I'll Have To Say I Love You in a Song (SongFic)
By LoneWolf
(kodoku na okami)
COMMENTS: I saw a commercial on TV today for CD's of 1970's music. It featured Jim Croce singing the title line lyric. The ending appeared in my head. The Muse insisted. The rest is history. Lyrics in square brackets [ ], generally. You'll see.

WARNINGS: Shonen ai, sweet, just a touch angsty


Well, I know it's kind of late
I hope I didn't wake you
But what I got to say can't wait
I know you'd understand

Heero stumbled into the room. "Duo?"

"Huh?" Duo squinted at the bright light coming from the door. "Heero?" He saw Heero stagger. "Heero. Just wait a sec, OK?" He jumped out of bed and rushed to the door, closing it, then turned on the light. Shielding his eyes from the glare with one hand, he slid a shoulder under Heero, helping him off the wall and to his bed. "Shit, what happened to you?"

"Tripped an anti-personnel--" Heero clenched his teeth as Duo pulled away his field dressing, dried blood pulling from the torn skin, reopening the wounds and grabbing at the shrapnel in his arm.

"Don't move," Duo ordered. Heero sat up and groaned softly. "Damn it," Duo snapped, pushing him down again, glaring at him. "I said don't move, you bastard! I'll get some water and bandages and a pair of tweezers and get you cleaned up. And if you move? Omae o korosu. Got it?"

Heero nodded. He knew better than to argue with Duo when he got that look in his eyes.

Every time I tried to tell you
The words just came out wrong
So I'll have to say I love you in a song

"Duo," Heero said as he lay on the edge of sleep.

"Yeah?" Duo was sitting by his bed, applying the last bandages to Heero's metal-torn arm.

"I... ... ... Thank you." He slept.

Yeah, I know it's kind of strange
But every time I'm near you
I just run out of things to say
I know you'd understand

Duo had convinced him to go for a picnic in the park. Not his favorite idea, but Duo had been on the verge of begging, and Heero couldn't resist him when he begged. He'd acquiesced before it went that far.

It wasn't that he minded the break, but being near Duo always twisted him so. He couldn't explain why the loud-mouthed baka attracted him, he just knew he liked being around him and hated it at the same time. He wished he could tell him how he felt, but--

"So what would you like to do, Heero?"

He shrugged. Just sitting under the tree with Duo was enough for now.

"Well, if we don't do something," Duo said, patting his belly, "I'm gonna fall asleep."

"OK." Heero didn't move.

"Uh, you mind if I use you for a pillow?" Duo asked. "I wouldn't want to wake up with a crick in my neck."

Heero nodded and Duo lay his head against Heero's leg.

Every time I tried to tell you
The words just came out wrong
So I'll have to say I love you in a song

"You should take a nap too," Duo mumbled, half-asleep.

Heero shook his head. "Someone has to keep watch."

Duo started that soft snore. Heero hated the sound, but liked what it told him. Duo was resting peacefully. Heero sat over him, watching and wondering.

Every time the time was right
All the words just came out wrong
So I'll have to say I love you in a song

Duo lay sprawled on the bed, pretending to do homework in his black silk boxers. They suited his mood. His head moved in time to the music piping through his headphones. It was one of those dark, alternative pieces he couldn't remember the name of, but it suited his mood. He was listening to a request show on an everything station where, for two hours, he got to hear people call in and pour out their hearts to the world with the song they chose. Most of them made him think that maybe he wasn't as bad off as he felt. He glanced at his watch. It would be over soon. He glanced up at the desk and the source of his misery. Heero sat doing homework, ignoring him. The song ended.

"One more song tonight, gentle listeners." The female DJ's smooth voice was at odds with his mood. He thought she might be cute. He glanced up at Heero again. The only "cute" person he cared about was still ignoring him as if it were his mission in life. "This is the way I like to end an evening." Damn. That meant a love song. She was such a softie. "This is for 'someone special'. He said you'd know who you are." The music started.

Duo debated. It was an old song with a hint of darkness in the music. He was sure he'd heard it before. "Yeah, I know it's kind of late." He just couldn't quite place it. "I hope I didn't wake you." Well, if it got too mushy he could always turn it off. "But there's something that I just got to say." Oh, shit. He remembered now. "I know you'll understand." He turned off the radio.

"Every time I tried to tell you"

Duo's mouth fell open as a soft, husky voice, picked up the lyric. A voice slightly off key, not used to singing.

"The words just came out wrong."

He yanked off the headphones and stared up at Heero.

"So I'll have to say I love you in a song."

Duo lay there, speechless for a minute. "You requested that?"

Heero nodded.

"Who was it for? That isn't exactly the kind of station Relena wo--" His mouth worked, finishing the rest of the sentence silently. Then, "Me?" Shocked.

Heero opened his mouth to speak, then looked down at his book as if studying. His pencil stayed on the desk. His eyes were locked on one spot on the page.

Duo stood and walked over to the desk, laying a hand on Heero's shoulder. Cool blue eyes met soft violet. "I love you too," he said and smiled