Identifying Marks
A Soldiers and Fools Story
May AC201
By LoneWolf
(kodoku na okami)
COMMENTS: Chang Meiran (I think) mentioned hentai drinks (long, long ago, in an ML far, far away). Which made me go do some investigation. Which led to a draft PWP version of part of this fic. Then, for S&F I needed Heero to be very drunk, for reasons which will become clear later, and this seemed like a good way to do it and have a little fun in the process. Oh yeah, the drink names are all real drinks. (GW fans aren't the only hentais.)

BGM: "Wild Child" from Enya's album, "A Day Without Rain". (Because the title suggests the first part of the story while the lyrics suggest the latter part.)

WARNINGS: yaoi-ness, Heero in a sexy outfit, graphic lemonage, excessive drinking, recreational use of performance enhancing drugs <snicker>


Heero opened the door to the apartment, uniform coat over his arm. It was dark, silent. The security system was off.

That meant Duo was in the bedroom waiting for him.

He smirked faintly, closed and locked the door behind him and took off his shoes and socks, then began undoing his tie as he walked silently through the dining room and kitchen toward the bedroom. He paused at the bedroom door to unbutton his shirt and remove it. The pants would have to wait because the belt buckle might make noise. He laid his hand on the doorknob and slowly turned it, inching the door open, and slipped into the room, turning to close the door as he entered.

When he turned back to the bed he froze. It was empty. He scanned the room, but there was no one there. A moment of worry shot through him, then he noticed the neat stack of clothes next to his pillow and the white square of a note on top of them. He turned on the light and walked to the bed, dropped his coat and shirt on it next to the stack of clothes, and read the note.

"Let's do drinks together." An address. A time. 20:00. Less than an hour.

Damn it. He was horny as Hell after two weeks flying China -- his last two weeks flying for PaxAC. Tomorrow he'd go to work at Preventers HQ with Duo as his partner. And damn if Duo wasn't playing games. He'd known something was up when he found that bartender's guide in his flight case with a sticky note on it telling him to read it. Well, there was nothing to do but play it out. And Duo's games were usually quite satisfying once they got past the preliminaries.

He smirked, remembering the time they'd… And decided he'd do better to get dressed and hurry because he didn't have much time. He looked at the wardrobe Duo had chosen. A black T-shirt. Well, allowing for the fact that it was cut off and made of a thin mesh instead of normal fabric and the sleeves were non-existent, maybe half of a black T-shirt. He pulled it on and decided it was actually a quarter of a black T-shirt, two sizes too small, with lots of stretch in it. It barely covered his chest, and he'd seen latex gloves that didn't fit as snugly.

As he stood looking at it, he saw and felt the fabric plastering itself tighter against his skin and realized it was one of the heat sensitive body hugger materials that had gotten a fifteen second blurb on the news a couple of months ago. The announcer had sounded quite scandalized. Now, as Heero looked at his reflection, he understood why. The black mesh, stretched tight and pulled open, was slightly iridescent and almost completely transparent and really only served to highlight every line of the topography of his chest and gently abrade his nipples with a sensuous touch, ensuring they weren't going to go down while he was wearing it.

Duo's game was running true to form. Heero was not complaining.

Next was a pair of beaten, cutoff black jeans. The back pockets had been removed and a wide, frayed-out line that wasn't quite a real tear ran diagonally across the seat from the side seam on the left leg to the point where the waistband and the right leg seam met. It would show his underwear through the fray, and they seemed to be stretchy. Spandex, no doubt. Duo always fixated on Spandex when he was horny.

A pair of ankle-height black hiking shoes, just like the brown pair that were his casual street wear, a pair of black crew socks that wouldn't quite show above the tops of the shoes and…

No underwear? When Duo played his little games he usually took care everything.

Unless this was everything.

Heero looked at the black cutoffs again. Aa. That made sense. He dropped his pants and boxer briefs, pulled on the shorts and examined himself in the mirror. Damn. If they were much shorter he'd be falling out the bottom -- not that the various clearly outlined bulges under the tight fabric left much to the imagination. He turned to check the rear view. The waistband was cut low, riding exactly on top of his hip bones on the side and dipping three centimeters below his waist in front. The crotch was cut tight, as was the seat.

He turned to examine the rear view in the mirror. The back seam pulled so tight it dropped at least two centimeters between his cheeks. The legs rode up tight at the bottom into the line where his legs and buttocks met. If that didn't reveal and emphasize his ass clearly enough, the fray gave a much better peek at a much larger patch of skin than he'd expected. In fact, the waist looked like it dipped lower in the back than in the front. That was definitely a half-centimeter of cleavage showing.

Duo's game was going to be quite satisfying. He'd be lucky if his fool lover didn't lose control and jump him the minute he saw him in this outfit.

Not that Heero would mind.

As long as they didn't get arrested.

He sat on the bed and pulled on the socks and shoes, then dug the palm computer out of his coat and entered the address. He memorized the map it displayed, reached for his keys and wallet -- and realized that there was no way in they were going to fit in his pants.

Hell, *he* barely fit into his pants.

On a hunch, he moved his uniform. There lay a small, black plastic card holder tied on a black cord, a pair of black, plastic sunglasses with black-black lenses and a lightweight, black raincoat. The latter, neatly folded, was only slightly larger than a napkin at a fancy restaurant, but when he shook it out, Heero saw it was a centimeter short of ankle-length on him. Obviously all part of the outfit. He wondered how much the raincoat had cost -- at least 150 credits he was sure. Duo always planned his games well and spared no expense in getting everything perfect.

Heero took his debit card, driver's license and insurance card out of his wallet and squeezed them into the card holder -- almost as snug a fit as him in the shirt and shorts -- and draped it around his neck, dropping it down the back of the shirt. He wedged one arm of the sunglasses over the collar of his shirt. Tight as it was he could have turned flips and cartwheels and they would still be there. As for the keys, they'd be in the bike's ignition most of the time. He had a feeling he wouldn't be holding them long once he reached his destination.

He pulled the raincoat on as he walked to the door. Duo didn't want him drawing too much attention on the street, jealous baka. Or maybe it was to make sure he wasn't arrested for indecent exposure.

He paused long enough to activate the security system before he left.


Heero arrived two minutes early.

The address turned out to be an old warehouse, now a nightclub called The Razor, the outside brightly lit with searchlights, spotlights and neon. He spotted Duo's bike and parked next to it, dropped his keys in his helmet, slung it under his arm, put on the sunglasses, then joined the crowd around the door. The doorkeepers were standing on a low platform, scanning the crowd, picking people with no particular rhyme or reason.

Now, how to get in? he thought. And what the Hell are all these people doing here on a Tuesday night? Don't they have to go to work tomorrow?

He needn't have worried. He'd only been waiting a minute when one of the doorkeepers pointed to him. The other glanced at the clipboard in front of her, looked at Heero and nodded. The first keeper beckoned to him and Heero, with some careful maneuvering and a couple of knife hands to the ribs of the more obstinate hopefuls, made his way to the front.

"It's him all right, Tokage. Good eyes." the second keeper said, stepping off the platform -- which didn't bring her much closer to Heero's height. She was 210 centimeters, maybe 212 tall, Heero decided. "Mmm. Lose the raincoat if you want to get inside."

"Hn." Heero's eyes narrowed slightly evaluating how to take her, then he decided it would be better to go along. He slipped out of the raincoat, folded it and stuffed it into his helmet.

She smiled evilly. "Oh, yes. Definitely hotter in person. My friends call me Dyv, but my lovers call me the best. Which is it going to be?" She primped the cranberry-red half of her hair. Then, when Heero just stood there glaring at her, "Got some ID, sweet cheeks?" She leaned down to look him in the eyes, giving him a view down the front of her black leather teddy.

Heero ignored her words and her breasts and showed her his driver's license in the card holder. She made a show of examining it, laying her clipboard on the edge of the platform as she did. He glanced at the clipboard and saw a small piece of paper with front, side and rear drawings of himself under the clip, complete with black sunglasses, tighter-than-skin mesh shirt and revealing shorts. He didn't need to see the "DM" scribbled at the bottom to guess where it had come from.

While she was busy with his ID and not paying attention to her clipboard, he filched it, slipping it under the raincoat in his helmet. He'd always wondered if he'd have a use for the pickpocket tricks Duo had taught him. He also noticed that the other doorkeeper -- Tokage -- had seen him -- was, in fact, catching more than a glimpse of him. Tokage was wearing an outfit reminiscent of Heero's except it wasn't quite as tight or revealing -- and it was red leather. He was licking his lips, making quite a show of his long tongue. Heero guessed that was where he got the name.

"Ooohh. Barely legal," Dyv said, returning his ID. "Just the way I like 'em." She leered at him as she unhooked the rope and motioned him through. "You're in, sweet cheeks. Sure you don't want to stay out here with me and let me show you a *real* good time? Tokage'll watch the door for me to get it on with a fine young piece of cock like you."

She made a grab for his ass as he walked past her, but he evaded, making it look casual. He briefly considered grabbing Dyv's extended arm and throwing her into the crowd behind him. He decided it would probably get him kicked out before he got in -- and he definitely wanted to get in -- and not just into the club… He pulled himself back to the mission at hand and leveled a cold, expressionless gaze at her and said, "You don't have the right equipment."

Throwing her wouldn't have let him see the look of incomprehension on her face that suddenly became shock, then disappointment, then anger. He stifled the smile he felt.

Tokage chuckled. "Damn fine, Dyv," he said as Heero opened the door and walked through into the entry hall. "But didn't I mention it was a *guy* who left that picture?" Heero heard Tokage's lips smack. "Lucky bastard. I wish I was getting some of both of them tonight."

At least Tokage knew better than to do more than look and dream. Heero decided to consider their interest a compliment. He smirked as he walked through the door and down the dark hallway. If *they* were that horny for him in this outfit, Duo didn't stand a chance. Maybe he should wear it more often. Not that Duo ever refused an offer unless he was sick or very tired.

Then he wondered if Tokage had meant *he* was the lucky bastard, not Duo. It took less than two seconds thought before he had to admit, he was, regardless of what Tokage had been thinking.

Heero left his helmet, keys and raincoat at the check desk, carefully forced the claim ticket into his card holder, and opened the door at the end of the hall -- and was nearly knocked flat by the wave of sound and light. It required almost a physical effort to push his way through the noise onto the second-story catwalk.

He stared dumbfounded at the mass of men and women dancing, drinking, and… He looked carefully at a cluster of dancers just below him to be sure… Well, he'd never seen anyone doing that on a dance floor. Then again, the dance floors he'd seen had all involved clothes that covered more than five percent of a person's body. He scanned the floor, watching the people moving to the pounding rhythm. Even the wait-staff seemed to walk in step with the beat.

His eyes wandered back to the cluster of "more-than-dancers" just in time to see the couples switch partners, seemingly without any concern for who -- or what gender -- they were paring up with. He shook his head. Some people were just stupid. He wondered if they even knew each other or if they were just idly fucking anyone and not giving a damn about the risks.

He studied the tamer parts of the floor. Now, how was he supposed to find--

Someone grabbed his ass and slid fingers under the fray to touch skin, one finger slipping under the seam to tickle between his cheeks. Damn it. He was *not* a fucking piece of meat on the rack. He threw an elbow, hard… and missed. How? He looked behind him, then down. Duo was squatting beside him.

"I thought you might do that," Duo said, grinning. Heero didn't hear the words, though. Duo was relying on Heero's lip reading skills to be understood.

Heero reached down and pulled him up, looked around at the flashing lights, annoyed. He was glad he had the sunglasses on. He wanted to cover his ears to block out the music that pounded up from the dance floor below. "Duo!" He had to shout to be heard over the din. "Why the HELL did we have to come here? I know there have to be quieter places to get drinks." He grabbed Duo's ass, fingers digging in, and yanked Duo against him, grinding their crotches together. His eyebrows shot up and he faltered in his fondling. Duo was harder than he was.

"Yeah!" Duo shouted back, head bobbing in time with the beat, body swaying. "But they would take a dim view of our little game. And if you don't let me go, I'm gonna hafta bend you over that railing and screw your ass for the whole club to see."

Heero blinked. For some reason, the whole concept of looking down on the dance floor with Duo behind him sounded interesting, but he didn't think it was part of Duo's game, and Duo didn't like it when his games didn't go as planed. Heero took a half step back and moved his hands to Duo's arms.

"Better for now," Duo said. "I haven't been clubbing in a long time and thought it would be fun to do it again."

Heero frowned, examining Duo. His hair wasn't braided, but was held by the angel wing hair clasp and two braids of violet and blue ribbons, one halfway down and one at the bottom. He was wearing a pair of tight fine-mesh pants that looked like they'd been on the losing side of an argument with a lawnmower -- several times. There wasn't much more fabric in them than in Heero's shorts, and when the lights hit them just right, Heero could see just enough to tell him Duo wasn't wearing any underwear. His hair glittered with silver and violet highlights -- not natural shine, but something he'd put in it. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Instead, pale violet, blue and sliver lines were painted on his body -- about half paint, half skin. Some of the lines glowed when the black lights of the dance floor flashed over them. Some glittered when the strobes fired. It took all of four seconds for Heero to see that the seemingly random lines spelled out several repetitions of, "Heero dake no mono da" in various combinations of kana and kanji.

That brought a smirk to his face. Duo was making sure everyone knew he was not part of the meat market. And the promise behind the words made Heero want him even more -- if that was possible. And the outfit, well, Duo knew he liked to start the night with a little mystery.

"What game?" He asked. For all the stimulation standing before him, he wasn't sure he could play a game that led to sex with so much ruckus going on around him. Then he felt how tight the front of his shorts had become while he was looking at Duo and decided that maybe he could.

Duo grabbed Heero's hand. "Come with me," he mouthed, then giggled, "I hope."

"Hentai," Heero muttered, letting Duo drag him through the crowd. He sighed as he realized Duo's body was swaying in time with the music. Duo had never been able to resist the allure of techno-dance when he played it at home.

Several stairways, catwalks and side halls later, they walked into a tiny room, the floor covered by a sea of pillows that surrounded a low table. Duo closed the door, and the roar dropped to a soft background rumble. Heero stared around the room, eyebrows registering surprise. "How did you do that?"

"Excellent soundproofing," Duo said, head still bouncing. "And lots of fabric." He patted the thickly padded wall, humming a few bars of the song. "Take off your shoes."

The waves of music from below weren't completely silenced, but it was quiet enough that they could speak in normal voices and be heard. Heero decided he could handle it. He bent over and untied the shoes, purposefully bending from the waist with his back to Duo, feeling the shorts pull even tighter. He heard a soft groan behind him and smirked again as he set the shoes beside the door. Duo's beat up sneakers landed beside them a moment later.

"Okay," Duo said as Heero turned around. "Here's the game. You've been through that bartender's book I gave you?"

Heero nodded. "Aa."

"So, every forty-five minutes you order three of a drink. If I can tell you what's in it from memory, I drink one and you drink two. Otherwise you drink one and I drink two."

Heero nodded. Duo had set up the rules so they wouldn't get drunk too fast and so he wouldn't be sitting there watching Heero get drunk alone, but so they would definitely get drunk. He wasn't sure why Duo wanted them drunk, but he knew it wouldn't do any good to ask.

Duo's eyes narrowed as he smiled the conspiratorial smile that always reminded Heero of the phrase, "making a deal with the Devil." Or maybe Shinigami in this case. "And if it's a hentai drink and I know what's in it, I choose how we *do* the drink."

Heero was suddenly interested. There could only be one meaning of "do" when Duo said it that way. They were damn well all going to be hentai drinks if he could help it.

"And if I can't tell you what's in it…" Duo grinned. "Then you get to choose."

Heero smirked. This was going to be fun.

"Oh. And I got us some time off, so don't worry about work tomorrow."

Heero nodded again. Duo was following true to form when it came to hentai games -- efficient and thorough. "Aa." They were both going to be more than a little drunk and extremely worn out by the time they went home tonight -- or tomorrow morning, more likely. "Ryoukai," he said. He entered his first order on the computerized menu before him and swiped his debit card, noting that the menu displayed the ingredients for him so he could be sure Duo got it right.

Something landed on his head, covering his face. "What--?" There was a wet spot against his cheek. He yanked it off to find Duo's pants in his hand. "Duo?" He looked at Duo, who was pulling off his socks. "What the Hell are you doing?"

Duo looked at him blankly. "I'm taking off my clothes, silly." Duo tossed his socks at Heero, who batted them away.

"What about whoever brings us the drinks?" Duo ignored him, standing naked as the day he was born. He undid the hair clasp and ribbons, shaking his hair out around him. Heero didn't notice. He was too busy staring at Duo's hard cock. Damn, he thought. I'm not the only one looking forward to this. He *is* harder than me. … Hn. So that's what that wet spot was.

A beep distracted him. Three glasses rose through a small, rectangular hole in the table. "Three Creamy Kisses," the computer voice announced. That made sense, Heero nodded to himself. No embarrassing waiters.

"A Creamy Kiss?" Duo said, staring at Heero, incredulous. "I thought for sure you'd be ordering hentai drinks."

Heero smirked as he sipped. "Do you know what's in it or not, koi no baka?"

"Amaretto, Irish cream, Peach schnapps and cream," Duo recited, then plopped down cross-legged on a large, round pillow, grabbed his glass and drank it in two gulps. "Damn!" He winced. "That was an interesting combination." He looked a bit disappointed, staring down at his lap -- or, more likely, something attached to it, Heero suspected.

"So now we sit around and stare at each other because you couldn't order a hentai--." He paused as Heero brushed fingers lightly against his cheek and looked up, the bottom of Heero's shorts inches above his face. He stared for a moment, peering up at the bugles the fabric barely concealed. His fingers ran up Heero's legs, drawing a shiver from both of them, then under the denim to touch--

"Nnnn. Are you going to give me a creamy kiss, koi?" Heero asked, his voice rasping slightly with lust. He finished his first drink and smirked again.

Duo frowned. Then blinked, and tapped his forehead. "Duh! So I'm slow." He grinned. "I'm going to give you a creamy French kiss." His deft fingers had Heero's shorts open before he finished speaking.

"Ryoukai." Heero downed his second drink and set the glass on the table, letting Duo peel the shorts off of him.

Duo walked on his knees, pushing Heero toward the wall, staring at the growing cock before him. He reached beneath it, hand closing gently around Heero's balls, hefting them, then rolling one between thumb and forefinger. "Mmm. I think this is going to be a very creamy kiss, koi. They feel like they're oveflowing."

"Nnnn," Heero sighed as he leaned back into the soft, yielding fabric behind him. "That's what happens when I don't get to see you for two weeks." His arousal had subsided somewhat during their trip to the room. Now, Duo's fingers were making him harder. Duo was always so good at making him hard -- and then not hard. As he thought that, he felt Duo's other hand close around him squeezing gently. Heero looked down and watched Duo's tongue reach out and touch lightly against the end of his cock, playing with the foreskin, pushing the slit open. "Aaa." The wetness on the tip of his cock wasn't all from Duo's tongue.

Duo's teeth teased the edge of the foreskin, drawing a yelp from Heero. "Did that hurt?"

"Hell no. Just suck me."

"Oh, no. We have, what, Mr. Internal Clock, forty minutes until the next drink?" Duo's lips closed over the head, tongue tracing circles around the sensitive skin, coating it with saliva before pulling slowly off.

Heero tore through the distraction long enough to answer Duo's question. "Forty-two minutes, thirty seconds." A soft "Hnnnn" whined from his lips as Duo repeated the procedure. His hands dropped to Duo's head, fingers tangling in the long, cinnamon-scented hair.

"Then I think we have plenty of time to play around."

Heero realized he didn't have much choice. He could always grab Duo by the head and face-fuck him, but he didn't think Duo would like that -- and it wasn't his style -- and it wasn't what he really wanted. He wanted a good, hot blowjob, and that was what Duo was offering, just slower. He had to admit, whenever they took their lovemaking slow, it was always better. "Hai." Heero said, closing his eyes. He raised his hands above his head, resisting the temptation to rush them, feeling the mesh rubbing against his chest sending tingles through him… And discovered soft ropes above him. He tangled his hands and forearms in them -- just in case -- then leaned back and relaxed to let Duo work his magic.

He felt Duo's hand release his cock and then Duo's tongue circling underneath at the base, darting down to play between his balls, still in Duo's left hand. His cock tingled as Duo slowly dragged his tongue up from the base. As it drew near the head, the sensation suddenly surged. "Hnnnn." Then Duo stopped and ran back down, coming up again a half-tongue to Heero's left. "Hnn." Then down and up, around Heero's cock.

Heero opened his eyes, looking down to watch as Duo coated him until he glistened with saliva. The violet eyes glanced up at him, then further up and saw Heero's hands in the ropes.

Duo paused, then grinned hugely. "I guess you're mine to do with as I please."

"Aa. Just do something."

Duo resumed his licking and Heero smiled, closing his eyes again, seeing it in his mind as he felt it happening, sighing softly at the sensations brought on by his lover's tongue.

Duo finished his circuit and began licking Heero's balls again. "Haaa. Ii da." Each warm, wet touch was better than the one before. Then Duo stopped. "Naosara," Heero said, wanting more. "Aaaa," he gasped, his knees buckling and his head slamming back into the well-padded wall as he felt suction on his left ball, drawing it between Duo's lips and into his mouth to be rolled around by his tongue. He didn't need to see, as he hung there, arms in the ropes. Didn't think he could have opened his eyes if he'd tried. Then the mouth moved away again, leaving him wanting again, but only for a moment.

"Hnnnn." Duo's hand closed around Heero's cock again. "Yaaa." His lips slid down over the head and began a hard sucking and touches under the head with his tongue that sent pleasure surging through Heero's cock into his groin. "Aaaaaa." The sucking stopped and Duo took more of Heero into his mouth, sliding along until he reached his hand -- not deep enough to gag, but past the point of maximum sensation for Heero -- then pulling back slowly. "Haaa."

Duo's head began bouncing back and forth over him, his hand moving with it. "Haa. Nnn. Aaa." Heero realized that Duo was matching the rhythm of the music that pulsed up faintly from the distant dance floor and laughed. "Baka." Followed by, "AAAA," as Duo raked his teeth gingerly along the hard centimeters of flesh in his mouth. Duo's tongue dove under the foreskin again, stretching it tight with every thrust onto Heero's cock, finally pushing it back to reveal the sensitive parts it covered. "Aaaannn." Heero felt himself tensing. Suddenly, Duo stopped.

Heero looked down, panting, wanting to scream for Duo to finish, knowing why Duo had stopped. He saw Duo pull off of him and begin sucking on two of his own fingers. Heero felt a surge of jealousy as they got the treatment he wanted.

He thought for a second and realized they had been at it for nearly ten minutes. Duo was waiting, taking him slow. He got his legs back under him. Slow was-- "Haaa," he sighed as Duo began again, tongue teasing the slit open again, then blowing gently into it. "Nnn." The sizzling knot began building inside him again. Duo's left hand closed around his ass and began massaging, wet fingers slipping slowly deeper. Heero knew where that would lead and no longer begrudged them the attention Duo had given them.

Twenty-two minutes and six pauses later -- Duo giving him less time between each cycle, letting the feeling fade only slightly before dragging him back into it even deeper -- Heero realized they weren't going to stop this time. "Arigatou," he whispered. "Yaaaa!" He was hanging by the ropes again. The past half-hour had seemed like a half century, but what a half century it had been. "Haaaaa!" And now, "Ima! Aaaa." His back arched and he felt Duo pull back, tongue still working the head of his cock, left hand's fingers fluttering against that particular spot inside him as he came. "Aaaaaaaaaa!" It felt so-- "Yaaaaaa!" After two weeks and half a century of waiting. "Aaaaaa!" Duo was sucking gently, drawing it out of him. "Nnnnn!" And sending searing pleasure blooming through his body from ass and balls and cock all at once to blend with the sensations the mesh on his nipples caused as his body convulsed with each surge.

Finally… Finally, he let himself hang exhausted against the wall. Duo's fingers squeezed the last dregs out of him, sending a final shudder through him. Then he felt Duo pull off of him and out of him and tug on him. Heero fumbled for a moment, untangled his hands and let himself fall to his knees, Duo's still-hard cock rubbing against his crotch as Duo leaned close. Duo's lips pressed against his and he smiled, kissing back, opening his mouth for his creamy kiss and tasting himself flowing from Duo's lips. Feeling Duo's tongue press into his mouth. His creamy French kiss. He darted his tongue around Duo's and into Duo's mouth, tracing the contours of Duo's palate, teeth, cheeks...

They knelt like that for seven minutes -- so the internal clock told him after they broke. He stared at Duo, searching for words. "Shit, Duo. I should order one of those more often."

Duo grinned. "Glad you liked it, koi. I love hearing you enjoy it." The grin softened to a smile. Heero knew it was one of Duo's favorite parts of their lovemaking and always tried to satisfy him, but this time, he hadn't made any special effort. Duo stood and drew Heero up after him, guiding him wobilily back to the table. "Now, what's our next drink?"

Heero looked at the menu. "We have three min-- mmph." Heero struggled for a second, then succumbed as Duo's tongue pressed back into his mouth and Duo's body pressed against his, rubbing gently, reminding him that Duo was still furiously aroused. When Duo pulled away, the question evident in his raised eyebrow, Heero nodded. "Twenty-seven seconds. Close enough." He glanced down and punched up his selection. Duo watched him expectantly. Heero smirked. A moment later, the drinks arrived. "Three Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall's"

"Sloe gin, Southern Comfort, orange juice, galliano and a cherry," Duo grabbed Heero's drinks and removed the cherries, then downed his drink and chuckled. After a moment, he extracted the cherry stem tied in a knot. "Of course, I don't mind if you don't have a cherry, koi."

Heero snorted. "Since *you* are the one who popped it?" Heero emptied his second glass quickly and said, "Now, a slow--"

"I know," Duo grinned. After fumbling among the pillows for a moment, he pulled out a tube.

"How did I know you'd be prepared?" Heero smiled.

"Baka." Duo pushed Heero back against the wall, sliding hands up under the tank top, sending shivers through Heero as he touched nipples. Duo's fingers felt better than the mesh. "Time to get you naked," he said, pushing the tank top over Heero's head, catching his mouth for a kiss as the mesh cleared it. "And give you a slow… comfortable… screw… against the wall." He quickly spread a centimeter of the gel on his fingers, then slid them between Heero's legs. "And you think you're horny after two weeks with no sex?" He pressed a slicked finger deeper, preparing Heero.

"Aaa. Tsu." Heero gasped as Duo's finger penetrated him. "Is that all? Nnn. I thought you might've taken something for-- Aaaaa! -- endurance." His fingers brushed against Duo's erection to make his meaning clear. Not that he had ever asked Duo to do that, but Duo had always been concerned about it and tonight he looked… different. Heero had to admit, he was a tiny bit disappointed it was just plain horniness. He liked to take turns, and…

"Well, that too," Duo laughed. "For the whole two weeks. I didn't want to let you down tonight." He began moving the finger and held up the tube for Heero, who set about spreading more gel over Duo's cock.

"No complaints," Heero whispered, then keened softly as the second finger went in, curling against the sensitive spot before gently spreading inside him.

Duo pulled his fingers out and lifted Heero to rest on top of his hard, lubed cock. "Think you're ready?"

Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's waist and nodded, concentrating on relaxing as Duo's arms slowly released their support, letting the pressure build until… Suddenly, Duo popped into him. "Hnnnnnn," Heero whined softly. Duo held him tightly for a full minute, letting him adjust, then, when Heero nodded, relaxed his hold, letting Heero slide slowly down him.

"God, Heero, your ass is so tight," Duo whispered.

"God, Duo, your cock is so hard." Heero said, chuckling as he pulled himself close for a kiss." Then he reached up, grabbing the ropes, and spun them around to pin Duo against the wall. He slipped one leg down, his toes barely touching the floor. He moved his grip to Duo's shoulders and paused, staring into Duo's eyes. After thirty seconds, he remembered to breathe. "Your eyes are beautiful, koi."

Duo waited… and waited. "Uh, Hee-koi. Could we sta-- Aah-Aaahh!"

"Baka. You aren't the only one who knows how to take things slow." Heero smirked and flexed the same muscles again.

"Oooohhh." Duo grinned and leaned back against the wall, his hands moving to Heero's chest. "Mmmmm. AH! Oh yeah."

Duo's fingers grazed across Heero's left nipple, sending an electric surge through him, Heero had to agree.


Heero woke. Something wasn't quite right. His head hurt like a sonofabitch, but that wasn't it. Something felt-- felt…

He pried his eyes open a slit and peered around the dimly lit room, which somehow seemed painfully bright. He wasn't sure where he was -- definitely not home -- but the soft snore next to him could only be Duo. He wasn't tied up, so--

Oh. Duo's game. He tried to itemize the drinks they'd done. The Creamy Kiss and Sloe Comfortable Screw Against A Wall, of course, followed by the Piece of Ass, buried in the piles of pillows, and the Bend Me Over -- kneeling over the low table. They had taken turns on that one.

Absolut Royal Fuck, with him straddling Duo, who had insisted they both wearing the silly paper crowns he'd brought. Then Duo had pulled out grape flavored body paint for the Purple Hardon. It had been more like body stain, actually. Heero wondered if the inside of Duo's ass was purple now. And then--

Things began to get really fuzzy. Citron My Face. Heero remembered that one vaguely because they'd been in a 6-9 position. He was sure he had tasted grape. And--

Butt Fucks… Aa. Then… … …

Duo had missed the Angel's Kiss, and Heero had taken the opportunity to repay the Creamy Kiss. They had become liberal in their interpretation of drinks by then. There had been at least four others, but Heero couldn't remember what they were. Something involving Death and a Virgin -- very liberal in their interpretation of drinks he decided -- but what else had they--

He couldn't remember.

And they'd both been so drunk that Duo had suggested they shouldn't drive. They could get a hotel room for the night after they--

No it was morning -- sunrise when they left--

Room for the morning after they…

After they…

Damn. He couldn't remember after they what.

He was a little sore from it all, though -- for only the second time ever -- but it was a good sore. Maybe Duo should take those anti-impotence drugs more often. They had definitely made a difference.

His ass and back itched. And his chest in the hollow below his right collarbone.

He reached up to scratch his chest and found a bandage beneath his fingers. What? He'd been injured? What the Hell had happened last--

The internal clock chose that moment to stagger to life and Heero realized it was almost noon on Thursday. What the Hell had happened to Wednes-- Shit. They were supposed to be at work.

"Duo." He turned in bed, feeling his head start pounding from the punishing movement and the ear-blasting whisper. He pushed it aside -- "Duo" -- and shook Duo.

That was definitely a bad move. The slight rocking motion made him nauseous and Duo, waking slowly as usual, flailed out and connected with his head. It was little more than a hard brush against his temple, but it was enough to send a searing white flare of pain through his skull that broke his control. He forced himself out of the bed, crawled quickly through the open bathroom door, jaw locked closed, lips squeezed so tight he knew they must be white. Finally, after what seemed like a kilometer on hands and knees, he made it to the open toilet and let his heaving stomach have its way.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in his stomach, so he didn't feel much better when it had finished its vain attempt to empty itself. He pulled himself up on the sink and splashed water -- very loud water -- on his face, rinsed his mouth, drank a couple of mouthfuls. He decided that the noise of the water had made him feel one notch worse, but the water on his face and in his mouth had made him feel two notches better, so he was ahead.

He also decided the occasional lances of cycling colors dancing in front of his eyes were not what caused his genitals to look purple, and wondered how long it would be before the damn body stain wore off. At least he was able to walk out of the bathroom instead of crawling. His knees felt like they might give out at any--

His ass and back itched. And his chest. He reached to scratch his chest and found--

Wait a minute. He'd done that before.

"Don't scratch it, koi."

He glared. Duo had no right to sound so awake and cheerful when *he* felt so miserable. "What the *Hell* did you do to me?"

Duo smiled, a bit nervous. Heero softened the glare as he approached the bed. "Uh, got you royally falling down gut puking drunk as a skunk. I didn't know you'd get so fucked up--"

But he'd enjoyed getting fu-- Oh, that wasn't what Duo had meant.

"-- but damn, did we have a good time. I nearly passed out when we did the Screaming Orgasm San Francisco Style."

That must be one of the drinks he couldn't remember, but it sounded fun. His head started throbbing from the effort of standing and balancing and thinking and focusing his eyes and listening and processing the words all at the same time, so he slowly maneuvered himself to sit next to Duo on the bed and closed his eyes, cutting the stresses in half. "Maybe we could do it without the drink next time? If you can remember what I did."

The grin was apparent in Duo's voice. "Anytime. I have video so we can figure it out."

"Video." Shit. "Not right now. And if I'm so hung over how can you be awake and-- Oh shit. We're late for--" He stopped as Duo laid a hand on his arm -- nowhere near his head, which was probably good.

"I got us the rest of the week off, okay? I told Une she owed us for the long weekend we missed. Sometimes being a famous Gundam pilot who knows the boss personally has its advantages, y'know. And you drank twice as much as I did, so I woke up and had my hangover yesterday. Actually, you were up puking two or three times, but I don't think you were really conscious, just running on autopilot."

That explained a little. His ass and back itched. And his--

Wait a minute.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the bandage on his chest and saw a similar bandage on the left side of Duo's chest. "What happened?"

"Oh, just a little nick," Duo said, pulling off his bandage and then Heero's.

A few specks of dried blood stained the bandages, but there wasn't a mark on either of them. That and something in Duo's voice told him there was more to it than that. He reached back to scratch his ass and found another bandage there.

"Don't scratch that one either."

"Duo!" Heero winced and closed his eyes. Note to self -- remember to talk softly.

"Uh, look, Hee-koi. You were so upset about not being different from the Rejects, and I wanted to make it easier to tell you apart when we run into another one of them, but I didn't want you to think I was doing something to you that I wouldn't do to myself, and--"

"Duo," Heero's voice grated out. "Not so loud and please get to the point."

"Sorry," Duo whispered. "I'll show you." He flipped over in the bed, revealing a bandage that spilled from the small of the back onto the top of his butt. "Take it off."

Heero couldn't help but smile at the suggestion, even though the effort of smiling hurt. He carefully lifted the bandage revealing… a pair of angel wings? It was a tattoo. The wings sprang from between Duo's buttocks about a centimeter below where they split, spanning twelve centimeters on either side, the spread feathers of the wingtips reaching onto his hips. They were ten centimeters tall -- the top of the wings rose above Duo's waistline -- and were filled with a complex pattern of lines among the feathers. As he peered more closely, Heero saw the lines interwove to spell out "Heero dake no mono da". The effort of deciphering them made his head renew its protest.

"That will be difficult to remove if you ever decide to leave me," Heero said, standing and walking, more steadily than before, toward the dresser. He thought he knew what the itch on his back was, and what they'd done after they left the club.

"Baka." Duo sniffled. "Getting rid of it would hurt less than getting rid of you and you know it."

"Aa." Heero reached behind himself and pulled the bandage off, then twisted in front of the mirror, pausing as a wave of vertigo rushed through him. He looked. A pair of angel wings. The same size and position as Duo's wings. He smiled faintly as he read the words aloud. "Duo dake no mono da." He nodded, cautiously lest he remind his head it was hung over. "Ryoukai." He caught a flicker of movement in the mirror and turned as Duo's arms wrapped around him.

"I, uh, hope you don't mind me being so possessive, Hee-koi."

Heero heard the low rumble start in Duo's chest as Duo held him. He hadn't been able to even feel it when they'd met at the club in all the noise and vibration from the dance floor, and then they'd been too busy with other things. Duo rarely purred when they were "in the act." Now, the familiar sensation was… soothing. "Baka. I'd be angry if you thought I wasn't yours 'dake'. But they can copy that, and pulling my pants down for you when I'm facing another me--"

"Oh, you just have to pull your shirt up, silly. But, to be honest, that one's there mostly for me to look at." Duo grinned, looking over Heero's shoulder at the mirror, running his fingers lightly over the mark. "To remind me what a lucky bastard I am. This is the one for being sure."

Heero frowned as Duo took a small penlight from his jacket on top of the dresser and turned it on, pointing it at their chests. It was a strange frequency of light, deep purple pushing into ultraviolet, and it caused the hidden marks on their chests to fluoresce. Small. About three centimeters square. Just the words from the other tattoos in a circle around the kanji "ai".

The light made Heero's head pound harder. "Aa. That's making my head hurt."

"Sorry." Duo turned the light off and Heero ran a finger over the image still glowing on Duo's chest, watching it fade back to invisibility. "Wanna rest for a while?" Duo asked, reaching behind Heero to open a drawer and pull out a bottle of water. "Drink this slowly. It'll help the hangover a little. I'll run out and get us something to eat."

"We'll rest and I'll drink the water. I don't feel like eating anything yet."

"Ryoukai." Duo smiled and helped him back to the bed, then climbed in next to him, holding him and purring.


Heero woke. Something wasn't quite right. He pried his eyes open a slit and peered around the dimly lit room. Where--

Oh. The hotel. His head didn't hurt this time. It was 18:14, the same day. The soft stutter of windblown rain sounded against the window.

"Feeling better?"

He turned and saw Duo, propped up on an elbow, watching him. "Aa," Two liters of water and six hours of sleep had made a difference. "Now I'm hungry."

"I called out for Chinese about twenty minutes ago. Uh, y'know, you could use a shower."

Heero nodded. He could smell himself. That was a bad sign. And his bladder chose that moment to inform him it was very ready to get rid of some of the water.

Getting from the bed to the bathroom didn't involve crawling this time. As he stood at the toilet he noticed the body stain hadn't worn off yet. Duo and his silly ideas. If this was permanent, they might have another way to tell him apart from the Rejects.

He turned on the water. As he waited for it to warm up, he noticed it wasn't as noisy as it had been before. He decided that was probably a subjective thing that depended on how hung over he was. Thinking back over the parts he could remember, he decided he'd never been nearly that drunk before -- not that he got drunk easily or often. Doubtless, that had been part of Duo's plan. He never would have agreed to the tattoos sober, but now that he'd seen them… He put the thoughts aside and stepped into the shower and relaxed under the needle-sharp spray and let his mind go blank as his body went through the motions of bathing.

Ten minutes later he walked out of the bathroom to find Duo in an oversized T-shirt that hung half-way down his thighs, arranging boxes of food on the table. Another T-shirt laying on the bed for him -- and only a T-shirt -- made him certain Duo wasn't wearing underwear. "Thirty seconds earlier and the delivery boy would've gotten an eyeful," Duo said, grinning and getting his own eyeful as Heero walked over to the bed and picked up the shirt.

"I could stay like this," Heero said as he stepped to the window and opened the curtains a centimeter so he could peer out at the rain and the grey sky. They were well above the ground -- at least twenty stories. He opened the curtains wide, letting the wet, grey light flood the room. The rain was a steady downpour that blurred his view across the street.

"Thanks, Hee-koi."

Heero turned and saw Duo grinning even wider.

"But I don't want you to catch cold, so you better put it on."

"Aa." The room was slightly cool. Heero pulled the shirt over his head, adjusting the shoulders and stretching the fabric down almost to his knees as he walked over to the table. By the time he reached the table, the fabric had pulled back up to mid-thigh. Duo taking care of the details again, he thought, a tiny smile twitching his lips. He sat, then stood and sat again, running a hand over his butt this time to make sure the shirt was underneath him. "What are you going to eat?" he asked, pulling the boxes of food toward him.


Heero smiled a two-corners-of-the-lips smile at him. He opened the first box -- orange chicken, Duo's favorite -- and dished some onto a paper plate and handed it to Duo. "Sit down and eat." He opened the next box and, finding steamed rice, began filling his own plate.

"I got a lot of steamed stuff in case you still felt sick."

Heero nodded and continued distributing the food. Halfway through his second serving, a piece of steamed chicken en route from plate to mouth, Heero froze.

Duo frowned and swallowed. "What's wrong?"

"I've been wondering," Heero said, laying his chopsticks on the plate. "How did 29 know about our vacation?"

"Good guess?"

Heero shook his head. "He knew we were going to the beach." And, damn it, Duo. I know you caught that and I know you've been wondering too. He looked at Duo and let his face speak for him.

"They're watching us."


"Which is kinda scary."


"So what do we do about it?"

Heero thought about that for a moment. His right eyebrow lifted. "They don't have anyone on us now."


"If I was doing the plan," and to a certain extent he was, "there would have been one clone in Tokyo. Twins attract too much attention. So after I… killed 29--" He paused, frowned. The words weren't pleasant, but they were true. He knew he hadn't really had a choice, but he also knew that wasn't the only reason he'd killed 29. He had acted at least partly in anger. That worried him.

"After I killed 29, they didn't have anyone here to watch us.""

"Yeah, but how long would it take to get another one here? I mean, even if they came from L2 and bounced through every colony twice to be sure they weren't followed it couldn't take more than four days."

"The replacement has never been to Tokyo. They would want to brief him on the city. If I was given the mission, I would want three weeks of intense briefing and simulations for a city this size."

"Damn. It's almost like having a bug in their planning sessions." Duo chuckled. "So, we'll go by the office tomorrow so we can use one of Takanawa's super-duper encrypted phone lines to call Une and let her know, then we'll go back to the apartment and start packing."


"Well, if they don't have someone on us right now, it's a perfect chance to slip away and vanish."

Heero looked at him, surprised. "What about your art gallery?" He didn't think he'd like it if Duo stopped drawing. He liked to sit and write, knowing Duo was deep in a sketchpad with himself as the subject.

Duo stretched, then pushed himself up out of his chair. "I've had someone else running it for me since you came to Tokyo. I go by to drop off a piece every now and then, but that's about all I ever see of the place now." Duo shrugged. "I have more important things to do." He smiled and ran a finger along Heero's ear. "Besides, they've picked up two dozen other artists so if I send 'em a new piece every couple of months they'll be fine and I'll still get my percentage of the commissions. Hell, my work will probably be worth more because it'll be harder to get."

Heero stared at the box of steamed vegetables on the table before him. "What about home?" He knew "home" was very important to Duo. To him too, but more so to Duo.

Duo stood him up, slid an arm around his waist, lifted his chin. "Do you remember the night you found me at that bar in Egypt?"

"Aa." He didn't like to remember it though. It had made them stronger, but it had been before they learned the finer details of loving each other and living with each other and having arguments with each other, so it had been painful too. More painful than it had to have been.

"And when we went back to the hotel and we went to bed and you held me?"

"Aa." It hadn't all been painful, once they'd worked it out.

"That was the night I understood it was just an apartment." Duo put his other arm around Heero, then nudged Heero's arms until Heero closed them around him. "This is home." He leaned against Heero and smiled and purred.

Heero thought about that for a few seconds, then pressed up on his toes to kiss Duo gently on the lips. "Let's go pack."

"Nah. We have the room for tonight too. We'll pack tomorrow. Uh, you told me once you could put all my music on five disks?"

"Aa. I'll do it when we get ho-- back to the apartment."

Duo grinned. "Thanks, koi. That and my sketch book and some clothes and I'll be set."

"Don't forget your shampoo and conditioner." Heero smiled faintly. Duo's hair never let him travel as lightly as Heero could. And Heero suspected "some clothes" might require them to pay for excess baggage.

"Bastard," Duo slapped him playfully on the butt. "You use the shampoo too. Don't forget we need to stop at the office and tell Une about our plan."

Heero had heard Duo name Une before but had been to distracted to chase it down. Now -- "Une?"

Duo nodded. "We're reporting directly to her on this one."

"We have a plan?"

"That's my Heero. Always wants a plan." Duo laughed. "Okay. How about we move from office to office every few weeks with no warning until we have a plan? Ever been to Italy?"

Heero nodded. He'd been to Italy when he was tracking down each of Noventa's relatives to offer them a free shot at him. But that was in the past, now.

"How about Greece?"

Heero shook his head. Even his cargo flights hadn't taken him there.

"Good. I understand Greek wrestling can be fun."

The hentai grin told Heero everything he needed to know about Greek wrestling. "I don't need to go to Greece to learn about that. Paris."

"Paris? You lived there for, what, four years?"

"Aa. But I never saw it." He deftly maneuvered himself into the chair and Duo onto his lap, leaning close to smell the cinnamon hair. "I hear they're rebuilding that tower thing that got destroyed in the war. And they say Paris is a city for lovers." He leaned his head against Duo's chest, listening to the sounds of breath and heart and rumbling contentment. "How did you know about that place we went?"

"Huh?" The heartbeat stuttered, then sped up. The rumble faltered. "Oh… uh…"

Shinyou shiteru, Heero thought, knowing the same words were echoing in Duo's head. He had already guessed that Duo had been to the Razor before, and had probably used the padded rooms before. He let the silence hang around them, not accusing, but insisting on an answer nonetheless.

Finally Duo said. "I used to… sometimes… Before you came to Tokyo, I went there a lot. I was trying to convince myself any guy would do, but I was wrong. When I got really desperate I… well, you saw those people… dancing. That's when I realized how… It wasn't what I was looking for." He paused, bit his lip, then rushed on with, "But don't worry. I had myself checked four times that first year you were here before we... before you could say 'aishiteru'."

Heero hadn't guessed the last part. He looked up at Duo, right eyebrow up in surprise. "You went there after I came to Tokyo?"

"Hell no! I just… I just wanted to be sure I was… clean. You're not mad are you?"

"Baka." Heero pulled Duo's head down and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was soft, but he held Duo against him with a fierce strength that left Duo gasping when they pulled apart twenty seconds later.

"I'll assume that means, 'Iie!'." Duo grinned, then smiled. "So do you want to go somewhere this evening?"

Heero rested his head against Duo's chest again and closed his eyes, letting the sounds of Duo and the rain fill him. He sighed as Duo wrapped arms around his neck and rested a cheek on his head. The purr stumbled to life again. Heero felt the corners of his mouth turn up in a tiny smile. "Home," he murmured.

"Sugoi," Duo whispered.

Neither of them moved. They didn't need to.