MicroFic 2 -- Heero Strikes Back
WARNINGS: yaoiness (of course), double entendres (of course), blood, Borg, possession by Relena
H: <voice from down the hall> Hn. Resistance is futile.
LW: <sweatdrop, looks up, sweatdrop>
H: <walks through the door, hair still neon kiwi, dragging Duo's arm>
LW: <relieved to see no Borg implants, mutters> Gotta quit letting them watch Star Trek.
H: <drags the rest of Duo through the door>
LW: <see's Duo's hair, nosebleed>
D: <humiliated and I-told-you-so at once> I told ya he wouldn't like it.
LW: <blotting nose, looking for blood remover for carpet> God, Heero, Relena's color was bad enough, but her hairdo too? <nosebleed>
H: <The Invisible Smile (tm)>
D: At least he didn't make me wear her dress.
LW: AAAGGH! <stuffing tissue up nose to prevent further blood loss>
H: <looks thoughtful>
D: <sweatdrop>
H: <wristwatch bleeping> A mission? <looks almost happy>
D: <Relena's voice> No, Heero. You mustn't go. Fighting isn't the way to peace. We must adhere to the principles of total pacifism.
H: AAAAGGGH!! <nosebleed>
D: <grins> GOTCHA!
LW: <deciding he's seen enough bloodshed> Here. <draw draw draw> Original colors for both of you. <tosses bottles> Go!
H: <catches both bottles, looks relieved>
D: <looks more relieved, then grins> But I was getting to like being able to see him in the dark.
H: <backhands Duo>
D: OW!
H: Shut up, baka, or I'll leave yours like it is.
D: <sweatdrop> Uh, then again, koi, I think there's nothing like the original. <nervous grin>
H/D: <head for bathroom>
LW: <calling after them> And don't come back until you're both normal again. <mutters> Or as close as you two ever get.
H: <from down the hall> I heard that.
LW: <thinking>
H: I am Heero of Borg.
Borg Queen: <looking frighteningly like Relena> No <stomping foot> I'm the Queen of the Borg. I'm the only Borg who can say "I".
H: Hn. I am Heero of Borg. Omae o korosu. <raises arm with Wing-Zero Beam Cannon (tm) implant>
BQ: <sweatdrop>
LW: <shudders> Just what I need -- another idea.