

"Ryouk-- AAAAAI! God, that feels good. Mmmm. Why do I think I'm gonna -- hnnn -- have trouble walking tomorrow? Aaaah!"


The only things they moved that day were the bed and each other.


When Duo woke the next morning, the first things that greeted him were the scent of cordite, the warm blue eyes of his lover, a smile only he knew was a smile, and the word, "Aishiteru," on Heero's lips.


Yes, of course it's a bit unrealistic. You don't read lemons for realism, ne? Is that position even possible? I have no clue. I'm not that flexible. But Heero is. <g> Just suspend disbelief and enjoy watching Duo get "fucked stupid".

The "steel rod" bears explanation. "Jane", a lady I worked with once, had a sister-in-law who sometimes spoke about things she probably shouldn't have -- and a wicked sense of humor. After a certain conversation with her sister-in-law, "Jane" started calling her brother "Steel-rod". <hentai grin>

"Ad Infinitum". <snicker> Let's just say I have a wicked sense of humor.

D: I like your wicked sense of humor.
H: Hn. <nods>
D: <looks at Heero> Wanna be wicked again?
H: <smirks>
D: Good. <drags Heero down the hall>