MicroFic 4 -- Size Matters

COMMENT: This is an old sketch, but maybe you've never seen it. Then again, even if you have, maybe the G-boy twist will make it fun a second time.

D: Bet mine's longer.
H: Hn. Thickness is what matters.
Q: Why don't we see whose is longest and whose is thickest?
W: I will not participate in such a silly contest
D: <eyeing Wufei's pants> Yeah, besides his is different. We all know he'd win.
W: Kisama!
T: Heero doesn't have one.
H: <blink> I'll just watch.
D: Trowa?
T: <funny smile> Yes.
Q: I bet Trowa's is longer.
H: I bet Duo's is thicker.
W: Quit arguing and find out.
D: Wanna bet, Wufei?
W: <thoughtful> No.
D: Then you can be the judge. We know you'll be fair.
T: So Quatre and Heero think mine is longer.
D: But Heero thinks mine is thicker.
T: I don't know. Quatre's is longer than you think.
Q: <giggles>
W: Are you going to do this or not?
H: Trowa thinks Quatre's is longer and Quatre thinks Trowa's is longer.
D: <laughs> Yeah, you'd think they'd know.
Q: What about you, Duo?
D: Well, you all know that I think mine is longer AND thicker.
W: <scribbling on paper> OK, I've got them all written down. Now drop trow.
D/T/Q: <turn backs to Heero and Wufei, fiddling with the front of their pants>
D/T/Q: <turn back around>
W: <examines carefully> Well, I guess that's a surprise. Quatre's is longer than Trowa's or Duo's. Duo's is thicker. Heero and Trowa win.
D/T/Q: <begin putting belts back on>
Q: Um, so what did Heero and Trowa win?
D: <pauses, looks at Heero, pulls belt off again> I don't think I'll need that for a while.
H: Hai! <grabs Duo>
Q: <looks at Trowa all innocent, takes his belt off>
T: <smiles at Quatre, takes his belt off>