MicroFic 1 -- A New Color
By LoneWolf (kodoku na okami)
Minor mods to version originally posted to GWML -- 10 May 2000.
Deactivating Deathscythe ECM(tm)

See what happens? It isn't enough that they've got me writing three fics at once, they have to do stuff like this too.
WARNINGS: a drop of yaoi, double entendres, zuchinni, death threats, Duo quoting Shakespeare (I need to apply for SDDI), Miss Clairol

D: <runs into room and hides behind LW>
LW: <looking at him> What did you do this time?
D: <the picture of innocence> Me? Why do you think I did something?
H: Hn. Omae o korosu.
LW: <turns, mouth drops>
D: I would gladly "die in your lap", koi.
H: <The Ice Glare(tm) at LW> I told you letting him read "Much Ado About Nothing" was a bad idea.
LW: But doesn't Benedick suit him? <back to Duo, thinking, "Heero as Beatrice? Hmmm."> What were you thinking?
D: Well, y'know how all those character sheets say his hair is moss green...
H: <draws gun, points at Duo>
LW: I think that's more like neon kiwi than moss. <erases gun, draws zuchinni in Heero's hand>
H: <blinks>
D: <sheepish> I guessed wrong on how it would blend.
H: <The Ice Glare(tm) at LW> What am I supposed to do with this? <waves zuchinni>
LW: <evil grin> How about <whisper whisper whisper> until he begs for mercy.
D: <sweatdrop>
H: <The Smirk(tm)> I don't need a zuchinni for that.
LW: <sweatdrop> Oh, right. <lightbulb> How about <whisper whisper>
D: <multiple sweatdrops> Uh--
H/LW: <unison> Shut up, Duo. <whisper whisper>
H: <nods> Ryoukai.
LW: <draw draw draw> There. <steps away>
H: <holds up box of hair color>
D: AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! NO! That's Relena's color!
LW: I suggested hot pink.
D: <looks betrayed, panics, makes a dash for the door>
H: <grabs Duo with The Grip(tm), heads for the bathroom>


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