One Wish Each part 15a/15
'this' is talking
/this/ is telepathy

On with the fic!...


-last time-

They got Trieze to agree to ruling with Zechs and now they're in space getting ready to meet with Zechs.

----this time----

'Comander Zechs! We've gotten word that the pilots have meet up with the Peacemillion. This would be a good time to attack.'

'Quince, they're probably there for a reason. I'm not going to attack until I know why. And you are not to give those orders either. Is that clear?'

'...Yes Sir.' He watched silently as Zechs left the bridge.


'Howard! How are you?'

'Duo! You keeping old Deathsthye in tact?'

'Of Course!'

'And who might this lovely young lady be?'

'This is my sister Mai. Mai this is Howard.'

'It's a pleasure to meet you Mai.' He kissed the back of her hand.

'The same to you sir.'

'Call me Howard, Sir makes me seem old.'

Duo just chuckled.

'Quiet Duo.'

'What?!' He looked as innocent as possible.


'Well, look who's finally here!'

'It's about time.' They were both smiling.

'Ms. Noin!'

'Sally Po.'

'What brings you guys here?'

'We're here to help you guys get get Zechs to work with Trieze,' said Noin.

'Come on, we'll show you to your rooms, so you can rest up before you get going.'

----- A couple hours later----

'Don't be stupid! Your not going there by yourself! Quatre can go with you as back up. Or even Trowa!'

'Hn. No Quatre needs to be here incase they plan an attack, and Trowa went the last time.'

'Fine then I'll go!'

'No, because then I'd be distracted, trying to make sure your ok.'

'I'm not a baby. I can take care of myself.'

'I never said you were. And I know you can, but I'd still be worried. I just found you again Mai. I don't want to lose you. Please stay here?' (1)

She glared at him, 'Fine but you owe me.'

'I'll be back soon.'

'Be careful.' Heero went off to talk with Zechs and Mai went to tell the others to get ready.

'Heero Yui, we finally have the privalige of meeting in space. What brings you all the way out here?' Zechs and Heero were both in their Gundams, talking via com-link. Neither wanting to leave them behind incase something was to arise.

'We want to end the war. For you to call off hte White Fang and rule with Trieze. He's already agreed to working with you to keep the peace. If the people see that the two leaders from oppisite sides of the war can work together, there's a chance that they'll won't try as hard to go against it.'

'Wouldn't Relena be better for this job? I've worked with Trieze before and I had to leave because I didn't agree to his tactics and approach to battles, what makes you think it'll be any better this time. Also, what about you and your fellow pilots? What do you get out of this?'

'First off you wouldn't work FOR Trieze, you'd work WITH him. Second the battles wouldnt be militarally involved, so you wouldn't have to worry about that. Third Relena...... hasn't been herself for a while.... but she's going to be there with you two, to help if problems were to arise. And as for us? We're just getting tired of fighting this war. It's meaningless, there's no real reason to be fighting. The wars been twisted and turned in so many different directions, even before the actual battles begain. It's lost it's path and value. Everyone says they're fighting for peace, but their just fighting eachother. What's the point of that? I know I've been fighting in this war long before it started. I lost my sister, friends, and my humanity just so there could be peace. What do we get? We get to go home, we don't have to fight anymore, we get to live in the peace that everyone fought for.'

Zechs was quiet for sometime thinking over what Heero said. But before he got a chance to answer, hundred of mobil dolls started flying out o the Libra.

'Kuso! Guys get your Gundams now! There heading right for the ship!' Heero yelled into the com-link, it was transmitting the conversation between Zechs and Heero back to the other pilots so they could hear it as well.

----- On Libra ----

'So that Guindam Pilot thinks he's going to get Zechs to join them? We'll have to rectify that right now.' Quince had also listening in ont he link. 'All men, Battle Stations! Get your mobil suits! The enemy is trying to manipulate Commander Zechs! We must stop them!'

'Sir, we were told by the Commander not to arm up at all.' said one of the officers.

'Commander Zechs has been manipulated by those Pilots to believe in this false peace. I'm now ordering you to get rid of the Gundams once and for all. Pay no mind to anything Zechs says. Is that clear?!'

'Ye..Yes Sir!'

'Good, go inform the other troops.'

'Holy Crap! Those are alot of Mobil Suits!' said Duo.

'You guys go fight them off. We'll be finne here. The shields'll be up and the cloaking system'll be on also.'

'Becareful guys.'

'We will Mai.'

'Before the com link was turned off they heard Zechs' voice, 'Heero Yui, you have yourself a deal. If I survive this, I'll work wioth Trieze.'

'Well? What are we waiting for? Lets go!' they all went to their Gundams.


'Quince! What are you doing! I told you not to do anythign until I got back!'

'You are no longer in charge here Zechs. I've over ruled you on all matters concerning the White Fang. You have fallen into the trap set up by those pilots to get us to Surrender. I will have none of that! I will have complete control over the colonies and Earth shall be ancient history!' he cut the com-link.

'Zechs, tell anyone that doesn't want to keep fighting, and value their lives to go to the nearest colony and power down. It's been evacuated so no civilians will be hurt.' said Heero.

'Right,' he opened a link to all the pilots and Libra, 'Attention all White Fang members, If any of you wish to stop this stupid war and value your lives, head to the nearby colony and power down. it's been evacuated so no civilians will be harmed. By doing this we can all end a war that shouldn't even be being fought. It you keep fighting it'll be because Quince has you believing your fighting for Peace, when your not. He wants total control of the Colonies and Earth. If you continue to fight you'll be helping him.'

At first nothing happened, but because most of the White Fang soldiers looked up to Zechs, they slowly started towards the empty colony. Soon only the mobil dolls were left.

'Kuso! I hate mobil dolls!' exclaimed Duo as he was thrown against his harness again.

'They must be being controlled from somewhere inside the Libra. Trowa you try and find where and disable it.' said Quatre, 'Wufei give Duo a little backup.'

'Trowa,' said Zechs, 'the control center is three levels down from below the Beam Canon.'


Most of the crew had left the Libra when Zechs made the announcement. Now only a verysmall amout remained. Some helping with controlling the dolls, others trying to get the Beam Canon online. As Trowa made his way around to the controll room, he was extremly carefull as well as on the lookout for Quince. He found him in the controll room alone.

'Aa, I was wondering when one of you would show up. Let me guess, your'e here to kill me, and disable the mobil dolls correct?'


'Not very talkative are you? O'Well....' He hit a button on the control panel.

Trowa shot him a split second after that. The button was a self-destruct sequence for the ship.

'Trowa! Get otta there! We don't know if it's gonna blow!' Quatre yelled over the com-link.

'First I'm going to disable the dolls.' He went to work at the computer. Out of Nowhere the ship started to turn.

'What the Hell is it doing!?' Exclaimed Duo.


'I see that. But why?'

'Look the dolls have stopped fighting.'

On board the libra Trowa had managed to stop the dolls, but he noticed something strange.... The Beam Cannon was getting ready to fire.

'The Canon is powering up.'

'Oh No1 The Colony! Come on we have to stop it!' By the time the pilots had reached the ship the canon had already fired. The shot wa heading for the evacuated colony that all the White Fang soldiers were.

'....The whole Colony is just....gone....' Mai was speechless, as well as everyone on peacemillion.

'Howard? Can you get us closer to the Libra?'

'Sure kid. But why?'

'I cann't help fromt his far away.'

'Help? How?' asked Sally.


'It seems, he's rigded the Canon to fire at the colonies. Quince was a mad man. So my guess is, is that if he couldn't rule the colonies then no one would. He wanted absolute power.' said Zechs.

'The only was to stop te libra would be to blow it up.' said Quatre.

'Well lets go!' Duo took off for a section of libra that Trowa wasn't near and went to shoot at it. Before he got the chance thou, the defense guns around the ship kicked in and fired at him.

'Shit!' he barely manufered out of the way in time.

'Each of the 4 sections of Libra have their own core pwoer center. There's also one for the canon and one in the very center for the middle section. If we can destroy the 5 cores and the canon itse;f, it should be enough.' said Zechs.

'But what about the outer defenses?' asked Wufei, 'How are we gonna get on the ship? Each time we try to get close the guns target us and start shooting.'

/The mobil dolls are still intact, are they not? So why don't you program them to fire at the ship so you can sneakon it to destroy it./

'I'm on it.' said Trowa.

'And if we do manage to get on the ship, how are we gonna blow up the centers without blowing up ourselves?'

heero, who had been monitoring the beam canon through the enitre exchange spoke up, 'Hn... Mai, do you think you could handel it?' The others had absolutely no idea as to what they were talking about.

'I've never tried to on this big of a scale, but I think so.'

/You'll be fine. Remember I'm here to help./

'Howard, can you get me a visual of the libra on screen as well as a floor plan of sorts, showing the locations of the core centers?'

'Um.. sure. you heard the girl! Go on!'

'Heero, may I ask what in the world are you two talking about?'

'Zechs, you are going to destroy the beam canon, before it can blow up another colony. Then, when the mobil dolls are reactivated, we're going to board libra, ach of us taking a different core center and destroying them. Mai is going to put a shield of sorts, around each of the Gundams, giving them a chance to get away. Zechs after you blow up the canon get out of the fire zone.'

'Wow! Mai you can do that?!?'

The mobil dolls where activated and started heading for libra. 'Zechs whenever your ready. Just do me a favor and get out of ther faster than humany possible?'

'The canon is at 80% efficency. Hurry up.'

Zechs took that as his cue and went straight for the canon. Now a good way to blow up a canon is to plug it up. So Zechs went for the inside and got his beam sword ready.

Mai was watching the screen, but not watching it. She was concentrating on the Eypion as it neared it's goal. Her breathing was a bit slower and the only reaction she made when it exploded was to inhale deeply, while her pupils diluted almost covering the color from her eyes.

For Zechs the blast happened in slow motion. He watched as the flames engulfed the Gundam, but didn't touch it. As he turne the giant machine around to fly out he noticed a distinct path where the explosion couldn't get to, giving him a way out. Out in space on his way back to Peacemillion he noticed the only damage done was from fighting the dolls. There wasn't even a scratch from the explosion.

'Mai report.'

On the ship was another story. When Mai saw Zechs clear the area she let the shield drop. She stombles slightly and took a few deep breathes, 'I... I'm ok. Although you guys are going to have to go one at a time. And you have less than 30 seconds to clear the explosion.'

'So in other words we make the exit on the way in.' said Duo.


'No that the canon is out of order the rest of the ship should be no problem.'

'Ok everyone get to a core. I have the middle one.'

'I'm already there,' said Trowa.

'Can you bring a visual up on screen?'

'Sure sending it through.'

'Remember, you have under 30 seconds to clear the ship.' She started to concentrate on his gundam. 'Go ahead.'

Trowa shot at the core with all his bullets and missils. It worked, the core exploded. He was expecting some kind of backpull or something like it but nothing happened. He noticed the flames weren't touching his gundam, just like Zechs had and made it out barely under the 30 second time limit.

The enitre section of Libra that Trowa was in went up in flames. It barely looked like the other three sections at all.

'Mai, are you ok?'

'Yeah, I'm fine.' She stangered slightly but Sally caught her before she could fall.

'You don't look fine.'

'I'll be ok. Really. Quatre, are you ready to go?'

'Yeah, I'm all clear.'

Mai took a few more deep breathes and started concentrating. It took a few seconds longer this time to make the shield but she managed. 'Go for it.'

Quatre did the same thing as Zechs and Trowa, and even though he destroyed the core, he tapped into what Mai was feeling and felt a slight back shoot from the explosion. Not enough to cause physical damage but it hurt mentally. He tried to get out of there as fast as possible.

He would wait until they got back to the ship to say anything. It would be pointless now because they still needed to blow up the Libra.


'Here let me take her.' Perk solified next to Mai and Sally. She gentle took Mai from the baffled doctor and helped her stand up. /Just draw some energy from me, and you'll be fine./

In no time at all Mai was her old self again. 'Duo go ahead.'


'Here goes nothing! The God of Death Strikes Again!' He drove his Scthye down the entire length of the core and effiecently got it to explode. 'Oh Cool!' he also noticed the excape path through the flames and made it out in record time.'


Outside the ship he watched the fireworks with the rest of the pilots. The mobil dolls were still going at the ship although the defense guns had been eliminated.

'Wufei, your up.'

'Just be careful Mai.' His experiance was simialr to that of the others, but he felt a slight calming presence around his Gundam. As if Mai was trying to tell him not to worry.

'Now it's up to Heero.' The others had no doubt that he could do it.

'Hn... no bullets.... the beam sword is out.... and the buster rifle is low on energy....Mai, drop the shield.'


'Yui! Are you crazy!'

'Heero! You won't survive the blast!'

'Mai, don't do it!'

Mai had an idea as to what he was getting at. For some reason or another if Heero and Mai both used their powers at the same time they'd cancel out and both of them would be hurt. So Heero didn't want that to happen and he would take his chances.

'Just the careful...'

'I will.... Hey Schnooky.' Heero concentrated to focus his power. When he opened his eyes again they were red and he let it all go.


The others were all worried, they hadn't heard a word from Heero since he told Mai to drop her shield. That had been over 5 minutes ago.


'Come on...Come on Hee-chan.' Suddenly there was a gigantic explosion that came from were Heero was. The entire ship went up in flames. There wasn't a word from Heero.

The others, save from Duo, all started to head back towards peacemillion. Duo didn't want to believe that Heero was gone. So he stayed. He noticed an object coming through the flames and debrise straight for him.... It was the Wing Zero.

'Hee-chan!! You made it!! Baka! don't every do that to me again!!!!' Heero's gundam was in good working order. And like the others the only scratches on it were from the fight with the Mobil Dolls.


When they were all back on Howard's ship there was much rejoyicing.

Duo hugged Heero for all he was worth. 'You ever scare me like that again and Omae o Koruso!'


'Mai! You're ok!'

'Course I am Quatre. Why wouldn't I be?'


'When we destroyed the Libra, each time it effected you, I felt it.'

Wufei put his arms around her, 'Are you Ok?'

'Yeah. Nothing a little rest and relaxation wouldn't cure.'

They all went to sit in the Lounge room to take a rest. Wufei pulled Mai onto his lap. Trowa and Quatre sat right next to each other, and Duo pulled Heero close to him as well.

'Mai, what exactly did you do to make the shield, and how come Heero told you to take it down, when he went to blow up the middle core?' asked Quatre.

Sally, Noin, and Zechs stood quietly against the back wall, they also had questons, but decided to wait until later.

'You guys know that I can move things when i think about it right? Well all I did was 'move' the explosion out of the way of the gundam so it could get out safely. Although because it was from a farther distance and not right infront of them, plus combined with the size of the gundams, it took alot of energy and concentration. Althought Perk helped some.'

'As for me telling her to take down the shield, it was because, my weapons were either empty or low on energy. The beam sword, was done, and the rifle was on low energy.'

'Wait,' this was from Sally, 'How were you able to blow it up with no weapons?' She wanted to wait but, couldn't understand that. She saw the ship get destroyed.

Out of nowhere small flames shot up infront of her. '..' She didn't exactly no how to react to that, but she did jump backwards slightly. Then they were gone.

'Did you just....'

Heero nodded, 'If Mai and myself both use our powers towards the same thing, they counter eachother out and it causes us both damage.'

Something flashed behind both of their eyes, 'It's not a pretty sight, and it hurts alot.'

The others were slightly shocked, for Heero to admit to something hurting then it was a major thing. Wufei tightened his hold on Mai and Duo hugged Heero a bit closer.

'How were you able to make it out there unharmed?' Trowa was the first to get over the slight shock.

Heero lifted up his hand and flames light all over it.

'Heero stop!' The flames disappeared and Duo grabbed his hand, examing it.

'It's fine....' Sally came over and looked at it too.

'It doesn't effect me.' said Heero.

'So you didn't feel any of that?' He shook his head no.

'Don't do that again.' Duo seemed a bit mad.

'I think we should all get some sleep. It's been a long day, for some longer than others. And besides, Zechs has a big speech to make tomarrow.' Zechs just shook his head.


'They all seem to be happy right? Yeah. Now all that's left is for you to say your good-byes. Yeah, Yeah. I know, me too. Human's are strange beings. I never get tired of them. Come on.'

'Guys were gonna head off. You should be ok.' Duo went over and hugged Perk.

'Until we meet again?'

'Of course!'

Schnooky went of to Heero and licked his nose, 'Yeah I'll miss you too. You take care ok?' He licked his nose again.

'Bye Perk. It was a pleasure to meet you.'

'Quare, never lose that flame of yours.'

'Thank you Perk.'

'No problem Tro.'

'Wu-man, it's been fun.'

He sighed, 'Your just like Maxwell.'

'Bye Mai. You remind me of someone I once knew.'

'See yeah perk.'

'Hey Heero - or should I say AJ?, I'll switch with yeah.' She took out a small box and traded it with the necklace Heero still had from when Duo fainted.

'Well, we're off.' Perk and Schnooky slowly disapeared.

'Umm... AJ?'

'Yeah it's my real name....' He went on to tell them about it.

---end part 15----

1) anyone think that was Duo? and not Mai?

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