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One Wish Each
by: Little Angel
Part 14/15 (hopefully)


Heero was remembering, definitely not a good thing. When Duo walked into the room, he tensed and tried not to shake visibly.

Duo walked into the room and froze. Heero was still tied to the bed, blindfold in place, and tense as a rock. /SHIT! I forgot about that! I'm so stupid! OK Duo carefully you can do this!/ Duo slowly edged towards the bed, "Hee-chan, it's just me. Duo, it's Duo OK? I'm not gonna hurt you." He sat near the edge of the bed near Heero and Heero started struggling against the chains.

"I'm just gonna take off the blindfold ok? it's ok." As he moved his hand Hee-chan started struggling harder. When it was off he stopped altogether and kept his eyes closed. "Heero? Come on it's me Duo," he removed the arm shackles to.

Heero hadn't heard him though, he was lost in memories. It took him a minute to realize that he was free and when he did he scrambled away form Duo. His eyes shoot open, and almost bumping Duo in the process, tried to put as much space between them as possible. He heard a faint voice calling to him but he thought it was a dream. Never-the-less he followed it trying to get away from all the fear and pain. There were arms around him but they didn't feel threatening, they made him feel safe and a little warm. /Duo? is that him? It sounds like him.../

Duo didn't move as Heero scrambled off the bed to the corner. He had his legs drawn up to his chest, his arms encircling them. He was also shaking slightly, and wasn't really seeing anything real. Duo slowly made his way over to Heero, talking to him the whole time, in case it helped. He kneeled down next to him and gave him a big hug. It must have helped some because Heero slowly stopped shaking and wrapped an arm around Duo's left one, leaning up against his chest to here his heart beat.


"Shh..I'm right here, everything's all right. Shh.."

"I..I'm sorry."

"There's NOTHING for you to be apologizing for!! I'M the one who has to apologize. I wasn't thinking when I did that, I just didn't want you to try and follow Wufei or blow something up... YOU did nothing wrong." He gently picked up Heero and they moved back to the bed. He arranged himself so he was lying on his back so Heero could curl up against his chest again - which he did.

After some time passed of just laying together Duo had a sudden thought. He wasn't sure weather to ask it or not because of what just happened. "Might as well give it a try..."

"Hee-chan? Can i ask you something?" After a moments pause he got a small nod.

"When you woke up after you self-destructed a while back, how were you able to stay with Trowa if he's a clown with the circus and all...." (1)

"When I first woke up the first person I saw was Catherine, who I thought was Relena, and she seemed nice enough. Trowa came in a little while after I woke but he didn't try to provoke me or anything, I think he might have understood, or at least he got an idea from the scars when he changed bandages and stuff. He didn't poke around to much, and gave me some space. He probably noticed I was extremely tense around him when it was time for a show or something so he would try to ease the tension little by little and never let any of the performers around the trailer when he wasn't or even was there..."

Duo tightened his hold on the shorter-haired man and they went back to cuddling until the others arrived.


"Well hurry up Wufei! I want to get back to the shuttle BEFORE they get to Peace Million," Mai pushed Wufei further into the room.

He cleared his throat to get Trieze's attention, "Trieze Kushranada, I must speak with you."

Trieze got up from behind his chair, "Chang Wufei? Is that you? What brings you here? If it's for another duel then you'll just have to forget it. As we have said OZ is no longer included in the war."

"I didn't come to challenge you to a duel. I came to make a proposition. After we can resolve the conflict with Zechs and the White Fang, the world and colonies are going to need strong people to lead them now that Relena has.... vanished." (it took all his control to NOT look directly at the fruit-cake while saying that C_C) "My fellow pilots and I want you to work with Zechs and be co-leaders to help keep the peace. If the people see two well known aristocrats that were on opposite sides for the war working together maybe they won't have such a strong desire to go against it."

"That is defiantly a big task. Let me think this over with my koi. If you would give us a minute and step outside.." They all went back to where they arrived at to wait.

"So....Anyone up for a game of strip poker?.... No?..... OK.... what about chess?"

-----Some time a little later -----

Trieze opened the door, "We've talked it over and think its a good idea. It has potential, and if Zechs is willing to go along with it then so are we."

They were relieved yet yet sort of baffled by the statement. "So our work here is done!" said Mai.

"We'll be in touch if we get Zechs to agree also," Trowa spoke from against the wall.

The last thing Trieze heard before they vanished was, "What do you mean OUR work!! You didn't..."


"....DO ANYTHING!" Wufei blinked. They were standing on the shuttle with the other pilots.

Quatre was talking on a radio to the other transport(s) carrying the Gundams. He turned when he heard Wufei, "TROWA!" Said pilot had under 30 seconds to register where they were before being plowed by the small Arabian.

Mai walked over to the radio, "He'll get back to you," and switched it off.

Quatre took a minute to glare at Wufei, then point to the door, "Duo and Heero are in there Mai." He turned back to Trowa.

"Thanks." Mai walked over to the door and knocked. A faint "come in" was heard. She went in and shut the door behind her. Her attention went straight to Heero who was curled around Duo, "What happened?" She went and sat behind Heero, "are you ok?"

He just turned around and hugged her not saying anything. (2)

"It's my fault, I was afraid he would blow something up or go after you guys so I put him in here...." Mai just nodded.

"Shh, I'm right here. See? I'm not going anywhere." After a little while Heero got himself back together.

"Come on, we should almost be at Peace Million." He got up from the bed taking Duo's hand. They all went to the other room.

Wufei was just finishing with Howard on the vid-phone. He turned to the others, "We'll be at the ship within 30 minutes. Also Trieze agreed to the joint ruling with Zechs."

"Just like that?" Duo was slightly baffled that Treize would agree so easily.

Wufei turned away and mumbled something under his breath. "What was that?" asked Quatre.

Trowa spoke up, "it's gonna be a 3 way ruling."

"Oh this'll be good," said Duo.

"We're here," said Heero. They all turned to the window, and sure enough right outside was the ship.


--end part 14


Author's notes:
1) i remember someone asking this but I forget who it was... it was wwwwaaaaaayyyy back at the being of the fic, and I tried to get it worked in some how but it didn't work until now.... @_@;;

2) he seems to do that a lot in this fic... c_c

C&C welcome by all