Dive Trilogy (three VidFics)
By LoneWolf (kodoku na okami)

DISCLAIMER: Gundam Wing is owned by rich companies with lots of lawyers, not me. The three songs are taken from Sarah Brightman's album "Dive" and belong to her or whoever wrote them. She probably has lots of lawyers too (she used to be married to Andrew Lloyd Weber). I don't have any lawyers, and I'm not getting any compensation for this work except knowing that someone else read it and liked it.

COMMENTS: I don't care what kind of music you like, you owe it to yourself to find a copy of this album and listen to these songs. This is NOT Sarah Brightman singing opera, I promise. Every song on the album has references to water. All three songs are somewhat slow.

This was going to be a light piece. Started off with "Seven Seas" (the split screen thing hit me). Then "The Second Element" intruded and things became darker. I think it's better for it, though, and the whole Duo/Second Element association is just… what can I say? Why, why, why do I always put these two through so much Hell? Maybe it's because I love watching their love for each other overcome it. Call me a hopeless romantic if you wish.

Shots are called in square brackets [ ] and are usually called AFTER the associated line (the few variations are obvious). Turn on your imagination because I tried to keep descriptions brief enough to flow with the music. <sigh> I wish someone would invent a device that could record the vid direct from my brain.

OH! When I posted this on GWML I forgot to mention that Heero and Duo are about 20 in this fic. Yeah, a little older than you're used to.

WARNINGS: Yaoiness. Dark in places.


-- The Second Element I --

COMMENTS: This song has a minor (dark) feel. Synthesizer, electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, lead vocals, background vocals. The character in this song was originally "she". I changed it to "he" for obvious reasons. In ancient science there were four elements: Earth, >Water<, Wind, Fire.

[Black. Intro begins. Fade in to an apartment. A living room with a large window looking out over the city. It is morning. Beyond is a dining area and kitchen. Heero sits in a chair facing the apartment's door (left-side profile).

Eyes were glancing
[The light moves across the window as the day passes. Shot begins pulling in on Heero.]
Hopes set high
But just another day went by
[The window grows dark behind him as night falls. Shot keeps pulling in on Heero.]

Tears are falling
[Heero's face is wet with tears.]
Like never before
[Screen blurs as if with waves of water -- Flashback]
Still he's staring at the door
[Duo in black jeans and black shirt with duffel bags storming out of the apartment.]

Broken promise
[The door slams behind Duo.]
Will you understand
[Heero stands looking at it for a moment.]
My heart is in your little hand
[His right hand reaches out toward the door in supplication.]

I hear you call my name
[Cut to closeup of Duo's face whispering Heero's name.]

And always you'll be
[Shot pulls back from Duo's face]
Blood and soul part of me
[Showing Heero and Duo laying in bed together]
The second element
[Sprawled across each other]
I am longing for you
[Cut back to Heero in the chair, medium shot, three quarters, the right side of his face in shadow.]
And always you'll see
[Camera pans to a small framed mirror on the table beside the chair…]
That you reflect on me
[Reflecting Heero's profile.]
My second element
[The reflection shimmers to Duo stricken with sadness.]
Are you missing me too?

[Cut back to the apartment shot.]
Time keeps moving
[The moon is half-way across the window. Shot closes on Heero in profile again.]
He's in so deep
[Asleep now.]
And he cries himself to sleep
[But his face twitches with dreams.]

[Screen blurs as if with waves of water -- Dreams]
Angels dancing
[Heero and Duo as angels, naked. Heero with white wings, Duo with black]
In the night
[Flying above the clouds]
And he cuddles up real tight
[Wrapped in each others arms. They look down to see…]

Children's laughter
[Heero and Duo sitting under a tree in the park.]
Sunny days
[Watching the children play. Holding hands]
Never more I go away

[Cut back to the apartment. Heero jolts awake.]
Just like an endless dream
[He clutches at his heart as if in pain and stands.]

And always you'll be
[He turns, his back to the camera, and walks through the kitchen. Camera follows him.]
Blood and soul part of me
The second element
[He opens the bedroom door and stands staring at the empty bed.]
I am longing for you
[An image of Heero standing next to the bed, bending over Duo.]
And always you'll see
[Heero and Duo in bed together, kissing.]
That you reflect on me
[Heero and Duo making love (under the sheets)]
My second element
[Heero and Duo holding each other in the afterglow.]
Are you missing me too?
[Cut to the empty bed.]

And always you'll be
[Duo standing beside the bed dressed.]
Blood and soul part of me
[Duo is packing, slamming clothes into duffel bags.]
The second element
[Heero appears in the image.]
I am longing for you
[They are arguing. Camera begin closing on Heero and Duo. (images go slow motion)]
And always you'll see
[Heero swings at Duo. Camera continues closing.]
That you reflect on me
[Duo blocks the punch and swings back. Camera continues closing.]
My second element
[Duo's fist closes in and hits the camera in the lens.]
Are you missing me too?
[Cut to Heero's face as he turns on the light, banishing the images. His right eye is black where Duo hit him. Tears on Heero's face as the music plays out. He walks to the bed and falls down on it, alone, staring at the ceiling, light still on. Music fades as screen fades to black.]

-- Siren/Seven Seas --

COMMENTS: "Siren" is an instrumental piece with "aaahhhh" vocals, again with a minor feel, that flows into "Seven Seas". "Seven Seas" is an upbeat song. Synthesizers, Electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, lead vocals, soft background vocals. Note: This looks like one continuous shot. There are no hard cuts. Everything flows from one scene to the next uninterrupted. You need a wide-screen brain to handle the split screen effect. I chose Fiji because I don't think Japan has any reefs.

["Siren" begins. Black. "Siren" vocal begins. A blue spot growing larger in the center of the screen. Earth seen from space. "Seven Seas" Intro starts as the last bit of black disappears. The shot dives toward Earth through atmosphere and clouds into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As the shot hits water, the camera pivots 180 degrees to face upward showing the sunlight fading as the camera drops into the depths -- fading to a deep blue.]

Waters deep
[Blue. The shot pulls out revealing an eye (the same blue) a face, Heero, the shot continues to pull out.]
And waters blue
[Heero on a beach, dressed in green tank top and black swim trunks (obviously not Spandex). Staring east looking over the ocean at dawn. Heero and the beach fade into the distance leaving only ocean.]
Gently flow
[The shot races across the surface of the water and the sun races across the sky until we see breakers.]
From me to you
[Another beach, facing west at sunset, the shot quickly slows and stops, showing Duo's back as he looks west over the ocean, wearing swim trunks and holding a surf board.]

The colored voice
[The shot rotates around Duo. He's listening to the waves breaking with eyes closed.]
It's vibrant tones
[The camera, at his back again, follows Duo as he plunges into the water with his surf board. The camera submerges.]
The hidden force
[The camera surfaces. The east-facing beach, Heero, wading in the surf.]
Of the big crystal blue
[Heero looks out over the water. The camera follows his gaze and races back to Duo, now sitting on the beach next to his board.]

And by the light
[Duo looks at the moon lighting the ocean. The camera turns to the ocean]
Of the silvery moon
[Painting the breakers silver]
The wild horses
[A faint image of horses in the breakers, foam manes, watery hooves, arching necks the curl of the waves.]
Come running home
[Waves crash over the camera. (Instrumental bridge.) As the water runs off the lens, the left side of the screen shows Heero, the right side of the screen shows Duo, both walking on their respective beaches.]

Miles apart
[They reach toward each other as if holding hands, though they are clearly on opposite sides of the ocean.]
But still entwined
[They stop, looking at each other across the split screen.]
I like to think
[A ghost image of Duo appears on the left side of the screen. A ghost image of Heero appears on the right side of the screen. Each is sitting next to a small fire on the beach.]
That you sit here too
[Duo and Heero run to the dream images and sit, looking at the water -- each other across the split.]

And let your thoughts
[Three-quarters front view on each side of the screen. Heero sits, holding the dream-Duo. Duo sits, holding the dream-Heero.]
And let your soul
[Watching the waves. The shot begins a slow rotate from the three-quarters view to profile.]
Be gently lulled
[Eyes close as the camera moves]
By what's in front of you
[Profile view, the shot pulls out showing both boys holding the dream images, the beaches, and the water crashing on the shores.]

To many a shore
[The right shot closes on Duo as he stands and walks into the water.]
And distant land
[The left shot closes on Heero as he stands and walks into the water.]
The seas unite
[Both boys up to their waists, reach out across the split screen.]
Bringing me to you
[They stand waist deep in the water holding hands (Fiji), facing each other. Duo grins.]

Waters deep
[The camera follows Duo's gaze into Heero's eye, the screen fills with deep blue.]
And waters blue
[Air bubbles pass across the screen. The shot pulls out showing Duo and Heero snorkeling along a reef. Heero grabs Duo's braid.]
Gently flow
[They surface.]
From me to you
[And swim to shore together.]

The colored voice
[The sun is setting, painting sky and sea with reds and oranges.]
It's vibrant tones
[Heero and Duo walk out of the water together and turn, watching the waves crash as the sun dips below the horizon.]
The hidden force
[They sit.]
Of the big crystal blue
[Watching the sky and ocean grow dark.]

And by the light
[As the moon rises behind them.]
Of the silvery moon
[Laying a silver trail across the water]
The wild horses
[Glowing foam in the breakers]
Come running home
[They hold each other, leaning their heads together. Shot pulls back slowly.]

[Music plays out. The image blurs as the shot continues to pull back. Music fades to the sound of waves. Shot focuses to Duo's sleeping face smiling. His eyes open and the shot pulls back and turns profile as he sits up, dressed in black jeans and black shirt. He is on a park bench, alone at sunrise, his smile fades into sadness, then something darker as the shot fades to white.]

-- The Second Element II --

COMMENTS: This is the same music as "The Second Element I", the lyrics are different. Acoustic guitars, lead vocal, background vocals on chorus.

[White. Water sounds. Intro starts. … … … … Fade in to a photo of Heero's face held in a hand.]

Burning fire
[Shot pulls back to reveal...]
A light in the dark
[The picture is in Duo's hand. He's looking at it.]
Shining day and night for me
[Standing in a park (afternoon) with tears in his eyes.]

Flowing water
[Shot pulls in on Heero's eyes.]
The source of our life
[A tear hits the picture as the shot continues to pull in on Heero's right eye.]
Covering the world in blue
[Screen fills with Prussian Blue.]

Gentle air blowing
[Cut to Duo, eyes closed, his hair is loose and moving in a soft wind.]
Caressing my face
[Ghostly hands touch his face.]
Care me into dreams of love
[Ghostly face of Heero moves into the shot toward Duo's face -- lips slightly parted.]

The endless symphony…
[Duo opens his eyes -- he's standing alone. Pain in his eyes. Rain starts pouring.]

Wasn't it you
[Screen blurs as if with waves of water]
Who was filling my dreams
[Ripple to still of Heero running on the beach.]
The second element
[Ripple to still of Heero holding Duo's hand.]
Everywhere you are rife
[Ripple to still of Heero kissing Duo.]
Wasn’t it you
[Ripple to still of Heero holding Duo tight against him.]
Who was filling the streams
[Ripple to still of Heero playing with Duo's braid as they sit in the park.]
The second element
[Ripple to still of Heero brushing Duo's hair.]
With the power of life
[Ripple to still of Duo's fist connecting with Heero's right eye as seen from Duo's perspective.]

Creeks are winding
[Cut to wide shot Heero walking aimlessly through the city. Shot begins to pull in on Heero.]
Just seeking their way
[It is raining, but he doesn't care. (Shot continues pull-in.)]
Hardly trying to reach the sea
[He walks into the park. (Shot continues pull-in.)]

Raindrops falling
[Heero looks up at the rain falling down on him. (Shot continues pull-in to his face.)]
From skies to the earth
[Then to the puddles on the ground. (Shot continues pull-in to his face.)]
Bringing life to you and me
[The rain on his face almost hides the tear that falls from his eye, down his cheek. The rain begins to slacken.]

Lakes of silence
[He walks on (the shot watches him leave). Cut to medium shot of Heero walking beside a pond.]
A magical sound
[The rain stops as Heero walks over to a bench facing the pond. (Shot pulls in.)]
Keeping secrets in the ground
[He sits and stares at his lap for a moment]

A perfect harmony…
[Then looks up.]

Wasn't it you
[He sees a rainbow.]
Who was breaking the light
[Superimpose a still of Duo's face, smiling.]
The second element
[Superimpose a still of Duo holding his hand.]
And the rainbows arise
[Superimpose a still of Duo kissing him.]
Oh, wasn't it you
[Superimpose a still of Duo holding him.]
Who was sending the fire
[Superimpose a still of Duo shouting at him as seen from Heero's perspective.]
The second element
[Superimpose a still of Duo blocking Heero's punch as seen from Heero's perspective.]
From the earth to the skies
[Superimpose a still of Duo swinging at him as seen from Heero's perspective.]

[Cut to shot over Duo's shoulder from behind. Focus pulls to Heero as Duo sees Heero.]
Wasn't it you, who was filling my dreams?
[Duo runs to Heero, realizing it isn't one of the phantoms he's been seeing. Shot follows as Duo approaches.]
Oh, wasn't it you, who was filling the streams?
[Cut to Heero's view. Grass, then Duo's feet appear.]
Wasn't it you, who was breaking the light?
[His eyes rise up the figure to meet Duo's face. Duo's right hand is held out in supplication.]
Wasn't it you….?
[Shot pulls and rotates to a full-figure profile view of the two as they look at each other. Music pauses.]

[Ending measures begin. … … Heero reaches up and takes Duo's hand … holds it for a moment … … … then pulls him down into his arms and kisses him … Fade to a wash that runs from Prussian Blue to Violet.]