MicroFic 3 -- The Phantom Keanu
WARNINGS: yaoiness (of course), double entendres (of course), Shakespeare, blood, Keanu Reeves
LW: <looks up, wonders why he's always looking up> Yes, Beatrice?
H: Hn! <The Ice Glare(tm)> My name is Heero Yuy. Quit thinking about me as Beatrice.
LW: <sweatdrop>
D: <walks in wearing black silk boxers and braid> He doesn't talk enough to be Beatrice.
H: You talk enough for Beatrice and Benedick both. <eyeing Duo's, uh, assets>
LW: Now, boys--
H: <distracted from Duo for a moment> If I am anyone in that play, it's Don John -- "... I am not of many words ..."
D: <bursts out laughing>
LW: <stifling snickers>
H: What?
D: You can be my Don Juan anytime, koi. <giggles>
LW: <Coughing to cover laughter> I was thinking Kenneth Brannagh. <laughs>
D: <howls with laughter>
D: Do you know <snicker> who played Don John <giggle> in Kenneth Brannagh's "Much Ado"? <ROFL>
H: Duuuuoooooo....
LW: <desperately seeking straight face, can't find it>
Keanu Reeves. <snicker>
<contemplates Heero as Keanu Reeves and vice versa>
<notices a scary resemblance>
<falls off chair laughing>
H: <blinks> ... <blinks> ... <blinks> ... I think I'll go self-detonate now. <walks out, fuming>
LW: <laughter fades, frowns> Heero? Heero, don't self-detonate in the house! Go outside!
<glares at Duo in a fair imitation of The Ice Glare(tm)>
D: Oh, don't worry. I'll go take help him. <lascivious smirk>
LW: <nosebleed> I don't think that's what he meant!
D: Heh, heh. <toys with waistband> Still want us to go outside?
LW: <holding nose> NO! Go! Just go!
D: <voice fading in distance> Oh, Heeeeeeero-koi let me heeeeelllllp you with thaaaat.
LW: <shouting> And not where I can hear you! <mutters> Damned characters want me to write serious fics while <mumble mumble mumble>...